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ESPN.com's Brian Windhorst with Grande & Max for Game 1

Oct 30, 2012|

Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell sat down with ESPN.com's Brian Windhorst to talk all things Celtics/Heat in Miami.

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And that. In a two -- nutshell. Was our summer but now we fast forward through tonight live. In real time when the sole property of the play out in front of the entire world Bryant went north from espn.com is here. And this must be refreshing -- -- so proper sense basically people this. Draw on you for LeBron James is the authorities that you cooperative since high school elegant little LeBron James Paul Pierce thing which and it was kind of propaganda -- some of the they are so many million subplots on this night tonight there's Jeff Green there's. So many of them but we have not been able to pulled away from Brad and Jen he said she said give me right off the top. An outsider perspective. Is Boston. Just being the jilted lover in the reaction to rank. No I think they've got some reasons to be upset and and frankly they offer him twice the money. And one of the reasons why didn't wanna stay with if you do want health event in areas coming off the bench. I think really to got to be from my perspective. What we've heard publicly about a -- of the iceberg between what was going on with Reagan felt that last year. And yet they still got within a game of going to the finals -- all what was going on with Avery Bradley hurt and everything like that so. But who definitely chemistry problems within the team if that even more Pelletier -- accomplished last year. I think one of the things are -- look at him enough talk about that that they about Ray Allen let's put in perspective is in weather really was. Re just basically feel like he was -- disrespect. By the team because the possibility of being traded by a meet you -- dorm hall sometimes blame him for not being in the right place. There were times when instead he was isolated -- get GAAP gross out. One of the things -- rate did not miss -- with the fact he could not move really well to get open. So maybe thought was open but he wasn't open because he wasn't moving as well with built bad ankle I think it was a lot of problems they're obviously but that. Definitely goes to show you just how well Doc Rivers did an accurate given them. Where they work. -- Brian is right when he says this the tip of the iceberg there is much much more to come because by the way Rondo hasn't said anything. Yet and that's the operative word up. You have covered. The NBA for so many years and you've been around player -- -- things to say we clearly goes what's he now read between the lines conceived when there were issues when you're not in Boston. The respected his. Re still talking -- -- to shut up and Groupon is the sense you get here he's just trying to get it -- so -- overall or since somebody wants to keep talking about. I don't know re very well let me preface but I still think -- also trying to convince himself in the right decision OK because even yesterday. I don't have kept the psychology degree when he's talking about this ring ceremony before they beat us last year yet. -- -- the heat I think the Celtics -- I don't think it's that simple decision. And I don't think he's necessarily if you -- again and also he's gone through this pre season he has he's looked good he's moved well he is not shot well on this pre season in the way this team is made up. I think great looking and saying you know what I may not end up -- -- hole held a lot of minutes here and I frankly if I don't turn around a little bit I mean that he beat. On the -- in the game so I think. Right now I think -- just need reading it knowing him over the years and see what happens pre season I think ray is just trying to prove to himself. That he made the right decision in part of -- can talk into the media and expressing and I think it's part of maybe the self doubt he's into himself. Get those demons out this is always I think a thing as a player does when he gets straight or he he decides to go someplace else. Did -- make the right decision. Knowing full well that the answers to this question not only could -- but likely will be different. Five years from now in the news tonight. That's supposed to follow -- all star review and then Bryant perspective it's actually really interesting to make him when he comes. Will ray Allen's number he retired by the Celtics. I just don't think that. Maybe it's time that he's been there I think that one that they -- look at. When you say that -- -- that number be retired by the felt there's no question so if Kevin would be retire I distinctive raised Levy. In the way it happened it might few little things where you would -- earth wouldn't you saying if you leave on bad terms that he might help when did you welcome back if you are shipped off. There might take -- maybe 3040 years. Fifty -- Jersey retired. Know why we're talking but before we started and your system that is probably what most people with lack of promotion festive. For common sense of basketball would say -- Again this is an outsider not -- not as part of the driver -- you know anybody outside of health and family. Ray Allen on the best shooters ever play the game is great three point shooter ever seen. His career you'll be a hall of Famer his career with defined by his time in Boston he raised the banner I realize that this that the -- raising banners -- a lot of up there. He raised the banner and his name is on top of that intermediate do you think you'll -- equal partner he was not the twelfth man. So the need I'm not saying it's gonna happen not next year a year after he retires but you know in 20192017. I think everybody will go back and that we did he always said 2012 race department -- -- -- new Englander. I just. If from the conversation seven years I'll be surprised I think it's a no brainer. Everybody says the state. And moving on to beat now everything here tonight is 99% Ray Allen 1% about the action came. Additions and changes again everybody talks about race but isn't the biggest difference between -- in Miami starts this season this year and last year the fact that. The best player in the world is finally embraced it seems the power forward spot and allowed Miami to go small and dominate that way to. They've looked terrific in the pre season another record its form form but if you watch him play. Bosh is playing very well on his role within the perimeter player. Dwyane Wade needs. Is dramatically better than it was last season I've not think -- went to look good. After seasonal wherever right now he looks like he hit 23 years ago and LeBron is facilitating playing inside. Embracing that role basically it's going to be playing. Point power forward -- a position we've never seen anybody play in this league he's gonna play powerful powerful force defensively. For most of that tough parts of the game and played point guard off. Constantly -- the -- that was the -- Magic Johnson. The net adjusting power for dinner at the California definitely guarded got you without regard to make it but I I understand -- -- -- against. They got exactly what I was doing give LeBron credit my my my key to whether LeBron has done is going to be this. -- -- -- Because after you with the Olympics after you get the weight of the world off with your shoulders skip Bayless. Seeing a theme in your bedroom every night and tell you the queen. I think dead. He is there's gonna -- a small hiccup with this thing and even tonight's game. It noted used to give you cupcakes when you play if you win the championship and give your cupcakes the there are no more cupcakes and fell about rake -- the team that wants to probably beat the more than that the other thing for the. Call from I agree and I think that when he came into training camp he was -- and a half speed and I thought. I don't think he's gonna start this season not to dwell on being played is coming off surgery ray was coming off surgery the front nine days off in the off season. Chris Bosh took almost the whole summer -- to -- just -- and that's what I think it's summer but that injury he had last year. And I thought you know they're not gonna stop for a while they're gonna get bombed and opening night and I watched him. And they looked terrific in the pre season I realized evolve and runs came along time what you do and October doesn't matter I'm just telling you. They blew me away with how good they look to receive so. Will say I you know. You make -- you making common sense and I agree with you and I don't know how anybody can play like that Ellen totally their -- Charlotte off to a pre season they can't help what's up. Public key to -- I mean I've been overlooked tremendously Good Charlotte equipment accustomed. I think your point but I'm just understand I was surprised. How good they look considering this is a team that had let down written all over out I looked at the start they're scheduled and they have to go to the West Coast. And only a week and a half. I was like you know they could start five and five. Without really Lincoln and then I -- client and fulfill those tonight on the Celtics up with a highly motivated and they looked pretty impressive to me and everything. Of America popular culture sports culture now. Pair of downtown downtown down and if they somehow survived the suffering and survived to beat me every week and gain redemption. Then they become almost the ultimate hero. Do you sense being around them and media standpoint as much as anybody in the world that it. There was a big part of really wanting to be loved and wanting to beat that guy that -- finally be able to. Sort of realized I just think he doesn't have to live every single moment on the pressure can't do it. And it if he'd have a three game losing streak he's not gonna have to deal with that as much if you know if they have a bad month or something like that -- they get -- to see. It's not gonna be as suffocating as it was in the past because he's proven he can do it cannot. Doctors talked about that he said yesterday. He looks more comfortable in his own skin the -- he can breathe. Rick Popovich says that we see he just looks like he's more relaxed. Music some of the best guys in the minds of the game and I agree with him I think he's more relaxed. And I think that's just taken a weight -- -- you know the margin there now. He didn't have a margin of error before before it was you've got to win you've got to win riding a white horse on the center of the court he -- bit. Not only not only did they win the title he was the MVP of the finals he was tremendous in the Olympics. He's done it and I think it takes the burden office doesn't mean come may and June. And we'll be right back on top of the but he doesn't have to live that played a regular season and no matter what's keeping us or anybody else that. That there's no doubt about it and I truly believe that that is the case with him because. Sean says it best when he said game six in Boston. Was. That this is this your time to take -- -- from my team. And LeBron James came in India was. I thought and -- thought he could do individually what he thought he could do dominate in the most important game. Of his career I think even more than the -- -- you down in the sixth game in Boston Garden. If we need that he did that to me I think has fit him. Far beyond in Alpharma local mountains on the train is going forward. -- Celtics fans have got to witness it firsthand they saw his last year in Cleveland fell almost expects him situation. Heavily favored team Celtics jump ahead to everyone's surprised -- they come home a broad community quite okay he couldn't. To determine the outcome of the game two years later. Going through a huge fire down here in Miami same situation Celtics three to playing well coming back home looks like it's done. The difference of LeBron James was the reason why -- he won the series he wasn't because he had Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh -- because of the difference of LeBron James and the Celtics fans can see that there. You know firsthand they got to watch. If they instead of saying what they have do to win this year what happens at Miami doesn't win this year. The -- I think Celtics are beleaguered team that the team nets at the end last year how many players if they count on. Three. I mean and and -- game seven KG just broke down I mean when they finished the game that they -- like two and a -- player. This is you don't -- breaks -- most quoted settlement mission conference. Well Eastern Conference immediately qualify like that I do think the Celtics -- so much more deeper dynamic I think you're the only. -- touches and these guys I respect the polls. I disagree completely with the idea that Derrick Rose tennis bring back on the court -- respect were like if you wanted to believe. I think this is rebuilding your for him but I do think Celtics and heat and that's going to be the beginning of what could be ten games -- games since.

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