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NFL Sunday on How Special Teams May Come into Play in the Pats/Rams Matchup in London

Oct 28, 2012|

The boys discuss Chathams favorite topic - special teams - and how it will effect today's game. Will the London weather effect the kicking game or perhaps the field surface? They also discuss Devin McCourty being named special teams player of the week last week with a run-back for a TD despite not having the best game. Price says Devin approached it perfectly though saying it's an award for the whole special teams squad. They also talk about how Gostkowski has really bounced back after a couple tough games early.

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Yeah and I think I had a lot of great. Examples and mentors and I was a younger player guys that were could put. Good genes passed down could put it back games past them and you move forward as -- teams though. You know we have a relatively young team we have some great captains we have some great veteran leadership. Really had to carry the torch and say you know guys this is what we need to do this how we have to move on and the better as the veteran leadership is then. You know the better the more younger guys understand what they need to do and they do their job and you do your job and it was doing their job and then. You all move forward with hopefully winning games. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady this is NFL Sunday presented by cam natural casing pranks the official frank and sausage. To England patriots like the camp -- but mr. Boehner grocer. AM Abumrad because I wanted to help you out when I mean you've beaten two Ted I don't know this doctor Franklin Sussex had a Howard frank -- Franken as the storm but it which by the late again. Complete total aside I don't know last time this happened. The entire New York City Subway system. It's being shut down at 7 o'clock didn't have a hurricane -- -- tropical storm a couple of years ago blew through barriers and they should everything -- and they said this storm surge is supposed to be worse than that they're shutting down the entire New York City Subway system. At 7 o'clock tonight in anticipation of what is headed in their direction and in our direction and lots -- on around here out by the way -- we've been breaking down the matchup between the patriots -- we neglected it neglect. We waited until this part. To talk about special teams because. I find it somewhat amusing. Myself. That DeVon according was the AFC special teams player of the week this week. Despite the fact that as a special teams player. He had a hard this -- lot of kick off return that could've been maybe should have cost the patriots the football. He played it perfectly when when we asked him about it he said you know he was very humble and he said you know I I know what happened I understand completely what happened when -- give all the credit blockers. On the first time in the second that was all on me very impressive. Actually read his response and I thought you know that's that's the perfect play just like you said Christie's. It's teamwork and that's it's total -- majority. I was -- I was dead wrong on nest in early this week sorted this -- -- tester dale. I actually thought that they had blocked for a right returning DeVon just did Donald so. Starter -- -- atomic credit that was actually account they -- they had blocked. The double to the right side that was made to go exactly we're DeVon took -- it was very well blocked it was verbal scheme. That said this is very important I would just holy perplexed annoyed you what happened. The jets and you know -- -- there's no I've played for my west often have respect for the -- for whatever reason. They sideline kicked -- words an extra two to -- -- they'll -- down the middle of field. Into the kick side they only had four guys with a kicker in the middle and -- six on the backside but when you when you. -- directional. You always overload -- -- -- -- the side of the ball that your kick him. And that was to me I'm wondering I highly doubt that Mike -- -- -- that we just doesn't make a lot of his -- in the wrong spot and dogs to the road I would imagine somebody Miller's hero role. Wind up incredibly commissioners. It's a quarter it's very. Opt -- obvious holes in what was the crossed. -- the -- part of it but my point is just great run by -- yes great blocking yes great call -- that particular thing. But they had four guys to decide the return left of the kicker -- six guys the right to decide to run the very perpetrator perfectly excuse agree call. Why that happened on the other side you mills bullets again again back to home or think played right. He knows what happened can't -- the ball I mentioned before the couple just. Ridiculous that nobody blocked acting got a mental problems is much -- -- -- on the ground. But that yet those ones that probably goes in the -- soccer you know what happened but. He did the right thing it was a classic where our special teams to way I think that we need to chime in here we talks earlier in -- about how. There was some concern about as toasty. Being a little wobbly but he was able to -- to really be with him and lastly those -- he was in today I thought it was really interesting one to tie the game. He with the same into the stadium is where you missed in the waning moments the loss to boot to the cardinals and anything that. It is clear that it he is the guy how you respond yeah exactly how it was about -- -- sort of thing that happened he had a negative term rough tire early in the season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- always have a tough time for the place -- talk because they know what the this sort of shopping cart kickers -- the places -- -- around here that's definitive that's what caught people by surprise and I'm not questioning that that -- and -- natural way to go I just think you know for more pointed. My personal point of view and I'd never play with Steve knows aside from them but he. He has a lot of call national foreign a lot of streak record drought there. But just -- ago that he operates he gets -- up quickly switched -- the block he kicked off -- -- well he superficial -- -- -- did have a bad week. Bought the idea that you've missed a few what what else is out there I'm just telling you guys did drop is pretty tremendous. And I told bill as early in the week I was really happy data need to put those -- through. -- so we didn't have to have a conversation because. It might be warranted at that point and you know did drop between him and annual -- so ridiculous he's still -- a basket personally glad he made those two kicks us or shut the door to conversation. I am curious to -- get an explanation for why he ball to the locker room know the game -- salt pond -- was talking about what's the effect answering for. What's it I mean at first blush when I read it it almost sounded as though. Just how -- was almost upset with the the heat that he took earlier in the year after missing the kick against Arizona. Maybe it was as simple as you know my family. Was around to see you did you said the all you know I just had a couple things had to do you know sorry couldn't Artie goes but he talk later in the week and you know I think his teammates particularly the two specialists both beacon and sold them. Where were very happy form because that group is it's it's a small group. You know in any news major leaders in a group as a candidate think those two guys are squarely in his court but is back through. I don't wanna talk just went on to a positive. I know I didn't talk to his credit he stood there are answered every question -- three missed the kick against Arizona that's an upset I don't wanna talk to you just went -- -- -- positive things nine maybe -- of -- who defend this up you know right after the game but it. You don't wanna be that guided just talk to me this composite was so negative and you just. You're not there to be seen them. I yeah I also as tight as I look at this game today there's a tiny little thing that's kind of an ancillary thing I talked to Rob Ninkovich about this on Thursday. Because he played at Wembley before. -- this surface isn't exactly conducive to big NFL players. -- it it is obviously soccer pitch the grass is different he said I know what let's put it -- to say soccer pitch it's not a football field. And the grasses is different it's lighter it comes up in big chunks it it now it's built for speed wide receivers running back below the surface. Offensive defensive lineman maybe not so much and Yanukovich talked about the last time he played on this. They had to make some adjustments as far as shoes were concerned because they had a hard time moving on this thing a trust me I'll bases of being Covert. Equipment meant as a going out there a few days -- to gain the morning of the gain in the actual -- the guys have the right. Rice does -- issues right shoes they're wearing. On the watered they went out there and just. Walked in areas. On to -- through the field well -- didn't know they did not build didn't want them know over at Wembley this is a bit. Today will be the first time they'll be inside Wembley Stadium coming licensee Grasso -- used -- -- a little while there -- football you see every guy probably from being treated for booking. Before he -- go out on the team I mean why don't feel. And see in check the surface. See how we -- -- If there's any grass they don't come -- if there is in your crown in the middle of the field there is anything that that they need to see. That they can prepare for a team that's actually interest -- you mentioned the crown. I don't know I don't know if tournaments are about if there's if that's built into more than -- there was always interest and if you ever traveled to you. On the strip Dallas and then you'll statement councils that. The reduced bad the most in saying crown from you could stand at the fifty yard line he did Buffalo's the same way. Yes similar but I don't think quite strategy you would stand you can stand back at the back pile on in one corner. And look at the -- at at at Stanton at the fifty yard line annually she hadn't heard that waste and you know like there's such a dramatic drop -- and if you were tackle a guy on the sideline. You dive and there's that extra light for that wasn't under -- slap at all we're aware of the -- you know it kind of has a dramatic feels. If store subtleties are differences to the way the fuel this does not really built for football. Become an interest signature got out of loyalists are a --

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