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NFL Sunday Makes Their Pick - Pats/Rams

Oct 28, 2012|

NFL Sunday picked the Pats! NFL Sunday picked the Pats!

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NFL Sunday as presented by KM natural casing -- the official frank and sausage to the New England Patriots look for the camp blue box that your favorite grocer AM. Celebrate something. This will be our final segment as take -- ESPN radio top the hour and of course the patriots play the St. Louis Rams at Wembley Stadium in London at 1 o'clock eastern at 6 PM. I'll London time the reason I bring that up is that it is virtually impossible. A play that game in London. Get to the airport and get on a plane before the 11 o'clock curfew at Heathrow. Which means that although I'm sure Bill Belichick would much prefer that option. He's not going to be able to get them out of town tonight. -- can fly out of Heathrow very effectively tomorrow question is where would you get to land because it's probably not going to be year. Long way around saying I think it probably going to be. And yes even Wednesday with the patriots get back here but two guys in full pads or through security community airport if go to snow here so relish -- ever seen it is is that they are they are making a lot of alternate plans the patriots are and you have to. But I would say the chances that they were gonna stay tonight anyway they would. Scheduled to leave tomorrow. While letting -- I mean the earliest would be Tuesday and I don't know how much -- airports are still going to be disrupted on Tuesday may or may not get back here on Tuesday. And yes it may be midweek. Yeah set in the supplies. I know ready Franken storm was coming and well you know what if it is in in where we're sort only half joking I'm reading the stuff out of New York City. Mandatory evacuations of 375000. People by 7 PM tonight. Closing of all of the mass transit New York City mass transit. Flooding that they say will be worse than Hurricane Irene and it was bad when Irene came through. So this is this is gonna make a mess of the entire eastern seaboard. Including around here see you guys be safe out there as well -- let's see who we think is gonna win it why -- start when you. I think the patriots are gonna win this thing at the. -- -- a couple of really winnable match ups particularly when it comes to. Saint Louis trying to cover gronkowski we talked to the top of the show the outside linebackers in the safeties. Are knots. Really the strong suit of this the Saint Louis defense I also think the Saint Louis offensive line has struggled this season. So much so than anything to England should be able to get consistent pressure particularly from -- Jones and Rob Ninkovich. Those two match -- I think should be enough to care the patriots it's going to be a close one. There's no reason things are going to be close from living knowing that wins this thing I said earlier in the week 125 mystic that. I think the difficulty. In this matchup it is it is you've seen Saint -- sort of settle into that sixteen to twenty -- points per game win they'll -- each point sixteen. When they lose -- like last week with -- Heyward -- the viewpoint I don't think thirteen that can step. Go point for point with the patriots action seal of for parallels between -- Green -- game last week where you have a very sporadic and very proficient agreement offense and a defense that's much more. -- overall oriented as opposed to you know prevent yards. So their game was 30 that morning depicted in the week based on now -- you -- -- leaders there. Pay attention that turn -- differentials much as we've talked about the plays I think that's most important point. Patriots on top thirty deporting with a win in the turnover differential game very tricky game. Very. How how you see very quiet not sure was gonna have because it can go either way. Home. Eighth the rams are very confident very confident team and just you can listen to a talk in a lot of interviews and a lot of depressed cops. Receiving their coats one comments speak talking about knows one -- teams that we can bring -- team -- the rams organization so. They're very confident in their ability. As well as would be into his organizations but you know me during the -- noted -- -- we go toward a -- one or. Every. Instinct I have says the rams that. An and I talked about quarterback. And I just think Sam Bradford is going to be able to make plays especially against this secondary. I have no confidence I know we started the show talking about the second what he has blame and -- would be enough blame and all that stuff what I've seen is. A lot of plays being made against this secondary. I quarterbacks that I don't think -- as good as this guy. Now where I think the difference here is gonna be protection whether he's gonna have time. To make those plays that's the key and and that's why my first instinct was to say rams because he has time pro he's gonna kill the secondary thank. Not trees gonna have the time to throw. So I I am I'm gonna. Haltingly. Say the patriots are gonna win this thing. Like 2421. Some like that and again close game and -- week while -- -- ten points and ask him not as close as as solace are. I think they'll figure out a way to do it. I'm not. Totally confident in this one will be shocking if we will I get back together again next week on the my -- I'll see you guys tonight on -- in daily both -- you fellas. Thank you Matt. I knew you'd come up with -- if I asked for it. Mean Heidi and I have London calling if you're gonna -- the I would love and lesbians so I'm -- beat writer I was there by my eight threw down a wide bill but I am bill and.

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