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Gronkowski explains his touchdown dance

Oct 29, 2012|

Troy Brown, Mut, and Rob Bradford talk about Rob Gronkowski's touchdown dance and listen to his explanation for it.

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Settles with the kids. OK okay. The patriots -- the -- the -- he won seven games. No room -- crackers do. That's starting again this guarantee that the house and what it did during the panelists. Like -- sister in those students these films. It's pretty cool I give them credit Chandler told him he. They say what you want about brought that was. Genius yesterday international superstar this morning at the Q I'm gonna help overview from Nike ones lately that would just astounding to the first morning. -- like spiking of the -- better. I thought that was agreed to do that Troy. I. -- I wasn't really vivid account system and now know that there it was a running because Mikey is. When they saw -- saw -- -- in the hall of fame induction thing and I was doing a couple of things and I was younger. And is -- no -- you -- -- -- he's good distance of. Six had been a fun house pretty good -- was an advance though you know pretty good lie no matter I think -- crap the bed at this and booed. Port it was a little bit in the mine owner should never dance and into the record already got -- And what was the guy's name from the -- business. I'm mark -- and progress is Dan Perkins and as you know the standard area the bad dancing. Back to your phone calls -- Rochester talking about this patriots team good morning Eric. -- And he. Latvia the column all the breaks brought up. Forty yup Beckett BP. It's not a lot dispute in the -- and whatnot but when you thought I didn't I didn't it didn't -- About anyone but a -- to play a lot but we showed replay. If you leave the court flying from the lot of the deal. And and get their shot snapped the ball got there. We're probably keep playing it -- flag. We split loses it was that -- you are on the first and it is Derek that's down. I thank -- Harry Wilson EE suit you sit and make him for a from the left side. On their plate. That. And I'll. Seattle Seahawks game. Yet bought around I have a double move here and you look at the replay -- -- just came gently -- a missile. And you know you hit eight. You touched the ball and he wouldn't meet that goal line but I -- I was wondering if you would be playing corner back -- get that pointer. On the on the fifth ER play adding according Wilson were bolt at safety. OK it is at -- to the court you know what point does -- -- I would -- to that ridiculous. I don't all the safety and in -- currently from -- both got beat on that play they get caught up in a play action again and they got the pit pass from the top and it was well safeties get -- Yeah. And who over the cornerback wasn't a -- to mile electric covered too. -- to me in and look like they were trying to hit it McCord assuming didn't depth patient being -- while on that plate. And cinnamon in a different position to be able to -- on the ball so that was just hymns in that play from a different position a just decision ultimately he was playing the quarterback position there. And they got beat on that same place. But that's -- me right Dennehy still need to get used to playing -- and the position and Ken would be different because he didn't get enough depth on that. To be able to play -- from the top down. You know that that would -- -- have been a must do vocal. More difficult pass to complete don't want it was defeated been deepen our phone has so we do you know that a guy get behind you. When music is always GT you have to be. No matter what and got to see everybody in front. I just think he's better safety out how works out -- Arnold comes back and has helped me whether it's Gregory -- Caller brought that up earlier. You see now sample size importing cornerback according safety he looks like a safety. As guys that used to play in a position. But he definitely has us. This should be aggressive anyway covered too. But really aggressive because they know on a southeast over the day's going to be begin over the top of some epidemic of play on the football he has good ball skills and can see it. You know he just doesn't do when he has at his bag to the ball and turnaround time and you know Aiken Aiken he can -- that's that's the thing is going to be able to recognize that. He was going own study Tennessee's own most of the great save these do -- studies every single plate. The 2000 times -- day. And you know bombings he's brake and on balls before he can happen. -- according had that kind of speed those kind of indicative of -- kind of listings you'll be OK a couple things couple weeks you product Bucky Jones Vietnam yet. Similar to thank similar mean -- they moved them to save the real quick and I know because you were just so it was -- so long and lanky and he had -- -- -- he just wasn't. He wasn't built like that dialogue are Tebucky. I'm an Tebow cuts -- a book he wasn't built like those those Gaza Billick corners. He was built like more like a big safety but he was he had to -- to play corner. But -- but he had a lot of trouble. Stop an important on the brakes going to as a commodity to break the McCourt and have the same problem because topic among the break is the moment and has had a return all around them and -- -- -- and -- -- -- who have abused -- the report you know that's a problem because that's have been fixed by now so really this is followed and not I don't know but it. But it's also one of those guys and move the safety. And Manny and he was a pretty -- people like dementieva it was a what do -- a lot of things -- a gamer and -- Indianapolis when he first got on the team I think he carelessly. Marvin Harrison caught wind down a silent and the ball Tebucky Manning now we don't know Mormon to run. He ran on economy and say that -- I mean investor kind of speed. It's a you'll get -- -- according from that position. And Tebucky in the suitable -- come and knock him -- not honest and are very early and that got me knows that I had earlier that came -- handles the kind of things you need how to -- -- -- he did -- have somebody sent a message you know. As well Colombia all day long and if you can get over the top this and that mrs. -- changed the way somebody's receivers played -- some of those big plays. I think he's a better -- -- safety right now for his football team especially with all the injuries. So on a Gregory Carlsbad. You know tunnels will be permanently in the box that that would be my guess. I top -- get -- -- Derek Alvin nick all your phone call 6177797937. We're talking patriots are with a defense but Josh McDaniels or some credit for yesterday's well roster this.

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