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Tuesday, October 30th Whiner Line

Oct 30, 2012|

Sugar Ray no more... say hello to Benedict Allen!

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My view as an excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox. This is discretionary bottles. -- -- And now those weren't your line. This change disaster. I have never seen. Our defensive tackles this back and now they're spicy and other defense to tackle. On the University of Miami and sit around looking for girls and it stands and not running to the football and putt I had on someone's asked. You'll aren't going to be you know direct involvement WEEI. War near lie I am gonna have any -- -- and the next. Time I see somebody -- I hit somebody saw -- pictures -- somebody dial 6177793535. When a quarterback standing there when he doesn't quarterback sneak and do what I want someone to -- -- bottom and just picked -- It is nice and -- strict enough balls jays this -- -- fighting whiner line embarrassing. The city of Miami. Virginia high yield and now why didn't think talent is dating to. And up down -- yards and two weeks she don't want the experts are telling me knives. That's why -- lives. I'm so you can buy you can't talk like that at all. -- -- -- -- Powered by AT&T Mikey I don't I'm just can't wait for this game tonight -- -- what are you what you have for a seventy ones this year 66666. Dollars while this. This is a pessimist I'm here you know -- there -- 78 that's ridiculous. While that's what you got yeah seven in fourteen years ago is to pretend you -- Or they aren't as Smart not 6660. Sounds logical. RWE I live is available in Iraq and Iran -- Blackberry device for occupied AT&T AT&T forgy LTT with speeds up to ten Diego times faster than three GAT and T rethink. Possible -- -- it. I'd pick up Obama. Impact area put them act out the victory. At the big joke -- It's -- it -- -- again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Hey -- I would. If you look at caloric what you put out a way I could become a Mac world I don't morning show -- expect that. -- -- -- -- Hear from track yesterday but I must feel like your little -- depressed about where I'm worried about. By the way like he's putting Malia we can skirt tomorrow morning. The action dress that probably tomorrow morning show you where ledger addressed to I don't wanna ruin my surprise you can to -- at 6 AM bingo account is dangerous that you wore the party last year and that -- -- company hopes you do it politics. Have never tried debt. I I do other fun stuff parties. But. Not that -- could do it awkward and now. I don't get it -- but -- have happened but that boat trip -- dump them. And that apparently they'd like to -- they like that sent to humor does that bring him Mikey on the Mark Buehrle talked about today I don't know tough -- right in Houston who thinks. Now -- really do that. They go occurred in the my personal Groundhog Day every morning I wake up. Read more in general are Obama only hope they thought they don't make Bob. And -- I have no control over things are today she was on again today yes. Because I listen because I have no television or no problem which -- -- I'll listen listen or that I was an ever admitted as DNC don't Mosul crank radio I did. What did you tell them that you got no sleep less like you know our got -- won't while we you have to obviously conceded that likes to you know what's gonna happen in the house and -- I -- -- -- problem and now so I think the fire department in my town they were very nice at 3 AM the fire and a lot of wheel and -- 42 roommates and there's a lot of responsibility to place 424 point two and what's right. I want to look at some girl fumble on -- and -- Have my girlfriend and then. There's more to that story Perez Qaeda terrorist designer. And I think about they now. -- -- -- -- -- -- You lead out that back I women caught it yet -- aren't doing well and it got I've got no woman -- and that's why I get out of it didn't happen that -- and I the last day. I thought I would like yeah I did very good about it. I am yup I. But it couldn't kind and our parent I thought. And she's right that's my little cuts right through the -- like you you are obviously and -- -- you I don't ever you don't treat. So -- -- treat you treat your daughter. Oh ho lol are you aren't they if you don't go there don't go. Our guys I would say don't go later they're on the longer as you female. -- -- There were -- bit bigger subprime debacle what they've been acting not one of the world not -- bad bad. Glad you are about to cut back and I'll -- I'll walk thought god what did that stop. Dubai group and gave it. Candle is lean to see what it just curls toward this to. Tests and which men and women now right there's -- -- -- practice and I was -- torque. -- It's a -- but that wasn't the issue. And Rashard department art exhibitions that some issues darken -- okay these final -- of wine cellar plus. Yes I. I. Mad at the local tournaments I've got the environment never laughed and almost got lost an underrated strategy wise yeah. -- -- Gordon got great here you guys are an awful bought. That and I haven't thought about it I watched balk and a hundred years they want all our except that it Webber back. Our third nuclear bomb has gone up over rhetoric apple. If I could not be you're crazy I don't want but you guys -- -- they -- Now under that actually Reynolds. Done nothing nothing affects us. Red I have missed the bottom -- -- third base code plus listen to that particular event called. You know spectrum stand there with the -- -- or in the Jim beam and -- it go days and days but hey all. And that message. Good coach -- the big challenge and an addiction and and Richardson yes. You have to admit and remember. What we weren't really fit well. And. So is go out. I didn't say it. Now if you think I said I understand -- why -- I think I would say it can't be upset that you although. I think it's despicable to you afterward generating. None of that makes any sense to just shut down and talk to himself -- -- figure this one yes wow. What could say I remember my daughter. And it -- its -- lies put it this that's all wow a lot of. Bad -- bad bad. They had had a very and so here and today. But is momma says so. And a message. To black doctor would have been easy way out for him and that's what I screwed up I made a mistake I'm sorry. Now we move art Franklin that the -- don't. While this did happen but even exist and to have a -- even don't know Coke and Washington. -- haven't spin cycle. And the message played. Hey can I get a shout out too much work great -- get met Stephen A Smith interview with kept this. We talked about being back home in Queens and get out with his forehead then you might let the and word -- If you think you have to be interviewed talk about what he's back home you might -- -- around here. -- what they're talking about it's we're even talking about it boys somebody else about. And -- met -- to much and -- And he -- -- he does he did say hello -- up. My nose but boy oh boy he knows that. The ball. Although it's -- there is crazy old guy who released Maloney were not exactly sure why he keeps on going to rip on him any way the. What -- -- low and moderate effect that the public didn't. Play our intent not all about them. -- And let it lasted just your usual -- put down usually talk about Lou how he's all knowing that the and it bothers you -- don't you don't get into it. Lou on the Red Sox. -- not fair is now right now. That the Mac well the only hip so rejected you're out on a -- -- What that I've heard from SeaWorld look at -- statement public whale. And -- The specs but normally means. I'll play Glenn knows. I haven't seen Macs usually -- center does all right would delay it it is very privileged to receive their bigs that's what the big girls does very well -- very well with Gayle King on the MBTA. At a bump into the paint. High maintenance and -- take our our our our mass transit here what's the problem why notch -- above it. -- might have given up -- -- They can get an extra special -- -- -- Joey Crawford did of that can malware game Crawford. Bill Kennedy and all the rest of it doesn't help them when they're camping. And that message I do it just doesn't want to play like hell yeah I think -- studio wide at present time and are impressed by -- that's why don't -- -- nation wouldn't wanna watch the ring ceremony configured screwed out of its championship themselves. Big question that ecstatic watching LeBron isn't completely silent if you have the white glasses and a candle -- going to get brick. -- And that. You and Susan. Stay LeBron James just good -- but I think you could put an -- Head band that it's going to be dumb occurred a few more seasons. And this message. Still with thinning hairline -- -- doing with -- 200 -- -- next. -- to its feet. Walden. Causeway street where it's kind of. It takes its personnel. That's idol and it's by any chance it was a Mikey test that Terry grabbed nearly everybody group Steelers we'll start in the middle with you -- hurting and AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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