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Matt Chatham, Former Pats LB, on the Pats win over the Rams

Oct 30, 2012|

Chatham makes his weekly appearance and talks about the Patriots defense and the team mentality heading into the bye week.

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Patriots last time off this week. They beat the rams. Big time in London not -- on a three point seven WEEI Matt Chatham. Writes his column today in the Boston Herald Chatham report lethal -- shows big. Common zag instead of match -- -- joints on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. It's AT&T rethink possible. -- you read a lot today about the patriots going against certain tendencies and Tom Brady. The patriots quarterbacks -- the exact same thing today how great it is is the got a lineup that have the Apollo thing to Ron and you pass or vice Versa. You thought you saw quite a bit of that big patriots drive on Sunday. Yeah I was I was glad he's here and sort of confirmed that at that particular about let definitely left. -- on tape by you know they they do such a good job of those sort of mixing development of systems this game was sort of a master class the -- because he saw things. Drop the course the game rather than always break tendencies what to do it they do it frequently enough to just keep you you know not on your toes so. They they they have them in situations where you know generally in the NFL yeah. Across midfield and there's a real good shot a good chance to take -- shot which is just you know try something deep downfield with under the presumption that you go -- Two plays after the episode for now. If you remember that execute exactly what happened the patriots themselves on -- the touchdown first there was. That very first play as you crossed midfield was their chance to take a shot they did -- Got the double move. You know some of the -- and so not a situation that. Sort of all it is felt generally. Consider the patriots their first movement there and instead of taking -- -- they they went against both of formations tendencies and sort of -- real World League tendencies. And they look for what -- -- with seven guys left of center for right of senators so. They they went against several tendencies. Program -- run plays -- short side of the field. At the block result thomas' -- and so there was inventors intimately you know you're down later there. It'll look like OK that was the first down the third one they go to amateur to a guy who's. -- -- -- At the position with them a bunch that's never the vertical receiver you know. But throughout in the NFL through the collection of three wood. Typically does the guy on the point that the front guy is in the vertical for Oregon because you don't want someone from the background the -- route is the -- -- -- jammed through. Mangle old route distribution so political reasons you know. They were they would get away with a vertical on the back of it which is tendency breaker and not just get the first down to attend the breaker in the guise of freedom and feel -- I definitely saw -- upon their view. And so we -- comments from the rams players. It is much is just getting beat by better players. There was certainly some confusion. The path to push it to the credit for. May -- the first six drives -- with five touchdowns and Google music does it get any better than that isn't. -- a high expectations we look at this office of all their weapons. Doesn't get much better now. Now really doesn't insecure that I think the picture -- a good job capitalizing on mistakes -- -- the -- to a shop and so forth and also packed up fortunate but you know obviously. Good players who didn't make a fortune but you know that the -- but -- that that was the third down conversion adopt them in the postured for him the first. First drive with the -- -- screen was was clearly illegal difficult you know that could have been drives operate there and maybe you know we're not having this conversation. And then you know they also have the the -- kid who just had three atrocious holding penalty. What I think what you saw in this game is when they got those second opportunities that -- -- capitalize and just bury them. And they will use those first read that drive as much as just run their stuff better but capitalizing when the other team made mistakes and making sure you know what what on the road. So you know and -- is not the kind of team that's built to come from behind the once it got to that certain point one to seven point you know you can -- as you saw the guys walked and after. You -- flat serve that objective look at groups and without bill. The comeback so you know -- duplicates -- superficial purely play after drug after drug play after play with a commitment to opportunities. It just does not the kind of game it was going to be much for a. Were you surprised at Saint Louis coming after hitting givens and a fifty yard touchdown pass that -- within. They'll be conservative and Schottenheimer didn't wanna take chances. Well he got hurt so given command of the game for so they did lose him you know shortly after the look I think it was. Toward in the first quarter literally seconds so they -- -- and so he is sort of the vertical guy Egyptian the other. Sort of professional receiver and I think it's worth noting that like a -- quite name. And we were sort of look you know doing their research on this game lead -- -- -- just jump off the screen it is. You know. Sort of the newfound guys the middle or whatever they -- have been the good guy for the first several weeks he went down mr. Clinton just jump out of feel super athletic. You've been cut crossing and stuff on the outside he was all over the place. When -- didn't hear much from today so I think that the credit as much as anything he wasn't just one guy's guy throughout the course again and so you know you do it. You lose given for a period of time is sort of your big play threat different -- shut down and they did a good job controlling the run and so. From the intermediate stuff was sort of mitigated -- -- and -- -- what should have points. Matt Chatham joining us scatter report every Tuesday and Friday in the Boston Herald here and NFL Sundays you take these. You know football cliches that you know what frankly guys like me you'll say you -- middle little pieces all I'll say the following knowing that. You probably want agree I I like the fact the patriots blitzed more in that first half against the rams I like the fact and -- could help that defense. I thought that was great for the patriots to be more aggressive on -- Right. Well you know I just I guess some more. I get worked council -- -- sort specificity what you mean when the -- is important because I think the notion of with being sort of sometimes it's. Confused with perjury. Gotten or comfortable I'm looking at bringing more people and they have to block rather than you know cause confusion. Two from the from the situation that I -- the -- game where had you simply brought one additional guys. Serb protection for that that -- there in the times they have access. Yet forgot what made the difference because that was the protection and torture you know. After enforce the structure of the structure with the protection -- so it's not just that you do with mortgage is that your efficient in your time wouldn't do it. It may have seen that way for the rams game but I would just the better application when it makes sense to do it. And they also did some stuff as a -- in which -- ruling blitzing and created numbers different sure you're just simply overload one side and drop the topic covered the beauty climate and the other. The diplomat so in those instances here -- -- creating confusion. But I think it also -- note you know people you know you -- the third down conversions were preference throwaway because of pressure. It via some of the other they're gonna run play from a table Wilson what's of interest rate. Bought the world to. Read the convergence in the first it's your passes the ball again tight end. 00. Curable if confirmed but the three convergence in the first up almost -- well so. You know -- archer if -- with Scott publicly drive past apart so it's it's it's the cost benefit thing you know we it is. Bought the thing that the multiple people understand what you -- bullet holes reasoner to what it is to bring more people on the ruptured -- fusion. Have a team six and seven meant protecting which is which the adjustable lot of bringing up the ruptured does not just advocating higher percentage of blitzes in the game when you play for the public that the diplomat. Patricia did a good job is doing when it was only -- matter. In the -- through the pro for what just simply epic war. It. You know what Gregory and -- both out you're seeing them accordion and just as it looked more comfortable at that safety position with the play in front of Omega both of those guys Beckman it'll happen but we're -- it one of them back you still seem according. Out there with him on Wilson. -- that's an interesting question because I really do like the guys all -- you know. The sort of with the top down look I think he does a good job of that I think sort of thinks he has that that probably better than -- of their regular series is range. You know although a big part of a plane about safety position is can you get from your sort of landmark. All the way back up by the numbers back to the middle field worker being in the time Baltic security. So you know keep his range is incredible and I think we've seen that is vision. Can struggle at times when -- the -- a -- opposition. But you know underneath around trying to -- It'll affect him. The properties throughout. So it but you know I think he definitely does when in in the cover resource -- -- really good -- when he's on top of -- before or is the first player in three. Any stay in a public row while reading through the quarterback sides in the coming down slightly to play. And the safety position is sort of mimic real -- doing -- from a different starting points so I definitely think that the -- That's he's still one of the about the course they have as well so you have to versatility that -- like. I think I actually still feel pretty comfortable that are I think it's growing that is making a mistake here and there are. You definitely -- there's something there with this aggressiveness sort of hasn't. Sort of a swagger to him and competitive on the ball that's a good thing to win -- always sort of locker room it was definitely some nice things as and so. You may be in a situation where. You know -- and there's the guy next them according -- -- -- Gregory -- comes back we're rotating you're able to move in and out packages what. I think with this group the originals all work and secure position it's more just. Quality of steps so having him be able to do things. Mac you'll get job on this take us inside an NFL -- week in and you've been with this team. Odd during biweekly no hobbies NFL teams operate and how much of it the next couple days is looking ahead is it is it just basic kind of getting back to basic football stuff you game plan. What's this week like for teams and players. Well the one thing I'm hesitant as to wait too heavily that the change quite a bit to -- CBA -- restricts. You know it is the answer to monetize this week but I believe maybe -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- through one of the three or four days into the practice. So that's a little left of sort of an intense. Sort of situation bought it certainly is you know period perspective article -- -- himself with much more about that. We you know we've been told by we that I wrote called would be if you had nearly forty practice or the world. You would spend the vast majority of that time basically used the -- -- the coordinators from both sides drawing up or you know for the scout team defense. That mimic plays the merchant. So you go back through your entire circle library of -- that you got -- -- and I know you know pharmaceuticals were talking about interstate but there's there's so the point is there to choose from. So they go back and drop those cards. And date they are the replay them from the -- does that they had deliberately played against them try to do better. Or -- -- that they scheme up new ways to be displaced because they know going into the second half the season. If you're gonna go back and that's been -- try to find them play and so. A lot of itself so how did we do more than just simply a breakdown and we couldn't should've have that in -- -- they went fine. Or that we need to find a new way to beat those. So really there's a lot of -- goes on both sides but simply much -- about self doubt that it is important for the. Or at that big blowout win is everything fixed theory still concerns about this team on some of the issues as far as its secondary big plays. Maybe the offense lately a four minute -- -- and a drill -- games you still those concerns even with a -- Yes so I guess I mean you're almost -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- from the Los secure and I think if you look. Look at the play that they gave up and -- first quarter of the you know comes to global beyond that play but it's sort of the same -- Seattle play with the sit near where. You know there is not again just the safety of for what -- okay this is littered with examples of this is that they actually come out that touchdowns that the -- But he Brentwood. With the pressure they plan at the line in the entire right title line -- middle pressure of the one that you like. A few series later in the where they go off the field on third down -- -- but the -- instance they fly the line right. Like what looked up the middle it's a move left so -- -- A pressure away from where the roof was gone and so. Bradford as a clean all the -- you know off sort of Russell Wilson. It's an easy throw for him. It is not is not contained in the pocket they get -- Leno re -- on the on the wide receiver. Up from battered the same as they didn't from the court in the Seattle and then now yours -- for a receiver to the safety make double move out space and it was in place. Was it maybe slightly better the last time but still not good enough so. You know there there's another good example of -- with this proposal is about standard but. Yeah I think you they they definitely have something to work with there but you know they address the real thing to government of the jumped in and actually. But the rams try to come back to. And that the path addressed the well off from the team's linebackers. Lot of awful lot of minuses just like any thing wild when that happens to work on an exit that. A -- as always great insight do we get a Chatham report during the volley confront. -- had to deal you do provide there's no more. Tornadoes Africa. But how are things that may well hopefully everyone's okay it sounds like you're -- Matt Chatham chatter report Tuesdays Fridays in the Boston Herald herald dot com and of course. NFL Sunday -- great -- -- you next week every week Matt -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster three G. It's AT&T rethink possible Stephen -- -- -- next hour a lot of NBA conversation talk about we come back. A ban on Gary Bettman and the NH LQ -- year.

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