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Patriots dominate Rams in London - Breaking down the win - The Real Postgame Show

Oct 28, 2012|

Butch Stearns and Fred Smerlas break down the Patriots huge 45-7 win over the Rams in London.

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Red zone possessions Clemens a second doubtful yeah. 530 there. -- for the 45 yard line is David Wilson. The rookie from Illinois Kellen Clemens. -- the traffic and he got burned the -- -- turn it over with 125 ago. Rams radio on a college that -- Wilson. Interception at the end there the patriots. Seal the deal 457. They beat the St. Louis Rams your phone calls. At six on 777979837. Here on the real post game show. The real post game show is brought you by -- natural casing -- now the official Franken sausage of the New England Patriots -- five in three. Going on patriots look that -- -- -- your favorite grocery. Can't celebrate something or Freddie were celebrating a thumping. Over the rams and the patriots are five and three I think the main question to ask. -- go to the calls. For -- use him for. You'd think -- even a bit of the record we thought they'd have after eight games that they're pretty much today heavenly Daria thought that you went up. What would they had to have improved slightly improved defense because they do have more speed they get to the ball better they controllable pressure on the quarterback. -- jones' big upgrade and cutting him playing now and have. So in all of -- -- offensively. Their -- team and although there's group team is they were lashes offensively if when that clicking. And that it's like is that most teams can't click at that level could you have the great quarterback you have a great coach they have a stud Qaeda and have a group slot receiver. Right we have another decent receiver if you have some running backs now which -- can put some distance between them the -- in the in the first down -- so. They they have a balanced team and they have the quarterback that keeps them on the heels so they have the backdrop for them when to run the ball now the play action pass works brought up. So I do going down the road they could go to one of those runs were the first drop the entire season without laws. So when you say they have a slightly improved defense. A -- desert numbers don't really reflect -- but I I think they definitely don't reflect I think the interception they have some they have the journal takeaways they force a lot of turnovers yet -- All -- team conversion on the ball -- speed hit the ball. -- letting. You know of the defense of backs obviously a space all over the place but it's one unit you know this. In 11 part of that unit breaks down but making the mistake of not doing it or if you're resolved would talk last week. As you have resolved and sometimes or to run resolved you run to the end the result box and then it switches to the next area we're going for the safety. If one guy screws up what did -- the whole thing looks bad but it's not bad is that it actually looked sometimes on TV. But because you have guys that can -- did it just not playing. The same page that's the big downside this team right now. The ineffectiveness of the people of the defense of backs and linebackers. Is that offices including coverage but that hopefully -- from bellowing out improve with them. Getting on the same page and not do it looks like there's a lot of confusion out there there's -- who -- with DBs today butchery. But I agree though so I agree as far as the. I'll temper what you said just a little bit -- a -- goes far to say after eight games of the season that they do have. It's slightly improved defense -- that they've shown signs. I'm having a slightly improved here's what I mean if you take the body work Freddie. The fact that they're 53 a big part of them being five and three. In the offense not being able to you don't want for six reds on Seattle close games at the end has been the fact that they still lead the league -- -- huge place. As despite they've shown signs of games like the rams buffalo. And even Tennessee on the opening week of playing together as unit tackling their flat putting pressure is on a quarterback when you take the body of work. They're right where they were last year where they -- know at the end of the year played their best football as a defense to get to the Super Bowl let's see what they do about it you know with few. But I don't think I don't think I slightly improved yet I think they've been -- -- we. So on down the stretch -- the start -- repressed man while a lateral -- men and stuff who plays some linebacker blitz him blitz royal heights house out there. Spikes is forty years he's a defense -- -- to crush people that -- who puts him a lot more people in the back real. You know you got Jones -- who who was talented young man that's come along has. This is out of six sacks this year they have you know he's a tough guy hole plays well with his hands Wilson OK -- and I mean. They've got great that -- -- but Wilson shall size also self. But the speed to the ball and in -- at this point right now. Bit of a -- really guys -- you know -- who is the outstanding play another house recovery -- was overturned but he was our -- flashes of -- consistency and -- the offense -- They shot themselves before by Tom throwing the ball you know good to have been a potential grounding. Loss of ten seconds or loss of three point. Anatolian deception were on the on the and on the six yard line document points on -- -- you don't happen. Those mistakes your office Mary but. Right now this team. Most people thought what you wouldn't -- you to go that younger -- to be great anyway. But like they haven't quit they go for original ball and they're pulling out there today they had a couple bit of decent plays -- -- improved as the pros as the game progressed I was going right to the phone to the real post game. -- six on 777979837. At 617779. 7937. Joint French Burleson Butch Stearns escorted Jimmie and -- -- -- the patriots smoked the bloody rammed that smacking game. Over in London with team -- that. OK Jimmy you have to Ian Roberts or something else but I didn't. The other in a very good today a rams will we're we're lost I think there were they world. Mesmerized about profits went up enough field and it you know -- after a couple of touchdowns. And not have a stop Tennessee and -- grants review when while running around and -- big -- they should throw that figured out and we want to park. That guy's elbow and people on the ground in the adults especially wanted to -- 35 to seven but when you're watching the game recently so I was gonna drop in the end of practice he's been felt like that it's criminally. This -- has refined his entire salary he should work for them to question about -- Freddie guys like. Guys that have been quote unquote voted in called dirty players -- things they have in common a level of dirty it's in my opinion. Is that there's always a little extra after the whistle right there's a -- Rodney was always like that. I would imagine those guys when you're playing on the field for all the years to play in the NFL when -- on your team. You respect -- but -- -- suddenly crossed the line a little bit when they're against your team they're pushing the envelope and I like -- Did it and nodded and you know I've done my share of Jim some guy and I would never took her to a group. But what do guys -- the ground. In Indian premier is Bradford extra Shaughnessy and what. I liked that guy does consistently over always special game's evolved to a point where now. People do that are -- fine no discussion was which he set whizzing in the list of guys confining and an NFL he has. He has absolutely the most the dirty player I've -- you're -- to -- Harrison down at Philadelphia. This is always told him poke at him -- of pull a face mask she was pushed him while his face -- of the respiratory thing about it right it if you let that go on to -- -- get paid to do something besides look up blow the whistle. They need -- crack down upon. Six on 77790850. Pounds or fifteen Diego -- 67779. 7337. Freddy got me all messed up. Final out of browns beat the chargers seven to 61 mishap that's not a game three of the World Series -- 76. The browns beat the chargers are -- that that game against the bronco. But the chargers. Went pay -- swallow. That that was -- -- -- Not that that expose of what the and they realized what the and the playing like -- out. Let's go through some of the big plays in this game Freddie and think it'll lead us to some talking points about what -- -- -- -- the ball was the was the patriots. It will respond the big drive by the rams. They're get rims -- -- shows like that they get rolling they said they put up some dodging of some people. But when the patriots office came about and answered and answered and answered and answered. That's look at anyone else jacked up the rest of today so on the first drive when Bradford comes down they don't put any pressure army drops back to pass. And Chris givens -- believes is name comes over the middle nobody touches them as you said. And he goes out and outside of the -- that the point of the -- in jail was denied an -- and at the safety in game of a double bull and then the safety. Was coming -- that it agers smoke by him in -- and I was -- you know beside the covered through. He was able reacts. Ask yourself as if they -- special happens on the first drive. How can this happen over and over and over again when you look at the play to break it down and you saw the aerial view the height you know coaches. UV you sought according made the red -- but he made it too late so we got beat he also -- that the other safety team on Wilson. Made a little bit on the first stakes with a double move worked on him. But he can't radio like if -- -- how many people said this week nationally through the rams want to just keep their largest phone felt you know why. But because -- they're not gonna bide our time -- time ago what's gonna happen on the first try first drive comes out. Right nobody GA as a receiver he runs flying off the line of scrimmage he -- -- -- -- inside -- is next. I got me that mentally as a defense of guy while on third in I think that was third for. But why aren't -- Jim has always depends on the coverage -- whatever you know we look at -- but we don't know what the coverages. So -- five dad's off Pedersen Jim about a guy gets a free run and a couple plays later they do gentle and rotate the safeties are also changeup. The kind of covers their running. According to you know what happened to -- that. -- about and they're expecting a look created different look. He has to hold abolish its act that's what happens later on -- he's holding the ball over to get to looking Ottawa's number seven days changed up -- You know so they didn't let our job of the -- -- that was actually first intent the third that you they gave the ball Stephen Jackson got a first I pick -- up the line quickly. The -- first and ten so so they put but it team is looking to go deep at that point. Get that first down and you're looking to take a shot deep date after the rams why aren't you taken a shot deep early and -- are you saw no Wilson from. Seattle -- those putts those balls at the -- of the ball disappearing pastel -- -- -- -- they saw the route to outdoors with the worst passing operative fell. And let's take a shot that would got to cover two we got man coverage over here. Let's let's let's puppet they did it and it worked. But politics -- are also masters coverage from the same look at general throw the ball what happens. He eats it does the coverage -- to Brady comes right back out gets the gets the ball after a job who and a half minute drive for a touchdown. Com five plays eighty yards to 35 Saint Louis seven nothing. Like OK time to watch Brady go to work any does. He -- settlement for eight yards incompletion then he gives it to Ridley he goes up the middle when he goes to welcome for six yards then. Any would head for 24 yards he's got the rhythm going driving and on the field Ridley runs for nine yards. And then Ridley is stopped for no gain and then Brady in the red zone. To Brandon Lloyd on third in one. Third one in the red zone nineteen yards out that's the time that's a good call for all the criticism that Josh McDaniels has gotten. That's the time Freddie would nineteen yards behind you not ten. That you got a little room there that you either get that first coming if he misses that how's your criticized for making that call. Because -- do I needed one yards for the first but instead you go for the gusto but -- -- -- -- rams have taken the same thing. They need to yacht together for a -- miracle that why you -- that -- a play action pass always. First down for the one delegates get eleven guys -- Alaska over to defense and your run out right. Suppression get a touchdown sought patriots read that correctly and made the right column in my and we I don't doubt that Brady. Today I thought he looked a little bit the last couple weeks if you watched him in the pocket when the pressure -- -- even even that offensive line defense of -- offered to -- But near them. All right so another quick break and we're back with more 61777979837. This is the real post game show brought you -- -- natural casing francs. The official Franken sausage -- England patriots look for the Campbell box at your favorite grocer can't celebrate something. -- the cool he may sneak. They get the marine. Toward full. You guys. I like drive. This is the real post game show earlier WEEI rock -- back -- natural casing francs. They are the official frank -- sausage of the original patriots on which turned French -- alongside. Card you look -- -- blue box at your favorite grocer. Can't celebrate something that call on -- radio was the patriots touchdown to put them up for good start of the second quarter Freddie. It was the culmination of a nine play 84 yard drive was -- about it. As we just gave the patriots credit for going forward on third and one goal for the gusto and hitting nineteen yards from the nineteen dominant third one Brandon Lloyd. I was fourth in one. From the one yard line and Brady if you remember when you watch the game if you didn't have a chance folks to watch it right when they ran a play right before that the play that they ran was. -- would head up the middle. And it before you -- Brady turned the sidelining gave -- into the 14. -- -- let delegates are seven guys that what turned -- to deposit ribs then again when a team it's 45 to seven you say while your overstate these things but at that point. Point in the game Brady I think knew it was important to go Ford in fourth one and converted. Which Shane -- after wooded couldn't get in that that was a key points and. Have a propensity to do posting so you know excuse yourself wrong but what the the patriots to last couple weeks it was said that when we lost those games -- war. Offense wasn't finishing the office didn't close it out. Belichick got California I don't want three points are all be up ten -- -- a fourteen and I wanna establish my office -- I think yet -- -- -- game. It was I guess so they were gonna have yet yeah that was ever -- time. It he said -- golf for a if there's reestablishing. The dominance of our office. Not that I liked it a if it doesn't get that teens jacked up and we'll -- mistake and you defense doesn't that if they don't get it. -- 99 yards and scored a -- I. I think -- dollar faith in his office received more faith in his office -- if they if they do get the ball back there will be a good drive down there again. I think that he really gets in situations. And wants to set the tone that was a tone set out things about faces top defense could be right I think is setting the tone here we come. And ended in that there whatever after that Iran fails maybe. There are rolls case it rolled around it will be at Ford drives in the first half he was such a great product you -- that there is headed ruling their minds. Let's go to the phone 6177797937. -- the real post game show Michael. He's in Florida Michael as the weather where you are. -- -- -- -- I actually down below seven integration that could really where you where -- in Florida or do you just built were obviously not in this apple. You're in the -- and it's. Yeah and west but not a pro -- he's always seemed like you want the playing any any judgment second you made in the secondary. I'll call for. Example a crucial player but a watcher person -- -- -- -- -- You know I think that all the big biggest organized. There are all great athletes all of them can run fast jump high right there all stronger all the best of the best if it were to get a group together. Sometimes at all -- mentioned this earlier on this is a young group. Everybody -- you know -- -- it sold out they played pretty good and that the kind of fell -- it's not that based bank individually can't run it. They -- pages get a get a better feel for each other get on the same page and talk better understand the concept to what he wants you don't. And they can measure drew a pretty good group of all the going to be great. All their instincts that but they can. We're way above what they played or your report Michael seems to be that our marquis is call there with a young defense with a defense that needs some players to step up in the secondary. When a guy starts make -- place he should get more opportunities. You know -- it's it's kind of worked out pretty it dilution as opposition to interior. -- You can lose your recipe you can lose your position and sports overall with the patriots -- the. Well yeah well I'm talking of course from what you got knocked out but yet to. Anybody can lose a lot that's a fallacy anybody to lose a job to -- the guy that takes your place outperformed -- Then you lose your job. What I'm saying people don't like that I'd advocate almost academically and the school -- Utah shot at 5050 yard. I'll play you didn't say oh you're -- -- All we did Alia and I called butcher users got the pizza probably nicer this just you don't it was a save player they split the safety of the -- throughout write down. Let me update chatter on the air Q -- this stuff I'll just open they will eat at a game like distraught by. I agree and I also don't ever agree that when they did have the but the officer down school order that would down again and it's a one out of school it just felt something differently around him. There's so much like about this game not the not the fact that it came back from that you know first programmes Burkle and chat. And that. -- it didn't just you know go back to the change up that dorm EC game after game actually put that not all that the pedal to metal -- and the Camelot that. That's a pretty good we looked up the stats of Miami in this team lost 1470. That held Miami broader variety they had 3470. -- -- so they dep capable. There's the but the patriots -- -- more tipped bullets other teams to -- points available so Michael do you agree with Fred that despite their record of five and three which we didn't inspected after eight games when that they're pretty much the team we expected. Yeah but what it'll -- out. I watched how are for. Those lives -- totals are going it's not not the embassy. Got it to the kicker and we're all gone except for you know few moment. They get a touchdown called back it's a revenue missed nearly all the all going to -- -- I don't think -- secondary you know and -- technical avoid. Bryant Park each coal -- more chance. Hi Michael thanks for the call I might hate appreciate the fact that -- -- 617779. 7937. Jonas in the real post game show shall Freddie are up fourteen to seven. The defense comes back out the rams have the ball now. You started 7UP -- with -- fifty yard play come down score come down to -- what to help patriots out of punched. All right that was that was big the big count but -- that won it twice. But the second time they opera program okay so now the original -- opera got another -- get the ball. Our start the second quarter up fourteen to seven Bradford comes out gets a first down. A couple of penalties. Arm fumble. Recovered by Ninkovich -- by mark he's cold and Michael was just bring -- up it's overturned. So what they pump balding one thought it was really -- -- right patriots get the ball their own 22 yard line Brady. Goes nine plays 78 yards and now again third down in the red zone from the seven. He finds. Rob Gronkowski. In the red zone on third -- Yeah takes the snap. Settles at the fifty. It sounds really good. The patriots about the negative. When he -- seven game. Gronkowski gets what do you outside of so on koskie gets the touchdown. 217. Against third seven in the red zone -- that's what they didn't do against Seattle in so many teams you'll see there's which you know -- down. In a third down -- very cautious and editor -- down. Almost -- more liberal -- don't see the team go on a 34 guidelines -- Fourth down. 03 down one -- diver who fought down. They'll put the ball. The paper to show all their aggressiveness of their debt for instance recipe what I liked about that touchdown right back to the cause is not only that it was third and seven not only that he threw it. Into a tightly covered gronkowski to his shoulder but drilled it in there he knew we wanted to go to ground. But in that drive -- had a 32 yard catch ground and a seventeen hours straight here you've got a guy going well and that I mean that's you do. You know you can't get criticized for thrown in there but you go to your play makers and essentially putting -- goals. The gamble all of them -- house -- experts have what is giant reach accord should cover of Simms -- to cut comment about. You play these guys in to watch repealed and then to play him on the field you don't realize how athletic -- In house swapping and -- can point -- -- we're all those things click it. How to stop. -- -- You know. -- it would with execution speed and athletic schism and what don't -- with gutsy call like that when they're on a roll it's unstoppable let's go to Ivan in Dorchester who stronger cut off for having your back. Yeah you don't rent and I'm and I go -- a pretty good -- I a couple courses. You don't need to take you should have been all that area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You could point to the game did a lot of it would they would not pick via net and recorders out because it would block the ball a little bit more because -- So I don't wanna play your game if they could be eight know what what would that mean what's the difference which. Okay I've gotten -- Obama particularly eager to -- -- we will -- -- -- likely to smoke a blunt believed. A three year old I believe so this a -- up and up point you're right. It would make you different zero point you know on local -- -- Richard Jefferson believed by the lead by one in the event which question I've. And a question about. -- court he admitted doubts that we I can't remember it now what about the patriots -- Our Barbara I haven't thanks for the call -- take another break the real post game show brought to you by Kim natural casing francs. The official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots it's spread Soros and which starts on the real post game show look for the Campbell box that you're favored grocer. Can't celebrate something. You don't really does give players a lot of credit this week was. You know a tough game against the jets and it's kind of quick turnaround you know we moved everything up arms and it was really kind of a short week course. Can a long way of thought they really they're really did a good job of preparation. And they executed played very well there is so. So emotionally I think probably our players perform best and give them all the credit on world. And of itself. Couple tough weeks here it you know the Seattle trip administrative. They didn't hear the letter affectionate just took care of business and and -- play good solid football himself. Looking forward to. You know get a few days of expressed here -- you know turn our attention to the buffalo. -- -- -- Little background. My relative to him. I don't know. I did -- the patriots win their -- -- the F 457. Over the St. Louis -- too late games going on right now book the road teams have a six nothing lead that would be the giants. In Dallas. Against the cowboys and the raiders in Kansas City against the chiefs. Both teams leading six snapping although the giants are in the red zone right now after Tony Romo. That interception Evelyn -- You know that romo's 33%. Or five guys with two interceptions that's Romo is an -- for -- -- it is an island. PT by Carol the king of corruption out here at USC. -- -- -- And he stole a game we all saw against Green -- and the patriots -- game they really should be two point six and that's where the law. The -- That giants just went in for a touchdown Andre Brown with a run so it looks like they're gonna go up thirteen. And nothing after the tone every before a giant role for -- quarter and you know 6177797937. To join us. On the real post game show Butch Stearns Frenchman was through post game show is brought to you. I KM natural casing francs. The official Franken sausages in England patriots look for the camp blue box that your favorite grocer. -- celebrate something so Freddie we are Bill Belichick talking -- couple -- things. As of hatred of purchasing. When we come up their plan to Gould and now they went over on Thursday in the rampant all -- again that we. It must be mandatory that you voters because it's only a five hour trip it's almost like Ramon California right. Let's go abroad California -- maybe -- on on on Saturday if he had as if pianist Brothers you're going -- status the authors of I think. For all the hoopla they made them go out Thursday. Cattle coming pre season the patriots had ten weeks and has taken seven road trips. So it is so for whatever that's worth not that Gillette Stadium is the greatest home field advantage compared -- stadiums but. Five for the remaining eight games at the rest of the year are home now as opposed to on the road they finish with three of their last four at home. When he opened with three of four on the road interestingly about that one of the games they lost at home was you know and it was a hole it was philosophies at play but. But I pointers they decided. To go while. The rant posted yet but -- earlier in the week and why would you do that it's not that -- -- -- flop of fly into -- Jeff Fisher felt like with a young team it wouldn't work on the problem elected -- a game play and fly -- London at -- -- -- there's very well -- -- just say a lot cultural a lot of stuff for disrupts our whole week to go through all the -- are about a foot pounds less distractions when -- over the those -- homered and I don't rock probably to get him -- And I mean. Avenue to magical a lot of for Fisher. Was to have his team together on the road as a bonding type thing. You know we'll see -- but it -- Being played and you know we played in in Japan would -- BC we get -- Long games. You wanna get in and out -- don't wanna stay over there to secure its disruptive you know you don't have to Rego Placer gold sleep in order your routine that you have. So look like it worked out for the best portraits -- regrets that's most. Those crucial decisions. Write me a lot to a game workaholic dad Borough what you figuring out how to practice while to get this so. Looks like video for most of put together for the future let's go to Steve in Maine on the real post game show host Steve. Guys I hit one good shot out of the victors today had a while it was great to -- the -- out and keep it down the entire game or not. And even got this -- play you know -- before. More about the fourth quarter right Allison played by the end of the third and winding down that they wanted to -- -- a lot more about us. Yeah I was just really epic -- its booster for the game. Mr. Brady after the -- during the what browser made it look too Rapid City. I think you're not load Mary -- did a good I think we have a good point about quote putting the hammer down. And finishing even though this game was finished by the end of the half when it was 287. They came out put the finishing touches on how many. For the longest time how much do we hear specially 2007. You play sixty minutes of football. You played that to the ending it in a private practice what they preached. But when you look at what's happened since 07 wood down losing seven games when they had a three point lead. I'm going into the fourth quarter they haven't been able to close to maybe part of it is a mentality Fred. It's always been a mentality to play -- -- but but by their actions the last 45 years they haven't. Been able to close touch enabled us to. I think what that mindset for them as. Never take -- Never think anything but focus on achieving the next -- down and polar ball where it is what part of the game is how much were up by a much down by notes again what dinnertime. 11 out of time one play at a time he goes oh look its third. Notes its -- at twelve what are we don't play the play that's called an excuse -- best way that's our teams that lost. It boils down to that small little might do things play. Every play at a time in a pitchers ever remarkably. Well. Did have done a remarkable job of doing that they'd look so -- distracted today this came up all the games -- played butchered it didn't look like. Anything was phase of her own way other world kind of surface -- was who the -- what rob was -- anything it was just all focus and execution. Speaking -- what did you see by the way 61777979237. To join us on the real post game show Steve DDoS he's gonna join us after the top of the hour. Our morals are going to be -- Christopher price of WEEI dot com we have more. From the locker room over in London with the patriots winning 45 to seven. Would you see Freddie that allowed. Rob Gronkowski go off for 810 inches 246 yards and two touchdowns -- targeted thirteen times clearly was a huge part of the game plan. While the Odyssey of. He's -- on the scene and they said members have talked about. Talk in the career you can't let it run down the scene unabated Mary comes get a safety on and that's just a mismatch. He sees service Metropool safeties are alive back to speed. So I think him utilizing rock. That's in while Crowe opened the running game going efficiency visited in the screen plays those quick screens were tremendously. They just. Call the right play at the right time it. Rating was making a great read. It reactor in another big thing and offensive line. Stated as you're not much pressure on Tom today he vehemently output here the very helpful to plot works over the past games. You get pressure total proved it times early and he looked a little bit shaky and I thought. Obviously when -- targeted thirteen times. -- and they're being a big part of the game -- as matter of fact he was targeted more than any other patriots receiver Welker got nine. Would head it was targeted seven times Lloyd was only targeted four times almost felt like a lot more -- with two touchdowns today. But. Similar. To Bledsoe when Ben Coates. To me there are times with the way that we would work gronkowski is established as an NFL -- on right now. There at times a Tom Tom Brady down my -- AME morning's comfort. Then I'm gonna throw him when I I need him to make a play like that one and we get any -- over his head how tight ends can make that. Tied to televise by my buddy's son as a scout for the cardinals in the morning drop editors news here's a pilgrims from the schools -- for benefit. You know you're talking about complete tight ends there's only one whole league complete tight -- that's been gronkowski he can run. You can catch he runs great routes. He blocks like -- office of tackling logical entity you don't CEOs no one is is completed sooner or get guys to catch as well well guys a run as well. But it -- all things as well as Broncos it's still lava it there's only one who -- as one pure Qaeda and right now -- -- brought his. Is virtually unrecoverable vote to go up of those babies that. -- -- light and it's 5116 feet maybe he's 67. What giant -- and ten foot fingers speaking of. Rocks blocking we'll talk about the patriots running game we came back they rushed for over five yards a carry today. Another impressive day on the ground when may be they didn't need it but then again when you're not finishing games they've finished it off by punishing them. On the ground today after they scored touchdown after touchdown after their well horrible disclosure all the morning groups of geysers of me because they've finished and it. Maybe so does the papers listen to on this right now it's. If it's all goal whatever we get the ball was score what the force for president the ball farther scored touchdowns. There and that's the way committee for its Burleson Butch Stearns on the real post game -- Steve DDoS you'll join us after the top of the hour your phone calls and more -- on the real close game show. On WEEI. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Players. NFL all pro nose -- great -- and Super Bowl champion Steve DeOssie. It's. Show on the coming. You guys Sports Radio. Real post game showed just like the first hour. Rock -- by -- natural Casey and franks -- the official Franken sausage of the New England Patriots look. For that Campbell box in your favorite -- Camps celebrates. Like Steve DeOssie. Talk about 457. Patriots win win Freddie dismantling that keeps the patriots -- when. -- fruitful. -- your adjective. We're very methodical machine like. And -- to write about. All patriots are 53 after this win the ball. And beat the jets thirty to nine bank. Two things that are impressive about that right channel went down the second series of the game was taken out as a left knee problem. Matt -- the backup quarterback came in the dolphins. Were out gained. By the jets by more than a 130 yards total game -- what they did against Saint Louis but it was ran all over the field on them 200 more often still won the game seventeen to 142 weeks ago. They want 39 today. Mainly because Mark Sanchez played horribly really. After reveling not replaced by Tim Tebow -- we should we should just have to pay attention boxer chairs. And he doesn't play horrible said in my chance at just pretty good is that what you just haven't. He always plays so right behind the patriots right above the patriots are. Baltimore was five into Houston six Arnold both -- -- -- -- both led by which is. -- behind them. Teams that are notable are Miami -- three now. Jets fall to three and five Pittsburgh three touchdowns from Ben Roethlisberger today beat Washington in Pittsburgh 27 at twelve airports -- The Steelers at -- that's a punch him -- -- typical feeling a lot of budget and a lot of guys heard earlier on Paris and clocked it and play it in and -- safeties from her probably weeks Polamalu all miles -- so the starting children help you are still Bristol contended. 61777979837. We joined by Steve DeOssie momentarily but rather the other -- game. The colts win nineteen to thirteen against Tennessee in overtime what's interesting about it is Andrew Luck. Told them down the field in overtime and threw a touchdown pass to running back -- -- Ballard. For half minutes into overtime to give them the wind so they're -- three now look to see them make the playoffs this year to get an important what what what what. Two great young quarterbacks geologic three users exciting can be in and -- whose big. Fast athletic and has a great -- both guys -- exciting not exactly Bledsoe Rick Meyer so far no problem resolved -- other early games today. Browns beat San Diego seven to six charges of three and we're now. Accuracy they aha what they we thought what he's not a lot of good. And they have the -- what are the coach told when there's several coats and out of voters register what the bears came back after losing all game at home. -- Cam -- in the Panthers they win 2322. -- six and one I don't consider -- getting -- -- from a reporter Seattle was leading the lions' most of the day they will boost when he twenty for the lions come back Seattle's -- foreign war -- Hampshire got two wins -- -- Packers beat the jags 2415 Packers can and -- continue their march. The number one overall pick in the draft their one and send us Packers are. We thought they were fired for an. Yet in the truth she's probably at a possible but the Packers and patriots and Atlanta goes to six at one they beat. They went thirty happens to seventeen. As the falcons. Come out on top -- initiative. Against the Eagles 3273 touchdown passes. From I thought that -- -- to be much credible action yes I'm not a bring in Steve DeOssie here on the real post game show with fresh -- which turns -- Steve. Don't know where you are you doing okay how was your day in my front axle -- battening down the -- the beach also in Gloucester so. I -- stay up there tonight. Diversity all time worst Turkey and mistreated her -- at. At that Howard -- bought a hundred pounds of beef jerky. Distant and use what primitive -- don't tell my -- it. Do you sum up sum up this win for the patriots today Freddie says dismantling I say methodical. Summon up forms. But wait you would expect this team to play at the beginning of the season -- in the way you expect of them. To handle a team like Seattle or Arizona. But when you look at the schedule you sort of people win win really you know. Saint Louis win -- and start out great it was it was offensively. Methodical about was the best part of the the whole game effective the offense was consistent. Didn't have that. Ten minutes to greatness ten minutes of sorry Leo football committed to a very good -- of mediocre so the fact that they put it together with a score in the first quarter. Robert -- four drives for touchdowns in the first half. Right right -- that you look at that okay that's that's the kind of offensive to look at even bowl. That Saint Louis defense is much more aggressive than it used to be dementia patients -- have a team playing better. You still don't have the horses to keep up with with the -- because depleted patriots offered still vulnerable horses. Because Bob that's that's the way it should be that's where the papers should shall employ that is good to see them. Handle. Much less worthy opponent the way to do it. A quick correction on my part I said the falcons are six and one of course to seven no the only undefeated team -- -- -- -- requirements -- six possessions. They scored on a first for the first half was writers and it you know far. Don't -- Five touchdowns and one field goal the first -- I got. Bad news for the giants a stop another deception. We are all just wrestler RJR this hour -- touchdown and they're killing tell us 322 to nothing waiting extra point a distraught you start out rubber neck. Bought that -- would rebels were. So now it's free for 72 receptions third -- -- had it right Steve when you win 45 to seventeen. You know it's easy to look packets -- they dominated his team and I think there were two. He points to Freddie and I harp on early in the game. One is after giving up that fifty yard touchdown pass coming right back went down the field methodically. And scoring right away to Brandon Lloyd on a third one inside the red zone but then after Beckham back on the next drive off more than one. And -- for two red zone. Adventures that have gone unlike so many others have over the last couple weeks for the -- Except well yeah. Exactly the way exactly what you want you you're used to them performing in the red zone -- -- -- them looking disorganized offensively. I mean I'm retired we say. Oval for six several weeks that they look. Like they were disorganized that's all we aren't characteristic of the -- looked uncomfortable. They look there right but it looks okay organized really looks solely on their game. Of very few mental mistakes very -- book penalties very few scenarios we're used to what they again and that's all part of game preparation if you're so all of your game -- you have unbelievable -- you can -- you know you may have looked. Hoping to -- -- to post W the way you're supposed to. That many of the faith and game play and you don't look -- -- coaches and players and you don't looked befuddled up is that I think it was. It was incredibly businesslike with a far superior team was basically working opening it does look like it is a good way to. But that's a group where they came out in -- your focus toward. Nothing bothered them the what rattle painting Brady looked very comfortable to play the pass protection was well. You know in the -- defense -- off the officer that offers him outlets are matched that touchdown right off the bat and then came down for the second touchdown with. For a fourth down the exact kind of catapult him to the next level. Well pretty you know coaching decision. Can make it seem feel good about themselves when -- -- -- for on fourth and goal all the sudden mood you know it's it's you might not even realize that put. All the all the sudden somewhere and you subconsciously our coach believes -- you can offensively defensively or -- Our -- believes is right at the faith and we you know you it's not even a mental. Recognition that you sort of caught. Yesterday we talked about that early even if they didn't get it. That kind of it is like the coach got us you don't want you believer -- -- departure that aggressive mode. Every player worth his salt wants to go for that situation regardless of the fourth and one whatever. Mostly you know you know -- you but you played with bootleg of course circle for a mortal for. Most don't offensive players want you to go for too 'cause you're you're on the sidelines seeing if they don't get a good luck trying to -- and 99 yards on. Are equally correct me if and and there isn't very rarely will coaches to workers so mean especially that early in the game -- I think they're part of the decision was. Bill Belichick of the coaches. Probably knew that they were going to have their way with. Would bet you lose defense but I think they weren't too. Scared about not being down there again salute mid major decisions will be easier but players love it player. We'd all we'd all bought emotionally we've ever bought some of of -- forty minutes from now on the game you know two quarters now in -- right here in the moment capable. Go for the fourth down you know sort of touched on that situation so guys feed off that guys and enjoy it and and and it worked out perfect -- -- -- take a break Steve DeOssie is on board I'm what Stearns French roses here it Bellagio and -- game show brought about. Of the New England Patriots look for that Campbell will -- your favorite grocer your phone calls -- Steve DeOssie -- Roloson which turned on the real post game show can't celebrate something.

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