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Deion Branch, Pats WR, on the team's win and Gronk's TD dance

Oct 30, 2012|

Deion Branch joins Mut and Merloni and talks about all the pass interference calls he drew, Gronk's TD dance, and the flight home from London.

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Our two Butler not a three point seven WEEI we got a lot of Celtics talk about opening day opening night Celtics. And he fired up for that also so football. Talk about as well joining us. Are patriots Monday on Tuesday guy he is a Deion Branch he's brought to you by Verizon the official wireless and telecommunication provider. All going to the patriots he's back safe and sound from London Dion my little power you. -- -- how tough was that flight home at any nerves on the plane. -- look at nervous -- It was domestic event it's great. It was it was a bit ago. We high five in the pilots get off the -- that it's such a good job. Did you burn all hectic day. We got to travel twelve. Now let's start with the big question because Rob Gronkowski and a couple of touchdowns a couple of spikes the for the first one was pretty evident. As he said he was mimicking those dudes outside the house. With this soldier act this act. One out how to describe it puts the ball over his head two hands at its embassy in some sort of hip generation he was asked about it afterwards and he said. Ask the -- it was beyond the idea at the audits of the to do with that ask him so DL or asking you what that help that dropped to about second that now. I don't know at opal well I don't know the world there were concluded so. What are. Because American -- Just are you on the bus there and you're called -- -- god. He will lose they're laughable what was in Britain ability fitness. It is fair program and unfortunately. You know some -- argument -- lot of -- -- a double -- militant network he said it was you sit mimicking you. I don't they don't wanna -- I told him to do you know it's so critical compensate and you know at pilgrim group complain -- that wouldn't wanna. Now we know -- -- -- good Danson and Billy white shoes Johnson and all but Hologic Hologic. How would you grade the first one from properties imitate the little or do the senate race. For -- low grade. You know -- thank you say about. And in effect or was. There will be compared -- that was outside the wrong spot. -- he hit it well all in the fans loved it. I wanted to ask you -- -- now wanted to ask you did down did did Bradley Fletcher fly home and playing with you. Because -- that's do you all game long man that it it -- what -- It the people who work together. My you would have started here -- -- -- -- -- sit right next he has hands on you all day long so. -- -- Now they're very. She's really good player and I think. We've we've got great how it writes I'm an awful finally got a couple privilege that we didn't. -- policies. You know. Immediately like the -- in the atlas -- has been difficult. As a team to score touchdowns and five straight possessions you've made it look easy quite frankly -- -- -- going into the week was this something. You guys picked up from Jeff Fisher's defense that led to think OK we have a chance to put up a lot of points on Sunday. My -- it is about about a lot of things started preparation. Nothing because that. Put a great game plan together and about a quarter excuse. And we've created -- because it's everything that we know we could be if -- glad to. We have eight more games left in currencies and this is what we -- for -- that we. Yet Tom Brady earlier in the week. Dogma it is a tough game W spoiled our fans a little bit of the success we've had in the past. At any guys school have a game like that -- the patriot is -- we're saying that's -- that's what we that the we expected perfection of -- it was pretty close to but still. Is that what you expect that -- yourself and can even look at film and say -- we need to work -- thing. Right in -- that would that would have what about how you about we can we get out. It is what we displayed and -- what we expect. You know. And in there wasn't perfect but it was a great complementary and play. OK for the third quarter. Of hope for is that which -- it -- -- -- bad. Over all of you know don't catheters what. -- -- As a doubles and a bit of overall and -- We talked to Troy yesterday's in studio again climbed back and he he spent a lot time I'll tell us how bad of a player Cortland Finnegan is how much of of a tough guys to play against. What is -- like out therapeutics to -- matched up with him but he seems like he's an investigator and a past your thoughts on -- -- -- on the rams. Well coming in -- great records and I think. Gold properties racism so it is an aggressive player that's what you expect that a guy. That's later this is very competent guy. In the post game elected and then as defensive back. You know and he plays is sort of like today which was a matter because I'm always I'm back. As tightly to the president there's -- it is one of those greedy guys and these people prepared their again. In their ultimate thing you know he can give them as sports. Well no object and that that is guys. It -- it. You know it would be good so I could outpace that there are on the field you know what with them from -- -- with. And then doubles would -- back but I think we did a great couple. You know -- had children and animals on the field. Is he a dirty player in my idea. Not publicly the better player but I thank you please don't look live. Our policy that is. They guys have a bye week now which is nice these guys and get healthy as some guys nicked up banged up but. Does it does it change your approach -- -- we know when you get the bills at home when you come out of routine you've already played this year familiar with as opposed thirteen haven't seen yet. Well no you know at certain we know period because. Even thought about would -- an experienced some sort say you know we got the better vehicles again football. It didn't want to look inside person -- as an upgrade. Pursuant to -- as president of the sport and away from the game. It is not locate what I think also -- -- -- we compared. Opted we got it to grow around. -- guys get the bye week is obviously the game last this past weekend same with saint louis'. Gold over there now that you've done it is it's just of a pain in the ass and a million years this content that you don't mind. -- whether it was normal that we can do about it you know it was way to put -- go and we did -- -- more importantly get weird. I think the next thing it didn't -- -- that was so it is something we have to do -- that it'll -- two games over that way and it is what it is -- Is necessary so. It is quoted as far. Isn't this what we have to do nothing essential quality. The atmosphere was unbelievable. It it was great. And who wins -- He -- keep in mentally in a football this week we watch football the -- Thursday game full slate -- a Sunday games we pay attention the NFL. Are they also says that for the guys -- who. We have that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In Paris -- is -- little movement is now apartment that of -- that. But it's done this when I wanna know real quick on this flight overlooked is set. -- who was the guy and playing most -- -- got most concerned you see anybody visibly worried. Or rattled some of -- Richard Kimmel live. You know everybody was good ticket now they're not going to -- tournament and as we felt like Lou just hovered over also an F or. And we never. Tells me drop a note the big Fella records he had just -- -- on -- -- It was a little also the -- that was so that you. You know. You know what once you know regular. So. -- annual list of a lot of things I think the world because his parents say -- round of applause -- the privacy. That was the concern to conceal from the the people that don't play. Yet check out homeland -- when he get a chance homeland signature. I loved it letters and -- -- Quoted him as -- elected today. And fought a good job on this Saturday I see a certain little football teams got a home game their tenth in the BCS they have temple and I. Are going to be a Papa John's on Saturday. I will be there I knew it will be -- all the best stadium in those Democrat. -- hope we'll try to keep it -- -- Dion as always we appreciate it thanks for joining us enjoy the bilingual talking a couple of weeks. Deion Branch joining us here on the ATP hotline and as always -- -- -- friends and they arrest restoration specialists only. Like that little round of applause. The pilots from Atlanta and back here balls and America. -- up -- your weapons believe me -- -- and people sleep gives an early flight right. I'm sure. You people -- -- trick though London's Sunday night on I think Tom gave -- away when he said the guys are gonna enjoy this game -- slept. To show they weren't right they were right to the hotel they got changed really -- it out right from women's weight and hotels like the best. What are those pictures shown up -- keep -- TMC. And the Daily Mail on line over there in the UKX at some point we're gonna see a picture. I'm Rob Gronkowski him not sure looks. But somewhere out of a pub in London spike in some five foot two -- -- there in England somewhere if she's lucky. Not -- break. Come back and talk to you 61777979837. Mott and -- Sports Radio.

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