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London Calling!! NFL Sunday Opens up Taking a Look at the Logistics of Having a Team Based in London

Oct 28, 2012|

Dale Arnold, Chris Price, Matt Chatham and Kevin Faulk open the Week 8/Pats in London edition of NFL Sunday talking about how Bill Belichick and co. are not fans of traveling and playing in London. Bob Kraft agrees with the league that eventually, an NFL team should be based out of London. Dale and the boys don't really agree - it's just not something that seems feasible.

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I don't know why I just sort of was expecting London calling to be you know with the background -- for this -- good morning welcome to NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. To my immediate right former New England Patriots running back Kevin falcon -- -- Grew more and in video of the where there was looking like on the non starter is I don't know and drops the table a former New England Patriots linebacker Matt -- good morning Matt -- and -- are you. Very well thank you and to my immediate left from WEEI dot com is Chris price good morning Chris good morning sir. -- now the question immediately becomes as we prepare for what is a legitimately. Historic storm. -- a friend as a meteorologist -- and company in his TV meteorologist and he he tweet at the other day on Friday he said. I can't tell you the last time ice storm like this happened. Because it's never happened. From a meteorological point of view there has never been a storm of this size and Brett. At I was watching on the news this morning he said the the cloud cover right now -- 16100. Miles why. From Memphis Tennessee to Los Angeles, California if you want to put it in some sort of geographical perspective that's how big the thick cloud coverages. And and what it is doing is affecting a lot of sporting things. Off for instance Paul Tagliabue has already postponed the bounty gate hearing. It was scheduled for Tuesday he's RD settler if you know -- is gonna happen and you can imagine with the metropolitan New York area's going to be like so he's already postponed that. The New England Patriots are looking at the very real possibility that that come home for a few days. There's a report from Albert Purdue uniform network says the patriots now have multiple contingency plans in place. Re a pro football talk right now the event in the human disturbed real the plane's return home on Monday now because London's Heathrow airport closes at 11 o'clock local time. They keep beat this problem and there's no way to -- and fly out there this evening is glad he's not game. Like in time it got to by the time close so well and we're looking now at a Tuesday returned it could stretch into Wednesday by -- week -- And but is that -- networks yes I mean -- the players' -- -- -- have to violate. The foremost it's our what the players thereby we bringing -- bird. It's brio and good coaches who are not on them of means that they used does do -- about week yet due to does a lot of self scouting. Of the whole team the first few games of the season and he does that who -- for a couple of days of their -- Interest in situation I mean at least ordered losing preparation actual team to port so mean that can make it up probably mix and shuffle some things but. You know navigate the -- -- did duties last you'd Islam does mr. -- that he loves fact that he's -- you know sixty guys in London. You know is without a a curfew a game at Atlanta. -- you're right out of -- -- how far -- Amsterdam. We got our next half hour and a half flight verdict will fanaticism focus that we without a sense -- -- -- a clears and you look. You don't word's yours we're gonna start preparing fourteen X next week right. That can happen to. If they have everything in place. Film wise and which I'm sure they do a good mix of quality which is. Coming out of by I believe you know what -- right. Oh the problem really don't I didn't look that far. And I agree I think got the language school week to week -- hit it. But that that that could possibly be true. Well what would you do you know we've been through these before where -- almost hotel practice pick and you like the big bull or extra to vote and nothing personal walk through it's not like he can't still mentally get some things done. You know -- -- of trust me he has something that he will -- look -- lottery when they arrived in London Friday morning he wanted to get a -- get their legs stretched and they were gonna do -- the -- practice that -- talked about. And there was some reason that they couldn't do what he ended up taking them across the street Hyde Park. And you had the New England Patriots in gray sweatsuit in the sweatshirt and sweatpants. All rumbling around in Hyde Park doing their walk through it I mean you -- do that again it's like me just unit practicing in Central Park resident you know just dislike it because it snapped when their biggest you know which is an expert presented him with a degree in tablets grow at their practice have you heard I've heard reports of to have very little fanfare as well yes a little even I mean they knew that there was a -- a large guys in matching uniforms out there about right. My guess is that and as you said it Manchester United practiced in Central Park. There would be a portion of the fan base would just be a dog. And there'd be a large portion of the populace of New York City who wouldn't have any concept of what they were saying not trust me now. Remembers. You can't -- -- -- he's. Business -- are in my view and wanted -- -- everything there is no fair fair you got to remember those security guys out give back coaches on the side and I says yeah. Defect coaches and two blocks. Of. I mean lucky -- this whole thing anyway you know what I know what he hates the idea even haven't goals there he hates the hold disruption he hates everything about it. And now it's even you know eight times worse because. Now he's got a whole bunch of guys sitting in London and and they're looking at the very while not not possibility. Probability. Their whole return is disrupted now it because there's no way in the world are going to be able to fly into Logan tomorrow. My one question Hewitt who is he. Well yeah because I will be happy to be every bit ironic I have to Haiti's -- to the first heat. Is bill. And that he hates. Secondly. To craft and it means love and that's an athletic and that's what -- -- yeah I am right now. What are getting there aren't -- yeah it's just I'd love to hear from. On boredom outsold so much of the hold your team playing but I'd like to -- the -- I mean because realistically. One team doesn't do it right from Indy and can't have a separate league in the time travel thing would be an issue. They're obviously thought long and hard about it may think it would cost Kraft talked about it London on Friday I think to you -- I think he got a little swept away was -- -- I -- pandering to the crowd you know I and I talked about this was -- last night that. If the NFL is looking for legitimate international options. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They've already kind of run the numbers on this it and realized okay look if it makes money were gonna do this. My -- my train of thought right there. Once they put their plan into place that we're going to play a game in London. I'm almost positive positive they head up intuitive thinking well we can have actually haven't. Most team out there a team actually NFL team and it -- before anything. I guess -- curiosity have you award of the contingencies I mean what how to how to AC slot and deformities he threw for indices and the you know prohibited from playing -- West of the misery what you brought up last week the idea of hokey let's see do you put him in the NFC east and then. You have -- -- matched up against NFC -- team you have the fifteen hour flight you know from Seattle London I would imagine the competition committee would be having riots and -- -- out -- that now I just obviously somebody -- -- -- we're working. It's not about records it's obviously somebody thinks it could and I just love to hear of their version of the story -- media which are three teams in -- maybe you do Bibi propose a whole European division in that -- -- -- -- this and it would just plain out for the sake of arithmetic. You put him in the NFC east. Hope they've got to go to Dallas had to go to. I mean it -- we on the hot dominance that Dallas in the NFC east to begin at. But but if you stick London in the NFC east and dallas' one of the teams that play twice a year. It's just the whole thing is fraught with stupid like Saint Louis -- to. We're now that's a lot of -- -- but I know that they've had this in the back of their minds ever since NFL Europe which was also an ill advised idea. Can't work OK there are sometimes and no matter how badly you want it. It doesn't make sense it can work you can't have a team. The only way that you can pull this off build a build an island in the middle of the south and fill -- put in the field you'd have to have a European division. Yeah you'd have to put fourteens. But even then they could they have to be prepared prohibited from playing AFC west teams are gonna sue me you can't write this yesterday and you have this new division but. On the cyclical basis of a team to play different divisions. Can never act in you would have -- leaned -- -- -- foresee -- three weeks at a stretch. Exactly so you have a month Xerox -- creator October you're you're just overseas you know. -- only. -- that this will work and I don't frankly I don't think there's enough support for no I don't think it enough support for London. -- -- -- single entity item foray at an event. Okay we're gonna bring two teams over and you got a bunch patriots fans are gonna fly over for the -- the on a -- and for the vacation aspect ballot. You got a bunch of of ram while many programs -- on and -- they -- or not they don't always go to their own games and in their own city but. You know you can you can do it for an event. You can't sell eight games in London and have people show up to see I just don't think it lap. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- US servicemen. OK okay but I why that's why the German team did great it was it was in an area where there are a lot of United States servicemen US air bases. And that's why they they did -- Alka. Teams in France and if there was one in Paris that into what impairs but the grew modestly -- didn't try and make a big splash trade at a McGee I think that's. One of the reasons they did well at least early on but I don't know if it's sustainable long and I just don't know. I feel the same way by Europe that if you're about Los Angeles have an area doesn't want American football. -- shouldn't be trying to force it down it's well I've -- -- big news vote. The argument it was sentences. He's brilliant businessmen right I mean obviously knows the stuff and he's grown this market from open. Par wasn't so. He knows enough to know that you can't just. All these problems were bringing -- obvious he's aware -- -- and he's not going to be won't put something in the it's gonna go blustery years later because of -- you know black iron maybe -- the product in the long run so there's obviously some sort of thread. Oh well there's a pathway but I just what solved here doubled -- figure. I boy and I I I think yesterday -- or Friday whatever was that the key sectors to win in the moment in anything yet and people have put out this work exactly as that but that's simply how could this work I just I don't I don't get -- and again I think of the unifil was sincerely interested in exploring your natural options. Toronto Mexico City Vancouver I think for more feasible -- light speed travel opens here. It's here here here was the NFL Europe teams and and intelligently. They scattered most of NFL Europe in Germany again going back to the United States servicemen in and the air bases. Are there were teams in Frankfurt. Ryan Hamburg Berlin. Cologne. And they had the Amsterdam admirals on back to your point about how long -- flight is -- and all that stuff in the year 2007 last year up NFL Europe. The teams averaged 20020. People per game that was their average attendance and. And a failure you know Warner -- though a look at look at. The US soccer you know with the -- -- know if I wonder how much of a part of that. Is you know you're getting the last emperor for -- -- mean if you knew you had the best of the best win win you know menu comes over here in the port on an event in the LA coliseum or something that pac. Right now but when you know that you have a Tripoli team essentially. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Knowing that it's about this may be addressed them dress a product a -- -- me -- position as a minor league. -- -- the abuse you -- your idea that you're you're going to see Tripoli baseball -- -- baseball and you're not going to see the best of the best and you understand that. But these are development of mass -- out raise their. Was that there was -- London team by the London monarch from 9198. And then Nate. Folded because that component of people and there. Barcelona. Was in the league from 91 to 2003. And the teams that I told -- Frankfurt Ryan Hamburg Berlin Cologne and Amsterdam that was the last year. Those for the teams that made up -- earlier last year and it was almost all Germany -- Barcelona and Amsterdam excuse me just Amsterdam. -- when they kept him on never we'll take quick break out -- the -- and says odd tale is Paul Tagliabue back in the NFL. Actually he is actually yeah we never left here and yeah -- I Iranian you're getting ready was appointed. By the current NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. And now adjudicate the bounty gate. It's process. I as a way of trying to circumvent the legal process trying to show the courts that are no I don't have anything to do this anymore Roger Goodell speaking I don't have a -- that we have a completely neutral observer. The former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue who we put in charge of it and yes they're fighting part as well.

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