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Bruce Bowen, ESPN, takes D&C around the NBA

Oct 31, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan talk with ESPN analyst Bruce Bowen about the first string of stories of the new NBA season, including the idea that the Minnesota Timberwolves may be too white. They then move on to the Celtics' season opener against the Heat and their poor defensive performance.

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Every time we have had him on and we've enjoyed the insights of ESPN NBA analyst Bruce Bowen Bruce joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. It John and Jerry in Boston again Bruce good morning Gloria. We're doing very well we we what -- get to the Celtics and heat lakers in the NBA and all that sort of stuff but we're just finishing discussing and alas like section. A story that ran in the a Minnesota mom doesn't -- star Tribune newspaper thank you Jerry. And they talk about the fact that come Friday night opening night for the timberwolves Dante Cunningham. Will be one of just five black players on the fifteen man bulls team which is. The other a lot of attention certainly among Twin Cities black leaders they've noticed one fellow in particular. Think Tyrone Terrelle. Says that the leaders of the black community believe it's to sell tickets to the bulls fan base which is overwhelmingly. White. Another guy a black leader named Edward says it raises some real questions to me. About what is really intended. I think personally it was calculated this is an attempt to get fans back in the stands Minnesota after all is a pretty white state. What do you think about that Bruce. -- The person law. Eight week old ally and look at the NBA here you will see that there are a lot of African American. And then DA township outnumbered. Other races as well. So I'm one you know that Ottawa is is doing something pretty -- -- right now under certain. And that was not a destination for a lot of players it would be there eight would be. I mean it is cold there. Don't care that -- old it is tunnels there but he happened -- -- -- water in the -- now I know this isn't bad apple by step -- -- a talk about that they're a little bit and you know -- -- it's must see what happens -- but. That China. Say that they -- go to court and based on on race yesterday. -- is there any organization. Is there any organization sport that looks that's just the way to put pennies in the seats. Used to have them be a certain color as opposed to the way to put pennies in the seat is to be a good basketball team competitive entertaining basketball team. Yes that's the reality right when you're compatible. When you -- I mean let's look at their outlook magnetic what spot. They haven't it seen it at Apple's count on net Charles pretty well although individuals were all star. You don't apple ball starts right now. At that level so you know although I mean it it's just. As I did I hear it on the net. And it and because generate unnecessary. News. -- valued at a young young kids saying you know here in this as believe -- oh man. It'll all it'll light black people out and minute that's not the case. -- the case at all. Now we use our army and one has nothing to do it began about our -- build a better -- -- I would need to support branch. Let you want it you wanna make it's so much out there don't don't be the president doesn't go to began represented epidemic -- -- Well last night in Miami Bruce there were nineteen players who played and only one white guy and despite that it was a very enjoyable game and -- McConnell -- I'm not sure why he played. But. You Dick do you look at them definitively and say those of the two best teams in the east or is that just people getting caught up an opening night. You know you all that people. You know are we round out what you eat them in -- dark room -- -- bin. With the departure -- ray Allen -- and -- great don't want let -- examples coming off the incident at six man. The one that's willing agent and I've seen it in love as well. And -- did you get Avery Bradley backed off and I'll I'll I'll that I love the way it happened it's an at bat looked. I don't wanna bring all of again Avery I blew. Love that. I love a little walk away with woody called some will go -- an -- out. A lot please spell that that a lot a lot Little -- cola -- rough rough. Ago and -- and art as it is all get that -- Pat pat pat pat but also. People -- economic Brooklyn. I like what they've done and I'll -- aren't -- and which will act in the for an hour of that out damn -- -- not is not the only focus there. I think Brook Lopez. On the role of choose senator. And and you have. Dirty work Gerald Wallace. His energy. Happy about it it ain't coming out of New York it's. That. That -- -- -- up. Abrams do you think the departure of Ray Allen might have made both teams better Celtics bring in Terry and Lee and Barbosa and he obviously -- Ray Allen as a possible that that. That movie made both teams better. Well I think in I think they'll at the bank it's just the way. You know. He never pick people will see and be part. After he won a championship point so you know I think what were -- now you got to give credit. And ancient and dot. Are getting know what business so you feel it. We're there so. I was really I also -- me. How well. -- the ball but are. The departure what he blocked that you didn't get a young player Courtney Lee we would look at. Submit himself to -- you know it as it had to with me I don't. That you all. 08. And Orlando I'll I'll I'll want to -- -- -- -- I don't and he -- eating it and what are -- So it bounced around a little bit now I had an opportunity to me it's really a good job so we're. Should we even bother watching. Bruce because. I mean everybody is just in -- of LeBron James at this point he's in his prime. He's won a title he's playing loose and free and and confidently meet what's the point -- we just check out NCC was playing in the finals in June. -- -- -- -- -- All. Very. But. It is still basketball and and you have to I mean you happen. -- the right break. -- we were in -- a -- battles you know we're very fortunate. -- -- ballot law -- Google great. A little bit and opt out that. And that we gained an all court. See you at all. The ball at all of these Ortiz when it comes to competing for not -- so. I think it is Andy loses okay. That the only way that I think you don't change we make up on them but you never know what I'd say no aren't bending your -- now. -- that was the fourth time in five years. The Celtics defense gave up a 120 points in game is about once a year this happens happened in the first game. Is that lack of defensive. Ability that we saw last night. Purely an outgrowth of the -- familiarity of five guys who work on this team when the Celtics played the heat in the Eastern Conference finals last year. I think -- the latter as he says is that our familiarity. I well not understand the concepts of the ball so there's you know there's one particular play Kevin Garnett is serious because transitional pickle ball then they'll Golden State. Express he would you know you gotta stop offer and you say about everybody else. Are at Bob a one bit about now you're -- -- That I can't stand where you can't let them. Our authority and now why -- guys maybe didn't at half. The -- the -- -- -- -- those ought to be a little learning curve with Matt. And you know -- and it goes out with a -- -- bring them off but inside it is on them that they have to give. Together on and it happened war -- it now that's you're gonna have that one a lot because it is so all the things that you've been preaching. That maybe god didn't receive -- wanted you all -- and it starts to register. What you've seen plenty of Jason Terry Bruce do you think that -- and he'll fit in nicely here. He can't shoot nobody could shoot. Like Ray Allen but he can do a lot of other things such as you know may replace some point he's he's gonna be content to come off the bench we gonna see the a -- and enjoy the Jason Terry -- appear in Boston. You're gonna love it isn't as bad that it. He went over the crowd because he can't see. -- a kitchen light -- that he's in the very good shooter. It is the guy that. 1 o'clock screen that may opt out on it replied I'm but it also gives the bat -- so. They have a -- on the ball and and and the way he played he sees it as such -- It is it's coming but -- one of these remaining eight a look at. Garnett because -- animated me -- get excited well implement it and real world. War. App won't have to worry about the fact that okayed it the one who started -- that are in -- -- the -- about those. Jason content coming off the bench in and energy up. Hey the the last Sports Illustrated poll that asked all the players the dirty -- player in the NBA I think this is the first time in my. Fifteen years you didn't make the list rooms and but but but I hate to disappoint you but you're not on the you've been retired what three years four years sorry for years. Is it possible to be a great defender and not be accused of being dirty because the list is. You know one good defender after -- the Kevin Garnett metal world. Peace Kevin Love is on the list Dwight Howard Shane Battier. -- yeah. He's done molest a little bit but don't -- doesn't come with the territory if you are a good defender on the ball chest is just defender they're gonna call you dirty. Did that because you know not announced that they have been like you know he won't he won't leave me alone so because walking alone cheap dirty. And ending repeating what about all the bad that it is not realize that apparently -- Is it it is is not a beer and talk to people all competed well did. Now let's look at it I'm frustrated and so yeah. I'm not asking this question because the lakers went winless in the pre season nor my asking it because they look like crap last night but Bruce Bowen is -- chance. That this newly minted lakers. Squad. Doesn't gel and becomes a disaster that nobody anticipated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In all competent people don't realize how hard it is or not. -- -- Within the confines. Moving to a Nowitzki. And and I think about a lot of not really at the fundamentals of the game today if you look away and way. All ethnic and gather at the TP. Because it allowed the others it is B fab shop at all for. Great at -- now pack it in order to you know be who he was. But you'd be in the man on your age and and you have you can't adjust well with other guys. And they really really difficult. So that they they will fly out of it and I can not figure out what his role is fortunately this ball club. Kobe is still wannabe who is the -- on the -- is. Let things are at eight -- And those things that -- that worry most about with latency age in Elton. It's been a problem you know what -- eat the audit is -- -- code on it -- -- in the that there entering his seventeenth season in the NBA. And but all the violence it's about years Irsay is the violence. What have to Wear -- -- on her body. So now little injury little nagging injuries become. More critical sitcom situations that -- lot ball you don't recover it. And -- about being bat the bat in the fact that it doesn't it and -- used. You know we saw yesterday how they pressures he a court. And it didn't and it didn't take that into account yesterday what -- -- -- -- -- that screen for. In the back or I mean you've got those little dark pressuring. An older player is allowed their energy away as they crop or. Bruce you -- here two years correct your you're last year here was. Paul Pierce is rookie season when you played applause Paul when you got to know home. That kid did you think he had this in and did you think he had a fifteen year career hall of fame career in them. Yet did you Salt Lake in -- in groups such a mean. And -- we -- that arm a lot to describe people inability just for the past it and end all not the quickest guy. Bill blow up but he he played at a different pace where when he did it. Move quickly it got by. And as bodies that control body -- of this -- and above them. You surprised. Oh you know basketball. But some guys -- you know when you see them out there on the floor it just -- that. That says determination that -- that allows you. It is you Obama people play alongside a little bit a lot of these. At Ball State beard -- did and didn't do it and little all of ours. I'll see you at the door. I get that goal in ten. A final question for me Bruce Bowen leaving the Celtics and heat and the lakers out of this equation. What team or player or NBA story are you most anxious to watch unfold this year. -- -- although with the west the clippers see what they're gonna do. Fort to. Really it. Is no one another's -- -- all being the leader there and and really safe and Blake Griffin under his wing as well -- Jordan. I think that would great opportunity. Aren't a lot of anti west because they have such great let -- let banks aren't. You know the archery Jordan has the ability to be really really special gains are blocking shots and also beat. A -- and got out all blocked because he is skilled out there -- -- was toppled and had -- and a position that the law bar. Good stuff Bruce -- we enjoyed the conversation took us again what you call Avery Bradley are now. Excellent I think it's gonna catch -- sketchy bit. -- Yeah an intensity. We'll talk it down the road Bruce -- the conversation. Bruce Bowen ESPN NBA analysts as we say by The -- we invite you to join us on the offense side 93 point seven quick timeout DNC we'll be right back.

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