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NFL Sunday Puts the London Showdown "On the Grill"

Oct 28, 2012|

The guys discuss the keys to a Pats victory today over the Rams.

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NFL Sunday as presented by -- natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. Look for the camp blue box that your favorite grocer KM celebrate something I'm I'm gonna ask you guys an opinion about this because I was. A little perplexed. With Logan Mankins situation didn't play last week injury. I thought with a bye week coming up next week. This was the perfect time to rest them again this week and really give them off a chunk of time now it is turns out that they're gonna do. But Greg Bedard asked the question on Twitter want to bring him -- question -- to Britain and London. I mean apparently they thought there was a pretty good chance that -- why -- I don't take tourists okay. I don't take passengers generally speaking I'm surprised they even contemplate a plan. Great leader. You'd only you know what it is. You don't leave them behind great leaders of your -- -- in. Understand what you're saying. You don't bring guys you know not that's not going to play but he is one of those guys. But you make an exception for that you mean the as a vocal leader. On the sidelines and -- game because you have some young guys on and he's he's he's economic I mean -- you -- vocal leader. I don't know if you strict music at least from the outside. I was at that type of -- until I had to be. And now with his football team did they have you hang around when you weren't. Playing because of that leadership quality -- well well with the games last year and -- even dress. And knew before the new few days before a game and I wasn't and is just one of those things if you want those guys that he feels like. You can help that team mentally as far as speaking to a guy on the silent in the course of the game. -- seen something differently do what a coach -- seat and of course hopefully they're going to take you to a game because winning is a lot more port I think it's important. Note also that. The kind of injury matters to -- of that decision whether or not to travel you have something like pinnacle of the can inflame with the change of elevation and your traveling erupted you know if it goes and blows up on your for a week you go out there you don't need to be out -- travel. Sometimes if you have an ankle I've been in this situation before. Where -- my dad had feet problems towards Jim my crew works sometimes it's worse to abuse there and not play in stand for three and a half hours. Are the thing blows up on you at wells now he got to go to that and you know if you're there you're there to be active and be a part of that I started in Europe European had to do that -- like. The mood on trade -- helping to review play in six weeks. And I'm standard for three half I'm guilty to treatment after it had played so that I depends on the nature injuring or whatever they'll -- deal with him might not be something -- aggravated by just being fair and heard what Hernandez -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an -- stand -- -- and a half -- -- -- Line up in the air in them from going overseas knock of radicals are just sometimes nature -- matters. Let's take a look at who's on the grill this week on the -- brought to you by cam natural casing franks -- for the camp blue box which favored grocer and I'll start with you one of the patriots have to win today. -- consistent. And continuing on doing what you've done. Early in the season to win football games in to stay on topic into the game and I guess one thing that we've been promo we -- -- the game. It would be unusual and now they've played -- last couple weeks ago I can't say limit the big plays because they win morally give them so that I would like deceive them. Continued to reduce and improve in that area. What I'd like to seized just balance and I don't mean. Play percentages of run and pass. But a balance between stops through the front -- them on defense and struck in the back and an offense that sufficient not just a -- -- you know not just -- actually pass the B with a sufficient. Throughout the course of the game not pockets of dead point. And especially after two balls in just don't give a touchdown and have several bad plays on kick coverage or breakdowns in the return just consistency across the board. I think there's going to be bad plays a decreasing that's what this group there's going to be plays with a very big capital as well. Consistent play no more pockets of bad and -- the before and for its. -- didn't situations where you can use the rams aggressiveness against them whether that's. Draws reverses verses screenplays. Play action. The rims are very young and aggressive team in their ways you can counteract that and again like as it use it against them. I think the patriots are more in the united completely veteran team but they're older team and I think that will play into their favorite. Concerned about you know that the old phrase in football nothing cheap enough and deep but doesn't it seem like the patriots. Give up something cheap in deep every single week and we mentioned before Chris givens. Seems to be the king of that -- at six plays of fifty or more yards this year. I'm a little concerned about how the patriots play in the secondary against him. I I think that. They'll be pretty good against the run have been pretty good against the run all season long Stephen Stephen Jackson is a terrific running back and I know how much. I'm Bill Belichick respects him but you know I think they'll find a way to stop the run for the most part. Sam Bradford is better than Mark Sanchez. And and I also think he's he's better at them now several of the quarterbacks that they've made look pretty good. I'm a little concerned about Bradford making big plays against the secondary. They're also not very deep in the secondary with you know they got a couple of safeties out you've got a rookie starting at safety. In -- -- Wilson -- according a converted quarterback starting at safety I don't know who they've got to back these. As a you have three regular cornerbacks rate now in -- school facility it's it's going to be interesting to see what happens of one of those guys deterred one of those guys goes down he's saying you know Panthers. And Bradford Bradford. They're made a comment this week talking about how. You know it may be talking about -- -- secondary being not too good and we should take advantage over he was Smart about he really say that. He needs to take. In advance of opportunities he has. Those don't his goal after. He has to be ready. And waiting for the right opportunity. To take advantage it would pay -- defense has given last two games the patriots played against Russell Wilson and Mark Sanchez adding Brett for expendable. Of course you -- and the Cordoba used you're looking at that you're seeing that. What you don't wanna go into this game with the big hit they get OK I'm going to have this same type of game and try to. Either outdo him I have the same time we get to about taking what the defense gives exactly what he says you do you proceed to give them last. A lot less place.

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