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Celts drop season opener, how long will it take the new look team to gel?

Oct 31, 2012|

We discuss the Celtics opening night loss to the defending world champion Heat, and talk about the good, bad, and ugly of the loss.

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-- let's get right back to your phone calls here -- the big -- giveaway a pair of tickets for the home opener on Friday night the Boston Celtics. Talk a little bit about the -- you got your first look at them last night. What was your take him what's your take on the whole KG Ray Allen. 6177797937. Years all in Rhode Island people. They got that particular college. I only tablet does not in the game last night. I nobody mentioned that and wearing green worked on that basket. When he deliberately with Adam was sort of turned his back -- that is that a rebound and undercut them. And yet he reached out to try to every that they can realize what a bit but nobody notices are seen it happen easily totally hit upon player -- has done. -- now he he hasn't always been that way avenue I think. We saw we saw side of them a couple of years ago -- the playoffs I'm distraught they can remember early in his career and when he was the finals MVP. And he's playing with Shaq and of course Antoine Walker even think of Dwyane Wade is a dirty player bandage and I didn't know. Ahmad good note personality in the shell and I think -- I didn't actually see yet and what complain much -- felt a lot more do you want more bickering playing. Yes I know exactly what you're talking about. -- more about the the Rondo play. Late in the game in the flagrant -- -- -- not complaining about it you're absolutely it was a flagrant foul and obviously they get the video -- -- -- -- little guy is no question no doubt -- But it happens in the first game. When the game has already been decided against -- I know they got back within four become the game was pretty much decide. So Rondo was doing it. So let Dwyane Wade no I know what you did in a mock it'll let you get away and it now does that in game six of a play off game. And it cost an important technical file and gives the did the other team the ball in a key part of a playoff game. I've got an issue with it. Game one game is not a sight you're not gonna win this game anyway you wanna send a message is lets face it you're gonna meet this guy down the road you want him and now. He can't bully you he can't do this stuff do you you're not going to allow revenue issue with a. And -- -- in the right way Dwyane Wade hasn't has made it known that there might be there might be some revenge. Coming in January don't play again good so. That it I hope so but on -- going to like it. On ten way to stay at texted me and said it better not play. Does that sound fair. -- Alan I -- -- debt when he got introduced at a game if he wants to. And shaken out at all that it should it either before. Or after the game. Good point great point all all think. Oh alternative. As acting for the campaigns on -- know what I mean if you want to tell you you can do all that they are so many moments. Where and when they cross paths before the game game moments that aren't televised. Many opportunities. To go up to Kevin Garnett to go to Paul Pierce the staff anybody else. And talk to them now and we're focused on on cagey cagey despite not ignored them. But look at the faces of the other guys. And Tyronn -- and like people you don't even know their names they would like. -- -- an amateur -- -- -- a great now at 34 you know you look great. I got to look to you -- it to the failures that aren't really this year Boston tonight. Okay KG took it to the extreme and acknowledge him at all -- -- and staff members of the Stanford. -- whatsoever you. You nailed it nailed at the top of the show that is -- its all an act and it's all an act for both of these guys because they're staying with in character. If you noticed Ray Allen before the game began in this incident happened after the game that way. But before the game he went up and down the scorers table with all of these scoring official. He knows any of those people. -- -- -- How -- the first game lot escorted people don't you open practice. Around Europe need to be there for game nights that's. So maybe he's seen them once in in the pre season game they played at home or something like that. That's that's up holding his what his images out. -- think it's it's wrong for for -- would do that. That's how he wants to present himself that's it but don't expect the opposition. The -- That's what they are don't expect the coveted did do well -- I get you know what I don't remember Ray Allen. When he was getting into Brussels a few years ago the Cleveland series and LeBron was all over remember and it'll -- nice shaking hands and LeBron you don't even -- just wished we all over the remembering that -- -- and here's the thing he did after the series was over. Well that's why when the -- and over this game more easily overlooked right. You can do that if the season is over that may be you know KG and and and Ray Allen -- -- handle whatever sees a little. By the way for -- as -- Through a season ends is Breton and a car and Brad. And I think that Michael -- On. Awesome -- -- Thought about -- the Celtics -- thoughtful and my money and out. People are concerned me particularly. Is it will. And. -- -- -- -- -- What it to a -- leadership qualities. But we've been waiting for three years you know it that is what amber it's easier to see them -- at the front and if you look at her at finally by the -- -- -- He's articulate. That point of the game who cares. No I wouldn't recognize. That he -- It drew -- Adam. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He allowed it it affected him for her. In real time probably affected him for about fifteen -- have a big problem with that than I do with the in India. -- -- but I've been ups and that's -- -- but he did that led to the flight right it once once Dwyane Wade got away. With an -- to file we got -- everybody Casilla. Once he once that happened Rondo. Hey went to the officials and and got himself with. These is this to -- a got a call he missed free throws C. He has the flagrant file. On and on Dwyane Wade if you get it is stuck with him to -- -- -- -- Breton that's a given I think his -- they shouldn't bother you as long. As it bothered him as. I told you I had a bigger problem. With him obviously using obscene language that got -- the -- with the official. When he got hooked the first time I'm not saying that he shouldn't have got to the official tried to explain and explain and try to. Demonstrate what he what they'll -- did -- and hopefully you all laughter. But you don't sit there and get into the guy's face and and start throwing obscene language which I got to believe he did did did to draw that you don't but I've got a problem that I -- the player. Got -- -- that you've got a problem with partly because. Mean that's that's pretty much par for the courses in the from it from from some of those are some of Brussels accord with a whistle while there are -- with with stars and on stars like if if the guy is. There's not a calling you think there should be calling you go to discuss you know not always. Using the king's English when you're discussing it sometimes. Drop and a why do you think he threw an idea drop that -- I can understand what you think. Of -- -- understood it. Okay now there's about it got that I didn't. But I understand I'm still are just dead and -- I had more stuff about that last I am still amazed. At the Stephen -- stated the stuff but go ahead. -- think it's selfish ball in -- Especially in -- -- dedicated -- -- team mentality. In any hint came and any integrate absolute utter a continent and at that -- spring is that they're into their ability to be the most complete team early in the Eastern Conference. And I think that -- -- -- -- -- out there he plain selfish ball because -- and the bitten. It's no itself solve. What our initial units at a new to you you -- -- -- by the nickname the topics here. You're worried about -- -- I will tell you this of all of the players on that on the Celtic team last night the two that I of the least issues with. Paul Pierce rouge on Rhonda. A kick out of probably the one of them. I'd I don't think he was selfish at all like that he was moving the offense. I don't have a problem now back in again I don't have a problem with a flagrant foul because of the -- and a message. To Dwyane what is it that's what he's trying to do. So fanatics let me put -- -- play to -- again they'll play again just -- -- They -- play. Quite a few times before this note you'll look at what scheme that. I think everything that BP. And I -- And -- ball Danica Patrick and the Indian. And you'd love even though. I agree. Should opt for them to begin -- gonna -- them -- And that is why -- really -- ones that go along with. It's typical it is this -- double standard it's not the double standard -- -- you think I'm gonna bring out its double standard -- start gets away with that stuff. And if you're just a bit wider and you do the exact same thing simulator where you get the two week suspension because we we can't stand -- -- -- -- like that and we want the public to know. Why not gonna stand for that Stephen -- he's a star and you're right basketball season. Hey buddy I meet Gary until that is bush police don't know what -- position it's hard on us -- -- together but how long ago was that -- -- didn't even acknowledged his presence hitting it may well hey good job go get -- in Danny Manning knowledge that he was there. Yeah I think it's more important -- that you acknowledge his presence. When he's exploding into the -- look at that to me. Is your job as the opposition that's when you recognize. Him. You'll recognize him which the Celtics did not when he's wide open standing in the quarter. For an open three. That's when you're supposed to recognize and competition like game this is not I games and everybody gets a trophy. Parts you got to. Former NBA players. Sitting next year. You've got two problems adding to your left tournament wanna ride to educate you on his poise with the right -- portrayal -- I just try to say what this is -- that is why they have all that you got Tommy hides in who has. Which seemed to gain from many angles player coach -- broadcaster. A representative for the players association. And whatever you wanna have you got these guys trying to tell you things -- listen to. And I don't get it maybe you'll get some of those callers were getting some people -- you -- what are you are -- -- and army army -- I'm surprised you go across the -- It's about a hundred years ago. Go across the desk. -- and it for you today -- for them. Guaranteed to lose this was I don't I isn't it probably was this sort Tommy play it today eight Tommy was -- On the year. There was a hunch here is bill I was gonna say what was that like all the -- -- in a car I'd Katie. Sorry my policies. On that question to you in on not -- -- and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Honoring blackmailed -- in the game in like the lack of education intensity particularly in the paint on eight and I was wondering you know efforts somebody in particular that need it I need to take charter to adult -- -- -- get on multiple -- -- Well I think you're right and I think a lot of people. Could have stepped up we talked about before Katie. You had a lot of players. Out of position and it's not just the new guys out of position either I mean they just had a lot of breakdowns. Which allowed Miami to do whatever they wanted. Going to the basket and these are things that you know you know these are things that they've they've been talking about four. Not just during training camp and an exhibition games but going back to last year Miami's Miami's philosophy hasn't changed all of them. Now that -- it's the same they spread out the offense to get plenty of space for LeBron for -- and obviously provide space for Ray Allen and Rashard lewis' while last night. But listen it's gonna take time. You can't expect them to go out here in these guys didn't see what were what what KG saw last year and Rondo and pierce does most of these guys weren't your edge here. So they don't know exactly what Miami was doing against the Celtics the constant trap with Rondo up stop. They weren't seeing any of that stuff so and by spreading the floor the way Miami does. It it makes it very difficult to two rotated makes it very difficult to overplayed LeBron. That was -- play their game last night. You're not gonna beat them right now at this point when your team is still trying to find out who you war and what the guy next he was all about they don't even know each other well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's still playing at a high levels -- you know it's gonna get with the with LeBron James. Mario Chalmers. Is it me. -- is getting better. He's getting better it was pretty he's just palsy kid anyway now having he'll take these shots. That a lot of people are afraid to take. He over rates himself and yet he thinks he belongs in that and that that elite category but that's okay. He's -- he's becoming. A better player Bobby had a great finals. Against Oklahoma City but the key had a terrific series against the Celtics. In the conference finals now if he gets better. And -- mean he can be consistent forget. I had I haven't seen them pass the ball as well as he did less than hadn't seen them on time. Educating -- who loved. Things media day at -- to -- -- to hit and run action. Either way you very heated pander anything and I and then treat your senator today I can't tell -- it was -- -- -- -- and lead the way you reacted to the -- and be well usually. You can email -- that's gone the other way to go the other way and I know. You're. -- you sweetie. You're female caller yeah I listened listened to on. Doll. Let me try to explain the game and you'll get the I understand that they are ten guys on the court at one time five. Then why are you. The only one uses this -- -- terminal without the best in is -- and Nancy he's the only. Broad zeal is the oldest 31 year old -- ever be and should do this so we had a -- last year called and so -- -- I do remember -- without -- a little bit -- so that was -- -- -- -- newscaster to Maine was forced to -- sports -- And she called. And was -- and it went into overtime -- distance and that they have learned diet that it moving right along -- open man did it. Hey let alone on. Pictured at my call Colombo Ray Allen if you went to any other team besides that he or the lakers huge cheer. It's sort of like. Johnny Damon -- Clemens going pew. The Yankees. I'm not sure I'm not sure under these circumstances. That KG would have recognized and had he done. What he did last night as I still don't believe he would do AG's in his game face. And he's looking straight ahead he's not looking to decide that the -- I mean everybody else Michael's right the guys -- assert. It was that there and he was gonna give -- one of these looks like -- bleep is -- You don't see that happen. In the middle again and urban incomes over the other bench. And you know stars look at the -- -- everybody judges who what did you want all applicants Iran moves reaction who has tried it was. You'll win and now I don't. It and it will -- Wimbledon. -- that you don't during the it should happen before the game like you know and I you don't put it -- -- you know it probably did. You probably happened before the -- Yet old Garrett thank Dave Roberts became Red Sox back to Red Sox in with the giants we cheered every single game. Different story this -- that all I'm. Dave Roberts was not a guy. But you'll gonna keep -- because he was a vital member of the Boston Red Sox they wanted Ray Allen back they offered him twice what Miami did. The player's body was all going to be part of this new mixed adding depth ray was still gonna do what -- does this mean the great outside three point -- under. He elected to say screw you I'm going to the enemy. And if you can hit it up Abraham -- Dave Roberts. Dave Roberts remote of that season what it would be the only one that would that would be yeah it was it was anywhere from like the 22 to the 25 guy. Most of the year you've acquired in trade and always use them. He he was a bad guy and though he -- a -- guy who had a great moment therefore you'll appreciate it forever but there's really -- There's not a comparison look at last night this. I can understand wonders -- pissed -- Ray Allen is in great shape as the years. It looks healthy. He's making this guy he's he he has learned their offense he is exactly where he's supposed to be most of the time. He can help them. The Celtics this. Gave them another weapon away one. There and it's just one other edit -- go to Western Conference and -- give you another edit -- he's playing the exact same role with Miami. That pissed them off here in Boston. Because in Boston Doc Rivers thought -- a better team with Avery Bradley out there. Work in the -- guard because they could defend early in the game set the -- could pressed for some mismatches then you bring Ray Allen off the bench. Against Bob back up to guard for the other team in beacon light you up that's what -- role was going to be here in Boston. What's his role in Miami same thing. Exact same thing it's like he went to Miami he's going to start. Starting in the head -- Mario Chalmers. -- Celtics -- that Miami Heat ambassadors for our games or at the Eastern Conference finals. I guessing game just ended it ended and it tightest on my producer is time -- -- -- there's -- score 89. Went down to the wire point one seconds left ended an attack. That's class like when you are so full of maybe. They tried to trade Allen trade deadline to Memphis district. They did not want you here stop rewriting history you are full of well once again I agree with the -- But no hero is where you're wrong but it is where you -- right on both counts is where you're gonna trade him but the and they get what they did. They didn't wanna -- that was that was the deal now Paul Pierce was apparently involved in talks as well for tour. The players he picked it tried to trade Rondo away. They try to get Rondo for a course I don't know note Glen getting got to get the -- gonna gimme -- did -- -- Again. Now that we did and one -- on -- Chris Paul. Danny. With industry moniker you're you're not supposed to lie. And right here you're giving us out never try to trade rumors run go to Dick crisp fall where they tried to tree in the way. It's. This it's part of what happens in the NBA and this stuff happens all the time and Michael you look really hot today thank you -- do you remember Robert the end of last year when things were going not so well. For the Miami Heat and there was talk that they were gonna blow up the -- those guys in the offseason -- -- -- -- possibly differently wade and -- There was talk about that. It happened at -- won the championship. Because there was so much pressure on them to win it because you can't look at the tree aspect of it and suddenly sick or hurt. Because you tried to try to beat the -- Celtics deal to bring him back double for what he got in Miami with a no trade -- not about the money gone. About -- much about her. Her. -- it -- it run action.

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