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Monday, October 29th Whiner Line

Oct 29, 2012|

Batton down the hatches! There's a storm a-brewin'!

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View as -- excuse views expressed and expressed. My life these -- like ET TE Chris Cox. We -- this discretion advised us. -- -- Now. Laura your line. They're running and up. They're not call off the dogs they're doing things that most teams don't do me give you a little while. But it's a good thing okay is that can I say that and now do I have to say they're not running and how does no such thing as running on day. Pentagon's wish you wanna begin in the third quarter they win the block and tackle. WEEI. Warning airlines they set aside everything to worship -- -- homers for this guy and -- because it didn't get told it's a localized thing it's only happening here and by the way they signed the deal here we don't change the argument don't -- -- Everett on this program or any others said. -- take out all eleven dial 6177793535. Until we understand you can't take -- eleven guys on defense and eleven guys on offense and we understand there's a 45 man roster we're talking about wholesale replacements and putting the second and third team in whiner line we understand all that don't try to re direct your argument to. Well you can't take eleven guys output eleven other guys in both. Of course you can and now on you can have placed selection can change you can you can you can take your quarterback got -- -- don't -- don't motto don't you don't large -- -- even explain it can't -- laptop and yeah I'm just know I can't -- judge -- -- -- -- -- what you can't -- -- I haven't I -- -- eleven other guys in the -- don't you read. Ha that's funny little revisionist history because this morning they said there are only. Planned on. I'm not running up the -- was that the quarterback I just heard changing the plays take an already are aren't yeah. People for whose purpose for whose benefit so Jeff Fisher. It's -- Mike Tomlin. All those guys are happy quarry quarry trying to satisfy. What are we don't -- score a lot of points because we want you to be what you feel good about yourself why line. Professional football at Nebraska. And Ohio State not playing 3-D two opponent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Problem you wanna get them believing they can't beat you when they have to play you again of the play in the office as a matter of fact Alps after Cisco beat Arizona and and I -- -- -- nothing government fancy football yeah. Might run up the score tonight but let's surprise him get him -- punt returns and kickoff return to go back. And listen to find out that it was -- I think they should stick shoes. I really shoes and effort that's its. Population to auction to sell shoes it's awesome -- Is it went in Omaha where women's. Game where it would -- -- -- -- -- adults with cycles cycles of what we call it a foot and that's where you put in my you know the put she won like Cinderella you know like prince -- glass -- Commencement of -- things. -- when. You got this apartment behind. -- -- -- -- -- -- No way -- island Al Bundy here and people that way. -- an awful. -- I'm really proud. Because we we. 5050 that you make it to wow I'm really proud. MO mind doing it through through an odd that you lost to treason offense -- -- still showed he still got our. Our elected thank national group and I mean -- Is just a little wind storm it's not often get to power but for. More sadness. And I think five days it was last year please don't think it last year -- that you really that. Trees down in my yard though. -- call mr. parents. Consider that. My sloppy at Yale line through this country those trees or cry tonight and we paying -- -- today. And other crops and trees. -- -- -- it's a decade. Now think the -- that. Brought you apply AT&T AT&T forgy LTE. As LeBron it's a bit ago not two not three not four not seven. Times faster. And -- AT&T. Possible. That patriot how well it you know I did pretty good how lopsided score on -- -- reporting that a country's -- black market and war. They have this morning show what the rocker Bob whining about victory at running up on another game that -- not good enough. And now they said that this time it was totally different because all they were asking fours that's. Their beloved Tom Brady not played the last. 891012. When you come on it's of the game he looked real that if he does not -- we should do what is registered in the -- that's not necessarily -- they said. I take great whiner line open. As a response to that when we played today. Is Brady's response that 2007 -- -- to Dennis Kelly yeah -- came back and he heard them talking about running -- yeah or any -- -- counterargument is great. And they really attacked the impact we're gonna find it. You know Anderson I killed it's our dollars -- Catholic analysts it. It's a regional fund doesn't happen anywhere else -- localized localized localized no else country. Except here. -- they get sucked up to our house. Good and I did. -- -- been actively work it was Janet thought that they thought our Bob what are out. And that she hot. I've never better I haven't either -- or not disorder are currently anticipate listened to Dino and Gerry jiggle you must be like you're giggling. Schoolgirls. Pretty good he kept it would not have he did toward. -- it's -- it's simple. And it looks like Michael -- -- your daughter once and a desperate let's say what he centrist any reason travelers in the know. You don't think so you know no I don't. -- -- -- -- They -- to anybody you talk about underachieving teams the drilling for a year ago. What are they this year. There are -- awful. And do well why don't you go the digit victory that they do their job. And the message. That's kind of random -- Let them make it's making things would get back. Okay I'm not giving up a flat kick in the morning I don't hit what looked like because we -- Canada. Are there any out yeah it doesn't matter anyway no not -- about bought. -- like Sony and champion in high school I wanna make new with a lot of kids stay exempt in general and how do you get to -- can extend you know you. Hold on to the cake and then somebody hold your legs -- -- there and they count how many gulps of beer you can take them what was your record we PP 37. A half and then men -- we call that something else. No it then looked at most vehicle realism we're always sort of physically and it's. I don't know don't even ask for our column at all it just. Hey did mobile's volleyball period. They went and awkward. -- message. Welcome NIC I heard you say they've patriots came back from England in the hurricane but -- couldn't get here from down so I don't know maybe there was some issues in the neighborhood -- okay yeah I -- Reach vitamins flooding in the neighborhood we don't know. Once again. It's a crazy old guy who released Maloney were not exactly sure why he keeps on going to rip on him any way the. Have a couple guys. I won't -- because of that and I would like the biggest thing -- -- apathetic I was like I'm moving up from the world. Public if I'm -- I put in -- -- -- my element abatement. I really wanna thank you guys. Although I'd go back to -- but I. And while what's -- is it possible that he showed up today Gillette Stadium. And might never told me was back here I never lost that bonds -- -- -- -- -- -- -- routine that's happened before now of course was Bill Burton but it did happen to slow but he knows Michael I'll. Yeah I did that before. I can't revert Michael aren't you put a lot of -- -- -- even worse you're in Foxboro. I came to the studio here. And then -- -- -- and -- it got here when humans but only 22 when he for a. -- -- -- -- Pick out pick out as well I would. And the -- don't know I wouldn't put up in -- track. And that -- Cleveland's. You something he's got that on by US 76 Wright Ahmad. I. Like the lack. -- to -- -- radio. And rightfully. Product. But -- I do what I want appearance and making -- The patriots but the because what happens when. We. Had -- bad. Few -- There and I they go out there are a veteran move territory. Around. -- -- That. All -- coverage devoted I don't know walking around in black leather boot. It was in everyday. And that's normal that's sure to come in the shoe -- I know this is a Connecticut. You run and born and -- I'm gonna. Baltimore cry. -- you'll holidays. And be as bad because. Today all the rookies so called. Moment and it certainly before you do it. That's about being -- ahead. There wasn't going to be -- be. Republicans they ultimately broke -- -- -- normally awards didn't Ivy League. We thought I don't I'm almost -- out of the Bible are you guys. I think what we don't you guys would be it is because. I've got a problem by the in my outlook for the important. Good and bad. Is -- cluster by the way and a four feet and award. Strike got a low center of gravity is averages and I don't toward getting them good pace you know it gets booed by the write -- -- in from Nantucket. -- well I don't know I've gotten the hot cup got with the local hospital under your badly Al McGuire. But I don't hit the ball. Obama cabinet all the or don't go out today got -- That would -- Storms consultant to South Shore restaurant I have no idea you were definitely he's you know them to knock him I think you do I'm not -- -- -- our conversation by saying it just got I just want to tell us what we know that. An ornament it's. Not it's it's not relative probably. Should keep to yourself isolated text and that. -- in the year. -- but I felt like Kellen -- late yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the message these -- -- -- In my thought it made it very safe Bryant -- Do you think being in football but I. We just didn't know it outside the good -- -- let. And that. That's an excellent idea absolutely take about it's when they -- Notre Dame at least. I think are typical morning and that probably fans are publicly about people who advocate rather metric system that's football and back. Games for the -- typically quiet -- and expect it I guess that's probably don't want what you like but excited at. And message. It's the metric system yesterday advances. -- -- -- 147 to produce. I think they wanted to go somewhere at 47 Sheila you're never went there now it was good humor like 25 years ago we actually thought we get a metric system get metric system. A kilos 2.2 pounds boy you know I don't know much about I don't announce top 48 grams and a guy that knows all about hot tub that -- yeah -- nice to be metric. Comprehend what and -- and caught -- in -- go back. -- -- Haven't been content. This still. An assistant. I'm. Patriotism love yeah. -- was that as a guy come from such -- I just sucks a tough day to make you wait to you have to the next couple laws what you see what you get today are a rider to help me out of these. Certificate and. -- doesn't pay to performance do all I am confident. That Bob Kraft is going to promote this game there. You want that the indicating that they can win here for the you have to recruit more toward you know from the name. Admirable goal but haven't had to give me a dog every. Continent and then. You know are not the suspect that this principle that is about about -- pop up yesterday -- might want to consider remotely in the name do. And message she Jennifer I don't know -- And so another not a new thing the other probably gonna have to London to get a good team over the -- occasional white wires and advocate on. A little expansion team or they'll get to Jacksonville. On the Jeter's stick and called the -- You know -- am never going to London don't want America football does that candidate that they. I want to run it -- did. And -- Great cities aren't terrific city. Great and you don't want in the food. -- improved dramatically over the last 25 Israelis and how it all out just a really suck it still a lot of room for improvement there's a lot of room for improvement. But -- out of the boiling this. Moved up to try to bankers trust bank yes I bangers and mash. -- you can't do that -- would debut. -- touchdown dance in Wembley. That was nobody. And -- -- -- like them both assures the public -- about Herschel was set he says he doesn't know. He said ask -- and so we will find out in zone 119. It's a great. Rob but not control. The -- that positive. I'm not crap that got about how if you can pick up the offense they would. -- -- a -- figured 00 my god what it. Kind of -- great you know what I had asked for an extra tests and can't argue with you even a little bit. -- So I would go on the grid what we got. That you -- not accurate tank. Forget to quit god save my growing boy I don't know I don't know he. I'd like to take their crop at. Am happy I -- territories around in my mouth their body. Joseph why don't odds and is powered by AT and -- something has some power. AT&T -- LTE speeds up to spent in the three GAT and T -- thing --

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