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Minor Details Ep. 40: Red Sox top 10 prospects with Baseball America's Jim Callis

Oct 31, 2012|

Baseball America released its ranking of the top 10 prospects in the Red Sox farm system on Wednesday, with shortstop Xander Bogaerts topping the list, followed (in order) by CF Jackie Bradley Jr., RHP Matt Barnes, RHP Allen Webster, LHP Henry Owens, C Blake Swihart, 3B Garin Cecchini, OF Bryce Brentz, SS Jose Iglesias and SS Deven Marrero. Jim Callis of Baseball America joins the show to explain the rankings and to discuss a number of prospects who didn't make the cut, while also giving his assessment of the state of the Red Sox farm system.

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-- this -- a minor details by Jim tell us baseball America ended -- its -- like a holiday or something because baseball America has come out. Today with its Red Sox top ten prospect rankings for the post 2012 season so Jim thanks so much for joining. Glad to be here it's always always fun talking about the respect it. Well yes and do it always it always -- shorts generates a ton of feedback for yourself in that -- let's start with this. You probably had a talk more about Lars Anderson than anyone else in there it's like system. Over the last five or so years so he's gone he's now with the Indians they traded him for a knuckleballer -- things. Is Jose Iglesias your new Lars Anderson or who would qualify for that designation. Now obviously it would require CIA because I feel like it's like to have broken up after a long relationship -- -- -- I touched the dog that bit like with both feet. And I still remember. I mean I guess taken out of it might -- four years -- adapt to me when he when he every year we came up at the end and -- played long double -- we talked to has got to sit in the they are gonna do this bit. If the Red Sox need him to he could be their first baseman next April. And they just kind of stagnated after that. Yeah I think you know I think if he would sit still captivity still qualifies for the handbook and he actually care in the prospect in the that it. Because the Indian city where he is now I have one of specific response systems that you may still read Lars Anderson in 2013 custody -- He would not have made the red cyclist I think they got food. I'm experiencing. -- -- quit now it's just not likely yes because. I can't -- Iglesias had a chance to be a good big leaguer but not so good hitter by depicted decent is that valuable. And it looks -- did defensively in September. Think the guy to -- that got a little to keep reading about that sort of read about a -- five years now. It is still only tenant out -- that the there's still stuff there. That the results are not creates. Let you know it's still interesting arm in the immediate show improvements from last year's -- -- will still be an issue is put in and you'll see what happens is -- in 2013. He's tough one because he's still I mean it is extraordinary -- guy who's now. Two years -- to being on the forty man roster to be so young you know he's what 22 now I think. -- Yet and the good numbers don't jump off the page money didn't double play it was what like four and a half CRA. Spent the whole season there I actually was a little bit surprised. That they didn't take the step of giving him a bump up to Tripoli at the very end of the year. Just a given the sense that he was moving toward his career and he was actually the end of the year pitching really pretty well put together a string of nice start but. And yet he's he's he's a tough one to get a read on just because. You know he's a physical guy who throws you know mid to high ninety's and sometimes shows the slider his his changeup from what I understand came back somewhat this year. To what it had been in the lower minors but. I got you he's after spending here I think that he was in what the teams last year and I imagine that he's going down from that this year. Well he's gone from my head and numbers numbers 62 years ago he had dropped to number 243 last in western he was just disaster right and the airport and try to get stuffed it comeback bid. It's still got it around any didn't miss a lot of that immediate if you see it on the right day. And you give him you know he's got their mid nineties fastball and canceling investors changeup -- -- The flash an average slider I mean you can go to CE OK what can they can't beat number three starter and but he just -- hit double play he. Evil piece of work towards the bottom of the list in and you know I can say ahead if it's -- better next year they'll -- back up data and and it's not. If you want -- alienate the fact is that if you wanna look at from optimistic about -- a guy and like I Italian he would around the list -- -- up and down throughout smiley career. Was delisted broad it was from I think it's on the list a couple of years ago I dropped and seventeen YE that you had a disappointment last year and yeah update you with the guys the Red Sox what we're looking at coming into 2011 assists and again we could count on his -- -- starter. Earl -- whatever we need you know they had deep pitching going this season and then when everything fell apart. He just wasn't ready to offer much help but drop in the seventies and they came back had a pretty solid rookie this year. In order to bring this conversation if it took him going to go ahead and read off the top ten list it's like David Letterman moment. And -- you wanna. Do the honors our ideology do failure to go from -- -- can't attend a one what do you think -- better. I guess I'd guess in the top. OK okay so we won't build up the -- well we won't go for the buildup to the element of surprise since. There is none with the number one yeah your body yes welfare enough it's like New York it's like exactly. Yes too soon sorry but number one Zander Bogart's number two Jackie Bradley junior. Number three Matt Barnes right handed pitcher. Number four -- Webster right handed pitcher number five Henry Owens left handed pitcher. Number six lakes why heart catcher. Number seven guarantee -- needn't third baseman. Number eight Bryce Bryant's right fielder or outfielder depending on how do you view and number nine Jose Iglesias at for mentioned in number ten -- Guerrero. Mike Iglesias a shortstop. So the thing that the thing that I find interesting about the list and I always kind of when we check in for this conversation. I always like to look at. At the -- compared to other years. The -- one of the things that striking to me this year is that it seems to be driven the top ten for the red sex seems to be driven a lot. Based on actual performance. Purses on projection whereas in the last couple of years. I felt like there's been a lot of potentially high ceiling talent. But the top ten has been to find a lot by. By projection rather than what the guys have actually done in the minor leagues is that it do you view it that way and if so what does that say about the state of the system. -- I don't know I've got to protect your conscious effort immediately are implicated -- that he thinks that I have a committee conscious effort to change my approach this year I think. I think it's more -- case of just the guys are further along in the system. Is it Bogart got the double day. Yeah Matt Barnes got the hi hey alien in practice pitching double -- this year you know Bradley was in double it Webster was in double -- We had some of the guys on that on that really interest in Greenville team to impress print it double A guy it's racist but the people except it's just more a case where. These guys have got you know are further along through this system. You know yeah I had to hold anywhere in years past and a look at last year's list we knew we'd double -- well a sign out the draft. Eight ball eight ball well way. New York Penn league side now the draft you rivals partly it was it was startling the most advanced got right. So I think it's more a case that a little -- -- I think to the topic guys that played in double A or better -- an -- area I think it's it's five or six of. And I think it's also probably fair to point out that this year's draft class was considered. Down from -- of previous years and so that might also explain why it. In you know from 2008 on say. From 20082011. Or so in in your lists. The guys were taken in the draft might have rated more highly in the system and those were available on the board this year. I think particularly with the new rules and in the Red Sox in past years it is being handed out seven figure bonuses wherever they want -- in. And playing god wherever. You know this year it is there were some limitation that I like they're dressed. But I mean you look at it to 2011 draft which are based just what -- -- to get a chance to be pretty special right. We really a place like art and Matt Barnes and Jackie Bradley junior Henry -- and all of that on the top and it. And really all the top six. You all off for those guys can be above average big -- an issue you mean just you know but what it appears in any. -- like get a rare out he wasn't like that I thought was that sort of lasted long in the draft he did. But yeah there are some questions on his bat. Alec Brian Johnson they got into the first round but Bryant Johnson not an overpowering type guy he delicate soft tossing crafty lefty either. But he does indeed he's not -- Britain he's not -- road. Yeah 97. Anymore the guy is -- yes -- -- mr. -- pitched. A year ago it seemed safe to suggest it will middle Brooks was a relative no brainer as the number one as the number one prospect. Is it safe to say that the same was true Zander Bogart's this year or was there. Any question in your mind whether or not Bogart might be the guy at the top the list. Well actually I think let's -- kick back and forth because. What rational tougher for me because you and middle Brooks. It's funny if you go back and actually that Belichick took a lot of heat but I thought they answered like or -- white woman approachable and prosperity. The only hit piece you know to seventy year as it 300 in Portland being a lot much in. You know is you know how is this guy really get a -- it is sixteen home runs and have to -- and it will leave policy right at say eighteen year old who really capture the imagination there's been a lot of talk about comedy and it develop -- was gonna talk a decade ago for the guy -- It was in double -- and it was received tips that I thought to be solid at least solid big leader in middle Brooks. On board because the guy that the higher ceiling but -- play a lot -- and -- well Milbrett it's funny Kenny notebooks. Came out and in Tora AAA and played Creighton major -- for governor I -- think you're deep. I think you actually boosted his stock even more likely that you -- it was pretty easy for me because. We -- our -- and it's it's funny talking about -- to people within the Red Sox organization and help others such organization. -- take you mean. It's almost ridiculous -- The guy exceed expectations last year out in 68 look at the delay but he was he just crushing -- -- a -- rule they're like well you know. -- -- Unless this year you know they didn't even talked erratic they are trying to be conservative the coming this year. A -- in Italy going to be in nineteen you know coming into 2012 in maybe we should send him back to. It will lay would be the most covered placed Sevilla into places latest villain in and it's fifteen homers in about half -- -- and his three under in. Analysts tremendously -- -- double agent. I don't -- you know where -- one -- these guys in the league in. I believe he was the youngest position player in and he certainly. Exactly it's like if you want a ticket videotaped walking only had one walking in about 95 plate appearances in double play -- its reach 46 we slowed almost 600 in the right. -- abdicated its crazy event. I think if it's. I don't they're trying not to rush him and they're trying not to you know ratchet the expectations up too. But let me if he keeps performing like he has. An 88 bed yet my guess is he opens next year in double aid because they wanted to work on the quick disposal to them. But like I mean 88. It's maybe not put this way tie it 20 wait he's gone. I would expect indicated it was Tripoli at some point during that you think you really rollout without fast he's moved out about the is. It's got to be the big -- has some play action I don't. I would say that it blocked by any means. But I mean the guy keeps basically blown past every expectation -- a forum. Certain element to that question it's funny I did have a couple people who brought up Jackie Bradley and I just is you know hey you know you might wanna think about him. But I thought it was a kind of need to call this year because. The difference between -- keep rally for me I mean. That the -- up the middle players in -- in your -- shortstop by topic that's a lot easier and I walked Jackie and Jackie got a cute bad. There's got to get back to and I think the powers to separate you know it is suitable guards was. A third base -- -- you know what you thought he had maybe you know solid power rather -- you know plus plus pallor. You know maybe but I actually think I think underrated aspect -- -- is gaming in the Mort I talked to people get inside and outside the organization. It's you know on diskette to predict it short step network cable talk about a move -- shortstop it's because he's six with thirty is not because of anything he's doing wrong. Right now or anything he -- his status probably. It's a speech by just average it is very different sides introduction that the position. He's got a strong arm and -- makes all the plates. So towards that and it's worth asking has Europe. Has your thinking on his ability to stay at church the shortstop changed in the last year. Yes definitely -- Kevin and -- get any naked and I bought it myself maybe it's a little. It's a little easy combined 286 threes in 828630. Well once and 518088. Team last year particularly unique ID six street to forty when he filled out -- he'd be -- like that happen. The update I can't say -- Into the more I talk to people the more they say it don't rule out LA that I think a lot of talk down the opportunity to me he knew what the Red Sox have been their system right now. We don't know perfectly paces ahead of him. Right now in the system and -- is gonna get a good shot at playing shortstop and I think you -- -- come down to it if if somebody doesn't hit. And that is deemed too much of a liability. By -- -- ready which it is what looks like will be deployed 2014. To play every day in the big leagues. They're let's say it places got up -- hasn't form of the pad dead in Bogart like a -- that it -- short. In the other thing that I think is kind of interesting to note with him as this you know will -- Brooks has exceptional or hints at third base. To the point where he was you know even though Mike Kabila's had a really good year as a shortstop in the big leagues. Middle Brooks for just brings so far to his left that he would cut off. A lot of balls that would ordinarily go to the shortstop. That gives you a little bit more flexibility in terms of what you can do in. You know when you're considering what can be an above average. An above average everyday shortstop. The Red Sox are an organization that ended up having Jed Lowrie and -- you know committing to the development of -- -- is an everyday shortstop when. When they were just about the only team in the world that said you know that that's pointless and he ended up for various spells being a very useful everyday shortstop for them -- You could have they -- put together a valuable shortstop in different ways you they can beat Jose Iglesias. With gold glove defense and maybe -- to fifty without a lot of power locks but the defense is really really did or -- maybe it's -- Bogart and he's an average defender. But well above average hitter for the position I mean. It's easy you can build on different ways having cal Ripken when he played shortstop I mean believe me. Happy to position himself well they look like cal Ripken was assuming that this region shortstop and April decision for a long time -- you can. We can argue you know -- went gold gloves and all the metrics feasible average shortstop the big east play want to have a short steps I think there's chipset. If you can get -- there -- the reception -- the making of an above average short that they actually have it five or six pretty interesting source apps in the system. And Nadal have many options to positioned it to see what they wanna do it yet if still that's basically it doesn't hit Annika Bogart -- the Bogart says get bigger you have to move elevating Nevada and -- admiral Mike direct -- receive any electorate yours do lately in. I'd be ready here the shortstop down in the -- CL I think rundown. You might be ready that it got a headache go back the other way Inglewood -- a -- that you. You've got a variety of options at shortstop and battled to me that's going to be interesting to see how that all plays out of the next few years. Offensively. I've talked to some people who see -- is being kind of many in the China which do you see that. Yeah I -- jackets that connects. Yeah I mean it's a little occupy Portland alienated the 620 games that you play David that's the one. The other two that that's the biggest negative and it was blocked its sale of any he he walked it would -- percent of his play tennis is right bill of. Really pushed up yet that was an area of particular you know standout growth form in fact this year because. In Greenville last -- there has talked about as a guy with an advanced approach he had a club operates it was well below 10%. Hey struck out almost three times as much as he walked in this year it's Salem where again and indicated it was nineteen and still on the youngest regulars in the Carolina league. The only east district about three country -- it was too conservative block that out and yeah but I think this is a guy who's getting did you know it over. The course of four seat in the senate jacket it's 300. I mean. Inside it's metal catalytic you wanna put on it homers and -- -- 45 homers and that might be light birdied. Talking about 300 hitter with thirty homers. You know that it plays everyday L pro -- 5060 times. Pretty good pretty good player. I think it it at that depth that's -- good bad. Yes third base would bring its plot diplomat abroad spending -- -- put him -- say it right field and he got for the BJP did get right fielder -- in the that would definitely they're also. With with Jackie Bradley junior number two and why did I guess he was one of the big guys made the biggest jump in your top ten this year. From number ten last year when he was just on the fringes of it coming off that injured season. That died at South Carolina as a college junior its number two this year what what surprised you about his season if anything. You know like it I don't the players that did a lot of people's body was before he got hurt except Carolina this first here's -- South Carolina. Even when he was on the Teepen is fresh and keep cuddly. And it was tremendous and -- is JUS South Carolina defended its national championship. About an analogy you'd senior 2000 level -- -- they really -- on the Babson College Baseball outlook cannot impressed because of the draft -- its power but he. He got -- to that start many injured his wrist and he never got -- at the plate. Which he did it out because they're -- slipped to number forty. I don't I think they'd update desk ticket -- -- 360 it's Salem. Now I added I think that maybe he -- if you combine his numbers concealed Portland means. But kind of player is projected to be head South Carolina before he got hurt tried to get too much guys keep it around 300. Did you drop until locks. You know -- gap power. -- -- average runner but he he's very instinctive on the bases -- you know 1520 -- eighty. -- testicle always play that mean the -- an unbelievable defender. And senator Helio and it would get back to last year's list. Irish politically -- number two and donated -- -- -- talked about this in the past two or these lists its contents are important cut off because top ten guys still in the magazine. Right and and -- and then after that electric vertigo the prostitute and put it to kinda don't want to leave anybody out the top and and then -- formula only given a handbook -- you know you pointed -- things about him but it doesn't matter a lot of you know -- we've spent our time worrying about who ranks where excellence and the last sector actually what would Bradley ever Jose Iglesias for the number ten spot last year. Meticulous in these disability premium defenders imprint it might be sold short in anonymity premium premium -- that this classification defenders. And Bradley got the better that -- meet -- Mean I think at all the resuscitated publicly but if you talk any -- out. You know regardless of whether. The Red Sox -- -- Ellsbury to long term deal that -- there's no question. That that -- the center fielder Ellsbury still laughed -- me Bradley's. -- physical glass and or Steelers. -- waiting to happen and -- about it not that it's a big part of that. He's got a very strong our percentage field at least to -- -- It is -- these community center fielders in the game to amicus. So effortless AA of that aid chasing down fly ball that analogy that you seniors out the I take very as far as -- stable laws toxicology closer to issue every year my my youngest. By about fifty year old son who is not that the big big spot in the seventy year old is. Even he won't ruin Obama. Jail would comment as to how easy Jackie Bradley looked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unlike some literature is -- Red Sox and he was originally addictive -- which began after. Meeting to consider -- pitcher -- And it after the disappointment of -- of which got treated. Jackie Bradley is it is now his favorite -- soccer reps not to be. You mention a federal which makes me makes me think so Ryan by only losses prospect eligibility this year. To your mind where would he be would he be -- behind -- swipe card was number six. -- had him behind at a time last year you know. Finally the guy have a hard times figured out where to -- that is. You know last year. I think so a lot of people I heard from -- I sit and instead -- -- the Red -- call and regulatory don't just list stayed it's course and like connected they they were surprised to have Alomar went nine. Abiola that he qualified and this is more testament cute cute like in the guys they have debacle by I don't particular debate my top ten because. I like our way forty years I'm not convinced he's going to be an everyday catcher in the big leagues. And if you can't get everyday catcher in the big leagues I just don't know I think you could get that -- to be regular anywhere else you know in addition to place first round. Some -- that's unfair it is. I've got to see more varietal partly on TV that I did say is you know get a merlot Lowell. But you know look Hardaway. You -- yet to adjusting typically kitchen. Sides. ID two CNN. I feel like I'm laurel -- the most like a loyal to -- got a lot of critics nobody thought that I had any chance. Two to catch a Major League game with a right that it was a disaster and he's worked exceptionally hard. I think he's more that. That back up to it could hit for power and maybe catch you know 5060 games two years your back -- I I don't see him as an everyday catcher. PM I think that this coming season is going to be really the really they're the truth serum for him because my feeling was that this year by the time he got up to the major leagues that. This was his first year is an everyday catcher and so naturally there is going to be. A considerable amounts of fatigue did you know simply he was accused facing for the first time. In his life has a catcher and ended going forward. You know -- -- going toward hell have experienced that -- so then. It becomes a question of how we can handle it but even in the context of the fact that here's probably exhausted at the end of the year. It is also worth noting that he didn't hit. To his track record at any point this season you know he didn't show the power that he China in the past so. -- -- -- -- time into it completely leveled him IDs pocket is that he gave up you know 28 steals and 31 attempts -- You know it's -- interest and. Just -- -- that's par for the course for Red Sox catcher. But don't get securities. It's like I yet if you look at past all the numbers don't like I -- think it will what I love about baseball reference that you can look at the wild -- numbers -- could really the combination of the -- yet. A lot of places official score to lead away. Did intend while kitchen surrendered in 25 starts I mean. Again that's sort of take on now -- lack of trust and respect the guys worked incredibly hard I just don't know the defense is good enough to where you can read about their. Eight definitely gonna have to show what they do with the bad and -- mean I think he could've been wiped out. -- did think there's no question -- was his most grueling year but he -- the battle also leveled off you know even triple labeled itself. Does so getting back to that to the list you have an interesting group of pitchers at numbers three through five. Matt Barnes at number three Alan Webster who was acquired met Dodgers traded number four. -- Henry owns a number five it's it's worth noting to my mind that Owens I think made the biggest leap of anyone who was -- your top ten. Since he was up from number eighteen last year those guys all spent here at different levels Webster and double A Barnes at two levels of eight ball and Owens at low way. How do you settle on that order. That it just dedicate to talk about those guys in different orders saying you're right you know Poland did make the biggest job usual those guys it was a they would take last year to between pitcher after he signed late. And say yeah I'd died in Broadway at the list he wasn't elected to have the pedigree -- -- Bart did another draft. And -- high school left handers just an incredibly risky proposition without any professional track record to hang your hat on. Right they are so good -- -- like that bars is number two pilots for awhile before switch that project Bradley I've had people tell me. -- they think Al Lester can be number two overall the list I think -- and he's still. I don't vigorously protect people that we is that. -- -- in each year from now Perry Ellis might be the top pitcher on the list. Because he he's got that much upside -- You can't go to part celestial easier to compare apart didn't pitch in double -- this year. Well if I could have toward the end of the year but it it Webster. Our same age you western side out of high school Barnes and -- -- college. They're both right handers -- -- -- parent is stuff wise. There is electric -- to -- Webster is. I actually -- fastball command is better and to. He is -- -- the -- -- -- just don't -- numbers I just stick gets more out of this stuff like that Webster's got a more well rounded repertoire it's his changeup is definitely better than oranges. I think his slider. Did in his slider Embarq is curve but got some vote has been the best of those pitches in the system I think Lester has a more consistent. -- it -- does occur you know by the same token -- timeout will follow this simple -- his first full professional season. And it's I think you're you're excused you -- this inexperience and fatigue. A late the year in which he did he get it toward the end of the year. But I guess when it came down to it having you can disconnect apparent apples to apples. You know let's just been a pro ball for five years now he walked sixty or seventy guys this year double play and I just -- the fastball command will make -- difference for me like I said having you can easily sit there -- make the same argument. That you know Webster's got -- repertoire. And being out if he's got more weapons to work with -- -- Well and you know what the other parts that interest in about Webster it actually. You know just on a personal on a personal basis from what I've heard about the two of them I might have Webster a little bit ahead of Barnes. And you know obviously some of the people that you've been talking to feel. Feel that way others don't buy dot. You know just don't the raw stuff is is I think I think the consensus is the -- stuff is is better from what's have been in this for Barnes. Partly because it just everything moves everything moves a -- With Webster he's a guy who throws. Who gets a ton of ground balls off his fastball because you know it's a sinking you know it's a sinking fastball that he can throw 9497. Miles an hour. I had as his former pitching coach had died double A told me that he was convinced that his walk numbers were going to go down. As he moved up the latter because he was in part because he's going to learn to harness that two seamer. Learn a little bit more about commanding it in he thought that that would mean is ERA was going to go down because he -- ground balls. Did people you'd have good defenders behind him. In order to gobble them up in that he was going to learn you know how to better how to better either -- give either stay in the strikes owner give the illusion of staying in the strike zone. It is going to lend itself to. Two to Norwalk rates for whatever that's worth so. You -- -- that I do think it's satellite on the fastball. Is both a blessing and a curse at times and it makes it very hard hit the -- that. At the same time if they -- -- and they get better hitters. You know -- I think sometimes is -- -- lesser hitters. They don't ability do the pitch they just taken apart -- of the ball you know where's -- actually cater -- -- debate looked more like if this case detonate giving greater illusion that it's going to be strike. To a basically geared than it does to a double -- guy out there at times and Leo I don't like guys are still match but it pitched don't swing -- Right yeah this singular sinker ball pitchers I think to win of the different most difficult guys about and to make statistical projections. When they're in the minors because. You can't really account for the for the happiness of the field or the defenders behind them and there are a lot of times and they're really crappy defender is behind sinker ball pitchers in the minors to ignore certain nor for the relative inexperience of of hitters or for that matter catchers trying to react to these things like if you talk to to Jason Varitek. About his early career he said that his first pro season he was paired with Derek Lowe and I think it was port city years some Seattle affiliate and he was like. I I had no idea what the secret thing he was that Derek Lowe kept throwing himself you know most of my most of my games or is catching him. I just you know I just had to be ready to turn to the backstop and right after the ball. Because I had no idea how to -- something that moved like that. I think umpires have trouble columnist pitches for strikes to sometimes heated. They edit that that's not very fair and you know like you said -- -- -- -- -- back and forth on this to size and but the one thing that was constantly -- -- talked to anybody outside the Red Sox organization talked about -- Webster. Nobody could believe. That the Red Sox traded the contracts they treated. And got Alan Webster -- Delores any injuries and as the third player. As it is they were amazed I'm not sure because you don't story on this -- -- the -- people just chicken head you know how did Boston get that talent back. When they unloaded 261 billion dollars of Contra. -- and I think that Della -- probably would have been in that I'm guessing would have been in that same in that same day and a pitcher is Matt Barnes Webster Owens. Grouping that you have a three to five just based on you know a guy who's capable of living at the high ninety's is the starter with. With that with a couple of file with a couple secondary pitches that get swings and misses. -- what you -- event that dictate if that's your original question to the reason I don't -- -- -- the other two you are. And I can't pat them down the road that -- -- -- his feelings pretty intriguing. He doesn't throw as hard. And I don't expect express open is a little bit last speak to get such deceptive -- -- playing these. He's a long way and he's very tough on lefties he's got. Very good feel for his changeup and breaking ball further for a guided into don't want until -- the season. We can -- -- is a curve in the high sixties here. More hustler to pitch in the low eighties and he can can really mess with you and it still trapped in a little bit. But for a guy is -- had a long and gangly young he repeats his delivery pretty well is pretty athletic. Yeah he is he's a fascinating one who you know it's kind of wait and see what happens at the upper levels because you know he is so young and guys who were in single -- against him had never had probably never seen anything like the six foot seven left hander. Who's able to do these different things with you know with just manipulating the baseball which is -- of the things that makes and so entry in just this kind of precocious feel that he has for -- pitching. They -- a few pictures -- -- they guy that was picked in the draft I think. Is -- velocity really did not -- apple this from each year to his senior year and it didn't go to -- -- about an article pitching too risky and I think. You when you're gonna take a guy early in the drafting given the seven figure deal. If you'd like to see the -- making progress or toward getting better. I think there was a lot of feeling among a lot of areas scouts in Southern California where he pitched high school less. Don't need this guy is -- project I don't know he's gonna -- -- -- you know east policy Guinea tees at least injectable. -- he's still way key. He cannot throw a lot harder but again he doesn't need to that that's now what he's about you know I think his fastball. Maybe you'll have anyway it would also done. It might be average fastball or changeup average breaking ball. Glad that you can just really -- while at which Greece -- what they all play. -- you've had Blake's wife Harden texted -- number six it was the catcher for a lot of Owens is outings in Greenville. I had a hard time wrapping my head around slash -- season because. It's his first pro season so you don't give you don't you don't go overboard and reacting to. What he posted but at the same time he was also twenty years old so little bit older than your typical. High school first round pick in that first season of pro ball. In its in. The end of your stat line wasn't outrageous. You know in there were there were periods that were promising I think that he had his best month of the season. In August to finish up -- hit you know above 300 he started getting some walks and you probably had no PS in the in the meeting hundreds to 900 ish range met in that last stretch of the season but. I'm I'd I don't know what to make -- -- swipe card at this point. In his operational career I've heard that he's very athletic in that there's a ton of talent in their played based on on the performance this year I don't know. If anyone can say with any certainty how to protect him what's your feeling on him. And I think it's fair sake you know I guess that I salad silica -- -- trials are away. I might get a high guy. On Blake's -- heart embellished you know like I guess more a -- -- put in -- six like embedded on the upside there. I gave him you know and we'll see whether it was great to -- -- I -- I gave him. L credit the right word but like it hit a lot to deal with this year you know he's coming from New Mexico -- competition. To a class say that's huge you know he's got that really caught a whole lot he's become a full time catcher. -- -- -- some good arms on the -- don't seem to handle it yet that that was pretty tough to immediately skeptical got off to a terrible start first six weeks and then simply a lot better after that and I de -- update I'm not saying he's going to be this guy. But if you're looking at it from the -- standpoint. -- and again I'm not trying to -- -- -- the best -- based policies -- everything -- accomplished that. Guy he's gut Buster Posey tool if he's that athletic that the catcher I think the bad. Is that promising in the east peace studies to be very good hitters both sides of the plate. But I don't -- it got work to do he's got you know they got to control the strikes on better. He's got a note to happen to his power better he's got a lot of work to do behind the plate. If so I guess I gave him credit for making progress while realizing you know he's still have a long ways to get. If he doesn't stay catcher where -- he would he be up and would he be a top tier prospect. -- Well if you want the kid I did seek to catch. I wouldn't do it right now based on the year he just had. On the flip side -- I would suggest that if you had a car this year. It reminds -- -- a lot better the yes -- do had been different there -- -- It's not like these guys were she can't catch you have to place first. I mean I think he can play third inning they are gonna get a -- lucky -- set to take place surge is against the Bogart closer to normal middle Brooks there. You have -- Dini who -- yeah we haven't talked about ticket requests -- that lists the loss to Clijsters. The -- you're gonna have a number of -- as their base anyway today I don't think again to put him in there on out till quarter. And I think that the about potentially. -- is good enough to be you know that there -- -- -- it is. So since you mentioned steamy he's a guy who who showed the ability to hit for average. Get on base skills and weirdly stole 51 bases despite the fact that. You know he was probably viewed as someone who would. And turned to professional baseball with with perhaps below average speed after he had ACL surgery. I'm tired in in his draft year. -- to your mind what what is he is he a guy who's going to be kind of gap to gap doubles hitting a high average high on base percentage third baseman. Yeah I did you think it's funny case he's got a lot loved yeah I looked at southern that would I was to entrap Stephanie Bali in any court. I really felt like -- doubt if he didn't care at the Seattle. It would have been a first round today but this -- brother was this year yet anyway and it's like it -- broader kind of different players which can I get it weird bit. They don't they can't just got articulate what the best battle of the draft that year that's up again -- -- He'd be hard to do with the -- delegates to keep electric one point three million the fourth round if he wants during the fourth round. A meditative it's his first route taken Connecticut status first year pro ball into the -- -- and has played really well wolf for about a month indicated. By pitch and it breaks his wrist any any doubts about year. It's indicative of the type of guy he is I mean I do think this stats are misleading -- -- -- to be usable aperture and educate future vision speech from on the first. Pupil average student seeks a tremendous -- I don't really think the big league level he's more than like it and maybe fifteen to steal epic. It's kind of like done. Editorial steal bases more it is. They are -- -- -- already in those seeking naked against the got a slew played educated get those kind of instinct but I keep thinking that they. I think there's more power than -- for a brunt well he created it 38 doubles. It is -- his first full year it is tremendously gifted hitter who really knows escalated as saudis to -- -- -- -- matters. Maybe Justin is loaded and get -- handled it better -- In his swing but I can see this guy like you said is that there's applause hitter for average with it would get on base percentage and maybe average power. To be solid third baseman again that we have another guy is the basic you know at third base and probably doesn't have absolutely there. And I could see him at his peak at some power in a corner outfielder I can also see him. You know possibly. I don't think it and I can't be that kind of a Dustin Pedroia type players immediately put him at second base. You know that depending on what he's read the big leagues and what dust and two and then. But again I've always liked this guy that was kinda it was kind of neat to see him finally healthy for the first time in three years to him he can really do. He's I think that it's hilarious that that he is that number seven because I think that he's been listed at number seven. In every prospect evaluation of the Red Sox system not just yours to -- number seven last year as well and I had a. That right but I I swear that it every projection it's ever been done about the Red Sox. Top ten since he turned pro he's been number seven minute. I elevated aware that have a number seven to three years Iran has got to mix -- up a little bit extra base. Yards but it -- remind you don't want those guys we're we're -- like accurate together he really hasn't played bad really like the bad and I think he. -- it set -- -- I think it's steals. Are much higher than the we have -- right to expect but I also think the homers and lowered that to -- is going to be more power. Yeah and it is interesting when a guy gets 51 steals based on instincts just because it gives you a sense for. His his ability to just you know to just turn himself into a good player. And to address you know it gives you -- sense that. If you identify potential area of deficiency in his game there's a pretty good chance that he understands what that deficiency is and he's going to figure out ways in order to try to address that. -- both his parents are on the coaching staff. To basically play that -- bar high school which -- most successful icicles Louisiana it is you mentioned. His brother I don't think it's quite an offensive upside it has yet to play shortstop was the -- -- -- taken issues draft. By the that I mean mediated -- of family and that is very apparent. Let's see you had -- price -- at number eight I think that you know that. You know he's he's a guy who I think showed interest in strides in terms of his on base ability this year. And he had a pretty good walk Creighton Portland. The power numbers weren't the same as what they were a year ago when he hit thirty bombs and like 95 games. Between now between the two levels of a ball but still. How far away do you think -- and how close do you think he is to being on that you know by virtue of the fact that he showed some some power. And he's and he made its AAA at the end of his side at the end of of this past year some people see a middle Brooks this. Path for him including his manager in Pawtucket -- Baylor. How far do you think princes from being a major -- I had to keep Chinese it would -- most of a full year triple play in outside. I like it immediately -- really want decreases Pataki elected their first edition policies since 1984 he was tremendous and it. In internationally play around. Jim impressive bit of trivia. Like delegates picked up what you're you're you're right there -- such top ten and so I'd expect that thought that was raised. Cub weighs heavily don't want to discount post season performance. So there -- -- got the distinct he's having I think he's more of a guy. Do you explore it in India solid big -- that that is star you know I don't see initially that perennial all star. But I can see it attempt a guy who hits you know to seventy years. It draws some blocks. You hit 20/20 five homers. And I had the army want right field you want to think tradition -- You talked about kind of -- doubt depleted get that defense that we also need. He's always had you know he showed off a pretty good army as a pitcher and he's got -- -- pitcher in major colleges to restart. And -- -- -- tremendous Barbie also this tendency to like basically make every road in these first eight years you played under 62 games in the minors. It would want bears to basically he would try to make every throw anywhere else summer. We'll get the guy at first base. I'll try to rescind any settled down on that team you know he's still. You know I had anybody you know are we do our best couple surveys of -- -- they -- this is the best arm in the Eastern League. It's an assistant state having games and really cut down on his -- I think he I think disappear or ticket numbers weren't spectacular last year. But it kind of slow the game got a little bit but offensively defensively which which bodes well what turned out to -- -- -- I think a lot depends too. I mean maybe you're better sense and I do mean we knew which press sexting where we can they get to see. In 2000 dedicated it to be contenders -- be the keynote is in a terrible for the last month as the 2011 -- a lot of 2012 and if they go through another bad year. And -- well triple play. And then maybe he gets a look at a regular. Right so let's say might have a barn when it they seized at the end of this past year. Really it's very contention but I think it's more the case well you'll see there are dependent you know I think expectation is that Cody Ross will be back. You know -- I would -- that -- the I think did I think that the more likely internal guy for them at the start next year. Was no longer prospect tell explode -- English. Ray didn't put trust it -- come back that the deprive look at what media regulations and eighty agers and two and -- yeah. You're outside the organization to find a starter elsewhere. It's -- of the candidates I think it's like come down to the media if they're contending they try to get a shot but they're still trying to get back to contention. And they performed well the first educate even they can't Baghdad -- -- -- about a 2014. Type of guy really did that -- guy's gonna do much speculative. Right -- guy who's up forty men eligible her brother who has been placed on the forty man to protecting them from the rule five after the 2013. Season. So they don't have to Russian and was an option -- And let's see so getting back to a place is you had him at number nine in first round pick -- Marrero at number ten votes short stops. Why was Iglesias had ever -- and before you answer wanna throw on the -- this small tidbit Moreira had more walks in his in this short season. In his short season and lol that Iglesias has ever had a full season. Why they're together it's. I look back and forth for validating against. It's almost. I swear Alex just well at Barnes and west isn't that the apple doubled comparisons are almost tougher as. -- and you do it -- -- -- like about comparing. Police YRT Henry Owens. They got pictures catcher you know it's it's different types of things said it kind of deal what you're trying to put the big picture was short steps you can break it down tool for tool. The guys that reason how politically -- Herrera. They'll think I'm not shockingly you it would might -- as these two guys you know typically used as a potential lead dissenter. With a highly suspect that an Angel Cabrera. As a potential good dissenter. -- is a potential. I -- policies Soledad I mean he's not available to the Red Sox. Ed number 44. If he goes out and hit what people thought he might haters -- -- maybe can it be used it to number one overall pick. And I look back and forth and those two. And I say you know Heidi got that kind of keep their value is similar you know -- -- if we're -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wins -- replacement. You know luckily he is gonna get more on defense in the -- is gonna have more offense and had. I I don't politically -- ever get hit did you like it for a little bit average at tickets could be had to go to I don't think he's gonna walk much. I don't think there's gonna be much power right I think you prayer oh I don't -- going to be 300 hitter. -- Guerrero I have to look at more average but I didn't think he's got more disciplined enough to block a hundred times -- he's gonna walk what typically -- is. And I get -- you get the chance to maybe hit ten homers. He's in now that said. Those red -- a little industry would differ with -- signing earlier. -- got a role. And it's reached 48 that would have been a little bit more jazzed about it -- upside. But not yet got our spring he had no case summer. Sort of added that there there -- -- ever such process decades. -- -- -- the same question that the people are such for officer outside you know that he liked it a -- expect these two guys that socialistic position. There's got there's such processing support who used to work like I just get a lead to describe physically is -- message out. I respect these two guys up and I think that's the sum of all the part is that he's pretty much the same on both these guys. They develop that on the elite people and I get -- basically -- his defense easily act as sick I was talking to cadaver watching. He you'll put constant battle I want Eric cook was pitching for the Red Sox in September there's come back here. That they should've been a routine -- 63 double play there because basically -- what is -- And -- vaguely decent -- And Jose -- you feel a bit like you feel like ridiculous Taylor what does this every day either -- -- so quick it was like it was retain his -- short of the -- throughout. Condit stepped on the bag for the first in Italy preteen and and I can -- The other side particularly compare these guys I don't have any -- static accuses the Senate's right to prevent Cabrera ahead of him. That's a coincidence that these kids that list and I don't think that Teddy Patrick is -- at -- it. But I have to say it's not like that a lot typically sixty census blocks I can go back and forth from those guys. Back and forth back and forth it's such -- elected to the defense safe places -- defense position of saying it if Perot if it's a little bit less than expected. There -- places to -- more valuable player. And zero point. I think that there is a a possibility that the Iglesias is defense have to like he graces is glove. Maybe. But it. And there are very few people in in the red sex organization who literally make people watch everything they do. And Iglesias standing around taking ground errors during BP. Is one of those things that is so impressive and so unlike. Anything that people who have seen baseball for a long time have seen before that they stop and watch. Yet there they are told me. Yeah I'd -- this get amazed by the fourth you're he's been on the list you know news talk about and about talked about how fast and were in just watch and some of his jeans and September. That was targeted any. You know you always hear -- cable dispute he's not accomplished runner. Really think you're shortstop cities as if he's got an above average speed of his interest -- quickness Peterson quick. These amazing and I agree with that it is the type of thing where. I can think of update -- -- and -- Jose Iglesias on my candidacy -- They've placed into baseball I don't ultimately. Get a -- any -- the -- -- I -- team. I do I do think that he be greater appreciation. For Turkey -- today the you know the -- set of metrics don't always agree with each other but at least you people trying to measure defense you know you -- the actual numbers. I do think that helps his cause because I didn't think you -- played every day. That you be a policy. -- you know this is how many Neal Ryan Fitzpatrick says he stated that this is -- how much is defense it was above replacement are. And I think you'll be at greater appreciation for and and it would have been ten years ago and it's. I -- richest people for bad noted just get back to the 2004 World Series came. It was striking. At the beginning of the year title in Nomar Garciaparra sort of put your recent play short -- pokey -- is about tenure at this time. Because he could hit and -- did a great defender but he could hit aspect and stabilize happen. And I just remember watch arrests have gained after Belmont came back and I can't tell you how it's unspecified -- -- try to knock -- Like also it's going to be like well what it's like it's Nomar -- -- isn't there anymore. He's taken Jose Iglesias who want this -- to lock down. Like an image abroad if you -- -- Iglesias made double west side of the infield not to consider. I think there's a tremendous value that it makes you tired pitched step better and us that that the Vegas with a bat. Especially if you have a ground ball oriented pitching staff although that's something that the Red Sox really haven't featured matchup in recent years. Yes so are circulating that they're Devin rambling about him I can -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And use mentioned that it did you kind of focus a lot on who goes in at ten. In this case was it a great was it that you know it was saw the age of having Gracie is Marie -- his nine in ten was. Well it was kind of a a clear once you or was there anyone else who is jostling around for that number ten spot. Who you're like am I ever I should really think about and think about getting him in there. Yeah that's not so much as you can do like you said it was more critically his first prayer -- ever specifically is it there -- it has the same position I think you're gonna be similar value. You only get -- that that have -- different ways that it wasn't the issue I guess it last year. I would almost go to places that it -- -- and I you know Leslie reject -- like Russia Jackie Bradley and -- About I guess I can't I felt pretty good about doing that -- related -- these other guys did you suggest that means. I considered Great Britain. I gently if you want to argue hey cameras only played a little bit to sixty there any did it to -- under with metal bats in the spring. You can make case for Britain but let my next you guys -- where guys like Great Britain. You Brandon -- Brandon Jacobs. Doing Anthony were not -- Johnson knew that group didn't you know laid it up dead just -- I like merlot there -- guests. Who's the guy who didn't make the top ten who you think has a chance to make a leap forward in terms of prospect ranking in the system someone like the Owens is of the world who went from eighteen to five. Who based on ceiling could really make a huge jump forward. -- on the other -- about getting a couple different answers I think from a in the attic if they were not those who was number two on the list. Two years ago a number four last year he'll -- you know fourteen or so. This year we can't help seeing shares to step issued this spring training before strained groin -- justice stopped until a -- have to give in to a half million dollars. I think he's a -- right back up this list and be in the discussion with the top pitching prospects in the system if you look at for. Really young guys having two guys who barely played -- that he played the US but the detest it got to me intrigued me the most. Andy's position I'm in new president it's. -- -- -- that -- short step they they've signed out of Taiwan and played the Gulf Coast sleek duke. Can really run indicated he might be. He might be the best all around shortstop they have to structures -- -- politically he's got great defense and the question or bad. Brad got -- defense and potential -- that he can run a little bit. But the -- faster runner than -- those guys he might be better hitters you know those guys need to be pretty good -- it -- -- yeah he's real interest in the east. The package plus tools as it is pretty interest. What is the way and then. Outlook read over how to -- out -- having been to US set did I think it. I put the -- Cambodia's inability urged the west first set out Alexander Bogart's a couple of years ago Italy with the Dominican separately. Like like it was originally I got DI don't pray god and to make assembly in the list there's so far away right here -- judge a competition and you have to deal transition to the US -- it there's a lot of retail -- long ways in the majors. And when I was working on the list two years ago. I think I was talked into it in my case entirely the product processing it in that you ought to think about intent to -- our target list. His -- stick out any start about it Bogart's -- UCLA I want to do well on any realistic that you can see Adam on there you know down the road. And it was -- for every guy talked about Vanderbilt guard after that inside outside organizations and I took over the top and and I think. But I think in a book or let a lot about the number thirteen near there or something in the prostitute but he shot it way up the list right. It's an eye opening because as you said -- prior to that you had basically never put it. DSL guys on the list. I don't think Adam. Everett did because elements our team over and played in the GCL. Exactly how I can then I have still got to deploy a lot of times you're you're really DKQ international signings he wants to keep. A better eye on them so it'll bring into the gulf closely tied to have a number fourteen inning guy named. Hey guys tell me a Craig Shipley got used to have to. Right and he picked up votes again and innovators such -- also allowed not seeing this guys in the same. But I have a target people about annual market in this center fielder there was immediate -- this year he. Probably. Attracted -- the most attention and they have made hideous L players other than standard that I can remember I. I don't remember talk I don't think we did to prosecute local cable partners in the DSL don't reward -- that deep into the system backed debt. But there really mean you have to be it was the most talked about guys in Italy. And -- -- likely the most talked about got behind those two in the last ten or twelve years he sees that. -- strong. Center fielder with a really did feel. Would that he he's got somewhat restrained because an average -- to -- defender he can raise it above average runner. If somebody very good combination the tools and instincts. Basic. I think he's gonna get a -- built its sixteen -- next year that. Baby he probably intrigues me he really -- treat needed to guys too. Obviously -- very far away and I added had a lot of history with the before this year to put those -- interest mile. Obviously Varnado is here was derailed by injury as you pointed out he had a great spring training and then you know and then really kind of a lost season he's now. Up to pitch in Puerto Rico but he was number four entering the year but dropped out of the top ten. Him aside it was there a guy who based on performance alone. Really saw his years his prospects status run off the rails this year just based on performance. I don't. I don't think district that would last year's list -- We're not Mexican big drop only to point out and that is the order came back pedal felt a 100% in I'd say just -- feature related -- -- British Jacobs did not it is well this year as he did last year. I -- -- abilities very -- place to hit but I don't. Do I think his stock dipped a little bit as they dipped a little but I don't think it took a huge hit rate is still viewed -- at MI in my list as. Guys I mean the highest guy on last year's list you'll make pictures list. I was troop deployed its Covert video construe -- stroke got hurt you know pick. Particulate I think it sound like -- Kind of dictate what he's done it and had a great year last year it is it is kind of -- -- haven't really turned the corner. And I'm looking down this mean now located get them that it that it did it that's a positive. Note that there. They're really -- account number nineteen. On last year's list defined again to the outside -- -- injury. In those other stock take a severe downturn and to be honest. You know fought back a tragic too high given him credit for it -- -- possibly turning things around in any did you know it's I don't I don't -- -- -- So much took a downturn has -- it has failed to rise. People hooked. Yeah I know he is. I'm among all of the guys who vote who invented the system is one of the top overall draft picks. I think that he's the one who's who just hasn't flashed him in the last decade in a way that. In the anticipated way but it wasn't like the Red Sox were the only ones on and so. They are people like him and I can't think. It at the -- the prom with and product could be. And I had a lot of team meal I don't like people like this first round pick but I also want people didn't think -- was an infielder. You know -- people thought he he's going to be announcing the outfielders can hit for average. It runs. Any immediate average pallor and draw some walks. But it's a kind of hired armed and it it really limited field and say you want a little bit you know -- -- in addition to me now accused playing Pretoria interpret. -- update you if a guy who had less to worry about defense simply stated that takes. Because you're right and he's. Not every -- makes it but at least it. Let's hear you deal retouched in particular had a lot of early takes guided invested money and -- -- -- often it is very good start and in -- -- careers and -- it'll become a big leaguers. You have to create value and I guess the last guy before him -- -- really just never -- was IG and play. Yeah other plays have an okay time in the GCL before he went to Greenville and then his career went nowhere -- I guess let's see -- the last question I'll ask as you know is kind of a state of the system one -- You know again to my mind the Red Sox have a lot of performers. In this list and it wasn't -- -- much on projection but overall how do you view the Red Sox system now vs word spin. In the last few years. Well the other big bad trades and got -- patriot to keep Achilles in the reassess. But actually to fairly -- system -- it it's funny it is that -- -- caveat the slight -- more detail let. I always feel like aid is much I'd -- this -- stuff it's very hard to actually sit down and break out every system are you okay. This team is gonna rank fare tickets starting handbook. And it started disciplinary lists how we're gonna -- teams are at least starting point. And it you know I feel like -- something that's like its systems like a systems that do aside. And I think it battled message if you become more cynical and you get older but it had been doing that the baseball America from what twenty years now. Our system that impressed me and facilities here's what I haven't said gotta make my top prospect list. But articulate and it'd even be a hundred guys that really like -- -- to we're we're starting new upstart added teams for the input into the issue. It doesn't have to and copy down like the fourth player in the list of like. This -- not very cute that so anyway back to tell you exactly where I think the recycle -- that I had never accurate -- understand that. I can think to consult system do you think. Direct taxation be heartened by the lake view pictures a couple -- I generally thought of it that way I haven't looked at that is being a principal. We're basically restore -- list with a lot of performance Alex try to. Balanced it Q it's ironic it all here for people like -- are you guys care about his tools and and -- -- likely I had to work ecstatic for three or four years settle a -- that's quite true this. -- -- elite eight we have an -- access to all these you know Miley numbers in split and everything in between people get it to mean nobody just Wichita also I think without said that. I think that the big point that out which -- which I have really noticed about the guys in the top 101. Out and had very good performances. Maybe she's feeling better decay that I think those guys also has the best tools in the system to. And what I like about the Red Sox I think this is the way to approach building systems and actually hit on every guy other -- and -- -- thirty that they continue. You know the world has changed to be aggressive internationally -- -- besides who would win before his bonus would apply to the two point nine million dollar -- it. They they got Simon Mercedes. Another really -- is staying international -- -- signed this year what these -- he's been through neighbors' identities separate dates did. Alec got through to the crucial -- and your president a trap if they had an extra two extras they ought Papelbon and they'd they'd move money around the site I don't truthful point nine million. The direct talks still of course feeling and I think eradicate. I think I'd describe this actually is -- nobody ever to hit on all their guys. But if you go out and you go laughter and you get a bunch of high ceiling guys. Because you are going to be pretty getting any of the other top ten. Yeah I'd gotten originally an embargo we talked about it the Britain Jacobs Renato -- Johnson group and -- mean. They've got a catcher Christian Vazquez is -- catching prospect -- Another real intriguing guy -- -- that could be greater he could not get out double -- stated it is BGC Alfred -- spot some of them some of us yeah you know. It doesn't just touch your view we talk about this guy touches a hundred LA and that's where. It was PGA I've -- 8800 -- don't want to question mark process hit a hundred. Three or four times a game in BGC LE. Give me any -- Byron Buxton who is the best -- an issue strapped number two overall pick the twenty poor play on three pitches. In instructional in 98 extremely raw. But having it there's changeup CIA all the other reference Rosemont hospital for this year. Edit those you make real artists and maybe he won't. -- hundred miles an out of work with their -- think stated got a ton of healing is that advocates say you know the rest such that is sure it was a disaster. -- they have you know they're pretty much much financial resources by anybody that the Yankees. Go out they can afford for -- to -- to plug -- that way and they can continue doing what they're doing legislative bacon -- aim for the stars. It was just guys you -- dig in and that's saying is that I know. Updating Gonzales -- initially and what it was thought it was getting and that's protect your head out to be like going out and getting Casey Kelly. Three million dollars but if they -- the sixth round -- over slot and I think egregiously -- -- I've been aggressive within 211. Raymond -- cases -- first -- -- -- -- -- -- and detonating it off like a people's bodies. We -- your bottom line judging eighteen strapped you know the idealistic utility out guys performing particularly to the Iraq detained. It all the -- -- these -- is that sets in and be honest at this point it really doesn't matter is key to -- it turned out to be worth three million dollars. The Red Sox invested in markets -- result you know becomes a star. Because the Red Sox got great value for those guys beginning needing Gonzales when they did it and it didn't work out. But united betrayed our state they traded -- in the -- go to Brian Price and number two guy and Masterson well how well it takes to get Victor Martinez. And that helped to make the playoffs and a lot of things -- -- the rule change now. Bloodied beyond the unknown her little space stable heights. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that that's pretty giddy and they -- -- those guys over and he interpret what you expect over a bit better prospects in the got a trend for himself. I think -- system tickets shapes. I don't think. You know I don't look especially a lot of guys who can make major impact next year and equally suspect is starting shortstop don't afforded he could beat Josh -- and -- -- reasonable and and next lady you're Bogart's Bradley Webster Barnes. Apprentice work and didn't understand a number of guys in double A AAA. -- -- -- -- -- -- Guys where at least late 2003 time. But that they have dated him but they have -- further to the system. I don't huh that's not just like there's it was so bad last year. That in years past -- may have to put together packages to which we got to go help supplement the team. And if there weren't enamored last year but the that it ticket system price has more. Neatly on the verge tell that you like count in 2013 2014. And I have had the last couple years get data we will -- really talk about guys in in low layer Heidi the last two years it's different it's. Right well Jim -- baseball America the only man who doesn't tell us who doesn't get exhausted by me so I am immensely grateful both for your. General offer for both your general compartment and for the immense amount of wisdom that you that you bring to this undertaking obviously. You know again the Red Sox top ten now prospects are being are are running right now on baseball America you concede -- Hudgens scouting thumbnails on all on all ten of the guys we've been talking about although we've. Whereas those of the thumbnails I think that we've just so we've just drawn in a couple of payments on each of them so. Yeah thank you so much for joining Jim oysters talkative. -- always sought out yes you know I can talk about this stuff all day they'll have to. Yeah word diabolical combination that would hamstring but thank -- for doing it.

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