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Bill Belichick: A tremendous amount of prep work went into making the London trip a success

Oct 30, 2012|

We speak to Bill Belichick live from Gilette stadium, fresh off a trip to the UK and a win over the Rams at Wembley.

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Speculative jumped honorable Michael -- is staged the -- real live down here at Gillette Stadium oh sure -- -- group on me when I screw up the microphone wasn't me all the sort of called gulf what I screwed up and they don't you write the buck stops here I'll take total responsibility -- I -- -- it was time. -- -- -- asked for a no nonsense conversation with a coach Bill Belichick brought you by SP a lot of the no nonsense like insurance company and our for a new lower rates. For men and women call -- -- get industrialised world visit SB allied dot com for your free quote you -- today. It many children does seem like you haven't developed into action heredity over the and I on the minutia ignited in -- in the last three of four -- have to -- obviously pleased with the outcome seemed to. All of altogether on all three facets of the game. Players really did a good job you know is so weak force on jets games -- a physical game overtime game. Came back on on Tuesday and so Wednesday sort of push things ahead for the players -- They responded well we had a good week of practice. Obviously big travel adjustment but they handled that well on. But we and we've -- put it pretty solid balance on the. Felt from a coaching standpoint and you've done it before you were there in 2009 had great success. I -- game as well but from a coaching standpoint of playing simpler for that matter what's there. Biggest adjustment playing game in London. -- the most difficult one down to say though the travel and just didn't get adjusted to them. In a body clock -- Justin. And some rest obviously knows the travel to slope but idea. Physically. Dehydrated and all so they just get things back to normal we. Seem like we kind of transition on Friday and then on Saturday seemed to. Problem. You know beat the kind of a normal Saturday in the course we have the daylight savings time out there. And it was 5 o'clock and so it's just -- -- related. Group planning in distributed to other players of I think -- thinking about you know Wendy went asleep when the -- two. You know get it in the right rhythm and in the right. Bonnie Clark to play at 5 o'clock game. -- how did you know. Because I'm sure if -- -- wrong correct me on this but. Maybe you went to your notes from 2009. That we do this in 2009 we do this this in this. It would do it again but how did you know how to do it the first time did you talk with teens who have been over there before. He's just. We talk to your medical staff that did you come up with a plan of how to deal with playing in London. Well we've we just researched it and it looked at all Barney song what we thought would be the best. Analysts way to handle and -- think the preparation is a big part of it. So we will stay here in the comfort of phone our facilities are training room -- weight room are. Video facilities. They're bracelet in a homestand home in a regular teen you know perforation on before we left the thought that was an important part of it too and then it. The travel in the time adjustment. I don't say it was minor boat I think that just is what it is you just have to do it but it. It prepared for the game and then have -- your your material available open and enough. In a way you can work -- ethic that was important to so. We we we remember the trip from 2009 we took notes on that there are some things that we did differently and things that we thought worked well things with over approval and so. And we made a couple monitor changes this year. Even even with the the difference in and travel in the audio playing in London. A was still a good week practices that would translate into the into the game. I -- -- loser of the week of practice. You know we're really talk to the players about the urgency of put the -- game behind us forget about it and moving on to. Saint Louis and of course the fact that we have lost two Arizona and Seattle to other NFC west teams that we really didn't know. And Colleen not known him well enough cost us in both those games. You know coaches and players I mean you know we've come a point short and that's that's the difference in the game so someone on line and so we've we've really made. A priority for all us for the coaches and the players to really buckle down and make sure that we did even more than we did in those games put more urgency on -- more preparation and see if we could find something that would. -- the difference in our -- this time. -- And how often do you see a direct correlation between. That good week of practice and that type of execution. In the game it is it is that a given when you do you go. When your team is gonna perform. At a high level like that you always told them we practice. On no no because. As you know these sort of things you work on a practice don't call from the game and they changed their game plan they do things little bit differently have to make adjustments or. You work on situations that you can't work on -- situation football is still in albums so. You were council on some of those -- some of them don't sometimes in situations that come off and so. It's very unpredictable but I do think the better prepared you or the easier it is to a Justin and -- more likely your react quickly. We see something different if you're really. If you were really well prepared so. But you know you can set things up in practice that he has good or as bad as you want and need just by the way you structured practice and I don't know that necessarily correlates a 100% but I do think the overall preparation is important performance in the game -- of course. Nobody knows on the other team's practice and you know your team's practice and might be degrees we can purchase you have all year. There we can practice my Denver and or vice Versa you get a from a week of practice with. Maybe on the other side of the fence. There we go practice was was even worse -- more instructions or whatever happens please -- It's hard to measure that. We talked a lot last week bill but Quinn and longer in their edge rushers seemed like sold reformer did a terrific job and how much. Was your running game and the screen pass the success of the screen -- Keeping them from really being a factor in the game. Coauthor Greg decent balance in the game but not in the end you got to block them and Sebastien. Naked real good job on those two goes. The -- a little to help and how much most of the time -- then among themselves. And they then drove a gentleman but I don't think any time you can make a defender has to think about the running game. Other types of plays we saw us drop back pass this grains whatever happens the trolls wherever it is that that's gonna. And spirits -- slow down just a split second there's they have to honor after respect because and you do so. To Austin and often stepped literally Java -- good game plan the next little while on the -- Sebastien that eroded jumble of those two guys. And -- -- you gave credit to the players and all the coaches for the preparation and execution and game. That you mentioned Seattle and Arizona earlier he didn't know them well enough and maybe that. What's what resulting in a one point loss in both games. How about Josh has experienced last year was Saint Louis do you think that was. A major factor. In in the game was that a coincidence that he was there all of last year as a coordinator knew their personnel. All of the we definitely talk to him about the on I think he certainly provides an inside -- on the other hand there's a lot of players there that weren't there early last year. So. Some of the key ones -- course they Jackson Bradford goes like that that. -- -- quite a few new goes on the offensive line when conservative defense of players on the corner -- Finnegan Jenkins. Johnson. And guys like that so. Saw more of some homework you're person quite humor. Put some pressure on the quarterback how much of that was you did sense some of the people with time but how much of that was just your four man rush. All probably mostly Foreman Russia and we had a few. These -- -- we brought different combinations against the was more of that late in the game when had a big lead. Really. Not think we kind of tried to mix at the old -- When you goons when you offenses is clicking like that is there a tendency to two. I don't know how to -- -- return suited sort of go right back to what's working or do you just stick with a game plan throughout the whole time and you have an idea which one do in the flow of the game but if you -- at some point it. You couldn't miss offensively is -- idea. To just keep going back to what works -- to -- the whole game plan. I think we try to work the whole game plan on against the rams I don't think we've just got to until one personnel group or. Just to -- style plays at the queen we had a pretty good mix there and and so we want to try to do -- keep them off balance both or pace in our substitutions multiple. Formations and and and different types of place in the -- I think our our running game our play action game although we have. We had several different play actions that at those two things complement each other well weirdly it's -- receivers. Pretty open. On the play action passes so close. That was good than. Again the big key for us I think was finishing in the -- area was inevitable Orleans or not. -- -- -- -- game -- we'll put some distance between. Ourselves in the -- those touchdowns and then. We're still a big key in the game was when it was sold two point 17. And we stopped the fake field goals order for than notables -- third quarter. Had a couple they play is -- -- Bowden and scored their solar from -- 117 game to a 357 game. With those two possessions at the end of the first half champions and have questions. About those things going foursome obviously. And I want to ask yourself and elsewhere too much and fake field goal that was a big tip off I believe it was a 54 yard attempt when you see attempts like that. -- -- -- may have a strong leg but 54 yard attempt in that situation is that a tip off to use that something might be up and and to be alert. For the -- Was it more of a formation thing religions. Just doesn't seem quite right. -- well let's say the things that ended up for a first of all fifty if he's kicked 586 the iso 54 wasn't that the distance was the issue. Problem. For sir line on the -- when I think that just the overall situation. 21. One and when the seven. You know field -- help spoke I think that they Dell's situation or honestly we expect him to go for Kazaa one assumes a third and fifteen or seventeen or summit that took about ten yards got the fourth and 54 and six and to seem like the fuel team got out there very quickly. And not I was really expect them to go for at that point so and then of course we. Ended up with the two minute warning if I'm not mistaken or time out whatever was there was some stoppage of play there. And it was two minute warning and so there's even more time and it's kind of more -- the coach O'Brien about it and the more we put more thought about the more we said analysts. Let's let's boy is safe and make that guy kick it and not. And not give up play here so. It was pretty well funded authority and we end of the routes cover. -- coale is right in their own it's on the holder and senator finished them off their commissions on their coverage of the -- we have. A. Retro look for and that's what your top priority. -- -- -- -- You're from from a coaching standpoint I mean we've got defense earlier Vincent get a lot of rest and and I get ready for the second half of the season I'll -- you. Well I think we have a list of things to do so we'll try to. Trenton new and improved and -- all -- issues with our team we want Alaska. When I get a jump on some of -- opponents. Certainly little -- in important. The media we didn't make some decisions on. In the second half of the season with. -- direction we wanna go on certain. Certain aspects of our -- soul will consider all those things and think the founder illicit and talk they'll think it through and try to make the justices will be here. We're talking about this before you came down here of trading deadlines and extend moved to the -- week announced the moved a couple of days. And the fans probably would love to see lots of trading the way it happens in baseball but it isn't a difference if you acquire hit or pitcher he can fit into a baseball lineup like this. If you acquire cornerback or safety right now how long does it take you. Before you can get him into your system getting him understanding what you're doing what he needs to do. I think that's a big issue you know I think it's big issue how long's it take I don't know depend on the player earns its familiarity with your system. Experience and so forth but. It's definitely an issue of -- if you were to trade for a player that's one of the questions. Oscars aren't so we have eight games left. How long would it be food before he can really contribute at the level that we. It would -- trade for the guy you're literally think he's in India how long was taken to get to that level on your team in your system. -- -- upon -- that's one thing. For it to be another position. -- in the McCall's and adjustments in the terminology and all the situation all things that could come up when they're in there especially at this point in the season where. Teams have their full compliment of plays and adjustments and variables and all that at that don't do. That's something you have to consider when you make -- split what went when would you start to -- if the value. And if the price those low enough name maybe you can say oh no we don't care how much we get this year industry is really designed more for. Building -- Kaman and next year or. We're willing to trade the player to get draft choice. Play without this -- this year but we know we're gonna have this value this -- to a structure so. But again overall those those trades are hard to make and are also part of -- because. Like a lot of things are probably in the same boat as we hear that a lot of guys that are banged up. And he says okay what we do with here is this good news was healthy and who who can play. In the meantime we got a lot of guys that they were trying to manage for one reason or an honor. It's hard to have an excess of -- healthy good players that you. You feel comfortable given up one you know that they be able to help you in the course of the year so. I would expect see a lot of trading movement but. If it works for both teams and going to be -- even a non trading situations in the past you've picked up guys that you're familiar with -- guys that have been in your system even the old days were picking up old giant players so what are you picking up guys that have been. And understand what you don't is that what you're doing well sometimes some -- we've traded for the tent Washington's in the -- Johnson. Like Dutton and as always some of those or accountant solemn salute -- war council. But that's. I think the system and and football's a little bit different you set than in the shortstop so it's pretty much -- -- -- Pitchers pretty much a pitcher. And then football that the system and everything is it plays a lot into that. And how effective the guy the player would be in in your system relative to play in another system we've seen them many many times to free agency. How players change teams and they're really not the same player when the different team in a lot of cases. Our bill now is time for the coach's question of the week is brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and their complete line of 2013 models. On the -- -- in the USA dot com this week's question comes from Mike and met for Mike went to know. What are your thoughts about the NFL having a team full time in London. A lot of other there are a lot of logistics on that would have to be considered a summit with smarter than I have a lot more experience -- so. I really don't know and in our case went to teams went from this country over to another country so it was kind of the same for both teams. Moralists. Think the schedule team that's a far away. Amounts -- on things you know -- into so. It's probably question for somebody who. -- -- that the monitors the temperature for the chargers were there and how the home field advantage for what that's liquidity and analyze. While that's music seller actually you can't -- get away with it would as the Pro Bowl and nobody cares who wins again you know it's a little bit a little bit different when it's actually competitive and it counts. In the in the standings but their -- and -- and are given credit they're working on -- the coach's hours brought to you by Mercedes-Benz and he indeed the report. Also -- SPL either no nonsense life insurance company and our free new lower rates for men and women call 888 get SP -- or visit SP -- dot com for your free quote. Have a good week bill we will talk about buffalo next week we'll see you know if that sounds good glanced at Michael pursue it and have a good -- on the so it all our listeners out there that on behalf of Obama -- patriots. But a lot of your her weapon without power and so forth and non. The so that everybody comes to earth safely and restores back to normalcy since boss the minister browsers support I still don't have power so come on over to watch the game that your house tonight okay. -- rightly so why don't -- its next.

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