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Tom Brady on the Rams blowout and the bye week

Oct 30, 2012|

John and Gerry talk to the Patriots quarterback on a Patriots Monday on a Tuesday about what happens when everything goes right for a team. They also go into Tom's Halloween plans and what it's like when kids dress up like him.

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I'm -- interview is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors and gallery BMW Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Welcome back stateside talk was of little -- getting -- yesterday. It actually was it was relatively I think we we took off pretty early London time. Cutting about. 113012. So wasn't too -- a couple. How fluid was the situation trying to get out of the army did you do where the plans also added that they change back to the hotel went to the airport out of that whole thing play out. We're typically after a road game will get on the plane right away but we've the last -- -- as well this time we stayed in London that night so. The plan was to leave I think Iran and noon London time and moved it up to about nine so. There's probably a good idea prevalent kind of rests on the fly eaten and the man and this was it was pretty easy actually. If Tom -- were allowed to create a scenario all. And a game to lead into the bye week was that about it at Wembley Stadium is that about what you want. Well that's what we're open every week -- and we're really we we played pretty well I thought. You know all the guys contributed. In -- guys to really focus pretty good week of practice here. And then you win over there and executed against a good team and a team they beat Arizona State east Seattle. So. There's -- quite a few good players on -- team as you know group we would it just wasn't their day in. You know we we capitalize on some of their mistakes and you know giving their opinions. You know not and certainly not an easy game but you know in the second half when it was well in the control. Well one of the game players of the game we pick actually I've picked co players of the game looks older and Ballmer. And -- gonna ask you this Tom Lowry times in your career do you remember not being sacked not been hit not being touched the job they did on these. Guys who were pretty established pass -- was amazing. I assume you would agree. Yeah I mean phenomenal job. Phenomenal job on two guys who can rush who can who can really do the job and I think coming into the game with you know really the heart and soul of their defense so it's. You know that me and Sebastien has done that all year and I've never had to worry about. You know the defense and enter pass for a sure it's just something -- really had to think about so. You know we've seen so we played good in every week and they really step up so cal and so they did a great job. Did you tell Logan Mankins should just take all the time in the bell in you know rest up. Well -- dying to get back you know there's if it's his decision he'd be out there and he played on the foreign film last year so to keep him out of the game. Yeah he's just gonna keep going until you have to make a decision for him at times to protect himself but it hopefully you know he's he's the last few weeks well on. You know hope we get a lot of guys back to move forward after the bye week. Did you isn't a surprise TU I mean obviously were world on the outside looking man Edward dissecting all the problems. You had the first you know seven games and nit picking on everything it was a surprise to analysts say you don't use easily. Well how how smoothly things went in this game or is -- a sudden you see in the days leading up in practice and film. And you in some clicks and you say this game plan you know this it on this day. This is gonna work. Well I mean you'll -- and every game with a lot of confidence what you're doing and you have a week to prepare which is a lot of times so you put together game plan. That is -- phone and talk about what you're doing and -- and you get you out there and -- excuse sometimes you have you better than others. And it looks good sometimes it doesn't look -- that in the next time you played you reevaluate which you can try to do some different itself. It's just one of those situations where you know we knew we had a good play and we just have to go on that you did and -- -- -- more or or sold there right now Richard it it it. Yeah. I talked to the reveal. In terms of how you were playing and going to play in that game revealed itself to you as an example baseball pitcher -- state Verlander. Has an idea in the bullpen what pitches he has command of in the over the first you know half inning or two innings CP pitches he gets the sense of where he has that day. Paulson does that happen for quarterback in the National Football League. -- -- -- -- -- I mean did you know the first series that that the -- that you had this offense clicking and you were just picking your options in the got it was the most open is the guy you really get the ball to -- to take a couple of series real -- Yet we got to go on today. I think that particular you know series multiples series and it changes you know throughout the course of the game and so they were doing some things defensively that. You know we haven't really seen we have really prepared for we went insane. Saying while this is going to be you know they're sticking point is an overly. Complicated they do. They do enough things to confusion but they want their guys play in fact they want to know what they're doing. So we wouldn't you know. With the with the plan they -- and didn't do much of anything that we talked about so we were on the sidelines -- into the first drive after we scored -- how we can handle this I would get him but -- -- -- -- -- And really the guys did a great job of -- -- to those types of things so. You know it's it's not like you know the thing about -- policy it's. Some days it's like checkers some days it's like -- you know then sometimes you gotta just -- your guys be better when -- guys. What they're doing. As Sunday here this team consists of some things up -- guys. Get open a little bit more create a little more room in the run game and you know which is always about adjustment of -- beat. You know the first two drives of the game and certainly what we're gonna change and you've got to try to they have had them. So not so we did a great job coaches did a great job of you know really staying ahead of what the -- were trying to do to adjust what we were already do. The patriots converted seven of 123 downs and you personally when you're in the game converted six of nine. Can you see in the I use of the defenders that a third down conversion to a first down is more. Devastating to them than perhaps running for ten yards passing for ten yards on first or second down. I think they go together in. And then you know third down on this the third -- talked about first and second -- production. So that your third downs are relatively manageable. You know appear in third and third twelve all -- You're you're in the years the percentage -- around Leo maybe 20% conversion 15% conversion over the course of this season. Whereas when you get that the third and two with three to ease their burden for. You're probably around 5060%. So. You gotta be able to produce some first and second down. You know I think I think some of the critical plays in the game as North -- as we don't incompletion on first now. We hit it up on second out everything the first step and that's like for me as a quarterback there's nothing better than met the then now you're gonna be settled down. And how would they differ first the defendant. Try to defend more than run game that you just you know that's twelve yards on or they haven't you know put the past which. He's north capacity league so you know what you get into that rhythm. And in their coordinator can get that kind of redundant. In here you you can have a pretty good -- Were you pissed that you had to sit there and watched them those last eight minutes and it. Except. Well you know I think Ryan deserved to be at variance and you know it's nice to have the players first I'd really played the last few years so. And I was -- forum and we made some good plays an -- so be on site going to be terrible thing that would effectively. That's not what you said in 2007. You never wanted to commodity kneeled down at the end of the game with the ball. With your foot on their throat. Well we did airplane -- put it quite you know if I feel the got to play you have. It was a fun day for everybody. Does it feel like even though you lost three and that's probably three more than you -- balloons that you. That that you where you wanna be at the halfway point. Well and I think that the we need to we're we're out we're really we're we're where we really deserve to be and I don't think we've played in the U better than our record. You know we don't deserve to be anything better than we are ordered look at routine can go what how we can be without these beautiful place we can be. Undefeated on the -- and every team. Well again here we can say that. But you know we're not and if there's a reason why it's. -- we've played. You know great football over these last few weeks so there's a lot of improvement that we need to make that a lot of things that we can do better we gotta get some guys healthy we got to get. You know everybody moved forward make a big. I'll make a big push here is the second half -- this is where the best teams really short start to show itself. How far away from football will you allow yourself to get during the bye week in the second part of the question Tom is do you think you need more of a physical break or a mental break at the halfway point. There's not much of a book he can demonstrate the truth it's hard you know we didn't play quarterback to get away from -- and always thinking about a little talked to Josh. You know fifty times in the next. You know three days and then we practice on Thursday and then. You know I'm not sure what we have planned after that so. It's that this is still football -- it's not. You know this is. This is in you know mid February so. You know and -- think about what we need to go to what I need to do better. My role in kingdom and you know there's certainly things like that I can improve on. So will you go out -- Katrina or stay home and -- about the candy. I'm and I brought it to my wife says they should not think he's getting out to. Keep seeing these so I -- -- That's your job yeah. Arturo you gonna dress up tests code to avoid any you know crowds forming around. Hope will people get power back to their house certain subgroups so. There's not much for the treatment group on the -- -- -- want to -- -- with some friends and -- over the -- -- -- -- visited. What you should do is what a lot of kids in my neighborhood duly put on patriot twelve jerseys and a helmet. And it goes Tom Brady that's -- -- 'cause I mean you've seen it -- we talked about this one year what's it like to see kids dressed up as you. -- everything is still in the instance. I don't I don't think I ever dreamed of any of this sort. In every kid goes up close look with Stacy came just today and it -- about his kids and you know it one of them has streams and you know he's just very nice and eleven and deciding which professional sport you want to play when he's grown up. You know and that's how we also so. They actually had the opportunity to do it -- And be part of such as you know great organization and it really and you know the best sport town in America then. And it doesn't get much better and I know. And I don't think it's progress and I love doing what I do and -- love you know if I have learned through. You know manage and appreciate a lot of things that come along with that. -- There's nothing I'd rather do. What what do you remember go on as as dressing up as for Halloween where you ever Joseph Montana. Pressure Joseph Montana. And India weren't. You know like the karate wasn't. Well -- any going to be. He's got a little Batman outfit. He loves the throwback to an agreement -- the older Brothers that he wants to be. -- sell -- stay in close to home so no trip to Disney World for many in the teacup for Tom. No not this time around this time I got pregnant wife at home that. Where we can't be too much. Are you did you hear this San Cisco giants won the World Series. I don't know if I mean there is it is exciting two years ago. You know grown up and that in the Bay Area and they got a great appreciation for baseball to everyone's always follow that -- bicycle up to candlestick which was split their crappy place to go one game. Over the years and you know ever since they moved downtown there was kind of -- -- configuration -- With you know Barry Bonds was there who you know is a big -- had happened. You know it's great for this city they love the giants so hopefully Oakley at fox and get back on track -- very wonder who the (%expletive) are influencing. -- -- take take -- or praise on the plane ride home for the what -- call on the nutcracker not guard in the house of celebration. I think it was mixed reviews its. It's. Putting too much to me I'd look like despite -- -- -- I guess you know. And the person out into the. If you take a good look at the 25 yard gain and it didn't go for a touchdown the -- the ball was thrown behind you said one more remarkable tied -- -- I've ever seen if you take a look at that yet. No I haven't seen the film but I know an actor and I was hoping that he was gonna get through it he made an incredible play -- Stamina I don't know how he makes so many of those -- His ability to track the ball in the fair and Nancy's new manipulated body he's got such -- Obama. You know to be able to make that type of play and his incredible. And you have no qualms about throwing your fastest fastball to -- even from close range can you -- and heart than you get on that one touchdown to him the calls from. I now know I -- it. Now that's what he does he he never he gets so much confidence in himself and I think where it -- if he he makes he goes up and try to get it and you know he's. You know given how much of the chance to practice you know. This season. And from the on the injury report opponents but he comes down played every single weekend I think there's nothing more you can say about one your teammate stands. When your plane had less than a 100% and you're given everything you can't for the team and yeah that's where they tripled overall about these guys committed themselves says. You know being out there -- teammate and be out there give everything they've gotten. Everyone recognizes that. You know with a guy like crop and we have even that much more appreciation for what he does because as you know his mental toughness and what he -- into it every week. Can get any better I mean this is there anything he can do better. What it's hard to make a better -- and he did the other night or one and he may get suggest that touched on I mean the important thing is yes and you. And how long can do it for how long can you be consistent dependable and durable and can you be out there every week -- you know can you eliminate every mental mistake again. You know some of it you know guy throws a perfect game it's hard to do better than that but you. You know how do you do in the next start Manhattan doing -- -- and -- during the next start so. You can't ride the roller coaster ride the roller coaster here an average team -- a -- average player although a lot of guys that can make a lot of great place but it. You gotta be able to sustain it that's. You know that's what I always feel that commitment not to. I think he's a long commitment that the yearlong commitment. Yourself and your team and doing whatever you need to do to prepare yourself that you can endure a long season and playing and mature in a high level and you look around the league of every team has those guys in the more those guys you have. You know the more you're going to be able to sustain the success so you know look at a guy like Wes Welker became less get any better -- -- he's. It's opened the American reporter if he's done after six years I I think that's pretty remarkable to. Will you watched football this week and I'm sure -- yeah of course. Red -- channel. That's the best one as far as I'm concerned and like you see everything so. Yeah it's you know I -- I like the third and I can't have them watch a lot of those what. If the money and I can recognize -- watch that up until about how effective without a control. So. You know on the seat on TV it -- it to -- the fan on occasion to. What do you like to watch. Who will rule interest you would be some elect Andrew Luck to see where he is at the stage of his development or something like Dayton Dayton writing via yeah. I think it's you know like Denver. The Denver saint Peter and I was pretty fun to watch them like that in my -- hotel room at 2 in the morning after a game. So that was farm. You know I like watching good quarterback play so Alex Smith last night played phenomenal -- -- kind of you know he's always been right there I think he's getting more more comfortable with that system we played them you know down the road so. And that was on the logically if you kind of get a little taste of what you're gonna see in the future. Are taught enjoy your break double talk to down the road congratulations on on a big win on Sunday and enjoy your time off. Doctor -- talk Breivik Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T four GLT eat the interview with Thomas brought you by north east electrical distributors. And gallery BMW.

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