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Pete Sheppard: Prevewing Pats-Rams with Trags

Oct 27, 2012|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia calls in to talk with Pete about this weekend's matchup in London. The two discuss the difficulties the Rams will present for Tom Brady and the Patriots offense and discuss how the banged up secondary will hold up against Rams QB Sam Bradford.

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Rejected though we're third WEEI dot comes up might which route you out. And get his thoughts in the patriot I'm Mikey -- how's -- day Chestnut Hill today. It was entertaining I gotta say chase credit showed up at their feet not -- four minutes of the game he had a very rough. Game and -- Not protecting the ball in the pocket -- a couple of unfortunate strips facts that led the fumbles one that I with about six minutes ago that was gonna. Caught in the game. However he showed me something converting back to back third down. On that game winning drive and and on the wide open Jonathan -- it was good that. He brought in college on the way that we him because obviously expanding army and everybody else associated with that program has had a brutal. Two months to start the season and about come off the matter after blowing a thirteen point second -- Makes everybody I think a little bit better. Just and -- -- sacks allowed the during the discussion remember a time debuted candidacy in a team Russia. For an average of all point three yards per game and actually when the game. Now is exactly. What that as part of my story. And you know on WEEI dot com that they had a miserable day to day. They could not convert a third down to save their life to the fourth quarter the -- the going the right that is correct and their first third down conversion that was followed. By the strip sack and a fumble -- erratic and the other thing was the -- you -- and the fact that you know -- in college that the -- you know a lot of -- know that it's different -- the and a much different. When you take a rush for a lot to opt out it is -- it's counted against a rush and -- They literally had eight yard yet. On what he or Kerry now part of that was minus 43 yards by chase yes. Getting back -- again. And -- took a seven yard loss in the finals after the game so it's a little you'd oh it's a remarkable. I want. Well let's get into this a page at -- rams game coming up in in London tomorrow when -- cinematic a very very. Interesting match appear considering again. And that's not all about the secondary goal in the stock there. With McCord probably back to safety to Von Wilson your corners for tomorrow probably I don't Denard -- more coal and they did promote not the Williams off for the effort to three man roster today to the 53 man roster from the practice squad. Interesting. You know it's usually just say the least the offensive line as you know of the rams a bit dinged up. Maybe this week page to get a little more consistent pressure and force Bradford throws picks. Well I. Exactly and and we don't know yet whether or not Danny Amendola alone play officially he's questionable it would be really a remarkable story of an adult what it is available. For Sam Bradford but the thing that scared the daylights out of me about Bradford is it a lot more mobile than in Denmark -- oh yeah. And you know -- we it'll be looking at a Russell Wilson read bill. You know if he could be able to get out of pocket and then -- just struck the ball forty yards downfield and -- but he opened. I do you really like the move of stepped up and according. The safety because of his ball skills he doesn't necessarily. It has been shown the ability to consistently dependable receiver. But what he does get deep he can read the ball very well and that's quite they're looking for out of that state -- position with both Gregory. And chunk out of the game tomorrow. You know you'll -- a great job that we Kubrick and on the game to come up with some some great numbers. I thought match I -- and actually had an excellent piece of herald yesterday as well about the twelve big pass plays -- -- is considering a jets -- But just even take that aside you. Would you like to see the patriots blitz more -- to solve anything. Yeah I would like to see them let. You know maybe 510% more that I just. To make the quarterback uncomfortable. Look if you hear that you're aware that. If you can control -- quarterback. And watched him to a cool aside in the field without a quarterback running out of the pocket on his own but I think -- equity. And by blitzing from a certain. Part of the field but I did -- from the right side of the -- Chandler Jones side and they flush him out right well the the idea here is you have everything sealed on the back side if you cut the field and -- and have happen appealed the cover. That's what I would like to see that do more I know about -- Want to make the quarterback eventually make the mistake and dropped more guys in coverage but when you're dot however Welch patriot. Clearly are not. And Matt -- -- point eight it's not just. But the and so -- it's a linebackers linebackers in the state have been horrible this year and -- are -- and you know not something teams are exploiting. I mean I'm against so -- -- answer your question. If you let -- -- smartly. And and you are able to control it and -- the quarterback or secular side of the field. Theoretically that should help prepare approach. As far as the run defense again another into another pretty good task for the patriots that it Jackson number two to the Jackson as you know most people though. Man he can be you can look like the greatest running back in the world out there are some other games from time to disappears and but that page its overall -- a real good job of stopping and taking away most teams you know best rushing attack so much. I'm not overly concerned about him what is -- somebody every time he touches the ball. He is so hard to bring down people think Tebow stuff to bring out the skies is guy's unbelievable. Well he he might be along with CJ it's an artist guy in the league. To bring doubt but as we saw in the house seat and opening game the patriots. I've been great this year and playing run -- how many times do you see last week. The the patriots. Pursue the ball the runner and not lose their claim. Except for one thing I'd -- about watching the patriots in one -- and they're very very. Disciplined and when you're that disciplined you're gonna have a defense like the patriots run defense that is. That it can hold great running back. There's you know miniscule numbers because there there -- no lane for a wide open -- projections and the restaurant or. In the patriots made a mistake in trying to bring Aaron Hernandez back too quickly and now he's you know he's missed gonna miss this game. Now I don't because I think. What they have to go on what the player tells them -- what -- feeling like an apparent Hernandez's Stalin died you know coaches -- -- great training staff. Jim -- Jim -- they call them. I -- great you know I feel fine I'm able to run hard and he was apparently able to make up. You know two and three weeks ago in practice on the ankle -- he would never been cleared in the first place. But apparently. And I remember asking Aaron Hernandez this after the Seattle game I was that a 100%. I couldn't really top the way I want -- to and I remember thinking to myself up oh I wonder. If that could go one a two way. Either it's just the matter of him working himself back into shape or lingering injury and a last week use. Unfortunately. I'm leaning towards the latter of those. Eventualities. Two names any patriot fans should dread hearing this weekend I think our our Chris Long and and Robert and Robert Quinn. And that's why sold their involvement this week -- really gonna have their hands Hansbrough. With two guys who could really bring it off the edge. Well they are and I think the patriots have have their -- -- attacked. Ready to go their screen the one way. That they've been able to effectively. Attacked. I try to pass rush is with bubble screens to Wes Welker I mean a couple times last week you saw beautifully yes -- Inside -- screens to Welker and I think he should probably expect to see more of that. Tomorrow against the rams have especially like it's -- Chris Long has a really. Attractive game against -- solar yeah I mean I'd be concerned about. But there's always an adjustment. To be made if the patriots steal that the defense of the pressures are getting the best of the tackles. You can you know throw to the up -- quickly -- -- into law you can run up the middle was Steven -- which -- to keep it again seat a lot morals. Tomorrow. You know although there are always ways as it is it's not a wholesale. Field here along the offensive line there are ways to make up for a. Talk -- micro drive WEEI dot com covers the patriots but it's at a being jolly old England today he was at that just on the hill. What's in the -- the football game between BC being a Maryland let's talk about the patriot offense because I've been in I'm not one of those that. -- ago. Minister here are just completely each blame everything on the secondary like so many. Fans out there to tend to do because they -- -- 45 plays of the game but I think the offense when I saw the numbers after the game last week the offensive red zone. Proficiency. Scoring touchdowns ninth in the NFL to meet not good enough and you throw authors that -- -- thoughts are the couple days ago. That day lead the league along with Detroit and drop passes at nineteen that. Would this offensive Mike is on acceptable there are so many points they are leaving out on the field in my opinion. Particularly in the first half. These games element that brings up the Denver game all the time because. It is Seattle game should be elected Denver game words the -- and and and last week should have been like the Denver did everything pretty good field position. And is just too -- points -- left and on the field. I couldn't agree more Pete and you know last week we saw. Probably the worst game we've seen in the short feature career from Brandon Lloyd I don't think you're gonna say as many drop passes from Brandon Lloyd the rest of the -- and as you saw last week it was just not. Not a good game for number 85 I think it bounces back pretty strongly tomorrow. The other guy and and consider that the that rams' secondary and the edges are all horrible I think the patriots can -- the ball. -- will tomorrow Brady has any time at all Wes Welker had a couple drops. -- had a couple of try last week so. Yes there leading points on the border of leaving opportunities out there people one thing I cannot strip now. And in bands out there listening have seen that I'm an arm again in the fourth quarter this team can not -- game away running the ball and playing smash now. You see a lot of -- Teams over the years Baltimore Pittsburgh in the AFC north. Really effective team even Green Bay last year when they had Aaron Rodgers sort of around they were able to warm up the clock. Happy it it. At the end of game and -- put teams away. That's the one thing that concerns me the most about that patriot offense and the one thing that they even Brady admitted after the game and on Monday and Dennis and Callahan. No we don't know Arctic again and yet that's still to be formed and it's going to be answered on how we finally. Go about putting teams away in the fourth quarter. In the last three weeks have been outscored 34 of six and in the fourth quarter meanwhile the rams have outscored their points in the fourth quarter 29. The thirteenth isn't and just over the last three weeks and that's it's it's going to be interesting to see -- I get eagle -- -- again -- expect them to go score six out of six touchdowns in the red zone I understand that. But this offense should have they should had at least in my opinion -- six -- game. And the starting field position last week that you saw -- one time on the patriots 45. And a couple times one was on the fifty I believe what that was on the jets' 45 the came away with no points on any of those drives and that's just unacceptable this offense. Part of that though Pete is that fact that sort of brought that brought this up. This week and it was Greg Bedard. Benefit -- at a Japanese that young. The no huddle hurry up ought to be really funny thing. When it in rhythm it looks great it looks seen most of look so effortless. Actually Q what it's not good rhythm. And which is I think in the case in the fourth quarter last couple games. You can make incomplete passes I think can be off. Run blocking isn't fair and we've seen that from Steven Ridley -- and add much to one that in the fourth quarter these games when that happens. You can go three and out. Very easily and I think the patriot. -- that make up their mind if they're gonna go no huddle I think have to be committed to it for a longer period I mean McCain so that they. Get their rhythm and then when. Prime comes calling in the fourth quarter they have a little bit more more margin of -- at least afford it what games they have not asked. A great deal margin of error in the fourth quarter -- you know led to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let me less question I think judge in new prediction -- log in out. I think the -- that's when this game 2817. I think they are finally it took a lesson and I think they should be able score. On this rams' defense. I I do think Bradford -- have a couple of big plays in the game -- says the rams got a couple of touchdowns out of it. But I see the patriots when in response -- he excellent. Our -- -- drive from WEEI dot com check out this -- on the ABC Merrill recap and it covers the patriots and Mike we will talk to you I want talked about your way but. Maybe on next Sunday or somewhere down the road VirtualDub talkative. I report repeated all. My pleasure Michael thank you.

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