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Boomer Esiason: Sunday was Pats' 'most thorough win of the year'

Oct 29, 2012|

Boomer calls into D&C to dissect the Patriots' 45-7 drubbing on the Rams in London and discusses how the defense is dialing it up while Brady and the offense appear to be getting back on track.

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Wake up to coffee with Boomer Esiason is brought to you by the -- surprisingly delicious -- -- -- -- just 99 cents any size and only. Cumberland farms joining us on the AT&T hotline as it does every -- are well Boomer Esiason departing -- how Mario undergrad -- good morning I guess we can table the Tom Brady is in decline conversation for at least the time being when to say. I would interpret -- pretty impressive yesterday's fix our possession. Six well five touchdowns and -- although we -- much better than that no coupons and I mean I was a lot of Washington outage thank did -- Windows 7 not the man in the most favorite target is probably going to be game. And the next moment I look up 28 it's not Hamas and what was going on here. You know it's it's unusual set of circumstances when Tom -- in the offense puts up 45. But the much maligned defense grabs a lot of the post game praise was really just a matter Belichick. Dialing up a little more plush fresh pressure and I'm bringing blitz that we hadn't seen up until yesterday. You know earlier on the agenda was a couple blitzes are like oh well actually -- yeah you know somebody must have been doing some self valuation and self -- and so you -- -- We've got to take advantage of this and got you wanna say one aspect of this game that was color clearly apparent it was like -- circle offense wasn't prepared. For whatever to know him on defense and -- of you know used to doing a lot of credit. And those are great team although. They're different people -- Jeff -- a much better team owner Jeff Fisher. I quote you know one of their best overall win of the year it was certainly. It off from a standpoint of watching it on all three phases of the game and have a date. They're most moral winner of the year especially you -- -- -- effectively as laws and especially watching you know like gronkowski become. The other guy that everybody knows yet -- -- you would like completely improper bullion. -- a boomer -- we always talk about -- on the offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels would only call what we try to do year in and what's the difference and Josh and Billy O'Brien. Is it -- -- the patriots is and Tom Brady the offensive coordinator isn't he the one who decides. Essentially how they're gonna run their offense from week to week. But we want to be thought of in the same -- is Drew Brees and Payton Manning it's a yes I think for the most port he has. There's no question that a lot of calls the line of scrimmage problem we have a lot of to -- goes with it and you know -- one of Ripley's moment for over -- hundred yards and everybody's getting involved in it Brandon Lloyd had a couple touchdowns it's pretty feet off easy but it took -- qualities you're playing quarterback. Under those circumstances so you know it is kind of -- because -- and -- you last week after we -- you guys. I've spoken to Tom Brady you're talking about how he's kind of you know made most of us. I -- kind of giddy over the fact they've been so successful since he's been there but you know that's because -- we hold them to a very hard and it. Every -- -- -- -- field that we expect in the to a Peyton Manning and go on and Drew -- and on and thrown for 300 yards on the -- whether they play defense and yes but there was one of those games -- feel a lot better about where they are today -- last week you know. And it's it's a good point watching Peyton Manning I guess it took. Half a season but last night we saw Peyton Manning at his best -- is good or better than he ever was. He's now the highest rated quarterback in the NFL and eight and a legit MVP candidate. I used a you think it may be. Did that that Denver could be there in the NFC championship game or even in the Super Bowl to this point boomer. Blood is no question I mean that they're playing so much better than a bit -- -- they got through the toughest part of their schedule a -- English amateur -- broke out yesterday reported up the schedule moving forward and I -- that they use that is going to be the whole -- field advantage in either. Brady Roethlisberger or Manning is gonna have to go in there. And beat these inspections that they wanna go to the super ball much better -- fall under the current. Set of circumstances all the teams in terms of injuries and all that stuff that goes along work. You know playing in an NFL season to me used to instill. -- TV you have to be in the in the if you forget that the Super Bowl but you know I just mentioned three quarterback and a lot of those quarterbacks can go in there and win the football game. -- a -- breakfast is one thing to have the weapons at your disposal like Tom Brady does Welker gronkowski -- her nannies when he's healthy -- so -- and so forth it's another thing to recognize them and pick up the right one at the right moment which is what Brady did masterfully yesterday. You know I've thought it was -- on yesterday when he went through is for Russians -- some guys who make quick decisions. Ball's coming out -- it was extremely accurate yesterday. -- you know the post of the week before you know it would purported mr. if you open guys and was probably trying to force the ball a little bit. I'm maybe because it was a division game on the jets -- him it wasn't quite as Buddhist. I'm sure you would like it to be or for that matter any of I don't stand would've liked it to be but yesterday. It was one of those things like Peyton Manning have last -- you know you get up you wake up exam and I hope -- make all the right decisions I hope you're right guys I hope my guys are running right routes and you know that was just yet but they also wonders for -- even without Hernandez. You know you saw it would be just looked unbelievable amount of talent they have on -- especially one with -- point as well he did yesterday. And you know their last two trips to. England has been -- whatever it was 8080 to seven or something. They just know how to do things -- they bloom when it comes to -- handling distractions handling adversity they're they're very professional and I know they complain about. You know I have to go on this trip but I think in the back of their minds Belichick Brady craft. They kinda know they have an edge when they went to exit thrown into a little bit of a little bit of a strange she is sick circumstance like it was on this trip to it to London. And I and I and I and I know that they probably could play a little bit about the triple -- -- that earned him the most popular anti union itself -- -- And that's what happens when you're popular you're successful everybody wants a piece of -- I think it comes at a mister Kraft wanted to take his team you know crossed. It'd be Atlantic Ocean to play and one that I mean you got to have an owner who gets it certainly mister Kraft gets that so. -- -- -- wood into the NFL -- Alvarado I hope that the don't ever put it he America need to put a team in Los Angeles first brought. You know in my estimation the patriots are you -- one of them did great franchises that you wanna have. You know international -- look up because they do it so well and you could do that again yesterday on the -- It would -- boomer in your backyard you rabbit to New York teams the jets and giants going in opposite directions and I might add two quarterbacks Eli and Sanchez going opposite directions. Well blunt argument it's going to it's going to be ugly down -- effective -- -- -- a lot of reasons to Andy's gonna hit us this morning and of course the checked into going to be giving us unpopular and and certainly about the whole quarterback situation but yesterday. These are about to be with distractions and knows how to handle distractions. That gets created their own distraction from last week. -- -- first that he was -- -- brought to the back page of the daily news has a full. Page picture of the people's face and they go big expose -- on in the market how many other teams in the NFL have a backup quarterback to get this kind of brought. Others kind of publicity that kind of distraction you don't -- and headline was you know. My time is coming meaning guess what more contentious talks among them appliance idea that -- the worst of all all distractions you know you don't. And it's bad enough that you know Mark Sanchez is not playing great not a lot of it is on number justification in garbage time. But it it was a disaster of of mammoth proportions yet so it took them because they're special teams teleport I was always the one part of this team. That it felt like -- he'd -- in the game and and yes that was the reason they lost the game decrypt actually played really well. You can look at the numbers and save yourself how to help the world to the defense that kept the opposing offense that these numbers. Lose a football and although we came down to a blocked punt a blocked field goal attempt. And it -- -- order interception by Mark Sanchez -- the inopportune times and Miami ran away with the. And their and their -- protector of the punt team. Had little breakdown -- -- And -- -- can be blocked the wrong guy and and of course you know now we get CBS not a color that incessantly like oh my god look who made a mistake out there. Saw a minute again I think -- count -- that this when they made the trade -- so -- the beginning of training camp -- -- -- season. It it it boggles the mind why they would -- made the trade. Why they would have paid for Tim Tebow here when it comes to football decisions one part about business decisions. An owner of meddling in decisions we're gonna dialect and you'll hear yourself some tickets for some fantasy camp I have no idea. But in my estimation they've -- -- -- in the moment they've made that trade because he created enormous distraction. And they and -- split the walk romantic creates conversation that. No team should have to deal with up in the midst of a football season and really when you look at it on paper. That's the difference between the giant that no -- -- to Green Bay Packers. Ought to Denver Broncos is that all of the upper Echelon teams in this league don't deal with nonsense like. Ironically Tebow coming in as a result of Woody Johnson wanting to steal the back page from the giants legacy as but for all the wrong reasons. That's right and and that's always the discussion down here that the charge when champions right from the and then the jets were in the back pages but. You know it is kind of -- that -- we are on the morning after World Series victory and by the can't Francisco giants. I'm going to be talking about you know ten people on the quarterback situation for the jets and -- on nearby and that's going to be two weeks of this -- and I can't even imagine. I'll look at Japan is going to be like today and what he's going to be like for the next. Fourteen days before the jets get back out of. What will will Rex gets fired at the end of the season. I you know that's toward -- -- -- I don't think so I think that when you look at this football team and you look at you know the people that they have honesty men. The fact that it lost resistance Santonio Holmes. Obviously plays a big factor in what's going on here but. You know I think people gonna analyze the roster get a look at you know what might -- about the general manager has gone with. Other players around Mark Sanchez and whether or not they were really bring in the best out in him and I disorders don't have to be played out. But I do believe that dipped to -- C championship games and last four years. Basically putting based on the franchise that in and do award for overall the big picture thing epic works fine for the really good job here. Able Maria you touched on the spot like you elaborate or discuss the difference of going into a bye week with the embarrassment that the jets go in as opposed to a 457. Just best game of the year that the patron to taking their time out. Our modern adult relative what the guys they -- wonderful you can you know -- that big just basically shut the whole thing down for seven days until the regular from each other get away from football. Go look at your mind on other things and of course we're working candy coming into New York this morning right. You know you want them to be with their families and everything outside it was the right move for him on the other side. For Bill Belichick -- and his team and Tom Brady and everybody else that they've got to feel just actually you know typical pick where they are right now especially after. I'll last week kind of sputtering performance against the jets to do what they did yesterday against Saint -- make everybody feel that much better when they come back in two weeks. What Hernandez hopefully healthy involved and help the EP UPD get back Mexican Americans LP now all of a sudden you know he had he had everybody. Already built for hopefully a second half run through them they'll put them. You know war you know -- it's obvious -- but I also -- you know the Miami Dolphins yesterday especially defensively were pretty impressive. Room and then -- zone -- -- officially we checked that we check on this every week. They officially the second best team in the AFC east. Your absolutely right now they are understand -- -- we're a nation feel that way about themselves. Against Russell did a great defense was pretty good yesterday. -- they want what they're backup quarterback Matt Moore. But -- -- a lot of passes but didn't make any mistakes and certainly. You know coverage -- yeah I -- about the dolphins win yesterday. Just because there's just something not this not something not right within -- the New York Jets in the structure of the team waited he was applying. I don't think -- have a lot of confidence in their future this year especially. So this is clearly the second best team and it's these. -- -- impulse in your mind in your opinion is it impossible to fire a coach in mid season and contend that mean we look at Norv Turner. I mean he's a Dead Man Walking Jason Garrett probably not gonna survive. The end of this -- why not make a move now -- is it just too complicated complex. You know he -- -- yeah that's related question I hate you know what we always they always ask me unfunny it was getting fired and I guess you know it's pretty inevitable that there are at least can be five firings at the end of the year. I the only reason you would fire guys if you feel like you know he just totally incompetent that he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm on the Apple's about to those teams to know whether or not the players would stop but -- knows that watching both both can. Yesterday's San Diego Cleveland with more current and -- -- Jason Garrett with the giants the cowboys. You know those pins were in the game well late into the game ball teams had chances to win the game. And you know if -- were not perk up sore. You know those bright figures coming out of bounds and -- were talking over the point about. You know where those two coaches -- that a committee. You know the jets the way that they played throughout the last four weeks. Is more warming than either of either one of those two teams in the way that they. I'll play a team that you can and in that flunks the test that you just laid out its Kansas City -- and had a lead in regulation yet this year and forget the Coleman was as -- soma will cut somebody was -- point not it was will comfortably. They just they gave up on -- half the time. Half the plays you have the scoring plays that just gave up and show you guys not even pursue in the play. That's absolute cameo Skopje always in trouble out there to disabuse all the rumblings that we hear our insiders come back without the palace with the -- going on out there. I don't have you know actual factual evidence but it's. It if you ask me -- you look at that means that that is clearly it beat the number one the decision bring back counselor turned out to be an unmitigated disaster for them. Our number two you know the fact that they haven't had a lead in the game this year. It's unbelievable like you know it's hard to even believe that the team would be that inept. And number three. I think that the whole thing at the end of the year whether or plant Paloma electorate partner 08. Is a mark so I've got to believe that the ownership out there. It is going to be looking at this product is going to be seeing how many people or -- disgruntled and not coming to games. Probably listened to sports talk radio read the newspaper out there that that whole Rasheed now there's going to be in trouble by by the content DB ended the year answer. At the other end of the spectrum you have -- -- the Denver Broncos and I know you touched on Peyton Manning but isn't it interesting that both guys end up going places and and their management and the organization. Are are happy about that a quarterbacks they got in terms of luck and Manning. While without question and I had to look at it might slow this quarter comeback yesterday and well it's not going to be pretty good -- the rookie American and we saw a lot of mistakes in the game didn't but. You could see that he has the the intestinal fortitude that it takes. Of the fight for all these different things they want -- afford ousted shocked about mother had coached. Became sick and deep concerns a lot of credit for that their defense came up with big play after big play yesterday late night game. So you know kudos to those guys -- you know Peyton Manning what he's doing here you know the whole thing after we want what all you saw all the balls inside the numbers the all they can -- passes. Everybody about a lot last -- anybody has watched the last four weeks. There -- a lot of balls that he's drawn down on the field. And the you know he would finally got that whole team that you could seat. What a great quarterback can do to a group of guys pretty much the same guys that were there last year and will keep a level everybody's plate and the expectations. That he has -- on the field and those guys living up to a talk earlier I think the more I think about Eric that currently objective -- and Mike. -- Willis McGahee looks like he's yelled twice pictures all right Carnell out all that is due. To playing football hall of fame quarterback who right now at least Natalee while maybe not physically maybe 95% mentally he's at the -- is -- And it's sort of the opposite the Cam Newton is in terms of leadership and in an in galvanizing guys behind you. -- it is you know and that's. It was kind of urged the guys you know oil -- probably too -- compared cam -- post game press conference about it Drew Brees and after it won't have lost either -- and -- And I -- -- Olympic break. And executed dire counted down attitude. That camp had compared to true -- you know part of playing quarterback in this week is doing with the adversity becomes all about you every which way -- -- Mark Sanchez is basically down in the dumps right now would mention Tony -- down in the dumps right now. Cam Newton is going to be down in the dumps especially yesterday you know he fumbles the ball you recover for a touchdown the -- -- an interception that was returned for touchdown because was. -- -- slept all that comes back to the quarterback. That quarterback's gotta stand tall guy that big shoulders while you can be down in your post game press conference that you lose. You could not be slow down even adversely affect your entire roster of the coaching staff the ownership and of course sure fans. So I did not he came after yesterday's -- in the morning. I want some of the highlights and some of the comments that he made but hopefully he's learned from his mistakes here -- will be a much. I sorry I saw the post game he was say and all the right things he knows somebody has. I actually thought he handled. The comment that one -- made this week about the racial issues and all that other stuff I -- we actually handled those extremely well. A did not want to get caught up all of that and -- it was a bomb apparently too much national and everybody's family answered these questions because you're asking -- them. I really thought he showed great maturity this week. Our final question from me how much BC abuse did you get from gutter this weekend. I it is within -- sitting in the hands on in the student section -- the whole game right and Maryland on their fourth quarterback who by the way got hurt my game and now marijuana has no quarterback actual. Couldn't. It's actually do okay east plant okay. And you know -- frustrated because you know -- pretty much has believe the whole game and also on the last drive the police start standing up -- starts -- and I noticed that there were my -- once upon in the midst of all the students faculty. Yeah well the good news is that you gave costs messianic contract extensions and get -- next time -- yeah they don't pay I just wanna get that record your MVP at the halfway point will vote and give me your MVP coach of the year. I would let Matt Ryan and Mike Smith I mean they're undefeated they're -- -- -- game yesterday then I do believe that. If -- -- can continue to play like they've that they are playing and if they can get should be devastated fifteen and 114 into or even sixteen and now. That he's got to beat the odds on favorite for. For MVP but you know you look at what Peyton Manning's doing your record Tom Brady's stormed those guys will all be in the discussion because we still have a harmful. -- what about Tebow he hasn't had his chance yet. Maybe he'll get his chance you know I doubt it although Rex said yesterday. The markets as quarterback you know. You -- waved a Mark Sanchez has got to be benched is that would reach out and goes and narratives guys we don't have a chance but at least give people a chance it would take ownership to do that because a big football people recognized. The better player is Mark Sanchez. Are over if you go outside that it puts a rocks in your pocket be safe. -- -- -- -- documentary -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Monday -- has been brought to you by Cumberland farms DCU digital federal credit union and but little birdies on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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