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NFL Sunday: The Trade Deadline is Not a Big Deal in the NFL and a Team's Approach to the Bye Week

Oct 28, 2012|

The NFL Sunday gang talk about why the trade deadline is not as big of a deal in the NFL as the other major sports. They also talk about how any team, but specifically the Patriots handle the bye week and if it differs depending on if there is a win or a loss leading into it.

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NFL somebody has presented by cam natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. Look for the Campbell of Baxter favorite -- KM. Celebrate something. Let's talk very briefly because that's all warrants the way things are in the National Football League about the impending trade deadline. I'd it has been pushed back anyway and it is coming you get a report out of New York that the jets are not interested in trading Tim Tebow although there have been media reports about the possibility of the jets doing that. Will we -- match much in the way of dealing we don't really ever seen much in. Anyway I think of an infantry who who you know I have a little what -- at low Lloyd was treated. With Latin. -- -- -- Yes reload or street last year's season into a season ticket from Denver to Saint Louis and that was the only major one that I remember eleven anything from when we put Donald ever remember a real -- -- -- always one to. -- -- -- And offer our fellow doctors say I don't remember trade ever enough. That it while I was in the -- users reading at the Rand. Listening to a possible trade talks with Stephen Jackson why. -- it wouldn't think it ballot that is not as. Asked this week did you you actually was ass on Friday when that when they got over there on the trading deadline was pushed back -- have you noticed an uptick in activity he said I haven't no I would be shocked if there was. Eighty thing envoy leading the major involving anyone in the league and then you know to that point you know viewpoint of or anything involving patriots. Why is -- that teams don't trade is due date today field it. That their system is so complicated that there's no way in the world a guy acquired basically mid season could possibly assimilate in self into. Just a different kind of sport I think he deployed in a bat you know -- trying to gather at baseball same across town and mr. Obama has an -- and asteroid in -- three point shooter and you guys you bring it to full role I think it's a little easier to sort of cut and paste football tougher discussed -- if you're coming from. Their defense linebacker it's been playing in Oakland in an apparently different system for the last you know training camp analysts and you don't. In -- thrown -- -- since the spring so it is going to -- exactly. It you know at -- because there's only sixteen games. You get thrown in and we gave takes you through four games Ackerman played in pre paid at a pretty high amount and you literally -- four games worth of actual production maybe that goes in part of the one reason they figured out it's there's not a value proposition we just don't do. Racers there's a lot of different reasons why you don't know why you were when it's when you have teams pick up players all the time during the season. Because you don't have that tendency to have. Guarantee. -- in front of him. Because when you trade for a guy -- price trading for. A veteran guy maybe because. In the middle of season you feel like -- eighteen Steele has a shot. To go to do something doing that season to get your team uplifted -- of course and I think it's a it's a sort of an ongoing. I think it's also like with football -- you know. If baseball in my dispute you know you missile asked him about you know you're right hander -- bullpen or something like that a earlier -- boy did -- just -- specialists a special it is football itself carried. I mean you're really trying to count one of 53. It did. How many teams out there are one player from great I mean that did that he's really unified it diamond in the rough. You guys in practices I can't believe we've -- at all this but it did the preachers were -- -- the biggest in season -- back in 2000. Involving animals. Are true you know so I mean did -- made them in the half you are not out yet the exact I think that was an extraordinary. They were trying to acquire something they were trying to unload something. And you can argue about whether or not they should have that's a different argument but all they were trying to do was rid themselves. Letting go extraordinary circumstance and I think that was not a typical of what we usually see you this continental -- I'm actually surprised because doesn't doesn't it always feel like Bill Belichick sort of swims against the tide in the NFL anyway. Nobody else is making trades on economic trade. I mean in an acquisition trade you know nobody else does that and the memory guy and it just seems like sort of place in his wheel house doesn't. Yeah yeah I know -- it's. And it's -- you know and and their -- we're scrolling -- -- you're looking at all and yet there's the great trades right you know lawyer -- -- just -- does horrible idea -- -- with -- prior to -- -- yeah -- Herschel Walker was -- that the vikings sit -- comedian on the cowboys trade you know did did there'd been some movement there's been some movement but again I don't think that. This year's patriots team that didn't make anything. You know you speak to anything would you wouldn't do anything resembling a minute ago. Talk to -- from a player's perspective about the difference. Between going into the bye week with a win going into the bye week with a loss. Forget about what you get back I guess that's up in the air right now but tell me about the difference just. Within that locker room rougher stuff you know worried about -- you you can bet. You'll learn about wind are you going to be able to leave to go home. Much -- because you noted those few days of practices. -- to be -- tenth you going to get a lot of stuff accomplished. Even with the way the new Steve I mean that the new deal is going now you go you mean I get stuff done physically. Which you gonna get a lot of stuff done mentally will walk throughs and a lot of films that he. I considered a lot of self scout. All of themselves on doing that as a player and as a coach the you can come back in next week. Earlier in which he was supposed to get some forward and before. Also Chris -- and maybe you can it is -- promised the CB east of what do you know specifically general -- to get -- -- these things are there for five days -- not a 100% sure but -- need to be away from the facility you know for it -- them about it is that it affected based on. Theoretically not getting back that's a great question that's I I don't know look I I know that I'm one of the things the NFL network is talked about is the possibility of coming back on Tuesday. And new sport. I'm not sure that's going to be an option either because to push it back in the day it might be Wednesday before they can give back here and -- -- -- flights. -- other people's flights and airlines and how -- -- the nature of the practices are there are they on categories is Federal Reserve would know it's it's just it's the same way in museums and this is the same as a regular week -- you did you get the same you know you -- you have the same options as a coach but he again as -- dubbed the big thing for me as the days off whether it's for five days off -- -- insurance that Kevin. I want to ask you do you feel her did you feel as a veteran. The need to address rookies or talked to rookie user. About how to spend -- bye week and had to be Smart about how to spend -- by we do you want a disconnect. You wanna come unplug from things which don't wanna get too far removed from the culture for. Certain guys of course on doing of course of this season's training -- you get a feel for guys and you understand. Dale middle maturity in you noted some guys don't need that conversation. But then again there's some guys they really do need they really do need. Someone just to talk to and so they can understand what needs to be done because we're all young we've we are being young before we've done we've read by we can we have fun. Put it this knowing where you are right now you don't wanna do anything to mess up because something can happen real -- Stuff with long ago home I actually got. Fell in love with knowing a little bit during my bye weeks here had a lot of troops opened the white mountains and -- Vermont agreements often signal hotels and kind of get around. I tried to do the go to Obama's thing on time and it was a -- because just so plastered down back and it's just. Just a nightmare. I guess sort of changes -- just slightly one of the reasons when I was sort of faith in the defense thing in minutes flexible -- -- in this news or coverage issues or principal. What viral always liked and -- sort of you know bring a player's perspective this is. Is much as anything is did. How valuable that offseason. How how how valuable those bye week is. Because to address exactly the kind of things I was just talking about the idea that it's a self scout week it's really the week for the go back and say. We ran the 78 different coverages we just in the seven different ways you'll pitchers spreadsheet says we stink at this for -- this broken if this were not at this the sky cam play diskette that. And you see those practices with a mix and match. Guys in different positions -- you've seen amber you know using different coverages it's really -- week to sort of kind of just. Pick through the mass bureau way it works come out the other side with a with a game plan a package they did it last year if people do it again this cause dude -- -- and me as in really quickly is just reporting of the inning Amendola will be inactive today against the patriots and looked up the CBO rules while we're what we're just talk about this hum. Under the new CBO language coaches can only practice players once during the bye week. Why so just as a way.

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