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Stephen A Smith, ESPN, on Celts Heat and his controversial comments on First Take

Oct 30, 2012|

Stephen A Smith joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the opening night of the Celtics season and their game against the Heat. Stephen A also discusses his controversial comments from his TV Show First Take and clears the air as to what he did and did not say.

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I'm -- what anybody says the Eastern Conference is not even close it's Miami it's Boston did in this everybody else it's great Alan. -- -- -- Boston going to South Beach. It's the Boston Celtics reminding everybody that despite all the lesbian hobbled despite having -- it will be put -- -- to the -- spot and despite these deficiencies of the offensive boards. The Boston Celtics still came within 48 minutes. -- berth in the NBA finals is flawed bit concerned. They should've been there not the Miami Heat and of course it did the -- wade LeBron James Chris Bosh and those. The -- you obviously feel otherwise it's a match. I can't wait to see because it is they pray load -- Eastern Conference final step Olympic play anybody else who denies it. Is simply uncivilized. A little throwback to the old Charles Barkley right guard commercial uncivilized. Stephen A Smith of ESPN. Human ESPN radio in New York as well joins us on the -- hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. Steve get a fair to say this NBA season hasn't but about as much -- as any NBA season I'm Robert in recent memory. And and active in these citizens. This is the most interest -- BC. I believe about. I'm I can just enough on the you look at Miami it's clear favorites. -- I think they're important as closely affected than anybody gives them credit for. But I think that Boston could knock off. And because they want them so badly and I think it's about four of the teams that can give Austin turner awards for its money. Because the level of focus the level of of of fur burned tenacity. And then. That they have for the lions -- they don't necessarily have everybody else. So I definitely -- the level of intensity that should keep them execute the next stop it in my hand. Would not be the same as anybody else which could potentially leave -- ball -- whether it be you'll Portland Indiana and North Philadelphia that's just Eastern Conference. About wet obviously 028 feet. As the reigning defending Western Conference champions and followed they traded king taught and they've got Kevin law now. And that you look at the lake and they've applied the white how it's the next that you look at the law they -- to look clipped it with the. Athletes that they have and Blake -- game got in the Biaggi Jordan came up that. There's no -- falls along bluntly what quiet Grant Hill and -- -- election. You've got short -- coming back from of the -- in -- but you apply it to -- offered as a back up. In the off season you've got the best point guard and gain biological. Lot. Moderate course all okay and then on top of that or -- what you've got all anxious to make meant for the Bok. This election with that he got traded to Dallas. And then of course is that or is that -- tell -- that you look at that sixteen in the west and the east. He looked it up he's got just mentioned in the each -- a wet start and then it just like -- That's eleven different -- and you think happened and that's why it's so incredible to me. Even a lot's been made about Ray Allen going to the Miami people and I look at both of these teams but you know I think the Celtics have gotten better. You know bring in and Terry Jason Terry and Courtney Lee they get Jeff Green and I think Ray Allen makes the Miami Heat that much better was best for -- But is that both -- mean it clearly I think bought that would have been that awful Ray Allen along with fox and attitude watch a but it saint -- -- -- for Blu-ray Allen. Are you certainly did a party huge drop off with Katy Perry even though Jason -- and -- -- separate from the three point lot last year. While while you look at Ray Allen each article we we -- definitely a lot so but at saint -- -- look at reality the reality on. You've got Jason -- You've got Courtney Lee who can play. You're getting back Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox caught problem you still have KG M or here -- dock where it and an -- want. All of those things being considered I think Boston is in a position that we executed the urban. One NBA world championship because despite all clears -- up. Ray Allen -- Ankle KG applicable to our you've got no debt and really no holes gain because that you jump shot the -- -- 42 shot. From an eagle and -- okay so you look at all the little different things you expect sold in the alleviated if -- clearly have more depth. And as much if not out. I think you can really did he went for the money but considering how great the key are athletically. The fact that they get out and run and they -- aptly to permit conditions that game and you couple that with the with the ball at least the walks. In NBA history Ray Allen clearly dig up that well and that's why it's legitimize. That they -- -- -- We're talking to Stephen A Smith Ray Allen has talked a lot in the last week in and gone back and forth -- little bit doc has respondent KG Paul Pierce. Is that animosity real between -- in this current self esteem now they picked Miami -- I. I think that animosity Israel bought the I don't think Ray Allen had that at that level of animosity anybody class personified. And at that they've bought the club with the not classic because they very much talk. -- -- just that he did not want to keep in all of that has never been his -- -- all these years that I know him. But the reality of the situation if you didn't really have a legitimate reason to -- and a lot. We -- look at. This situation Boston you you know like you bench. For. You you do like he'll achieve in the law -- significant part of the game plan it's important you pat. There's no way to get around. That if you look at if you look at the war the Miami outside that Ray Allen situation while. If you look at it from that point. You have to remember he left that they also have twice as much if he's getting my -- even -- with the -- of year it's what Miami's little. They offered more years they have more money each and -- so that got to leave. But not only he'd -- leash he decided complete with somebody that is considered enemies. In -- won't have to out that franchise and the Miami Heat. Particularly if that's what launching a lot. That's why you Kevin Garnett reacts the way he's reacted. -- it sort of smiled at all but following can keep Lee whose fault he has obviously you befriend him Ray Allen he loved them it's just that he's a competitive now. Kevin Garnett take until now to another level. Right now he had no love -- so apple. -- way out he looked at Ray Allen the -- that such great end. And that's -- I had no luck whatsoever he wants to take him out -- the Vatican will take lessons about eclipses the man. Just let them. Just giving -- -- -- Doc Rivers KG Paul Pierce talk more John Rhonda how it's this team and maybe now. The veterans are willing to say that willing to accept that what's the next level. For Rajon Rondo what does yet due to get that get to the next level. Quickly got that -- Marriage issue when he's cute well people. Up 44. In game two over the Miami Heat the -- the copper -- That that -- -- what the defense that he's in the game. He can stand and point guard in the game practically he can get to the whole bill. He -- a movie distributor. And -- and ample orchestrator. He doesn't. We sit outside and an ability to -- consistent remedy shot. Go on with your mobile thought about a lot to -- the fact that that has always been the -- with them so you would. That people -- from that and develop a consistent work that shot so we could stop debating whether or not he's the best point guard in the game. There's nobody at the. -- dark spot and the game of basketball that consistently does what he does night in night out. But they are more formidable offensively. But the most -- because they're more consistent with the ability to get from the perimeter. And that's what makes him even though he built a lead. What to block them from the conversation -- the bat point -- Let's go back to Miami for second year rock coworker now it's gonna at ESPN a -- for a while Bill Simmons said the following that if it's -- league. He comes back hungry Stephen made the heat will win four or five titles. In a row absolutely ludicrous or an opportunity to happen. -- I don't want also to prognostication. Ludacris are better built than. And I certainly look at a guy like LeBron James not say to myself. With his talent the freak of nature that he is having gotten that will be a monkey off his back. It's certainly possible but I would label highly likely. I think Boston's two holes in a repeat myself. Despite the injuries and the hobble. They came within 48 minutes of work and you can ignore. Actually you can that he would say they came in with that that they came back to both of -- six with a recently. They put he's got to -- And that would win at Ray Allen Koppel and pool their top. And -- out just -- -- and Chris -- and with KG and played a -- with how young. It's like a -- bell or Jared -- helped enact legal and that needs to go into KG and making -- -- -- because. They are different team particularly defensively when KG it'll flow so it is and it won't say -- -- but it's highly likely. And how important they eat and you bring up where. You bring up LA LA the problem for my hand them a broad gains. The Miami Heat beat Oklahoma City that has absolutely no answer from a broad gains. Hold it up. Down low and make it -- I don't do that at the white out was and I was -- down -- -- happen. And even if you bottom -- -- more formidable physically. He doesn't have the order. That the White House had in terms of the W one up and down once you're back at least sensible one and number two and more importantly. He doesn't have the will have played decent in that way Dwight Howard. You talked did you bond and see what the -- once -- -- he wants to be that saw you talked to the white out. He -- he wants to be the second coming of bill. You want to have that kind of presence the defensively he takes all of the belief that is different format and hopeful that the huge huge difference. That would be a problem he had he could be. Ended BA ought not and even bring -- equipment that they ended up running two shot blocker like geometry Jordan probably court. Port Antonio -- that they'll have to. How does that work gotten LA having Nash and Colby and too light and pol I mean as far as egos we always thought work here year one in Boston but. I think that plays out this year -- one on the island. Combination of being grown men. Along with the fact that you've got a couple of who absolutely stop and -- world championship. And the fact that all the souls on the mission -- the -- in the black should adapt extract because he was on the trading block so often. He thought it was inevitable that he's going to be won't remember after the lockout and ended. He was under the impression that he was about an adopted when it is skewed to get but the Houston or who -- -- -- -- suffer from boarding a lot she. But he went into with the trade the golf -- all. Outlook so all the goal it's so when you look at it from the accused so when you look at it that there when he backed -- ball. Colby daughter to surpass Michael Jordan was seven -- in the polls to plot the ad didn't think equal didn't senate to pass. You've got a guy like the match two time league MVP. That it never even been in the -- let alone played for world championship. He's certainly you don't I'm running out what he's the one and only we bought that game at least on the opposite side of the ball. He's going to be taking noble position would lake it will work in the lead. In terms of point and point guard position and second worst in the league in terms of the -- in other -- they got no production but we -- -- end up with you expect that these different and then of course it is the White House. He went to the finals and who that he lost but he looked a lot to act like he considered by a lot the best big man in the game. He's coming all but he did which is named within. Probably because he took a lot of -- because he's seen at somebody that they had to be detonated a branch out civil war because he could make a lot. Number two when he didn't make as much he ended up having to retract episode agreed that they thought that unit and -- and -- the book but. Not to met in the back -- the Orlando Magic organization with an absolute chaos. It as it ultimately ended up getting GM Otis Smith and head coach and the end of the I heard. All the little things have is name attached to. And the one way and make it meant it to show that he would work all of this trouble because he help the rebel world championship to the city. All adults they've lent itself to what role man that have been in this league long enough to subvert state Eagles. And focused on the task at hand. Oklahoma City and it O'Neal even equipment and of course Miami important are huge in. You don't need to add troubles. Of that equation which only goes. Steven and askew last week years that the controversy with the standard did not using racial slur initial first taken them. Since then you know he defended yourself wondering kind of reaction that social media -- understand. The issue is the reaction you understand -- Luckily and -- reaction. Secondly I categorically deny that I -- but we understand that -- you think I did are not alone. I have or does this I have mob -- OK and three of them so and who did not. I understand and it's at the level of -- that comes along with it was that because of the position about it. The fact of the matter is that if you want it -- you have no business ought calculated that -- achieved in such a word but I think people need to remember one thing about the Herbert oh. But thought that it. -- -- I have no qualms about that. If I ended up getting suspended by Ian Ian I would have had no problem with that even -- city and -- we felt that I did not say that. We understand something about it via the and it will -- Sounds like it. As a group so we feel we have to take that position and we're going to suspension. Our ship there and we're not totally understand that the image of the brand which are more important than that of Steve -- -- it. And that because these are your waist and it's as simple and I'm not -- get into the fact that. What I heard when he -- play differently than probably what. The colleague if it what are you some links that output -- a lot to meet some documents going all that easy you know -- -- -- is that speak little. I had to make sure that you've been particularly my words clearly and I do understand because my old they have become a model family members said they thought it. So I get -- back on the field. I'm -- in the public -- and that I don't want from me why. I don't want from that they did not say that think that I'm not lol I'm not perfect I'm not infallible. But the one thing I can promise you lose it if I thought -- that. Or eaten because the public by and large it's not sit and AK and yet the game than that to me we need to make. We need to make sure they are -- And we are going to achieve. I would not at all -- don't want is what so ever because we live and visit with the exception is -- I have to Ol depth perception so what age you or anybody. It's -- that. I'll let you -- did plead no I have absolutely positive no problem. Which you saying what I think I heard if. And acting accordingly it does not bother me at all. I gotta make sure I don't come close either -- -- like that could happen again and thought you pay the price what. That's what comes with the territory -- in court rules it's what grown men do and that's how much -- a little boy -- long. If I can respect of just just to clarify I'm just wondering what. Did you say that. I don't I don't even remember and read a lot because about 4050 different people -- ask -- As to what happens is that when everybody can get it and everybody's got app in question. It becomes something different than what it well yet how important that a lot of people bleed -- like they always illegal. This is what you -- at which you also have to understand and I got a bit distract the body in the first about -- way I'm even talking about this issue I appreciate that question. What really -- -- about what that. I truly truly truly understand that was -- that you can say Albany that we had no business do we. At the -- pop you know they trot out -- that won't go. And I did that most of but more importantly than anything else no matter how much is -- it anybody and I actually army does is it that that it -- OK let equally. It is that the highly. But yeah we've taken away at all of that equation you got that clearly you can't think of that old fall all or any other promptly walked into a couple. An olive green and you'll where I come. And that's the word. That I don't I'm. On up there and that people say it's the same as somebody in white America this viewing the word -- I don't appreciate that it's not the thing -- did -- due to everything. Specifically over the airwaves particularly airwaves which you don't all. I would quit I can't pay the price went with the expansion in this no doubt about that. But as an African American at the black and I am not spent. Where people try actually treated as if it is they. When I hit it cannot welcome aboard an opt out of that war out of my mouth on that every few occasions I've done it up 45 years -- or -- I can cure what you. Edited. -- entirely different connotation. Than somebody white articulating that to an African. It's so let's not confuse the issue an act like it's the thing it's not. And that's all I have to think about. Stephen and we appreciate even talking about -- -- first place you've talked about appreciate Graham BA takes and but -- watching on ESPN throughout the year here and you're -- Brian Brokaw on ESPN New York in the afternoons and talking later on the year Steve and I thank you meant but what thank galloped station I appreciate you -- don't think Stephen A Smith joining us on the eighteenth -- hot line AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Didn't didn't recognize that he -- an approach that yet hadn't talked about it if predict in the time that. I talkie with us about it we'll get a break come back and talk to you it's not -- 93 point seven WE yeah.

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