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Recap of the Celtics 120-107 loss to the Miami Heat

Oct 31, 2012|

After a disappointing loss to the Heat, Mut and Lou recap the main take-aways from the season opener. They talk about Ray Allen's first performance in a Heat jersey, and Rondo's flagrant foul on Wade.

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I know that everywhere here and around America watching. Has. In their thoughts and their abiding concerns. And those who were affected by the by the tragedy. Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. That said. We have a celebration. Tonight. It's kicking off. Katrina I wasn't an Asia play in Japan. Would that took the that was the equivalents for David Stern right here the -- through the papers like that. Well our daughter appeared they got ignored hornets did win the championship bright in the dropping Katrina bombs. -- public we're going to be. Come on we bring bring on Adam silver and add an -- -- checked out. Is checked out that's the issue he's checked out to get -- the better it's about the you know LeBron James LeBron the new king it's now the Angel brawn. In the NBA star girl -- every aggregate nervous on the date night back in the day coming up those first years as -- -- it out but it's a big deal. You know he'll get -- who knows what is the championship next year he's out 2014. Rights of this as he has one more of these where against the dual ring ceremony you might not get LeBron. Let's say that the spurs come out of nowhere when this thing not kind of star power they double brought us know Kevin Durant there's no Rondo. Might be its last big one and he's in Miami. Element nervous -- hurricanes confused. Oh Adam silver mean the big debt they commit your way to do is laughing his ass off what he saw that. The outgoing boss just called -- Katrina. What a -- I gave one of eighty until what you think you watch that you watch the game we all watched. -- -- 82 big pick. But I do it again cancel the season was the it looked to me is that -- and played. What nine guys India had five of those nine guys that were part of this team last year. That's what it looked out of sync. We all know the this team prides themselves on defense and team defense maybe not individual on the ball defense and it just wasn't there. This -- so many things that you know went last year when he went -- played Miami Heat right in Eastern Conference finals you heard Doc Rivers say you know sparse. Limit the turnovers forgot the balls -- out of bounds I'd rather have the player just let call or just grab it run out of bounds I don't want to throw it sent accordent. Transition that's when the heat get going so you wanna limit the trip got turnovers and get back in transition defense. Did either one when you do that return a ball over as much as they did -- -- given -- easy buckets and you let -- crowd get into it and now in the broadest Duncan with a Mike on him to scream and what had a chance -- agreement to dunked it you know when the game. I just look like team that is gonna need look at a time was also new faces at all. It looked like -- team the ball offensively defensively. On is going to take some time that was not my big take away though and my big take away is. About LeBron James I'm sorry I would talk a lot about the Celtics today and we'll talk about the scheme but LeBron looked different to you. Like crazy that when you watch that game last night we'll talk to Brian wind -- In Miami ESPN in this next hour. Look like the whole. The way to -- -- -- off your shoulders he played a free he played dominate he didn't play like a guy who's got to win a championship it's already in the past. Scare at the -- you watch connecting you must make another good. But if LeBron gonna play that way he's won a post up and he's willing to you know take it as it goes in not four -- -- look out here that. At the the box score for three point attempts LeBron. That's it ten to sixteen shooting a realistic YX it was 26 and and for LeBron last 928 minutes. He is glad he's going to be terror to deal with this year it looks like he's playing three and that that was my big takeaways you don't brawl was good. I think -- brawl that pressure. I was scary thing for Italy. -- agree I think -- that. He did viewed these are different LeBron I think -- net -- should scare you the other wasn't. And I know Steve -- talked about it and not forcing -- threes in him and Dwyane Wade taking less threes that got enough guys and a team now would take reporters. They can attack the basket and create issues and matchup problems for the defense hasn't worn -- reporters here he's wide open -- -- a ticket can still hit it. It was a LeBron James that was completely in control. You know he had a great game we've seen LeBron James have great games before so it shouldn't shock you but I I agree when you watch him. In the end I think what it did right point six -- ten it would when he merits of the -- three minute -- of -- second half yeah so. In 28 minutes that kind of performance. That's the scary thing LeBron James can we all know we can take over game late right we've seen it before we know he -- -- put up 48 -- a given night. -- he's just feel these guys jump shot work -- and you really can't stop the guy. At the potentially it looks like. Last night and it's just one game but England in a quiet nights and do what he did last night but about twenty minutes -- six -- ten. You know and beauty tickle -- at times I think it was more of overall gain control of it of the do we always shot a lot airline while -- down was outstanding it's. It's going to be tough. He never went all LeBron -- in key was like 56 possessions in a row we're yet -- -- a basket what he did it was on the shot clock was winding down. He seem to find a basketball wade won the second half the broad and play about how many times did LeBron pull up and have a shot clock hit a jumper. -- post up on Jeff greener Paul Pierce get to the basket to the free Carolina did that are five times last night. He is he's a four -- a text on the ATP text like out of the gate sums it up. Confidence is a hell of a drug and in this case LeBron James I -- its confidence but it is not confident in his ability. But confidence in his place in the world you know I'm still gonna criticize LeBron thing needed the YMCA was brutal. Okay broke up with a high school girlfriend on national team. Others still some things -- you watch that game last night -- -- abroad commercial and it's kind of like okay been there done that but as a player to vote basketball standpoint. That was scary -- last night. And that that's going to be big ethic that Miami Heat team last thing granted listening cut it this bad as this team played defensively this topic you know begin with and for the cup -- the goal. At that he said LeBron was out of the game the most that fourth quarter. You know the additions we talked about all the different faces right the -- -- nine guys five of them different faces from last year including Jeff Green there but never played. If you had Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis who looked more like the Rashard Lewis from Orlando and not the Rashard Lewis from Washington right who couldn't play for getting plea yet and nice to go OK when you bump and you know good Jones on the bench Ian Miller on the bench that is still out there. That's a better team right now. I still say you give this Celtics team to give the exact same team you give them time you at a guy like that Avery Bradley let them sink I think this is. Think they showed last that the record go anywhere and I think if you remind -- you -- -- one team in the east and still the Celtics it's still the Celtics you know the ring ceremony and they're all excited about it brought up huge Samsung commercial and for the game and starts. Was it makes you sick he's like a commercial banks LeBron. Everything you've done for us congratulations on hearing LeBron. The kids got endless video ball back and forth -- a little phone again but yet -- the the first time okay well thanks to a point where. Well thanks everybody else like Miller and 73 guests in a game -- -- -- -- of -- debt. -- you regain so -- -- -- -- target for not showing up everybody that. Player reasons do you still they LeBron like I said about from -- a bus that what is scary. At -- surprised that it wasn't the Celtics. That's it wasn't it wasn't the heat that came out with too much energy. The Celtics -- Kevin Garnett. He was awful early technology. He said before he gets caught up in game sometimes too emotionally so that they were desperate -- but the Spansion. Before the game he was way way too pumped up the backing last night attic is the season goes on you'll have ring ceremony to won't have -- -- one level Ron. And you'll settle and I thought he. He was to pump up for that game and and -- get out to a good start I didn't. Nearly -- -- I agree with you in October -- before it became on authorities awful and and no -- him you know the emotions problem with -- by need to slow down a little bit more because early on to jump shots of the bad passes the turn overs. Everything you name another guy by the felt that same category was a guy Jason Terry who clearly he did a lot of talking this offseason about how we -- the rivalry with the lakers and heat. I -- he came out was completely out of control early on as well so there was a lot of emotion I think what that Celtics team I think you'll see them slow down a little bit. But there are still some some positives Meehan and what got out of his demotion or tourists tentativeness or what it was put Jeff Green after everything. After everything that we you know you sought pre season. Of people that covered this team a daily basis or practice and and in that locker room after before games or watch -- pre season games it was a different Jeff Green and mean it was. Think Jeff -- is two years ago. And he is going to be huge part of this team they went in a ticket that next level he he made a huge -- as far as depth goes where his position to -- But because he's been six B McKenzie density good six man by default Jason Terry is the sixth man of the Boston Celtics. Jeff Green on any other team would be the guy we're talking about a six minute he wants separated -- where Jason Terry's the sixth man -- the guard position. And Jeff Green ends up being the the forward or even sometimes. On the line up replace senate we'll call forward six man. I'm OK with that. And the aggressiveness the soft from Jeff Green in spurts during the pre season. Just wasn't there and he took a lot of heat last night Agassi at the nature of sports that it in in this day and age -- respond on Twitter. And immediately after something happens. That you're gonna get some reaction of things as they happen even if the first of 82 games. Jack Breen took a lot of heat last night because it was exactly what you said the Jeff -- two years ago candidate. Didn't seem to know his place never able to really get out there Iran. Got to hurt offensively couple -- matchup of LeBron James. Went with Jeff you give him time but he has got to be -- like do you expect this Celtic team to win -- in the fifties that you're the 15055. Regular season games they -- predictions some places and they're going to be at the top of the Eastern Conference. Jeffrey had Jeff Green cannot play the way he played last night. Entirely too tentative and look he's coming off a heart ailment or shorts -- when he thought am I gonna play again. So there's only well which a lot of emotion. There with him to migrant death so I think that -- -- it's onto a lot of derided reds all you heard. An emotional Jeff Green talk about him last time you play the game with its mining team. -- what it means to get back on -- everything's spent their net that's why I think you know does this team settled down right just when it settles in. And you know it -- and there -- plane to Miami Heat last night. They probably win that game peeling my sit -- -- -- -- -- who are outstanding. But we came away with a win we get a lot more guns that they went up against the Miami Heat. The team that just came off the NBA championship that didn't have many changes in the once they did having guys like Rashard Lewis. And Ray Allen just veterans kind of slide right into the offense and that backup role. It did an outstanding job both of them in in whatever minutes they played. I just take a deep breath that this team play and they're gonna be there at the end -- no question about a month month so we start there your biggest takeaways. In the celtics' first game last night's game we all watched in real talked about a game we'll talk about -- today. Bob Ryan and Bryan win morsel to honest next hour we talked to you at 61777979837. Are new phone number 617. 77979837. Your biggest take away from what you saw last night Celtics heat game one. -- on the Celtics and heat game what you project out going for the thing people are talking about nationally in addition -- the game. Is the response Kevin Garnett gave Ray Allen Ray Allen tried to. At one point last night. Gotta give a little let's let's let's let's -- the bridge let's mend the fences it. -- or data KG -- wanted no part of we'll talk about that Madison.

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