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Looking back at the NBA season opener

Oct 31, 2012|

D&C are joined by Mikey, who's in a hippy getup for Halloween, to discuss the Celtics' season-opening loss to the Heat. They delve into the Celtics' defensive issues, KG's snubbing of Ray Allen, and Rondo's "punk move" tackle on Dwayne Wade.

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Damn you Hurricane Katrina -- you Hurricane Katrina. If -- actually have power at my house and it might he be actually worked. I would have seen the Miami Heat get the ugly mr. ratings in the history championship rings. I won obscene KG -- -- I -- seen the Celtics playing defenseless and I mean literally defenseless by nineteen. I wouldn't see LeBron cramping and bloating I would've seemed Barbosa leading a comeback and I probably would have seen. Shot -- goes punk move but no. No power my house no highlights no corporate coffee this morning no flawed duke and -- at a small pond in my kitchen. Oh where the ice cubes in the freezer melted and leave out of the -- put those little goldfish when the call Los those -- we have the goldfish -- boy on boy you -- of course that's what got him this afternoon by the likes to say I might Adam -- at the -- is the pawn in my -- -- did you. Again enjoy the game. She said if you get -- you can go to her place didn't. And now is gonna make you spaghetti and dodge fond du grey goose on national I just I got a -- out there all guys sorry for myself. All I did well are for myself fortunately for you and for the Celtics 81 more yeah I'll catch up catch well seat are -- what week and a half two weeks. Probably lose 1012 more games you know -- Mike yeah he dearly in Westchester County you're the power every says college west. Yeah yeah I -- everybody else that little Borough of Manhattan and at the the -- Brooklyn nets. Anyway New York Knicks game anyways there's 88 an intersection in the Framingham -- -- your orders being street oh sure to mean -- and a splitter from respect huge intersection like you know four -- in -- all let. No. Traffic lights good and -- that's the best part and they put and they put. Stop signs all four intersections and people like police themselves. And there's been no. Tragedies yet it's self policing thing hasn't worked in committee's Third World I want bust in the of their neighbors or friends for a little single -- and it. Aegean analysts say hey I'm gonna go to car wash and see if anyone -- you -- a marijuana laws -- looking at a senior right now that that probably looked. 3040 years ago well -- have -- -- what are -- ago. You I'm 58. 7168. To 72 legislator but he did hit it. It -- matter how -- you agreement to 72 is an open and in -- you can still going through that -- it was it wasn't quite as stylish as the -- was a priority mustache yet or not only me it's like it's a lifestyle thing it's some have been doing my whole life and what does it look like it looks like some arm wrestler -- -- -- -- looks -- -- Dennis -- from. -- rider yeah it's not to -- -- -- me. And Sampras did on Thursday thanks for the comparisons. Are all these are oh yeah writer argues tremendously easy -- or. Or you look like one of the the Scooby -- bunch who goes in the dream machine and on the -- and right. One of those detector was -- and the girls were like you know yes. Love march sure pre -- free ones that -- is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you agree with this and this was corals there and I agree with it didn't Charles -- have a good angle reports that you know. -- people get the killing people look at parliament election nineteen year old chick. Which is yet now left and right record edit com what do you wanna call it home little cult encampment to write the beach sport vehicle -- such a strong work with the it's negative connotations in it sounds like when you play that the demands and no well I talk. Before -- that can be -- -- -- timeline yet they lived on -- together and by the way dated Michelle hippies like you look right now right and that was cute crazy girls Malia we need to note -- Roland. What was he -- the situation wasn't good enough for right. Yet at a little -- or they would do anything. He wanted clearly yes we know I think some will some one commando. Attack it would do anything it was they would go out. And kill people. While he's Smart about his motto is kill kill loves to kill kill. That was his motto quicker so we know they would do they would go to great links to please you know Wrighster. And it wasn't -- now. This team needs or maybe in 1920 year old chick. Smoke. To what everyone and he had to push it too far. Wealthy inspired. Aspired to spend his life in jail -- swastika in his or that must that. Malia dazed as he wake up forget the swastika. With regrets. These checks and these. -- -- -- It was and rock and roll playing in the -- element of some of the smallest decorum beaten prison -- surprised he had regret. -- please he's that's insane yeah and instead he did a good thing alone you think he's idea come lauded. Revered guy in prison now now know he's got ice issues from overture. Yeah I -- don't mess with them and then hang with them and -- -- -- in -- and parole hearing gunshots and -- you room with him that be OK okay although perfect for both of our commitments and so small he mean Tex Tex Watson's not there yet known and that was that may -- he does have a two person but he's just the little guy. Right sandusky Jacobs and Huskies a big -- a call 53 you know -- -- 120. Equity was due to keep it. Interest income before static kill and yeah did he get in the people's minds in there and drugs. Yeah he'd Heatley he had this like semi nepotism thing going Ellis. OC -- that's about policies that he does he said he was. Not pay attention Charles. And he's listened to the judge listings open look over Charles was staring -- And yes there academy where -- looked back and Charles still stereo and has watched the text just thank them because chicks didn't -- And Dave yeah. But feet tall too early on he'd like that -- already have running water there on the spot and ranch it was a stately infested it. It wasn't you know there was no one else there was an old movie set right. And it live under the underneath the porch you know whatever they just they were all sharing a all the girls were shared by everybody yeah it's kind of weird topics. You would enjoy -- Mikey. -- -- if I had a shower probably think about now. I there's one I was never so happy to see you Mike because we'd love. Language. On Halloween I knew he would come up big and you did like it and I. Saw him in -- in and so out of touch I've walked in home tail between. -- one time more than. Goldman. Yes yes that was funny but it was not just put the Goldman right which is no reason we hate -- for a look at it like the footage that was funny. It was so form fitting you can see me liberals lack of package yeah it was nothing like much less like a lot of buckets like it's locked and the swimmer and a couple of Spanish team -- it was a heady cocktail we -- -- -- -- put. I I do think. So -- -- and today for human what's Edison was -- I don't know likable and the rough last night's loss I'm -- them well if you watch the first quarter and -- John didn't. Accurate do you start to get. They were there were no. Free throws taken by the Celtics and for coordinate -- of the rest are adamant in light they started to lose and they realize that and by the way that can't move or the -- I don't I saw you don't see how he went back and that punk move was no less -- Then what was done by Dwyane Wade to Rondo back in game three the when eleven and -- what is it all the old NFL let's call a horse -- in the -- in the NFL -- -- -- like him a little bit you know is -- was an apartment did you -- earlier in the game or -- it smacked in the face by doing way. -- -- -- Under the ball left candidate that got run over tech he got to -- big -- -- -- via hooked them and in the -- little push up the call those sometimes that don't. News in the -- in the big story was -- Ray Allen on this falling out with the guys and all that. At the end of the game did you have any doubt who if you had one day wanna hang with one guy you'd have a problem with Rondo ray. Mean do you blame right. I don't know is difficult yes he's differ quite maintenance. High maintenance and I'm sure ray was just tired of it it probably just it's. Iron and one guy. On both rosters more than any other slept well last night and went to bed with a smile space was in reality. It is or vessel is the finest former revenge yes I think he has in the clear. And I know the meter run at the end but I'm pretty sure LeBron was in the locker room cramping bloating at that point. Let a -- bet that if last night is an indication of these two teams -- character so do not have a chance against Miami. Well I mean obviously. Radio. Run excuse me. -- could get her feel abroad to get hurt then you know things could she likes to use what I saw last -- -- that is indication of these teams are the Celtics are head and shoulders below the Miami Heat -- the Celtics haven't played the other at all I understand a lot of. He'd have any of their and the heat depths -- when they have real depth I mean not that it matters in the end. You know really go -- depth Cody banks have much in the playoffs Celtics who heard about the depth everyone knows they got great depth some people think as a business depth in the NBA. The -- isn't bad either mean that they don't mean use in and you look at Shane Battier doing comes -- it's the first who put the game ends up. The ends know -- on the floor the end Allen comes Allen played 31000031. Minutes and that that would happen. Mike Miller six minutes six and a half minutes. They -- Udonis -- eleven minutes Rashard Lewis nineteen minutes economic minister play on. See -- him out there but they're going to be you know depending on matchups is going to be different ways. Both coached forced rivers can go with their with their guys to get so many moving parts. But deals right. -- is the conclusion come to the into the game. The Celtics. Are could very well be the second best team in the east who knows but they close to the best team -- They could get the second seed in the east and I don't think it will will see. But that in a clue element to play out they they won't mean that much to just like last year they didn't mean that much to and they weren't all for the perceive that which is dynamic play out. In healthy and make. Whatever it was ten minutes of reaching the finals this kind of dwindle approached the stretch run again this year and sure in the second seed. Won't be a priority but. You look at -- you say the Celtics. Offensively look pretty good yes right. The Celtics came match -- from a lot of different ways from Lotta different angles Kevin Garnett -- -- and they still made the run came within four. -- -- The heat are not going to be stopped. If if LeBron cramping is -- take a cold front comes out of locker room if LeBron stays healthy if LeBron LeBron I mean he never. At a stretch last night where he went all the brought in when all. You know turned into that -- monster that beast that can't be stopped that was not one of those stretches Regis well. -- and I might add on a night the Celtics chose to play no defense whatsoever that was the fourth time since the 20072008. Season. But they've allowed a 120 points. Think about that yet they -- he's out last year was last year yup they did it once the previous. Not in 201011 they never allow a 120 points. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Four times since 2007. Merrill they're committed to the fast break a little bit and that they average 89 points against them up per game last year but you know we're we're talking mirror at a hundred with seven minutes to go on fourth and here's. If you think of on the heat. As a dangerous team when you miss or when you turn and oh crichton Celtics didn't miss that much -- in the Celtics shot 52%. From the floor 46%. From the three point line. And in on the obviously they they'd had this year return of the fifteen turnovers but. They hate running on made baskets the heat get out on the floor and run and you go all. This I don't know what the defense is you can play. When LeBron gets sentenced the human waves on one wing and you know you know whoever bad he's at the three point line champ thomas' run in the and and and you know their their. Out in the in the break. What kind of defense can deploy it along yet as a follow that team is scary and and Steve choruses over and over again when they get run what do you do. However the Celtics outscored them on the fast break 27 the twelfth and they out rebounded them by five to what both -- -- is somebody told you is we don't like say. Prior to the game the -- out rebound the heat and they crushed them on the fast break points 47 to twelve yeah -- it was bizarre. A bizarre look in game the second half a skirt can point out the smallest the two small lineups you'll -- -- right I mean just incredible and and that's the other thing here's what's gonna happen next week at this. They're going to be three in one Celtics will be 31 they get Milwaukee in the home opener all kinds energy and emotion and back to back but Washington. -- a -- of Washington will be free and one will be sent OK you're always right with the Celtics and it will mean there's a good chance they get roll and they get women. Pierce looks great is Kirk tips and he's in great shape and he's he's feeling good he's -- threes in these you know it in and Rondo obviously. Was out running him and -- Rondo being Rondo. -- Still you can have that -- thing you know. I still don't know how you get past that team if LeBron James is -- -- Most. Interesting and may be disturbing stat on the entire stat one happens to be tailored his 92 from now 6177797937. Tim molecular from ESP -- join us in the 7 o'clock our 92 phone lines open jumpin DNC with -- Mikey.

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