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Patriots dominate in London, where's this been all season?

Oct 29, 2012|

We break down a rousing Patriots victory over the Rams in London, and discuss why it's taken the Patriots 7 weeks in to the season to put a "complete" effort like that on the field.

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-- have been watering you know brand rattle. Around a little. We got everything. You don't want we we can laugh about this -- because this one for some people specially in the south coast is going to be extremely dangerous. This is one of those where you you really pay attention. Now now my drive in was not bad today there are few limbs had fallen off here. Where there are few leaves on the ground but it wasn't. Yet but the worst is yet to come he -- between now and 0456. O'clock it's supposed to be speaks so make sure you want a safe location -- location in the produces. Thanks to our company. They have covered up the windows so. Anything could be going on out there. And we would never know at all. A mark fell in July -- corporate. -- the good news. The last few uses up Mike Huckabee is real old. Fears -- -- elderly neighbors and and here. Show. That it. Can -- those when. Troy had no problem I don't know you hear from the one -- technical question I'd -- to hear from today. Maloney knows everything about hurricanes and tropical. Do you see -- ourselves -- here it is the year but mated. Positional groups Real Madrid you know because. Roared out like a desert Iraq War -- what about Adams were. Not that. -- no way. He's no way in hell. Yeah. Ago about the decision about a lot of jump over under -- who beat up. -- That's what the storm. Now some people legitimately just can't do it got things were some people just looking for it. Off. They're looking for the day off and so take it if you if if employers. Went right and if you need to stay home that's it that's all -- gotta stop right there they don't need to hear the rest of the sentence. You'll see them anymore value these people who work. They -- table and they lost power at home and be here yeah of course. Expired double fine there are a lot of people will close their doors. And cut the cable or they're bigger they're allowed me. Well there are a lot of people will be losing power here this afternoon because when you have wings that. With a 67 miles per hour. You're gonna listen -- that -- -- due to the storms could hit at 5 o'clock Iverson. Maybe -- -- us a favor you Linda Beckett uterus if ever. In the -- program today can you keep Michael my updated with what's happening because you actually have a wind. In you're in your book you would have ran wind. And we meet the storm sitting at 5 o'clock while you need to -- -- and do you can -- -- where. I Giacomo -- Opposites it's very good question iceberg of what other a lot of people in the stone that are obsessed with you're all of the guys somebody hurt her. -- at all. Does it all -- call like three or four times today there are a lot of people -- on the obsessed with. -- Bobby -- is anybody more obsessed with -- a majority of the brown. It's unbelievable since Bobby Valentine a question. Can't help himself this they're talking about the patriots. In along the mind you -- and Bobby V comes up yeah -- get thirty. He hung around today for the next round so -- could still be talked about Bobby V immediate question of wells. Because it's totally foreign to that world you just -- -- you can't figure out of baseball world eyes corrected it there's some crossover between certain sports. A believer not even though hockey yet football player would you know -- -- -- show -- It's too -- and not let that -- but even though no hockey people on basketball people always keeping the same way it usually. Your hockey person your basketball person can't -- vote. They're very error. -- -- That you use in both sports. As far as passing drills pick and roll all that stuff finding the open guy that translate. Hockey and basketball in this case and football baseball no translation there's no translation on their culture is different -- the baseball culture. The way they see things injuries everything completely different contracts. There is no similarities so that's why I think Troy yes he is -- for Bobby needs of our company he doesn't understand it wasn't part of his existence with a picture right. -- Jessica Gunter and a question. -- -- plus the way that the patriots -- when they keep everything quiet. Certainly coach keeps everything on the on the -- and paid -- Bobby V basically opening up the dual war. 22. Accounts of how we'll talk obviously about the patriots it is kind of patriots Monday the the patriots are still over there and London. And so we're not gonna have Bill Belichick on the program today Vince Wilfork tomorrow probably. Most likely will have those two guys on the idea on the show will do from. I think they did get back yummy and landed so we're gonna have them on tomorrow. Apparently they're landing yours and just just landed. Is all the way over here from London and couldn't. Maybe it's easy to get there from London ambulance I don't. As an approximately maybe maybe it is but but we're gonna talk a lot about the patriots game and will open up the phone lines -- enough about what you do little to now do you feel. Better about what you saw. -- -- The now obviously the one game and they won the game big. It means something on him know I need some means now everybody's games. You know my feeling we've discussed it many many times. That you build on something and then when you finally hit. That Turkey day that that's -- ago at eight. That's where -- -- that's when giants of the Jews would do Super Bowl winning giant teams. Didn't chartered until that period of time they were ten win team that I went and they won the super -- their best -- Iowa thanks they may be better what we've seen so four and regular season this year including yesterday's game. I'm Aaron in doubt that you guaranteed -- won that one year. I guarantee you know what -- I picked Dallas you're guaranteed jets went to the I didn't hear the jets went off week here if you don't want to why -- these episodes right below yet Atlanta yeah Atlanta he had them I guarantee that. Did you get -- in Kansas City -- for books and technical work. I forgot about that super bargain where they'll while -- all -- -- Cleveland over San Diego. Buick this morning. Likely overstated or Kansas hardly outrageous -- I'm not original -- here's the -- I'm not gonna pick Minnesota -- for the rest the year just because it's got something of Minnesota -- what it is. Work it out maybe operative that out of -- Thanksgiving would have against Minnesota. Had a bad experience and I don't remember I want Minnesota again to win. I'm not picking Kansas City to win again that's it I'm done with Kansas gone -- book sales down god. Really. Think. San Diego won't pick them again neither in the jet to lift certain teams don't care plan and they play each other -- -- -- That's pissed me off the most last week. About the jets and that's were you when I disagreed with the jet -- and a lot of its matchup that you're right in the familiarity. Of of the divisional well. There's something to -- you know for more about your opponents see you you pick up on things and it sometimes it makes it a tighter game but the jets to restock. Defensively they've been real good the last few years right there -- bad now. Defensively get back up quarterback in this case -- Granted he was started realist you back -- quarterback Jameel is about a quarterback is out of the first quarter more content to pick you apart. Just awful Sanchez is terrible that's -- pissed me off the most about last week. It wasn't a good jets team that the patriots got walk anywhere and I throw that out there -- And won it in overtime divisional right okay so I did it. Terrible that's terrible jet -- that are that are at their record is against Miami now one and one Christmas but this season series with the dolphins. Expect this kind of stuff. Among divisional -- they were never -- making. Wake up long outgrown this door already and had a little -- -- -- and slow ever connected on just hit the patriots. I've heard a lot of people say that. They were encouraged. By the by the second. Thought there was some things that you could feel a little bit better about the second you could feel better about the approach certainly. And that the patriots brought a little bit more rational watching it gave you today. It's it's less than I thought. Because a lot of it came late in the game -- had a big hugely but early on. The crossing -- with the linebackers. They brought the safety they brought the quarterback up the all they had to back awful awful long. When. The rains came out and spread out their offense with five wide so looked like they were gonna do one thing and and had to back after rookie league itself. -- like out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and give it a and that's what you took away from the game yes a performance from the -- took away the office the that is superior. Execution. Of the office. You can say -- still assessing Louis rams were terrible last year and and that's why -- Jeff Fisher is there in the first place. But the fact is they do really nice job on the defensive line they've got some county guys rushing the passer. They were a non factor. Yesterday absolutely not shoulder revolver -- term saying. And then to have five straight possessions where you wind up with touchdowns that's unbelievable right out your appliance and that would be unbelievable against Jacksonville. Or Carolina or Kansas City. What to do it against Saint Louis actually have talent. An end to do it we've had some questions. Overwhelming all of these questions about the office with some questions about the topic of efficiency and product and the breakdown and there there are able to finish and capitalize on opportunities in the red zone and you saw all -- yesterday that was my big take away it was impressive. That was my big takeaways while I'm just gonna say I'm not. Gonna go crazy about the defense because I think the offense. Put him in a position first series they run the ball for the for its lowest possible for you will place. And then what they don't they go all out deep and looked very simple little -- on the Seattle game and -- and -- -- and school. But what happened was the offense scored early scored often and they did so much that took all the pressure off the deep that the defense was faced. With a crucial ballot crucial situation is the office gave them one touchdown and a two squirrelly and a three score lead in the -- courtly. All the pressure off the defense to -- it takes chances that some gambles because let's face it. You know your offense is is -- -- in this game and I agree with you I got more out. Of the office. And because here's another thing to. The offensive line of the rams is a -- first of all there on the third string left tackle. Patriots certainly took advantage of that that's what they get so much pressure but you're right. The protection of Brady adults older Vollmer did an incredible job -- -- to restrict edge rushers Quinn. And Chris Long they never saw Brady never got -- and they stretched about Brady stepped up on the market. Was able to do what every one and we saw. Was awesome performances from guys that you start to wonder about for crock you just wondered if he was completely out to wonder. If he's completely healthy but -- look like. Yesterday this was the ground that you saw the previous two years. Just talking about the touchdowns in the ovarian and preserving it interesting that not -- celebration that was Larry's. That was that was good that was just I was really good but even when he didn't score. Is involved. I don't know they thought they were gonna knock him out with a big hit. Home and surprise them. And he was caring people for another three or four yards a great play we get the one yard line and ultimately -- you saw you saw glimpses. -- Angela more than glimpses. Still photographs. Of the ground that you saw last year and then finally you see some things from from Brandon Lloyd where you say OK now we start to get here. -- with Tom Brady started on the same page he makes a nice place to have some guys that you've been waiting for them cute. Either live up to the hype in the late -- -- to give back to where they were last year and it is so narrow room or crackers do. That's starting to get this guarantee that. How's that. Learning how to. And tell us up. Like I was sincere and -- and -- still so much danced but it will give them credit Chandler told. It to. The nutcracker dude and a current guarding the house in the house payment of the house is standing in front does not show went on -- -- -- a good show -- know most of you are not driving home from work that most of you are sitting home. And probably just. Now matches. Hoping that everything will be just fine if you -- Get on -- talk a little bit about the patriots game that's why we're here for as 617779. 7937. -- worried me about yesterday's game. No Aaron Aaron and it was something that origin the -- -- -- never watch it again no. Don't know before the -- before -- we know Aaron Hernandez and when you find out just before it again Logan Mankins Genco. -- he was a concern neither of them turned out to be a problem even though Daniel fells. Did not play well. And he gets and he got some stamps in the in the course of the game they did so many other things really well specially on the offensive side of the ball. I wonder -- wonder if and ran the ball effectively again -- what we talk with bill and how forthcoming UB on this. The guys that didn't play yes I'm not I'm not including -- right now things out for the year. But no John no Gregory no Mankins you know Hernandez. I wonder. If that would have been the case if they didn't have the -- right after this so -- fault them if this is week in week eleven. The turn and is planning game. If not you're not you get and nice little break here. They missed the Saint Louis game in London on -- traveled there you have a bye week coming up more time to rest. And then you come back with a home game you're pretty good shape. It did that factor into the decision to hold -- these guys out or was it just. No matter where they were in the season no matter what the schedule says these guys to complain I'm guessing that the -- had something to do with a few of. Let's talk some football would you like -- sporting my doubt got Mike was up. I I can't get enough for Troy Brown is destroying down time -- alert on alt click on that at all yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I think what it is is it's so foreign. So what he's accustomed to dealing with -- a pro in a probe to a climate but he can't believe it but he was hysterical again about it. Totally foreign to. Put pretty encouraged by this game I mean we're used to the patriots being so prominent that. Even if they win by a point or even if they lose by a couple points ever want to jump off the bridge you get the Abu -- -- -- Pretty darn you know entered their orders coming down there and Belcher appeal to get a pass -- like I could get a kick out of that kinda well. This year seem like people are actually kind of period. -- you're all right you're absolutely right Mike we heard we heard more of it. It just in my opinion this anecdotally -- and just last week outage at a -- he pulls on it but it just seems like sitting here for the last few years. It seems like that comment has come up more those comments have come up more this year than in the past 45 years and up. Politics and it'll. Go. You know what's amazing like where you think about this Brady was a weak cold there yesterday that he was for the jets game. And deeply about it I don't get it -- -- your -- He's there are they're still number one got it up on the show you a -- the -- -- blow. It will. Not in view of all I'm kidding me. They're still merry go. He's still married to model yet still he's still as the guilty as the bloodiest Olympic Carol's got -- and I lost the dog put. You look at the supermodel wife -- hungry anymore. But hardly yards. One touchdown last year. Maybe maybe it's like one B it's better. I don't know I don't go to Paul pulls down the ticket they would like. Might it. It up big in my political violence in their -- -- bloody you know like you know Richard that even manipulative about it it -- television and a like just some body -- All off I got the ball. Also for our kids he was our regular corn dogs in a sunny for our greater Atlantic at the end of the dugout -- -- away. It's as -- it's like crazy summer had Coleman up on the -- she got a call on the road. Maybe say seriously do you think about it that's -- in the -- -- So it would split the page which we are all shaped. It was and Beijing Games obviously the crowd was there was a hundred to one pats fans at home game. Because it sounds that way on TV did you think it was that way Mike. Now harder to want patches did not sound like that started to double what it was their an even split. And then on TV they kept on throwing you know they have -- the big gigantic. Spreads they would leave Saint Louis logo that they'll pass -- around to the ground where I was afraid they'll be only get lost under one of those. -- look there are piping in the crowd noise is good it would go away like it socket like it was turned out by volley or a special court that I didn't by the PA. 'cause you look at where it was it was you know blue and red usher and then. Excited -- -- -- represented you know in the NFL by. By British guys it was just cooled seat that but. But you know what what do truck that got get a -- in London they put in there and and of course the patriots are great and and it's funny and you got about a book on on Belichick a truck when he is. And I'm in the you know in the hotel on in the tribal next soul we will work on next to an elevator executing like that. Quarter -- -- opulent decade -- -- you know an automatic out and out guys uptight but. Up crap and that organization he -- jackpot. But he brings what NFL -- is part about -- -- programs such an elegant well spoken guy this is done amazing shall. Great spirit of the game guys. It's just like kind of take on the whole thing obviously. That demolishing that we digital particularly off the defense we take our. Brady just -- the ball. Let's walk in the middle and like all time and the poor guy just know we can. Know what -- just going out to destroy it wouldn't. It would keep them apart did you know utilize -- those contracts. Well he is a week -- No calories or does it does it's the time that but that's the I know he was pretty good outdoors and you're a little worried about -- but this is what its condolences he think he got here mean this is nothing different. The only the only differences. We're paying attention to the contract and wondering what's gonna happen Wes Welker and Tony thirteen. But as far as. Catching balls in the middle of the field in avoiding linebackers and safeties and occasionally taking. It hit that makes you wonder he's going to be able to continuing to -- this is what he's been doing since he's been a patriot. This is nothing there. I don't see anything different actually the problem -- smokers role as a matter if there's only there's a different. At times. You can spread them out you can use him outside the numbers and he's pretty. Different the only problem that a lot in 2007 you'd think he was mainly -- like. Did the biggest problem he had is getting his cleat stuck in the in the turf that was the biggest problem. The team they have a bye week now accused should give him enough time to be -- but all the things you heard about before the game. And one of the things -- and we talk on the current on Friday before hung up on. -- currency he was worried about the focus. Of the team because Belichick and wanna be there was an issue not an issue another thing wasn't just Tom and that it was a Michael parties and blow about the surface. The surface was an issue that concerned about that. May be an issue for the rams. In a couple of times there were some -- saw you know -- it well knows what would have slipped in the end zone. Could have been another touchdown Lloyds slipped it is -- a one time but overall score 45 points in -- really. And complain about the surface. Of things we talked about it and patriots going to be years and surfaces. You could argue that ideal you could argued it'll it it -- the opposite way that by being there on Tuesday. The rams seemed like he passive team I thought court -- -- again -- itself a bad day. -- Bradley Fletcher had just a bit and Anthony got frustrated of course you know a hand up and Welker and McCain Jamaican. But I've -- both of those guys had themselves a bad day patriots received just -- them apart. And -- game. There were a lot of issues that that Saint Louis during the course of the yeah Richard it is it's funny that you say that. But then again having a bad day and we just had a text me TT tech art. And guys like you get a guy like and again it pretty good thinking game I didn't I didn't. If edit it -- -- -- thought they were drafting him about it he was precisely the kind of guy they go after. Risky. Second round pick on the talent. Questions about his character bring them into their system and get them straightened out and got yourself. A pure first round talent. Who because of things off the field slip this Acura but they didn't draft him and obviously the rams are subject. But again it's tricky position. Is a little scary. When you are. 67 years in Italy. And you've got a reputation of being a physical player and a good player. And you go to another team to get big money. And sometimes it works out but I think similar system yet but I think and again. Yeah I looked -- I don't think he's I think he's as good as he was a couple of years ago Tennessee was unbelievable. I don't think -- -- -- good. Have been just a way to get a market money yeah it could have been just waiting game played out. Because he was you're right he was getting frustrated and it's costing them out there on the field plus the other thing is the rams got a lot of bad penalties for NIC bad penalty. Key situations third down we think that you've made the stop -- and suddenly were -- you -- it would the with a penalty and it's about a -- first down. There were numerous cases during the course of the day of the penalties really they -- -- and undisciplined team up and that's not using the case with a Jeff -- team. A break right back to the calls her a picture. These seats out of my shoes that I. So. Now. Got squabbles got a conference call. Cabrera. -- Would survive at that have opened door -- that would be all the way. They were talking about DNC and -- they wanted to remind. That we never understood your take -- running the school. Get over it now. -- they were part of forty fives and today they were fine. How about it would have been have been 52 did you they were finally go to about leaving Brady Indy gala ball. That that's what -- game. It's all about that. Because Ryan mallet came -- about eight minutes left in the game. -- audience that's gonna help on remember it and help them down the stretch in the final game to back Ryan mallet that accidentally. Michael I let me. Refers to are two days of jail -- actors. You can't pick out all eleven. Right. Revisionist history. Because. I don't remember them making that the specific. -- -- the -- running of the score out of my out of their -- of the Pacific specifics now that Larry they are -- Belichick running around or general stick it to other people can combat on the ground that's when. Was all. So yes yesterday they ran up the school. Even though Brady did not play for the last eight minutes they ran up to school. If your -- What they were talking about a few years ago running up the -- they were talking about how you stop your drive you know you don't try to go out there and and you kick a field goal instead of going for the touchdown which is just the opposite I think. You know if you're you know. What makes more sense if you're actually drew writing for something as opposed to just get in the automatic field that's elements reports that's piling on the points. I tried to drive and go that their yards. And get seven or nothing. To me is more of now. YouTube you continuing to play the game you're not trying to rub it in too much with those. -- But the idea. Commonly referred you and I this morning no rub it in between -- -- -- -- shoes and other things that. Jason whitlock and so I know we did our shore now. I heard somebody talking about. The size. Package. Of of it was something of a Asian -- I've heard there was something about. But a way couldn't. You got -- -- about that you've got to -- you -- read Jason watched response to Stephen A Smith and ESP. Is very interest can't help which -- locker -- whitlock can't help himself really I mean. He sees it opening their -- he went off this this is my game ranked at some runoff on budget and on Iraq on ESP NS will. At an -- -- -- tekelec out here. In a few minutes but just. Everybody should just put their you gotta put your agenda out there. Everybody knows your agenda for the day and he -- you listen to so in the case of of Jason -- going off on ESPN and even -- he's he's still pissed at ESPN -- ESPN has. Blacklisted him yet as has prevented him from just being himself when they are afraid to hear what he has to say so. I think he is an -- that's not to say that what he writes about ESPN at times is not accurate. In Iran on what he's enjoyed a little bit but are hesitant but that's his perspective that's where he's coming from he would like to be on ESPN right now in the heart problem. And Stephen -- actually doing what he wants to do on ESP and that's -- them. This given Iraq's spray what's up Jim. I got two programs it was simply broke don't. Greg. They were discussing about patriots. That that -- get -- -- I -- he had a great game. -- -- release -- consistent with that in some countries that he would that next -- -- -- -- to -- you know -- to back he had to let them back to playing pretty good. You can grab -- -- a couple of days you know origin of that discussion probably understand. Well you know what I -- I know you said the next couple games so maybe that's not the test -- -- report next couple games. Are against teams that you feel like the patriots should handle they have those games at home. Right -- you're playing against the bills we've already -- 521 this year you're playing against the colts who are. -- three. I mean I think that's extremely surprising given that they got a rookie quarterback and they were terrible last year which I could not throw against a budget -- -- looking at so I think maybe. Maybe you'd look at the Houston game down a road literacy efforts Cisco and then you make your judgment about with a real. I didn't beat two tough games -- -- you don't answer I'll tell. Gigs tough opponent. The only game left right I -- they're -- -- knicks' eight game I was losing on the Q six and 871. -- Laura Ingraham and -- anymore. Are they gonna on the disregards them could run the table look at the schedule couldn't run the table. I I don't know each but they don't talk -- -- man. The same -- It got out of -- to have so we'll -- call somebody else and I have to go to a music let's not get too excited about it. I understand -- particular on the. -- are -- -- Update these a couple of big -- with they're friendly consumer attitude to have. -- hey hey hey hey don't count -- Miami. I'd say that's a tough game and you play and twice first was down there that's a tough game. I don't in my -- -- -- right. Well defensively they're pretty good. -- pretty good. Now well you know I think I'm pitches and so I'm not reluctant to someone you know and wondered. We -- seeing their -- from east Portman and everybody else. Though the one thing they've got going for them right now I think this is a real confidence booster. You know the last couple weeks and certainly not. Given them an awful lot of optimism. The way I've played and so they played a lot better. If the offense continues and I agree with Michael the offense probably will explode against buffalo. And they could throw the football against Indianapolis and stuck it on a roll with three games like this. If you take all the pressure off the defense. The defense has been constantly under pressure in the fourth quarter because the offense can't close out games -- in this in the office like this if they play like this and get early leads. It's gonna make the job much easier for the Steve. And at Victoria -- they got a yesterday -- they had the that the glossy victory the gaudy win. Over the rams 45 -- in great numbers from operating income ski in the late. But I'm really looking for that down the stretch and that's a look at the schedule and I asked your -- on the table competitiveness. They won't lose again. Lose a game that they need to win. So I don't know how the I don't know how -- AFC is gonna play out for example if they don't need that last game of the year. OK maybe they'd lose that game of their resting people that way if they need to win the rest of their games I'm telling you they won't lose again. So they do but let you know what they do everything at him excuse me names on that. On they did they do have a history of doing with the second half of the season how much different was last season. Last season they lost back to back weeks to Pittsburgh. And the giants right yeah I never went that and then never lost an elegant -- they say they ran the table. Yeah and I don't you go back and look at their history they are a terrific second half team because they're building their team. For something bigger than just you know winning all these games in the first half of the season you can look at other teams. Or mass a lot of wins the first half of the season the people get all excited about and then they fade the second half. And and and by the way if they if they run the table. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are the favorite to win the Super Bowl it will we'll give them thirteen three record but just look at the schedule of games it -- Cuba and I seed Nevada and first -- Got buffalo at home Indianapolis at home. You're at the -- That's going to be a -- org that's a win now but that's going to be a tough game one because if the jets. It's a Thanksgiving Day -- note that -- begins a village if I hate real football but I usually just play well. At Miami. So another tough tough game to back to back ride typical games but. I think will be favored both games that is at a stretch then here ego. Texans and Sampras -- go back to back. At home and in both gave us two plus to both at home at Jacksonville the two toughest games you have outside of your own. Division taxes and enter those two games and you blow -- -- both of middle. That's a that's a huge you're getting your and you finish I would Jacksonville which which may be one of the worst teams I've seen in the last 1015 years I mean it is there it is awful -- bad but not that -- -- not not the worst 1015 years -- their -- They're pretty terrible and Maurice Jones-Drew was on the sideline while I thought for a surprise yep they're pretty terrible and then I. And benefited from Miami. -- -- at all so it is it out of the realm they can run the table and Miami may have nothing to play for potential they need that game. They may have the the operation. White 6177797937. Or why Ali talking sports on a -- where many -- -- Our City -- right now trying to avoid the storm late at coastal lines aborted and I speculative back shelf or -- Polly. Work and you can join us at 6177797937. Is one of those days where everybody obviously is more concerned about the elements -- -- they are. About the game yesterday of course it was a big patriots went so everybody's comfortable and feel pretty good about Ottawa to Russia. Any of the boring World Series. What you guys are -- yeah I didn't do I gotta tell you warrior spirit or our -- is boring but it predatory. -- kind of everything that you NW team of which are yes and any of the -- and an eleven or bad -- -- lost the World Series everything you've been taught about baseball kind of goes up the window. Boring boring -- you say. Well we pitch all about pitching that's just pitched pretty well except the other -- had Brett on the other team pitch that. And the champ has done a better pitch two shots in fantastic. You can you imagine you know -- you lose game two. To zip in -- ones that until late they got picked up run excrement separate betting advocate Tuesday. On Tuesday. After losing two in game three go home you pitch well again. And you lose and often. Thank you look at it this way. Most of the time you think we'll get a get a win out of Verlander who pitched better than any of our our starters there will go from there. In this very short World Series. Was the worst starter they have. And guy you know it they this something to the fact that they had too much time off. Because it was like he missed an entire. Star. And they have what 566 days off my belief. -- -- and that you know probably screwed him up your right. I got a -- to what they lost that game eight to three and they really beat out Verlander obviously with the long ball -- -- -- real all right but I would say on the whole. San Francisco simply had better change it if you look at each. Ticket -- it is encouraging to enable people trying to try to compare to. To the -- the two teams that made it into the World Series were surprised. Defense and pitching that's what got them and I Clinton granted but he had the best veteran league this year in the go go a Cabrera. But overall. The one of these teams are great hitting line ups -- Francisco can't hit the long ball on me. They had pitching both of these teams have pitching and people say its efforts Cisco -- develop a terrific World Series but. About a -- Red. Sox can get players liked shortly to players like that to get players like that passed. Can get a pitching staff. Like for -- that pitching staff like Detroit yet -- that's a tough year while not like victory can be top because Detroit. Verlander you just aggregate Verlander song was terrific. Guard and -- I -- -- -- obvious whenever I first got a message that was -- I -- a -- not a guy pull everybody. Even people in San Francisco had dismissed two years ago. Barry Zito are here without very -- and he saves them in game five of the NLCS you're down and he keeps them alive and then. He goes up against Verlander in game one of the world's -- Guess that's 01 -- -- anything you could look at it from a Red Sox point of view. And -- can Jon Lester who has stuff like Zito can he get it back can he get his game back looks like that's always one of the if you're looking at the percentage. Well what the Red Sox could do next year what you think they possibly can do is it possible the job last year can really pitch well and -- and I say it's better than 55. Well if you're doing that SA SAT analogies Jon Lester is not varies you know you know Barry Zito is on the stand while much is that there are identical deserted but just. From where he was two years ago in two where he has right now. Where it was two years ago Barry Zito is John Lackey -- -- I mean he wasn't on any post season roster. They went through three rounds of the playoffs and he's not on the roster for any of those rounds in the playoffs and now in 2012. He's a vital part of this team and championship it's an amazing turn. Story -- live from the Red Sox. I go for guys that are out there and Zito obviously was carrying a huge. Huge contract from free agents. Go for some of the guys that have been beaten up over the last year to you bring -- -- Brigham and if the short term so in other words you're -- a one year deal. You see which you've got and you bring a few of those guys inning you see if he you know you're laughing don't over one of those guys and -- -- and get something out. Let's go to -- in water to people. And expecting thousands of crummy day here. I won't talk just briefly about the World Series. Number one issue spoke of working mention I mean. What at this point and what a let down our specially after some of those nationally playoff series. This thing -- the -- in the ratings are no I didn't watch more than. A total -- power. Of the whole thing because. Basically. Detroit this help us and that's what I wanna get on to you know. All the during the based world -- thing here is we -- at oak trees and we're always making disparaging remarks in Boston. About well he's in the National League and I'll tell you from what I seen in these playoffs as far as I'm concerned. The -- look best team in baseball overall in the National League -- -- -- in part. Granted -- Aires may come up in the American League because of course they get it DH. To pitch against the Detroit with a disgrace. And they then that this great the last two times they've been in the series. I also think. Let's start looking at the numbers see a connection leads on at least four World Series in -- -- for all our games and -- -- -- -- They'll I think -- of the to bring up a good point about the National -- in this and the disparaging remarks but. I disagree with the triggering a disgrace mechanism the World Series and you get shut down by great pitching -- gonna do. But I I think I like your point about the National League because you know it's not a factor anymore. -- Does that drugs have gone down the nets and drugs are out of the game with -- drugs have gone down by 50% 65 cent. -- baseball so now it's war it is it's a more equal playing field. Imagine you've got a DH. And everybody. Is on as some type of steroid or some performance enhancing drug cocktail. So you've got to advantages there that no one is part of the game. The DH and the other one. Is not part of the game but it's enhancing your skills of course the American Indians got on the bigger and stronger but now that you got people. More people on the level not naive enough to think everybody's it's got more people on the level. I think gonna have some more ballots in the game and he can't dismiss the National League I don't I don't. More I totally agree with what you're saying but I also think what's more depiction pitching is yet more significant now. Because you don't have guys we're gonna hit fifty plus home runs anymore. Just not gonna happen and by the way. The giants lost their best regular position player because because of two formatting exactly. And they still don't normally I don't wanna I wanna. Without going to be interesting to see what kind of I don't know they have already voted on this they probably have. What kind of share they give him I know when he went out initially. He lied to them a lot of guys really upset about it. And they were gonna give them. Half share or some guys discussed at running back you heard all -- they did and they didn't. I'll be at -- How they treat him put it but luckily it what is the point about the ratings. The fact is. No matter who it is sweeps don't rate well now. I'm shore here. When the Red Sox in the race. When they swept the cardinals was great we had great numbers here and they swept the Rockies in great numbers but you've got a lot of evangelist wage I think 23 of the World Series and nationally who wants to see that. -- Whether it's the reds dominating the days. Even the Yankees getting swept in the in the league championship series. I know a lot of folks outside of Boston don't want to see the Yankees win good vs evil David -- like the whole thing. Nobody wants to watch this week and you sit there investor time. Are we're taking your phone calls talking about sports China would take you'll and your attention away from the storm but if you're out there drive them please be careful. The worst of the storm -- supposed. Five or 6 o'clock this evening shall be very very careful right now we've got a 102000. Without power. That number is expected to rise if you have if you lose the power you can always go to a you know battery powered radio. To listen to must listen what's going on elsewhere so make sure you get the batteries around the house and you can always go to war and little Smartphone as well. At WB yeah. I would -- quick break it right back to the phone calls.

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