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Brian Windhorst, ESPN.com, on the Garnett-Allen relationship

Oct 31, 2012|

Brian Windhorst joins Mut and Lou to break down the Heat win over the Celtics. Windhorst also discusses the Garnett-Allen tiff in the first quarter.

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The popular night three point seven WA -- recap I don't think Celtics need all your phone calls -- -- Ryan -- horse. Covers the NBA Miami Heat espn.com. Brian joining us on the -- hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to. Ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. You know what was possible but for a long time last night -- act aimed -- live up to the hype and I think we did see the best two teams the -- conference last night Miami. -- -- And by the way the games and certainly not the last couple minutes and the Celtics. They didn't -- You know at first happily spirited even -- with a nine point game. And I kind of we're going to be you know a really nice -- -- child but. He ought to realize and I'm sure everybody in all games did it that maybe the first of ten or eleven meetings between these two teams this year. And they were definitely shelling that it says they can take legal efforts and -- court. A -- been made appear about the Ray Allen and and talking about is leaving the Boston Celtics in last I was wonder what the reaction is down there with though. Kevin Garnett the way he reacted just overall in general K -- -- against Celtics. All the enough fans in general are you somewhat shallow you know eat it it's funny that they. You're just with the Celtics. You know Austrians. You're probably upset that -- left EU last night in your hands cheering. Will lay out even though he's one of the guys they would too loudly -- have a chance they got just a few months ago. But I think last night. From past Ray Allen has looked all preceded them he didn't. -- -- moved well he can that would color that surgery on the ankle helped the not a lot they didn't shoot the ball great. Appreciate that and I don't think there was a whole lot of our expectation. You can have such a major impact the game that he did not only shooting putting dot -- get into the go to the basket hitting the line -- the major reason why do you want making. I come -- prevention nineteen point that was something. I don't think the that he ordered and to expect but I think eight it's a good bet I'll. Tell you react to -- -- -- advocate argued that the impact. Is that the role they envision in inning last night thirty minutes and don't know maybe he left Boston because you like when he heard about his maybe diminished role but all was it just the fact that he was shoot the ball so well -- that type of game he was up there that long. Yeah I don't think it normally you'd played that much I don't think normally you can have banked in three pointers like you did I mean he had a great game. I may be the best -- -- the effort to rhetoric that -- I don't know. That the thing about what is your design they've got. You know carefully helped it almost got one week -- too many M like last night Mike Miller only played six. But you know on a night might know -- gonna play 25 minutes and Ray Allen may on the plate and -- -- them and a twenty iron into the -- saying. It's sort of -- a little bit how -- Look what way you know old people but it was -- -- -- come off the bench and he didn't want a limited role when. Frankly there's going to be situation this year depending outrage shooting. He may not be in the game at the end of the fourth quarter. At -- he's going to be -- of course Putin averaged one point up the bench. But that's going to be different I think -- a little bit of an abnormality. I think the big thing with raised that he looks healthy means for from a television standpoint you know we're not watch -- -- some curious you saw -- throughout. That series last year will he was hobbled on a hard time get around screens he looked a lot better last night is that we saw from ray healthier Ray Allen. -- even promote first training camp he can dispute moving around better I mean he shot 31%. Three point range. I will play out here -- for the guidance about reports -- all arms at 45%. The regular season and that's a precipitous drop and he just -- that you -- right and it got to a point where. You know I don't -- -- like it was the Celtics freezing him out much of what what some. I don't wanna give the data from each -- -- 30%. And Mickey became. Not let it himself. And he -- You definitely backed its arts its physical ability what he whether. He can sustain it also you know one of the reasons that he struggled last you're getting on the court I'm put each. Each trip a little bit of a thing that's quick and he Indian Avery Bradley with a better. Option and there's going to be certain situations and certain matchup with the keep you wanna go a little bit. You know -- it attempt of life but it's hard to predict what looked like. But obviously. Let thank you sure that ankle surgery really help them. Friday we're talking early on scary thing from last night I know it's just one game but it looked like -- different. LeBron James a competent LeBron James some discomfort in his own skin may be winning a championship as is what he needed was that that last -- to get over. But what Rangers -- in hearing him talk during pre season maybe during the offseason do you sense a different LeBron James now. Q you've had a lot more relaxed. You -- he's not gonna have to live with subpar and every single day. You know he'd lose three games in -- -- -- no extra credit to them but no one can doubt he can do he's proven he can do it. You know. He's played with such confidence and -- is he didn't have much time off over the summer. And when he came into training -- Q&A don't have -- I cannot buy you know he makes are a little slow here just because. -- he hit a milestone he may be you know satisfied a little bit. Then he turned it up over the last two weeks in a whole key he did and they looked shall restrict the latter is what -- people abroad especially -- Yet to be up at you. I sort of see them haven't. And an injury that he will probably put together the best record -- VA paid on. Waiting not come together -- even Dwayne -- I'll again be operated on yum what a lot that a -- and 2920 didn't it didn't do that. Your right. -- looked better after surgery Chris Bosh would heal me when they're full strength. Other -- in the watch well. A -- when -- espn.com joining us in terms of Erik Spoelstra Brian when it hit him. That look anarchy of a 12 with three of fortified my best lineup might be. LeBron James playing that for one when he finally recognized that one of the -- finally. Buying is what you saw last night was a couple small teams out there and he'd dominated -- stretches. Right well if after the playoff last year again for the pacers. Eat a lot Chris Bosh and you know they were little small. And they tried to play some of their you know their. Better than they -- -- Dexter Pittman went horribly wrong. Richard what we're gonna we're gonna play small to play guys like he -- at my son Aaron. But Bob Hope or they had -- in that choice and demanded work you know 18. Rocket botched back in with all that it was by the play in the summer. And after -- celebrate winning championships but enjoy it Erik Spoelstra -- -- your -- and the wall that you realized that he had. Made a mistake by trying to stay traditionally. Even met her two year I had -- what will be the title last keep you like she had recognized. Going with the thought that ball earlier a year earlier in 2011. They may have -- -- and he didn't see other that the way they're going to keep but -- -- -- -- in the offseason they knew that the senator really relieved at. This time we'll start with rail. And they obviously are -- have to play the play. And you know -- -- to keep people secretly. Who knows what but -- the team that they feel like a Q and beat everybody need good health plan. The season is still a lot of respect for this Celtics team coming from from the heat -- mean is it because they realize that they are. The other two did the -- to be in in the Eastern Conference as far as the team may be standing in their way your team in my compete with them the best. I think if you look it up and -- I you know. Regardless injury I can control or -- become quote well. And he's at the end of the -- electric said that last night on a credential. How neat -- -- a count. On two and a half three guys again a playoff. Now they have a roster that killed 78 eat and that paper -- -- the heat and I don't eat anybody else you'd like now. Can match at talent doesn't he eat that -- -- I think -- rates are but it's opened. But you know last night we thought we. He'd go head to head in the game it was 12207. Four point game two minutes ago. And it just immediately equate night -- he'll 843. And beat up the ball both ways that we have achieved an inadvertent or that -- You really have the people. Brian appreciate the time thanks the insight look for talking throughout the year. Our best picture that we.

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