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What hurricane? D&C breakdown the Pats

Oct 29, 2012|

John and Gerry open the show with Jen Royle in tow by looking at the overreaction to Hurricane Sandy. It's not a Patriots Monday, but they guys still discuss the Pats beatdown of the Rams in London on Sunday afternoon.

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Your fish also Jerry potter and -- also -- ago yeah yeah I have. That it was sold at a canned meats I was look at that doubles and I was -- yeah. During the storm with all the time but during the storm. Obama staples his bills and your story yesterday and grocery store now but I drove by a couple wouldn't just outrage and it was war what war. Water left in super stoppage I think I'd rather run out of gas. -- -- -- -- -- blindly behind ten cars for gas -- consists storm you know like eight of them have records -- -- wanna kill him pumped gas used to drive me nuts you'd. Put opinion it would click and that was wrong via the new rules the gallery off -- -- just want to top it off. -- I wonder about to -- and punched him in the -- top it off with like a gallon. You have I don't think you get twenty gallons and yeah. And you think somehow that a gallon is gonna get you through the that -- driving all afternoon like a pleasure to -- and you get your goal each rushed or is it. And if you have three quarters attack you got enough gas to go like 300 mile. -- Don't -- it's going to be like. Arm begins with with Matthew Broderick and trying to get -- waived that right in the jet right spaceship into the evil. You know. That doesn't -- -- and net and ending and -- that long line evacuating the city in the country maybe you ought to Maine in the wilderness the picture in that. We need to load up my wife went to the store and depictions of people who -- pictures of idiots who just carts full of bottled water. Like and I have to she was I mean -- -- and -- says -- -- deal -- And would be comfortable in the cases of -- and good. And better at least get batteries I didn't know him music -- batters and -- and watched the news in the hateful and oh Politico. I know. You know nothing worse or pattern on the wrong with the storms from his post a cup. War that let's get your TV news I wasn't shortly. I watched an episode Deval Patrick. Tell Maria -- batteries and and water he noticed he said don't drink the toilet water well did you see that I don't -- this. -- figured. He'd lived dangerously you know he's on the -- got a -- -- eleven image about you what you want a press conference just the sound of trying to say what you sign it was it was the funniest thing I mean I've seen -- and this he's just there for comic relief right that -- the next -- battery -- yeah. And as you see animated. Isn't he was like -- facial expressions of -- I put the wind blows ago. It was comical and I asked this question on Twitter -- elegant and answered most people have closed captioning. Yes so why is there. Now just for fun just just one or two or shall now just for fun he's you know no one has the guts to turn them away. He shows up -- sell. Which -- it paid for that. I'm sure yet of course -- state employee. Probably makes 250000. A couple of updates for it yeah. But he shows up. And they they want the wanna break in those -- yeah I mean it is -- -- -- -- -- He would be a -- to crush if you told us all the deaf people have closed caption yet. And he he would be a -- the god knows what he would do so it's. That is like highlight of his life is reason for me he's not signing he's performed. If he is set so. Abuse and believed in me. Animated if you sign -- swear. It would have been the guy the guy like structures rule would have any idea correct right to be squared off and so I go. In and he'd do equipment it laugh at -- I I think they should he he's he was funny and it's. Governor comical one too in the governor -- -- of -- beam of this to sound tough. -- mean we like to have a voice like. Like. It was his voice be comparable to Richard Simmons keep -- yeah yeah it's hard -- sound like right in short yes and I think this is fair. Unsettling picture of GOR idea when your your -- -- that. Question for you what did you find more surprising yesterday. The fact that the Patriots defense played as well as they play them. There extenuating circumstances in double -- Brady in the patriot offense carried that made it easy for the the deepest and punch up but it is easy that's an exemption. That's an easy job when your team is -- points and pro. In Stephen Jackson's and a persona -- rotten. Useless to them come. And with the giants. We never see this come and receive common when these two teams in the two. Groups in his and I believe. Number -- as recently at least the last three years with the underdog. Prevails because the favorite is pass the favorite trying to heal us expecting yes yes and and it doesn't really affect. Football as much of basketball all week and you know run in basketball league at some dunks free throws an easy shift momentum you can just -- on defense and sooner or later the the pressure. Is can nullified in this case it -- you know you if you don't hit in game one. The pressure bill -- -- an -- and when Miguel Cabrera struck out two. Looking to and the World Series on the fastball down the middle. You know that giants you know I was a little comfortable by the giants all -- field and jumped on each other celebrate. I don't think his feel should've been out there and I know he was happy that he didn't have to hit again. As he was on deck but currency mean you shouldn't be part of the celebration. It was one for fourteen. In this series that's a lot is the old 71 -- and by the end he was swing and a miss about eight inches. And Cabrera never ever take that pitch in July. August or even in the ALCS that was World Series pressure. Mess and what is it just. Just take us back to the conversation we've had. Almost every single year and I think we had last week as well. About the vagaries of baseball I mean Mike Cilic and his head in his hair right when scientists and put this team together and assembled and who didn't think. They were the favorites going into this who didn't think there were a team of destiny who didn't think based on their come from behind wins and probably just. -- almost over the edge of the cliff and had a fingernail on the side of the people themselves back up won some games against a couple of other series cardinals and reds. When the -- -- say berliners gonna blow away and Cabrera is gonna blow away in Prince Fielder is that right happened Burleigh. And another good example what I got lots of expectations and they -- onion -- clutch. Pitcher clutch player you've got to the ultimate expectations you're supposed to win the World Series and by the way exposed to win he's right. It got the Verlander it got Cabrera they sure did get to Prince Fielder and it trickles down if you're a tiger. And you're all year Cabrera has been caring yet and to a lesser extent fielder you look at up of fielded just within -- We -- four strikeouts seem like more. For field the six for Austin Jackson mean you'll look and at these six k's in four games and look at it in Austin Jackson buried these other guys are looking at. Your leaders and the choke him. And you go oh my -- they can't do I can't do it -- -- -- to carry us meet Mickey is supposed to carry us next year I want -- reckless and a pick in the underdog. Because they play looser it happened last year with the cardinals. And the Rangers up in the before the giants in the Rangers the Rangers had the big guns the Rangers had the in the yeah -- of the big names they -- the favorites and the giants and the cardinals and the giants again. Just going to play -- nothing to lose but much looser. And that matters in baseball doesn't mean as much in other sports do you. When it was over for the Yankees and the Yankees really wiped out of the playoffs. Win win their shortstop their leader they are guys they are captain Jeter went down with a broken ankle Ellison all. And the same thing but not a medical kind of way it happened the tiger when Verlander got his ass beat -- want. Same type of thing what can break a cycle but he may or may as well apple. And what did the goal become let's get another star -- for indirect well what about those games in between fellas you got to win those two we have some pretty good pitchers. Pro one or you know for you guys until you get to have Verlander. You -- and you're going home in the go home. Here's the other thing happens there you go home and it it's nice to get the cheers but the pressure doesn't know alleviate though you still. Have the X -- is watching you fail you're supposed to hit more your home and then they stop pressing I couldn't believe the other night the third game. How many bad pitches they swung at stupid. And good players too. Fielder Cabrera these guys were just flailing at pitches out of the strike zone. Pitchers they wouldn't swing -- If it weren't World Series pressure and the giants knew they were pro and -- in the dirt they were thrown balls outside the strike zone the tigers tried too hard I tried too much. And to a certain extent does this leave at least a semi permanent market. On you if your fielder if you're Miami in -- because he's he's he's so great. But doesn't say a lot about people who have all these expectations and rise to occasion the bradys and the Montana's the world much is expected of them and they perform. It's a -- man to win win win an entire team is looking you'd Justin Verlander or Prince Fielder or or or Cabrera and you're failing. I I guess to get to the next level and be one of the you know sporting you morsels you have to have it that got those kinds of expectations. That kind of regular season performance and that trance and it really is always -- advantage of friendship and. And they -- -- they want 88 games and tigers didn't have a great regular season and this is not this was not a great season that say what they want. We knew that we 88 games and you make it through the -- -- obviously but then you just fold. In the in the World Series you can't look back to win a hell of the year he didn't and it is a good point. When I saw these two teams line up -- I don't know outfielder. But I thought Cabrera was good he looks so relaxed and loose and I thought Verlander there was no dominant was -- derail him about those two guys would come up big. Able this at the -- able spit the bit and when when they spite spit the bit. Other guys other pitchers other players' skills that wander in and maybe this is and you hit 159. And I believe that didn't break the record the announcers were talking about the modern day record. Some team forty years ago at 140 and they were close they added 159. OB -- to. 43 Iceland to 46 as a team and that included a wind blown pop up for a home run from Miguel Cabrera last night. To get him in the game and as Red Sox fans probably expected that went to bed the probe expected giants win Schuett -- delivered the game winning candidates. Plus 77797937. It is a patriot Mundy Tom Brady making travel arrangements to get back to Boston will join us tomorrow but Esiason. Is always here even though New York City is getting the beginning parts of sandy or the fault lines and talk -- -- report or break. If the commissioner called Robert Kraft in a couple ways -- -- would like to play in London next year if they say yes. Yes yes well he said we play any time we just don't wanna be the home team X which is how I did know you could do that. Make that deal yet and secondly -- he is he serious -- is he pandering says it's time for a team in London. This is pandering right now I think -- right I think that's the that. That that's the the company line that's a silly thing overheard global expansion Jerry that is the silliest thing I've ever heard them Berlin. And then -- then well know Tokyo and -- the world we could see that the fans really were. They really grass yeah are being diminished it was gonna yet they still trying to figure out why you know -- didn't jump on that punt. It rolled that includes the it is I don't craft as it is and and good -- for him in the league wants most that you want to think your interest in London. There's no way in our lifetime -- alone here's a stat for you and I will explain it's significance when we come back in ninety seconds opened full -- with you eighty. To fourteen. Will be right.

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