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Kevin Garnett is "childish" for not greeting Ray Allen? Give us a break!

Oct 31, 2012|

We discuss the "fury" that resulted from KG not greeting or acknowledging Ray Allen in the Celts opener, and how this is par for the course for KG and the NBA, and has been for a big part of it's history.

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You know I'm a fairly amazed Michael that the reaction especially. Outages lit up last night with a lot of the national guys. -- classless. And raise courses just loaded with us. Did you expect anything different. From Kevin Garnett in that situation when ray came over to the bench and tapped him on the show would you would you I -- -- -- embrace. I didn't I didn't even -- things like if you look at it this way. In the in the NBA book or the MBA movie. Kevin Garnett character. Would do exactly. What he did absolutely and ray Allen's character would do exactly what he did it and let's take it to the next level we're going. Maybe both of them were doing it just stayed in character right of how you perceive them what you think of them Ray Allen. Doing the political. Nineteen ICR -- thing -- waited for his his five years in Boston as we didn't Seattle Milwaukee. -- Kevin Garnett. It's all about the game I'm intense. I'm not gonna let anything distract me that's what he did in Minnesota that's what he's done in Boston that's. Who he is I don't know that you really do we as that's who we as a basketball court and what we saw ray Ray Allen -- last night that's that's always and I. -- -- -- their characters and the embraced that you've got from Doc Rivers. With Ray Allen is exactly what you would expect characters. Of dock for for -- and Ray Allen that true and it kept for Kevin Garnett. It's all part of reached teleport is that it's all part of being in the head and and it's on the Jumbotron it's all part. Of KG I am a mean. That's what I did -- -- -- a bright idea to keep keep this image. And that's what it is and -- don't it's no different. The years gone by investment Larry Bird. Would have shut their it if they -- does plan on the other team would show up there and it's -- -- brace. For for re. Never in a million and other guys what. I can tell you may be -- -- what if you guys that would but that's all part of -- they -- -- how they approach the game. This is -- reason number you know 435. Why AT&T'S. Halftime show. Is the best halftime show there ever was there ever will be. Unbelievable I need some help to OK this is what this is why they're so I didn't see who will you know I -- Well I just didn't hear okay yeah dogma or younger. But one thing I don't like Charles looks good and and data and shot. But to be put a few pounds on the -- Won one of things that they can -- that last night. On the halftime show was. An -- -- that that -- mine and this is what are so good. It's organic. Vick played the game. They articulate the game very well Dayton goal of any kind of style you wanna go if you want them that the played -- you want them to give you. Academic scientific reasons for why something happened. They do that with you. If you do -- want the free flowing freestyle conversation. The funny stuff they do that you. Kenny Smith. Two time champion that. You know what those guys are taken with the Celtics. Those guys are thinking. When Ray Allen went to Miami. They're taking. How long was this undermines. Is this what you just what you want it last year. We were competing against him in the seven game series that you wanna be with them last year. Is that it was a matter of what did you agree with it or not. I think you summed it up perfectly these guys. They will come out and say it all the more -- that it KG will. They feel betrayed. By Ray Allen that's exactly what they think Ray Allen betrayed him right now if that is that realistic is that is that factual probably not. But that's how they see -- so you look at. Boston when you look at the Celtics vs Miami and they are looking at him. This ring ceremony last night he didn't take partnering ceremony but now here's his number 34. Where the Miami Heat. In it in the town with a fake Tony Montana's in the fake boobs in the -- and -- In the hold their flick and that's in this break Tanzim a natural stands in the and the the big girls in the paint all the stuff in the skinny girls on South Beach. You wanted to -- so you wanted to go there with a high flying. 25 year of the illustrious 25 year history of the Miami Heat you wanted to go there. Forgot Botox. It apply to both our national toxicology and that's what you're about it. That's exactly. That's exactly what it is and it goes beyond that in that this is the arch rival you could see. How much they hated each other last night you could see it. In the Rondo. And you know a -- with late in the game the flagrant foul on to -- all of that stuff prisoners of war. That's the team we need to beat. -- to reach our goal he I don't know but they are every bit better. Plus he knows all the girls. In there every little thing -- And he's passing it on right to them right now all that stuff is the reason AG acted that way. And apartment and that to me. Lit up and and suddenly we're becoming the the big softy. And understand how Floridians. Can't recognize they don't. Fans recognized ray Allen's contribution. To the book itself but this is 2012. And everybody's looking kid did not looking in the review in a written -- member premier. Great members ray was terrific wonderful here that would championship without me in a way that's -- -- And it but I I don't know who says that -- -- that I don't understand how fans in the infant on the Blanco a lot of guys okay where percent. That day is gone Jason whitlock says okay but you don't want Jason and everybody else data's gone it used to be. That it is okay gene McKinney fruit yet there he used to be especially for writers. Newspaper writers used to be. That they either did or they thought they did they represented the -- spoke for the fans give voice to voice with. What a whole everybody's got a voice now right everybody's on FaceBook on Twitter -- got a blog everybody can columnists sports talk radio. You're not representing anybody else sit there. A year or your high horse and think that you're representing somebody that was allegedly tell Kevin Garnett head and -- isn't that a perfect example Jerry -- win last night. Talking to Tommy hides it. -- -- -- -- Just flowed out here for Jerry -- away. Telling Tommy hides in -- Think should be in the NBA by this is Gary's problem we we love Gary timely but that Gary. You don't understand the history of to -- and how teams over the years of. No friend -- you can probably see you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- economic coming right on and independently doesn't understand. The mentality of the -- of Gary's got belong here now. Try to be you know mr. neutral Switzerland and I just via cable channels like a trials in my opinion. You know or it bothered him about the tears. Or Jerry Tang -- To tell Tommy writes in who played with the best player of his era. -- hearts and play Bill Russell. Travel with Bill Russell and mails a Bill Russell understood the psychology of Russell they were champion -- the best team of their era. Tell that guy that was a hundred years ago Bill Russell. So you can forget what I mean that was a hundred years ago Tommy you know but yet. You to Andrea. You. Kramer personal personal toe to toe did. Okay how about this in and the debate which showed 95 anyway so not only that it is not and can't pay its -- Or is that the political Saddam. In the debate. Tommy hides in for his reference point in bringing up. Bill Russell yes a political and -- you got like some don't but may. I am I going to put your reference point so. He tells you that Bill Russell. Used to think this way to act this way and you tale about a hundred years ago. Furthermore talk -- a modern NBA. Like Tommy -- -- Oscar Robertson Bill Russell Lenny Wilkins they create a modern NBA because these dart players association. Owners general managers. Lost their leveraged the pace gill went way up because of those guys. Try to help this man about them and NBA help create it. Have to respect. -- great. Players over the years are not necessarily be great ambassadors. Gary if you're looking for great ambassadors. Of the game a -- then then. Then this a different here from the guys who are winners the guys who understand. That this is competition. Now there's a win like that to read let me tell you one that's what splitting it. I don't know it's you know it's -- it's professional sports. It's what it's all about. I look these people were tell on the planes that they shouldn't be born. -- shouldn't be -- Ray Allen when it comes to their right to do what ever they want doesn't mean just because they Blu-ray Allen. Here in Boston when he comes back Kia doesn't mean they don't understand. And respect what he brought to the table but the conditions have changed right now. And what's more important to the thing. More important that the fans. She's a championship this year. That it is being this good citizen -- reaching out and grabbing and hugging Ray Allen and thanking him and why. Can you not understand. How can you not get that and understand. It and in here this Dextre here does underscore enough and everybody okay -- Dexter you know it's their summit here we go. Our view due to go all provincial Boston good Miami bad it's not about -- good Miami bad. That's not the point the point is just take away from KG. This from KG just just in case you think this is a this is Celtics outrage Celtics outraged it's it's a way of looking at the game some people look at it one way other people like Terry -- See something else. People like LeBron James and Ray Allen don't understand. That their their moves. Come with consequences. So. Ray Allen doesn't understand. Why KG would say. Lost to number round southerners like gee wouldn't sit there and and given -- pound when he came into the game. LeBron James said this he said Jackie. Last week. Jack you don't story on -- you know I couldn't believe some might meet in Cleveland I think about me. When I left full court should think that -- -- -- do -- know said they weren't your brother you said it's all about Cleveland and Akron I love this area. Before games used to sit there and posing nude pictures together like it was night and the boys hanging out if they -- left for Miami. Some people understood a lot of people -- got to understand. That your actions come with consequent -- -- to get these guys. -- managers think that maybe to count as people could dig it out and get some of the old tape you have what language reaction ones. When LeBron took off and went to Miami. Do you think he was set -- Cleveland people shot up -- -- credible what you think. At least at any of that ansari I -- people actually like having I guarantee. I don't beginners looking for a little bit of attention on the half the class there. Listen if you're expecting in professional sports when the goal is to win. And -- praise you when you win the championship and in a market like this it's very emotional. Where people really get emotionally attached to these teams and when they lose they get pissed off we heard that this past year. With the Red Sox they failed miserably miserably with 69 -- fans were pissed -- -- is supposed to do. When your team does well. You praised them what they don't you sit there and you're pissed off because you -- of devoted so many hours. Emotionally. To -- team and they let you down. I just don't I don't understand it in the media did it and you were absolutely correct. The media think that the fans should act differently the fans right now respect Ray Allen they love and forty did. But right now they wanna win in 2012 they want awarded the championship the Miami to win a championship in my am gonna feel totally yeah courage and. Our party take -- -- you appreciate Ray Allen so you appreciate Ray Allen so does that mean. You always cheer for ray and his teams you always one rated scored Tony plus points you don't want anything negative to happen a -- nobody to block a shot you know one a mystical free throw -- How far how far how far do we take this -- Have no idea -- this it would -- to get into a lot of we're gonna open up the the phone line. Last night did not surprise you when I talked about the adjusted. The one thing he had going for you in yesterday's game if you're Celtic -- They were having their ring ceremony and maybe the heat would lose little but the focus we've seen it happen in the past. Miami shows -- put their eight game yesterday. Says they're bringing back the same five starters since they have pretty much the same team that they had before. With maybe the addition of what Rashard Lewis and obviously Ray Allen who had a terrific game last night that didn't surprise. You would -- if they bring their a game last night they're beating the Boston Celtics. Celtics are coming with a whole new team -- what eight new guys it's gonna take a while won't break it all down for you this afternoon. But. In my opinion. I've not changed the a single thing about college able to solve this is going to be a very. Very good Celtic T -- the better the Miami now know that and are not and they go down the road. Maybe maybe maybe -- maybe going to be tough it's gonna be very if you got a very shocked when he got the best player. Get the best player on your team. And the team is is as talented as Miami it's unfair it's our our real tough only only way I mean you think about it. You know an injury. And somebody underachieving. A Miami. Bosh bosh or wade not playing upped -- level OK then yen got a shot but right now. Arsonists -- told that they. Listen the first month and you and I talked about the first month is gonna be difficult for the steam and getting to know each other -- getting it knows where guys are supposed to day. Guys that are new are trying to figure out where they are supposed to deal before defensively you could see this team is way behind defense Erica. It will get a to a lot of this. A month from now two months from now I think you're -- see completely different team and go in. To beat a good team or in this case a great team and I'll I'll call on great -- did defending champs and they're great -- have the best player and game. To beat them on their home floor is very difficult. A must Miami doesn't bring their -- game because they've lost focus because of the ranks -- give Miami credit. They were totally focused got their ranks and it said Moscow picks -- -- let's play our game and they'd be it mullah credit war. But I couldn't believe that once it happened. Don't what did you live up these people all my god I can't believe the KG didn't recognize when we come. That is that that. Gopac and look at the great teams the great players don't -- -- and you know conduct up a little heat are not just take you know I don't know an orderly or does does -- quicker. I hate that TV event aspect of the -- part of it drives me crazy. The guy in the Burberry Thailand and I Comcast say things pretty. Win when will we know we know how it is with the media to the media. It in most cases. Most folks will smile in your race. And then you behind your backs it yet well -- backs to ever actually will kill you behind your back. Hold on hold political angle of it. Where. You see a presidential debate these guys will appear before the debate night in after the debate and. Reversed its we have guys can't stand each other respect each other and go to get to it -- They histrionics. The circus atmosphere. Garb to -- to be real this is the real war. And you know what a funny TV and I and -- rate goes up to Kevin you know Kevin can't stand right now guys aren't thought to all right. Game well because he had to maintain. His charter last night that's what -- Is your story I don't know I don't know -- it's Alaska mechanical watch the Celtics game. So I -- convenient local board perfect large part. Course there were people and watch in the Celtics games but it was Tuesday night trivia it's true regard for the orderly way ask him if I wanted to tribute -- on his final the year but they all script at a table for all by yourself. -- You did you invite -- over to Europe -- but I don't know you had problems like that you I had problems it is you just didn't want another problem that -- popular laws. Texas at Texas due at halftime. And use that that text about a month of laughter I thought that there are imagining you actually the indictment. At a table. Where -- and worst part was too long answer. You'd ours are participating and I don't answers. I know a lot of idiots or Somalia was from the questions about there we're we're already know about the five Village People the don't want you know the populace. Don't via the the Indians the they carpenter the wells. I don't know enough about it to -- A police officer -- -- where you -- -- -- you money to get -- -- does the sports stuff. But you know astronomy. Largest economy -- -- -- said. -- -- -- -- I was I wasn't paying attention of watching a lot of work. I went there are no but I'm glad you filled me in an all have done self who comes at Agilent. Looks great Charles looks great -- -- -- all new free phones this year no different phones and does that enter free phones I had no idea what they with the boundaries and has no -- So I could not. Here was going -- -- till I was monitoring them than that Twitter and I had my little in casting your annuity and it was going beat them. And I think they -- in which cheating because I had my phone you know phones. Like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know cold showers can be. A little will be rough but. Compared to everything I'm seeing on TV and what everybody's dealt with I mean refiner Finley is -- safe no issues. Just have no lights and you're dealing with. With can't we go back there again on Tuesday and go backward at bar on what we're off power by -- Which they're gonna go to a bar dog the ball -- book -- -- -- that was good model sports network and pediatric and I was a good. Com and it's usually reading some of the text and AT&T text line AT&T -- LTE you know speeds up in times fast and region. But they're there some people that are actually citing here. With. With now I should treat him nicely about this guy and wasteful loss of every one play nice everyone deserves the trophy but sports council. When you see that that's what it's not like this is big time professional sports it's all about winning. And if you're losing because they -- they're being nice to the other percent I would guarantee you to where it would be the first one about it. -- -- and it also. -- the techsters. 50826. Forcibly was this up and about. You guys -- feel this way. If a Laker did that well you know I've -- of KG were Laker. You would say this about is -- -- I had to say what if KG the Laker. -- talk about a Laker. Who is like that who have great respect for on the court off the court different story but on the court Kobe Bryant. And do a lot of the whole lot of joking around -- these gals. Gets pissed off very easily ought to take ninety takes things personally you know like dead about a -- Yeah I think that's what makes guys like that Corey and -- characters you referred to its wish to. Okay. It down inside you're not dealing with the real person you're dealing with the character who goes out on meet the athletic field -- the athletic court. And -- some of and he does that because it one motivates him creates his own game. Plus it scares delivering the Jesus on the -- point because you never know what he's gonna -- and I think a lot of players feel about -- As some lately have said on now it's all an act. You know he's the he's. He's straight he's really not gonna do anything to back down but you know but -- you've heard that a lot in the last. Two or three years with his rookie year 1995. So he's been doing that since 1995. And is not a Celtics they -- they would of my favorite players in the NBA. To watch in the late ninety's and early 2000 with Kevin Garnett. The minute I remember game I tell people this all the time just -- make the point about who Kevin Garnett it. Remember watching a game must've been 20012002. Somewhere in there the lakers were killing the temporal. -- don't. -- things -- the third quarter. Hostile and I've been on the floor. Is really trying to get his team back into the game wasn't working. Because they were hopelessly out of the game the test as to who we is that how we place. Most of the time. It works for. It really works from I can't see him being the same old employer. If he has the soft demeanor I give you guys over the years but -- it soft demeanor. And they haven't on the court is about having an off the court. But having on the court you know welcome to get on the court I tactic it's very difficult for you to be great you know wells who else doesn't. Most of the time LeBron does it now. Broncos have been very focused -- up. On the court out today now. There are also there are also guys and teams where you know there. Here's a little insecure. Lack confident something you can get into their heads. What are those guys is Chris Bosh in Miami played well last night. -- he's the guy. He's a thinker. And time he's over thinker. Lacks confidence at times. As YAG. Has very little respect for being into it -- -- -- he's. He's very flexible maps in that in in a positive way just kind of move him around. And you can take him out mentally you can take him out of games. But let's get to the phone calls will pick it -- -- Jodie in California Jerry. Look at the card the that and I -- that a lot of great point but once the united not here and I wanted to touch on. What does 83 or at least 834 at the end -- -- in my opinion is the reason why. Ray Allen is in Miami Avery what I think in my opinion -- another reason why the Celtics didn't advance and get to the finals in secret weapon right now. With his feet and people that are really are involved under the NBA. It was huge different but the celtics' defense and that's your right they have to get better defensively and I'm working that right. It's gonna take a while we're able to light the match but once the Nike model that we can't beat Miami played. Ball they came out of Miami it's just. Better than they are at every position at small ball they're younger they're after the quicker and really. Take because -- didn't change without god and -- Stop right in the low post they are gonna have to integrate that I stopped play that the. You can't play those big guys you see those big guys out there against Miami I disagree deny that they were really small. With the best put the senator last night. But I -- went KG was out of the game. But I disagree with you I I don't think you can they'll run you to death and a future and the ball all over -- serious trouble that's not to say. That they did they couldn't get more polished up scoring -- KG they did not get there and -- game wise to get much out of last night but view -- -- tampering did you know Collins and these other guys off the bench against that team. It won't be able roam yeah yeah it's about playing small part of it was out of desperation to one point when he brought -- -- and -- -- Barbosa. You called -- like -- he. He has -- system. Yet he -- for them he had a great fourth quarter form so don't let deceiving though because at that aren't really game got a broke down and all you needed him to do it. To shoot just scored just OS well that's what he's going to be able to reveal -- that score often don't try to turn him into somebody's not -- he has -- all. He at Georgia when they acquired -- you you kind of laughed at guys that are like this acquisition entity. This is a perfect guy for what what they want. Listen I don't gonna get that today is everybody's gonna base everything they -- on on the game last night right. Forget about last night's game they key match up right now with Miami. They don't have to. The question is can they match up -- April against my hand. Can this team now use the skill set of all these different players they have the play. And a lot of different ways and blossom into something that could be very very good. I truly believe and I've not in the most optimistic over the last few years with the Celtics team I really believe that they can do. Some serious damage this season with a -- I think this could be very good Celtic to question is. Miami may be about I don't know we're gonna find out April but -- -- -- after game one cannot live on one can't really do can't do. Are you look at after game one which he learned was. That you -- individual things but team wise. Not much you know Paul Pierce. You guys on the pre season saw last night he's in good shape looks great. Shoot and I really well he's the least of your worries right now LeBron looks like he illustrate just last night that the jumper was was very good news -- is that he was challenged a couple of times on his outside shots in the incident answered the challenge -- outside shots. Ray looks good -- help clean up. He was moving extremely well MC rate move like that awhile. But -- in terms of what does it mean for their team and what does it mean for your team. This is is really too early to say I mean not just for Boston Miami but. Now the mavericks without their beat the lakers last night right is that real is that the mavericks are definitely lakers lakers lakers are far from where there. Team is going to be and know. And that's what the Celtics of the have so many new players here and during the pre season you're playing so many guys differ minutes enacted into any of your rotations in the pre season -- not running a lot of stuff specifically against the eight in the -- opposition. It's very deceiving when you get the pre season it's gonna take the steam a good month I think to gear it up. I think he'll do well especially at home against your mediocre week teams. And probably do OK against those type teams on the road but for why they might have trouble against a really good teams and a great team last night out on the --

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