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Pete Sheppard: Clearing the air on the Pats secondary

Oct 27, 2012|

Pete opens the show by breaking down the issues surrounding the Pats defense so far this year, particularly in terms of how the secondary has played. He also goes into how it's not just the defensive backs and, contrary to popular belief, the Pats do not have to blitz more.

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Good afternoon everybody how are a year or two day beach every here until 7 o'clock tonight Sports Radio W Riyadh that it three point seven a famine. Spectral less than those listening roster WEEI Sports Radio network and on WEEI dot com welcome. To -- average -- I feel like the guy. The voice over guy and ESP yen. Those those 3030. Spots those previews mortified would -- told you vote scheduled quick deported to the patriots and rams in a lot of other more important things. I have to and congratulations to the kids of Boston College that no hard they've worked in you know this past. It whenever -- try to get back on track here but. I I just have never seen numbers like this in my life it's about that once in -- five. Hundred plus yards on on and on defense. But what a fight soldier -- a fight between these numbers and again this is it's a quick on this. Third down affair -- get the first third down conversion by the way to elect the seven minute mark seven minutes left in the game late in the fourth quarter. Especially for thirteen on third down conversions a total yards with 295. Got game though by Maryland -- -- 337. Day. They throw for 287 yards Maryland -- forty. The rushing. -- I -- I'm trying to think of ever receive a Boston College team not be able to averaging half of the yard. And I'm dead -- and a half a yard the average -- point three. Yards per rush today. Granted a lot of that because -- it's -- you know was. Was sacked. But my goodness and exactly. Seven times. Minus 43 yards Williams did at sixty yards -- You know I've got a -- seven yards minus seven yards and I've never seen any I've never seen numbers like this report. Oh point three yards for on average at least three for 35 BC three for thirty true. -- possession Maryland had more. 333 minutes between what's next to BC 2630 minutes a mob BC was up thirteen up in Little -- And the comeback in the ice and -- went today. Maryland she took the lead. But BC comes from behind -- -- -- to seventy but my my my god I mean and and all the guys at the end ended there -- their job destroying it as positive as possible but I mean that is just. William. Those numbers are unbelievable I can't ever remember a Boston College team. Averaging all point three yards per carry per rush attempt. Gotta be kidding me. Anyway six what 777 I 79376177797937. Back includes BBC talk for the day. You know it's it's it's in tonight's win. They deserve it -- two point six Amir went for the ACC Maryland drops into into the ACC and four for -- obesity -- to Winston-Salem next week pentagon. -- -- And now that officially closed BC talking -- and wants China which I'll be happy your. Milford talked about didn't see the game couldn't watch it on ESPN three either because it is one of those exclusive games so. Just listened to it to listen to me to just listen to Jon Meterparel to speak Cronin. And BC went let's get right into the New England Patriots my friends against six once. It's 7797937. Going to be here until 7 o'clock tonight. As let's talk about today's patriotism. There's John Ferrell there is Bobby Brown -- can recap a little bit and though. A week and a lot of people sometimes get the listened during the week in his lot of stuff you wanna say get off your chest so. Alec and opened for today whatever you guys wanna talk about certain media John Ferrero. And Antonia Tory liberal being hired as the bench coach. But I must start with. With the patriots and rams. A couple of one note to tell you about -- which happens is rather recently and Greg Bedard from Boston Globe distributed -- a few minutes ago the pats -- promoted defensive back Malcolm Williams. Off the practice squad to the 53 man roster -- can replace -- Ras I Dowling. And Williams wore -- special teams player of -- -- played DB. Because your quarters now going into this game the corners a limited to Alfonso -- Kyle Arrington sterling Moore. And a marquee scroll. You're gonna have -- me you know probably Deborah McCord the ad and that's about Wilson starting at the safety spots because Gregory and Sean are not going to play. Not only they're not going to play as most of you know by now obvious -- I -- of the output a year a season ending higher with that -- here. Aaron Hernandez's out tried at this week ankle. This still struggling to make cuts Tracy White linebackers up Brandon -- running back is out. Trevor Scott. The president is out and Tracy White is out is well. That being said -- that that that's what the patriots have enough on defense. Again it's going to be interesting in the secondary with according Wilson and then Denard or -- Kyl. Now what I try to tell my good friends Dennis and Callahan. For four straight days. Because they just want to jump on. It is it again it's two subjects they don't blitz enough and and the secondary -- And it goes so much more it's to me. The way the struggles of the features team this year you cannot let the offense off the hook and I tried to try to get -- with them. Nobody offensive red -- touchdowns and like I can't start every other time he can't go to there at night. And touchdown scored in the red zone. Which is simply not good enough it's just simply not good enough that's that's is one aspect. Of not good enough he got teams ahead of them Washington buffalo Carolina Tampa Bay. There is no reason why those three Tivo sport team should be ahead of the patriots. -- And red zone offense scoring touchdowns of 58 point 06% green Bay's number one the world number through Denver three Atlanta for. That's one aspect that has got to improve it absolutely has to improve because that does affect. No other parts of the patriots game particularly the defense and that's why back and most companies to stop on people's throats. And I'd go crazy and maybe that did disguise some of their defensive weaknesses of what we all know that's not the reason why they lost the simple. 2007. There was offence related. A lot of the offense is though is it as a lot to do with why this team. Is where they are just for a three. Let's say -- enough to get better we also what happened last year and yes the offense is number one and everything you know for the most part looked pretty good. What it has to get better it has to get better. This is that -- -- most of you don't know the two in the patriots are tied with the Detroit Lions. For the most drops on offense. 1919. If you knew that nineteen drops -- what Detroit's. That's ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. And Matt Chatham. Orbiters like -- could hear him tomorrow and FL -- Sunday with dale and Kevin Faulk and Christopher price. We got a great column in The Herald yesterday and I hope most of you read -- you didn't adjusted to a brief synopsis here what he said. Doesn't a lot of stuff by try to convey to my friends in the morning during the week but they don't wanna hear a lot of other people wanna hear. But -- -- just of what he said some very very interesting numbers. This cancer related basically to the -- game last week. And basically -- says in a barrel yesterday at twelve big pass plays on critical conversions by the jets last Sunday now all those twelve. Six don't include a corner or safety getting beat or making a coverage. Error. I say that again. That's half of those twelve big plays. Big pass plays on critical conversion by the jets. Six of them don't include. A corner or safety getting beat or making a coverage error. Now -- six plays obviously go you blame the linebackers. A hundred yards given up due to linebacker errors are -- and seventeen yards given up by corner and safety errors. And I agree with -- we send out doesn't mean don't you let the secondary off the hook by any stretch of the imagination because they have been terrible for the most part. All I'm saying is we try to say this all the time it's never it's obvious as it looks it's never just about three or four guys. You know when defense looked bad I don't remember early three or four plays the most people to I don't I remember I remember 65 players. Now. Also goes on to say. We we talked about dismissing you know the -- that they'd pick it -- -- blitz blitz more get the quarterback -- more again just relating back to Mark Sanchez last week. -- up another terrific point. Of those same twelve plays I just talked about where only half of the time the second or more responsible the other half with linebackers ball. -- boasting twelve plays. Sanchez had on average. Not 567. Seconds as -- would have -- -- to believe to throw the ball. 2.4. Seconds on average. The most he ever had. The longest he had that game last Sunday to throw the ball was 3.4 seconds. So averaged 2.4 seconds the Mac was on -- that concludes. That said he decrypt the sixth rusher. Would not have affected the play at all against the jets. Protection on most plays and I agree -- them that went back and watch them again this morning again absolutely. 100% accurate. In fact back was on to say again -- -- it might have been the situation worse. Had they started sent somebody and -- red dog and and -- -- -- Mean this the kind of stop that you have to take into consideration. It's not just about according socks -- socks being coached -- -- weren't there are so you know it's always wave a magic -- they have issues on the -- our defense going. No one is denying any of that. But it's the same thing I talk about time and time again. You know I just what you gonna go back and watch these games a couple of times and see what the hell you're talking about. Because to blame one group. On defense. One group on offense. Doesn't work that way it is a combination now I really believe the great it's gonna Texas they are really do. Where it's also hadn't done it didn't last -- -- it done many times. In 2002 enemies steamrolled everybody towards indices of last year missed a blow people out. And I get I mean there are still issues here when it's not all about the -- and secondary. And it's not all about -- the offensive woes but I I -- not enough people have. Looked at the offense overall some of these numbers. They lead the league would nineteen drops the -- ninth overall. And and red -- touchdown scoring not good enough. You go back to the Arizona game missed field -- -- touchdown that probably should account and at a very question Rob Gronkowski holding call. The Seattle game left so many points on the field was ridiculous instead of and people like what would have -- met a matter a lot of erupt. By 1417 points at the half. It matters. To go one of six in the red zone and only score and only one touchdown. Much say -- go six for six or five or six about two for six. But even the -- game last week how many times they start off with excellent field position -- the one time on the road 45. It twice inside at once at the -- -- wants the jet 45 and got no points out of it. You know that's the stuff I'm talking about. Sought to stick it just you don't. Consider all that this considerate. This proves to be a bit this week coming up there's going to be a real interest in game ought tomorrow with the symbol was rams -- really is. I know -- Jesus say they'll Brad Bird is you know throw for all these yards because our but he also done again the preacher and he might I mean I must say he's got to make some place. On his. Any question about it I think there will throw a lot I loved Jeff Fisher and -- that you guys know me how I feel about Fisher. Is that if if Belichick what the coach this team might want Jeff Fisher coach in this team. I think he's a tremendous coached that team is another play harder both sides of the ball the physical. Fast. Tom -- can never really look up Quinn and long and the defense events. Left -- right defense events this week. You know Vollmer and sold -- gonna have their hands full. Most know. I know Aaron Hernandez but still the patriots have a lot of weapons India and if you wanna call but the rams haven't for an Achilles heel. No question it's going to be its coverage of the line backing core. And their secondary is weak. Which we know about that. So I would expect. You go to graves and I expect that -- Welker gonna have a decent days. I really do it as far as the patriots on defense stopping the run and Jackson is a beast. You'd give you guys know that it's pretty good tandem there with the dale Richardson as well so Jackson is going to be. He's a load. He can -- mean he gets going. Guy he's very very tough to bring down at a table -- that he boasts up to bring this guy is unbelievable bring down. However we -- patriots have dog overall very well against the run. So uninteresting to see how -- know that the red zone touchdown expectancy improves for the patriots. Believing bat leading getting good field position and not getting any points out of it on the offensive side. And then on defense a site obviously. You're starting. Safeties are out again. What Jong and Gregory that is going to be tremendous pressure on according once again at safety which have been a lot of people like to see him there at the Bob Wilson. Will be starting as well and then you've got a father Denard Kyl. And as they said they promoted got defensive back Malcolm Williams off the practice squad -- -- -- to prevent roster he replaces Ras I -- can be. -- of the year with at night here. They have. It's an -- arguably the via my predictions -- -- -- do with the end of -- -- show up -- file when that. By the -- B Kirk last week by two games so Rios -- -- music which. Market driver WEEI dot com will join me at 605 -- gonna what I did his thoughts. He's not Monday he was at Chestnut Hill today watching them. Yes it was a football game. That Chestnut Hill between -- in Maryland but we'll get his thoughts as we usually do on Saturday when a month. They get to a thoughts as well some of urgency numbers in this game coming up before we get -- phone calls. Patriots have a 139 points in the first three quarters that's second in the NFL. Rams have scored. Eighty to basically half. But the patriots. Over the last three weeks to -- to have outscored. Pay to been outscored in the fourth quarter authority for six of the most accurate that number -- -- CNET. The rams on the other hand about scored their opposition 29 at thirteen in the fourth quarter is it just over the last three weeks. At a said the patriots tied for ninth for what if for tops in the NFL what nineteen drops on offense nineteenth I would alliance. Reds on offense touchdowns as night that's not good enough. As -- said John Gregory Dolly Hernandez white bald and Scott and Tracy went all out of the game. So why the shapes up to be embarrassing game I think it's probably going to be I don't see how this is going to be a blog anyway shape or form for the patriots are really though. Placement -- area tight close a competitive ball game. But I do think the -- tomorrow on top of this adjustment as usually just tapped it does have too much talent. And hopefully. The the youth. Doesn't catch up of them in this game of people forget that two youngest patriot defense it's which is why I can promise you. And points allowed the second half of the season it -- a projection promising but I'm pretty sure as it always does will get better as best Belichick teams usually peak. In November December is most ago.

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