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NFL Sunday Takes You "Around the NFL" for Week #8

Oct 28, 2012|

NFL Sunday discusses all the games set for kickoff during Week 8.

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Our number three NFL Sunday presented by cam natural casing franks the official sausage and frank. Of the New England Patriots. Just toss up right now we're better but for the Campbell boxed her favorite grocer KM celebrate something to the suggestion Avaya. Texture there. As we begin our number three as we always do. It's time take a look around the National Football League this is week eight in the NFL and teams that are not playing today Buffalo Bills Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans. Those -- the four teams were on the -- And where you know about Thursday night football we'll skip that one Matthew we'll just move right along and and let's let's shuffle the order a little bit of and the patriots game. First year as the patriots are at Wembley Stadium in London. Four and three patriots taking on the reinforcing Louis rams Rob Gronkowski says you can't allow the travel to London deter them from the goal at hand. That is a business of stuff and that's what we're going for the pro football game. That's our number one priority and we -- stay focused and it's going to be a trip we're going to be met mentally prepared for sure. And we had to stay focused and make sure we're there for our objective which is just for a full -- Lot of frequent flier miles for this team. The last couple weeks you know you'd start -- Seattle you talk about London but it sets a very nicely for them. Coming out of the bye week they have four games buffalo the colts. The jets in the dolphins through those games at home one of those games in New York so it's going to be -- easy trouble set up for the the feed through to the next month I give you a little tidbit there have been five games played in London so far the first time they played in London. Which was back in that 2007 the NFL required both the dolphins and the giants to arrive on the same day. And do the whole media thing -- the sense then team for kind of a lot to do what they wanted to. The team that arrives works. One all of the gains. The team that arrived last. Lost the game until last year. When the Chicago bears' Lovie Smith. Took his team in later in the week and they won the game. Usually arrives first in this case -- Lewis who gets. Acclimated little quicker perhaps we'll -- the patriots arrive first I know that we're no Saint Louis was in -- -- -- -- -- -- when they -- arrived before the other team. When they when they were there a couple of years meeting with him very interest -- business that -- meaningless and probably even greater some very interesting comments from a couple of -- guys saying that they think that the streak is going to be very -- -- going to. We'll see if they are Carolina three of five at Soldier Field in Chicago take on the five and one Chicago Bears. -- and he says it's a difficult task to have to be the head -- one of five football team. It is one of five was extremely hard to leave them the war. Because. Everybody. From the house star looking in -- if what's the reason well one of it. Have so much expectations. With this in this netbook. You know be quite frank with you. You know we just got to play hard. They insist that this group says the Winston winning an NFL football game and I think that's what the -- -- the focus -- and not focused on. Everybody else in the big guy guys does that resonate we get that posting stuff that Newt does does that resonate the locker room I mean did you guys if you're another player for your team if you picked up on that means that the well he's the leader football team quarterback is and you kind of you ride would have. You wrote him last year and he's done he I don't think he's saying that the person. Personality wise I think the game in the football team this thing from last year. So are you going to do what you've been doing with him as a football I think -- the substance of what he says I was down with I think it's demeanor -- -- you're wandering into sort Jay Cutler and so whiny but Roy sells one but I think. He was actually very accountable -- think he was saying if you love to see your quarterback that really seems to care and usually download doing -- it better. What it's just delivery -- to Eugene Jay Cutler and hit it. San Diego Chargers three and three record travel to Cleveland Cleveland Browns Stadium to take on the one and six Cleveland Browns Philip Rivers. Says the 500 record at this point the season not uncommon thing in today's NFL that they just have to win one game at a time from here. Three three's not a foreign place to us and obviously this yourself warm place in team in this land -- a lot of entering three and done. I think the biggest thing is there's nothing I can say that in just ten weeks from now we have to go do it. Is that the NFL no there are no nineties 49ers were trying to be 151 and when the superbly turned to be a giant try to. And at seventh and sixth and arrive with the best version of view in January that so Philip Rivers. That that that that that said that cut is just so it just weeks of nine in seven and would probably accurate word hell are protecting the word far and you. If Seattle Seahawks take their four and three record and a Ford Field in the flight take on the to a forty for an alliance Pete Carroll says. Alliance have a bunch of studs at the skill positions. Which will pose a big problem for the Seahawks were looking to bounce back from a law. It's a big turnaround game for us and it's a big challenge for us to go on road. We know that this is -- loaded football team in in in lions. They've got guys all spots -- can do great things I know they're looking at their season like it's an eyelash of being the other way around. I have no idea why it took this long. But finally a defense of back was going up against Calvin Johnson decided to call himself optimist -- I had -- politics since Richard Sherman this week changed his Twitter handle to optimist prime or real Richard Sherman -- from a couple of weeks ago going to get greedy. I just am surprised it took that long previews dvd gets its ability for a while. What the guys to start your name out there and he had a pretty good game a few weeks ago as the basis and you know he's going to wanna receive in the league so why is it together it's -- in the NFL power to do an interview from Libya and Syria with its RC yeah they won't talk to me enough that if they Atlanta Falcons six and out. In Philadelphia to take on the three and three Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field Michael Vick says the only issue here in the Eagles have on offense is turnovers can't let that -- Forced him into making bad choices. I've got to protect the football you know that's that's been don't think there's been a problem. The only thing that I had to deal with them. You know I wouldn't it sounds like is easy you know and sometimes you can't -- by Nielsen -- get depressed and then. You know you make decisions that you can make and you know as good causes in the moment. I'd say yeah football team and -- head coach who might be in some trouble I've. My guess is next year and he's gone fixed on. Webber is going in there to coach that the next you're gonna have to start spratt we talked about making changes that -- through the season with a treated them like that -- the last and we saw but yes to a -- team like that you would we be good ownership -- -- long -- coach. Just posted defense of organ over overboard -- an -- There I mean what it. The countered questions for the first three saga with nothing but -- experience during a -- his job I mean I think that was probably the acknowledgment that this was bound to happen this is. Stanley attractions in trying -- on the problem started awhile back go right for America. Jacksonville Jaguars that one in five go to Lambeau Field take on the foreign pretty Green Bay Packers Bryan Bulaga. Packers tackle says consistency immunity or keep the offensive line. To work as a cohesive group and the quarterback Aaron Rodgers to know what to expect. It's important to keep the same five guys just players that area excuse me guys public calls are gonna go. I'm running -- used to -- You know we're gonna block what we're trying to set up -- we do a good job of that meeting. The running -- Trying to get them say they don't it's been good that same thought it really -- Really think is important for me to be consistent week in week out -- deal about -- Jackson -- think so. I just talked about and that's what I'm sure it is important me to be consistent about it I think it I think the point there's Malibu and I think you could talk about this or any group you know fell all the groups feel that way they offered -- one likes to have the same group out there. Linebackers like to have the same through four boys next to communicate with second -- fuels and where I think there are some sort of picture parallels there well. Indianapolis Colts three and three RF LP field in Nashville take on the three -- -- Tennessee Titans Dwight Freeney. Compare Chris Johnson the former lions running back Barry Sanders had just stop you. Off half off. And that you have to stay out of ball game we can break that one play for a huge game changing game. You know he's a guy. I guess with -- Sanders type of game breaking them you know he'll have ten runs it to stop. The seminal things like that one's -- except those -- -- important guys collectively on each and every play. You know. OK guys. I was a little optimistic about their comment until I heard the -- thing then if he it is gigantic plane did up yet you can clean it up because say it. In their life -- -- you can follow him up for ten to twelve runs. In one run he can break it. I thought you talk about the ability every noon hour Chris Johnson agreement. But we all know bears and you go through and through his -- ready to hear this on like this is what. Washington Redskins three and four at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh take on the pre -- Steelers. RG three says there's no need for him to overextend himself due to injuries on the redskins' offense just -- style. The -- -- Nominal so that that that burden you know the Gaza -- mean numerous Thompson told me don't feel like I have to do more. On the alarmed on right now you just gonna continue to -- -- excuse offense -- possessed me to do and everybody a step up more than simple. People tuchman in the between. -- weeks -- that stretch and old but -- now there's three but -- just eight it's not meet the people who were Smart they need. There's a lot of people who were launched an awful than Elvis is -- expert about human made him look more in depth analysis that we may well set the rookie record for completion percentage. Likely will always going right now but your rookie year. Three and four. And I'm out with I love our predictions only seven treatments included as and we're making her suggestion about MVP in October that most valuable player of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are the pummel Leo what the illegals instinct organizational stability council matters in their game plan team I've talked about this little girl and we -- while I think. It's an organization a lot of mobile mobile mobile. There they have stalwart -- account in the game you're playing teams or something that provide organizational roster stability what was viewed in the and I don't care -- the record is. They're dangerous team and I think once you perform well for girls want to work with them. 33 dolphins traveled MetLife stadium to take on the three and four New York Jets Rex Ryan says this is a very big game in the grand scheme of things. The AFC. This a critical game. If you mean you know you look at it this way divisional game we always say it's a game and a half but it it is cute. And the fact we haven't. You know swept Miami in the past you know it could be quite an accomplishment. Very big game for both teams. Because a loss -- -- dorm puts them a couple of games New England division. Which is such a tight race or Nestle probably too little runway and coming up this week saying -- in respect to hold back when it comes -- Reggie Bush was guys. -- a real hit hundreds of bush last time through this the same game the Darrelle Revis went down with a knee injury that's a nice little -- -- and Rex is. Pulling out all the stops. When they introduced the defense but the jets today. They will introduce a twelve member of the defense as part of the team's starting unit -- will introduce Dennis Byrd. And bring him out I mean right and that it was hard card yeah all of the emotional songs if they don't really know America. 405 today Oakland Raiders to win four visit Kansas City to face the one and see -- one of five chiefs. Romeo prevails as the chiefs have been getting killed by allowing too many explosive plays he tells is deep at their goal is stuff hold the opposition to seventy points or Lance. We give up too many big plays. Which are well points. And and on defense. You know. There -- a thousand different stats that you have -- one -- That means the most and makes the most difference is the points allowed and if you can cheap points off the more of the then you've got a chance to win generally if you could hold them to. I know you -- sixteen point two would generally a very very seventeen points a game -- some very bad. Then your chances of winning are pretty good in your -- beach -- the better defense team in the in the league if you can get that done. Port 25 today New York Giants Cowboys Stadium take on the Dallas Cowboys Justin Tuck says rivalry great games. Always bring out the best at every player and ball. -- workers. How hard you know. -- them all the good book. We'll mode NFC yeah a little bit where are they can cause things -- really really doesn't matter what he's done in previous weeks. Just seemed very. Gingrich -- doing and so quarterly -- very very very important program. Jerry Jones jumping into the fray on this went through and the little pulling out all the stuff I exactly what we say we he's been beaten Jen what's. Yeah New York Siemens that the Cowboys Stadium is here and it hasn't really go on the way to improve. Monday Night Football tonight the Faith -- game. And Orleans saints -- a sports authority field at mile high and take on the Denver Broncos Drew Brees can't worry about what Peyton is doing. But the saints do know they have to make the best of every chance they get to school. In our biggest challenges they don't get caught up with what they're doing on the other side of the ball here because obviously we know what they're offense can do we know they've Manning can do. So really it just becomes even more sense of urgency every opportunity we did we know we have to make most of them take advantage of the good news for this. I think if there interim coach back to. Yes but you know it to me it's one more compelling games that we can get him through the top we're actually compete news. Sort of hit his stride I think he's getting getting reps under his belt him one more familiar with that group and you know. -- the saints and it before and if you if you like offensive football before game watched a -- -- At Monday Night Football University of Phoenix Stadium. -- Arizona Cardinals play host the San Francisco 49ers John Skelton says. This isn't this season isn't even close to over yet they feel that they can still find success. -- I don't think anyone's packing and on credit policies or any events or winning ways of sort of San Francisco this week to be another dog -- you know NFC west opponents that are -- for. And finally to detector who says can you turn off that stupid background music home. Probably NFL these tables -- -- come on man. And both films music one quick side note nice that music and this is not around one quick side. Those of you who saw yesterday. And cabinet talked about this off the year I try not to watch it. Marcus Lattimore or injury South Carolina running back. We find out today he broke his beamer broke his patella. Or his ACL MC LP CL LC. -- No comment -- there is. I may have got love a man and I'm sure he's thinking in his mind can I come back from this -- -- house we we were. Through the software companies like went through the you know -- the deluge of -- -- this this was right up the reform a sort of cataclysmic type things that players like to look at. While I was on the field those plays after these values of really how was she even -- announced it takes here -- imagine a -- a defense of -- and you get an offensive -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- him. Garnered him boy it's interesting we did kind of chatter about the slow I think it's interesting that. It could be. You know again this topic college football -- with. The NFL's emphasis and marketing heads you know like you know humans are built to do. It's when the components of their -- you're got a lot more this kind of tackling going release it's like a cut block tackle diving through the news I mean it's where there. There are now inviting you to -- house Leo maybe you have guys who were more elusive later in life and handled that you know and passionate about it but the cripples. I mean it just for interest in that have. Usually no good place to -- the kind of of them that should that you pad so to be interest -- if you -- -- Ruda of the Decker Eric Decker -- an end of last year was at work. You know that had happened in 2009 or ten or eleven. That of ten wouldn't -- happened you would have capital -- to separate -- -- league's council from the ACL injury so. This sort of where tackling armament tickets -- -- warm granted it happened west of -- and you open it up and exactly.

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