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Tim Hasselbeck, ESPN, on the Patriots victory over the Rams

Oct 29, 2012|

Former NFL QB Tim Hasselbeck joins Mut, Troy Brown, and Bradford to discuss the Patriots win and where they go from here.

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You know -- we have we have some confidence and you know also wolf. We'll see you know -- your Owens gets a nice -- men and look -- got a bye weekend. And by -- -- by healthy and and hopefully make or embarrassing part of season. Wes Welker yesterday in London Wembley Stadium site of a beat down patriots over the rams got the bye week at five and three. -- against the Buffalo Bills coming up in a couple of weeks Mike -- -- Rob Bradford in for -- Troy Brown here is always on a a day after patriots game and joining us. On the ATP hotline AT&T -- LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. It's AT&T rethink possible ESPN's Tim Hasselbeck former NFL quarterback. Hey Tim it's Mike Robin Troy how -- you. I'm glad you know I and I appreciate you introduced me as former NFL quarterback rather than. You know former patriots Bob all right this is do you say that and -- -- first serve -- -- -- this you know when I was eighteen days. I appreciate that and I will say most wanted -- -- future oil on the major policy saying most pundits because. I do remember what you were. Just try to make that team and exactly it evolves we have and after practice. If there will you look at my -- Amanda and I had my helmet to sparkling clean. I don't know what I would have them up Ottawa got cut a long time ago even zipped through that do receive and -- make a lot. So I never stole your -- of that your locker I think some other guys that maybe won't blow. The government give you a few there anyway so Obama. Today that that too well though -- pay wilderness you know what city. It has fought for our for an undrafted we -- after a traffic. It. Under at that these days without any ground big bag and got a whopping 50000 dollars -- son. All the little sense for up for an eight rounder out of Marshall already you. You you kept. Five percentage you do that a lot better -- -- -- so yeah. He also present it now yeah it was it was pretty good. Well use it all for it too well washed bless those -- would have found is that in the bath ballot second is by president did yeah. And by the way next time you guys he's got -- companies still owes me money. -- No real. A charge of this team Tim and I'm sure educate -- -- a local guy and this patriots -- to go to Bob -- five and three. And Troy myself a little world concerned about this rams game they go to at Wembley and just blow the doors off this rams team what did you see yesterday specifically. From the Patriots offense that scored five touchdowns to start the -- of the game in five straight possessions. I definitely think there's. And there's been talked about a lot to me it's important to have an outside receiver. And create a presence of that offense though. You know you're not relying on so much happening with less -- -- option routes to tie it and you know try to work the middle of field the way they do. Until you see the patriots in the past stride. Whether it's isolate. Aaron Hernandez to try to get -- -- -- -- that way. But obviously with him being injured that kind of got away from that a little bit it's important obviously to get. Brandon Lloyd. Involved and have him make an impact you know they thought that Chad who's gonna have a year ago and in the -- that they probably assumed it. That Brandon was gonna have. -- out by the numbers I think. I think that's really the biggest difference without offense that they can get a presence out there. And it just makes them so much more difficult to -- and when you talk about the running game. Because that to work the middle of the field. And then being able to stretch everybody you know from sideline to sideline because you have somebody back to work outside the number. Yeah well. I think random -- as far surpass what Ted Johnson both of his team last year. But Tom he still has some work to go I don't know if you saw him personally yesterday and last week. If so what what did you think of his performance last week in those type situations because we -- a big discussion. Today about. This guy has been able to the plate and got him with a play in tough situations what do you think. That's the last last week he. Last week we -- it was you know and and I think you look at them last week Italy yet he. Two touchdowns -- it to catch. In element that. But that's about it ratio but it I think you need more production out of that spot in on this particular reason that the number answer is. You know back on the football team that looked for somebody that Tom has good confidence and that can play outside the numbers and that's been a challenge for them and I think that. You went through you can get that figured out. I think that we we will see some games where teams have a good -- and the December run well they they do a good job. You know had to deal with. You know Murkowski and in Welker. And as of a double the right guy at the right time based on how the play is called that. You know we will you have offense. You know not necessarily dominate the way that you know with some -- against -- I I would say that though I am. You know I think Brady. You know made some comments about -- couple weeks ago about him it would spoil some people I think -- there's. There's some validity to that you know somebody asked his supporters -- the patriots up for Halloween what would you make up. I said I think they should go with an iPhone 5. Billy talk about the -- the -- it. Let -- -- if you don't have an iPhone 5. But I didn't think about it until that you know you can't you know SharePoint lit by a bump in the the phone together. But you have an apple -- it think also it's this way it's changed my life is that good I think that. We've just come to expect so much of the patriots the reality is the winner of football game I mean they've really -- you find holes and I'm sure you can. But they're good they're really aren't that good. Let the demo dog or Detroit novels that you -- -- of the fact of their winning football games. And but when I look at the AFC -- AFC east and AFC period. I can only think of one team right now of the Houston Texans and are probably better than they are. And I think the public going into -- along Wednesday at Peking man has he Denver Broncos. Improve in the week at the weekend the week and the defense are there is improvement to. That's going to be a problem I I have I've had a hard time kind of judging where. In doing the patriots are as far as being a superior team throughout the league now and AFC they're pretty good. What do you think about -- situations are. Not and try to figure on the money list that there's there's no question. Well when you let. Let's look at DA have seen and I would agree the most complete team is the Houston Texans. Then you look at the Denver Broncos music and the -- can continue to play like this. Start you know get some report with some of the counted you know players that he has around about there in direct -- defense. -- in. Understandably so with job -- is the head -- they're well coached group they have a lot of count on -- all that will be a good team. I don't think we can say at this point straight Denver's better than New England I think you can tell look at both those teams and in a similar fashion in terms of with the with the quarterback that they have. -- team you can say get a chance to win any game that there. And it also opt out of Houston I think you can look at the situation -- subtler pleasures and number one. I -- you're the top three teams in the AFC you would say the next two teams in that group would be the Broncos in the new in the patriot. And that you know we can -- -- we gave him -- look back to what was a week four and say well any news this better at this that's better. But I'm -- you -- this is probably as -- as anybody. It yeah it could be part of best football weeks for you be playing your best football when you get in the post season and so. With some young players on the defensive side of the ball I you know I I -- think that. It's way too early start pressing the panic button on you know where New England has been aware that everything's gonna shake out with them and in the playoffs. To impress -- -- revelations on the big BC UN last weekend. Hey I appreciate. I'm not a lot of these vacancies that are bracing myself for the BC Notre Dame just. Like you have ever hear it get -- for sandy. I'm getting ready for. Or Brian Kelly. Well you know much like the people standing in line for via iPhone 5 there there's a little concerned that some trepidation when those people. Understanding what exactly they used him in line for what the -- yet there also so so I -- -- we we've we've identified why the patriots or did. -- from your perspective of what is the -- your biggest concern that isn't gonna allow them to LeapFrog Houston Denver and some of these other teams. I said that about them in the he's I think that it at all continues to be true for them. I really don't have to learn about them off that it be great each and every week. It difficult to do that but. I don't think it I do people think it's fair that fairly did. To be worried about their offense ever people complain about the offensive line -- -- you know and I was just being critical of in terms of you know -- outside you know somebody you don't work out by the numbers and not offense. To me it's always been about defense not -- but it's been in recent memory bit about the defense. I'll obviously pass defense being an issue I've seen safeties when guys -- on the bottom look exposed. They need to generate a pass rush I really believe it's about finding a way to come up with. Impact defensive play so you look at teams that have good defense -- look at Houston Texans talk about that. We have an impact because the place whether it's accident that fumbles weather hit balls at least in receptions. You need to do that and if you can generate. You know a couple more possessions for your offense each and every week without -- cents. Then there is totally different story so -- me about -- a physical team thought about them being able to situationally run the football. It's about being able to create turnovers and have impact defense that played on that call you look at teams like the same. But the Packers that -- Super Bowls in recent memory portrayed on defense but they created turnovers they were they were game changing plays. You know created by the defense I think that's what has happened with the patriots for a -- to look at them completely differently. And and and I agreed to pacers have been pretty good don't turn over the -- that I rest well right now some mean internal would have received the division right now but you look at them. Offensively. You talk about. You know worried about our -- a little bit because. They haven't been able to close out games. No matter who was on the field Fernandez has held the whoever guards at the two -- healthy they've had different jobs on the field and they haven't been able to close them out. I know people look at that as a defense the situation. We're here in New England there used to the Tom Brady picking up first downs informant because when he has to have them and this year in close games. They haven't been able to close them out. And that's been a problem here and that I've seen with the office and not to deny good everywhere else but don't. In the fourth quarter they haven't been very good have been outscored in almost every game. In the fourth quarter this year and angles no offence to when you think about the. And let's it's certainly you hear people say that way you know the patriots. Thought they used to do is if you just step on people's throat -- that that's what they used it but you do people. I would say about them offensively. They're ranked number one in total offense -- In passing ability fifth ranked offense in the in running the football thing that ever want have been critical that about in the past to say hey. This is what we get beat by Baltimore in the post seasons were not physically -- we can't on the football. There's a fifth ranked rushing team in the NFL Russian Obama 150 yards per game -- let them offensively slot. So I look at them and that we got that I think. These guys have moved in the football mean these guys. The hope of being productive on that side of the ball. I don't know how they can be more balanced or beat -- there averaging over 440. Yards per game. The Detroit Lions -- our backs at 407. Yards per. So I mean they are. Talk about it seem like an air attack the averaging fifteen more yards in the year every single week. That's pretty impressive when you look at that regard so I think if you look at them it's about defensively come up -- -- -- -- that's another chance. Do that you. You look what happened and it giants -- tablet game yesterday to talk about four extra possessions that -- also the first -- because the total. That's difficult when you're taking about normally in the game you get about it's it's it's a twelve possession game. We'll see do we would the real problems -- a place like New York Tim ruptured going to be asked the question -- former quarterback what should the jets do Sanchez or Tebow. What direction is that -- only thing going for. Let's I think that. Nose diving in and I think this I don't popular move to go to Tim Tebow. -- have lots of but it's critical Mark Sanchez says it may be anybody. The guys around him have not played well at all to a value with -- has been difficult because. You know when he dropped back and -- values for the quarter out and the guy runs the wrong brow. You know and then you know markets you know trying to find the check down and -- in the third and everybody throwing them in chapter -- You know I look at that day -- and you know mean. We're -- shop a lot of people have confidence that I don't -- the result and he wouldn't be any different. And so I think they need to stick with him because I don't think he's their problem I would get them that basically are slow on defense. They don't have playmakers around mark. Thirteen dictate a lot of attention but they have done anything the -- there's a lot of talent. Is that it's gonna get it get worse and embassies in the long. He is what you Troy Brown called the best of the a ball boys back in the day Tim Hasselbeck joining us here Tim really appreciate the time today great insight look sort of talking down the road. -- good doctor got a good talking to you man anytime you want tickets that down memory lane and he visits it's the man I I have I have a 2002 escalade. He's ten in a pretty good man all of -- And they already thinking that for me. All I got -- put some pads in Japan limited which assured on the shoulder pad. Exactly thank thank you this men are Tim Hasselbeck good stuff with him on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three -- AT&T rethink possible. Get a break come back talked to Jeff on the sell all your -- call Sports Radio WE yeah.

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