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Mustard and LJ Talk Patriots and Continue Their Season-Long Debate -- Who is the Better QB RIGHT NOW, Eli vs Brady

Oct 27, 2012|

The guys are chatting about the Pats and somehow get on the regular debate between these two - and the callers - who would you want as your QB at this very moment, Eli or Tom?

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There -- so you know it's random. Some random churning out there you know the way even or whatever things like that that just. Nothing are really pay attention sometimes come on the bench talking to somebody -- and you hear the crowd you know. Go crazy and he thinks something's happened but that's that's their you know their picture there she manner in order Curtis so. -- -- some there's some different in dynamics like that vote. I get the most important thing is just our focus on the Branson and you know what. What court comes up situationally -- again. All those English there's so eccentric. Across the pond. Bill -- it's act talking about a a group of fans at Wembley Stadium 90000 strong Larry. We still think that football's a game they play on the on the ground with a round ball. In other words in the original of people standing up with a standing ovation when at that time now. I have no idea don't. They they still play American football over the channel four which is back in the old days we only have a couple of channels channel -- -- have a football game. American Football League and played the game over their bodies that channel -- do have a game of the week from the NFL. In one and I'm not so sure if they do that anymore but. Of course Bob Kraft earlier this week said that. One of them. Perhaps. A future franchise sort of like the national for London and Germany and were world where I mean it is it's just too much and now that it it's. Based on -- Not much good but the game itself like this you just said disappear if I don't. No I don't like all the I don't know that's just as you know if they're making up if they are making billions of dollars as he has wanted to work right now on my conscience and work on the pension plan -- about. And work on some other thing to instead of worrying about -- -- money you can import you know you're out. As long as they don't use replacing officials I'm all for argument. Or at its let's -- active while the number please edit. Like after all these are right I. -- -- -- like Alexander the Grady got appointees that crying because there was no more countries to Crocker I mean you get to a point out. How far you want to expand it from my question is I'll bet you -- Reference you're in the night Alexander the Great Roger Miller and tiger back to Roger -- I'm sorry it was a great about it was that again. I Georgia though they -- -- service -- there -- golden swing like a candle and do Bobby on bicycles two by two. Westminster -- -- -- Big -- -- they are sorry if you know if you only like one kind of music and I'm dead a heavy metal black music that you -- the lack -- that methodology. And coming -- -- adamant that formula can make up usually your -- before the right which finally get them work out on me bad. He's the great Dallas times. Four par right nobody's nationally acclaimed -- rights are all over the country his draft articles. -- -- Then anointed to be disappointed too gifted to be sifted absolutely those lyrics and that's like I don't know units from a from a church service are so let's get back to the phones very quickly -- -- your next step which got a good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That let me get I'm a long time guys. And how come back and done enough individually. To Columbia to pump rated at that moment wedeman is they want to have the balls. I beg him to let you know MVPs that the numbers. But. I'm on a regular. But -- amateur they have an MVP of super boring. Not a bad out there incompetent compared to Tom -- have -- W local one NDP is also Platt who MVPs. But but twenty it must win BP's got -- global MVPs. I get along well we did not play well you're not all of the people around he would be consistent. Because 2007. When Tom Brady was not putting exploding numbers. You're still -- that it was better than Manny does because it was better go to Atlantic I think somebody was better than Peyton Manning pride of the presidential couple 1007. Although I just had their opinions he was just the better team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you switch Manning -- Brady. Then you know bands yeah probably won't want to Jack -- -- that because he's been he's had a better opinion based on the fact that these greens being treated with him although. Right and you know what I'll say this and and and again I don't wanna undermine or take anything away from both the quarterback or the coach in New York but Brady has said the benefit of dollar check. I think it's it may be death on the roster one or the election and I like -- and I don't -- what you like him or not he's right amount of the best quote of the I don't know I think Eli. And then and then added that it is not the Belichick's camera happened to him at the revolutionary. Elegant -- -- did what you guys so you guys know you and I mean you guys in your friend -- area jobs updates employees. Now what we're correct me is. Out the ultimate price is winning the sort of all the guys that brushing aside like. A compare Britain and the black holes -- I'm saying the men have to welcome because that particular good and we saw people. But you know he died. When the game magnitude -- that that championship game against Baltimore let you can't. Complain that. Well wait a minute wait went out right then oh now wait a minute let him and it didn't act kind of miss a kick. It the end of the game didn't receiver they haven't met with the president ever holding -- that the quality tennis. Not Clinton did and I can make you more or what they hope to many winning a game -- open -- anyone about the Super Bowl again -- In Chicago and left in the second quarter it's now. -- -- there have been -- good you -- and I think about it a bit of 2007. You can really and maybe it was like -- and -- didn't have a better coach in front of -- came revenues have many. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay yeah salt into. Summing up Sam who would you say Eli or com. I think this is about who they played as a united fan I want mobile do you have an update you comparing. Let's not like using that was that was out of bed at Columbia. Don't -- an adult. -- -- there are still Sam baritone don't. I don't know what you guys who -- I've got to Google and many men get riled. That drive you seem to cut down to win games and that I'm another man didn't. Brady drives -- the field -- yeah. Maybe even if you make -- really ridiculous. That this tyrant and a complete letdown. I agree that is a very good point in. I think the detractors that's the only -- west the only statistic that really matters winning obvious thank you and Brady's 13 any -- -- if you've got to have a discussion on this I think you have to. If it's not a are a debate which you could enter into which we had a better career you're talking about right now. I say so are we talking about right now we are -- -- Manning now thirty wanna believe -- I mean you don't like it I am sorry the Raikkonen but you -- include the eight tractor. Right does not of course not appreciating what Brady has done his brilliance and well current and polling the team out of things but I think just have to look at the eight. Here's the other difference I think the perception. In New York is that Eli will. Get them into. The fire and you'll get them out of that he'll throw the ill timed interception. I'm that was against who was against Tampa he threw that interception at the end of the half early in the season you know I think it was against Tampa the last play -- the first -- throws a pick. At midfield Tampa takes it to the house -- sex somehow or another they come back. In win that game. Brady is so consistent now he's given up a couple of almost. -- that have killed him for Marty last week Seattle they did was against Seattle with a couple -- but. Generally Brady doesn't turn the ball over and that's what makes him so consistent you don't expect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did not cost -- the Super Bowl that had nothing while they were using these kind of off to a very ports that they were down 02 well it's. Over now if you got it out -- that it got to make a statement Big Brother guy and control in. And again I'm not in this -- to make an absolutely loved radiant big big best quarterback we've -- red. In my out of it one of the arguably the best five and -- football. All time yeah yeah I I -- I believe I believe that Brady I don't think there's any question who the better. Player is as far as their -- a -- -- -- -- on the -- -- can't take what -- has done the last -- -- isn't just dismiss -- not an obvious you have to have an -- their -- you very preventable -- just my problem -- just so insular. Let's get back to the phones and check out Matt in an orally and so I loved what's the name of that restaurant down the jailhouse map. And I love the jailhouse to and a yeah next one astronaut Greg -- at -- new orleans' Bourbon Street this is -- is a guy woke at the -- amendment no quality. -- -- I gotta get it on the Brady thing going -- and you're bored and wanna prompted me to call because it was totally ridiculous and the -- look at the stats because if you look at the stats. Over the last. Decade. It's clear that radiant performed better and more consistently. Now let me declare -- quiet. Perhaps than some might even call me a former. The -- Eli Manning came into the league I did not like him at all because -- body act like a privileged you know whatever. Well that was his father manipulating the drafting any amount sandy was sent -- -- Elway -- Whatever was left the bad taste in my mouth but. Since he's won two Super -- I have a lot of respect for Eli and I'm -- take anything away from people formed in the clutch and that's great sport. -- -- catch from David Tyree and a miracle catch from Mario Manningham aside. It got that out already L -- or read about it but Tyree catch I agree review that was that was up phenomenal place. The admitting. That -- -- -- and amcats that -- referring to the park was placed perfectly. I don't want your pill out -- now because that's not my bigger point Larry I want ask -- a question -- a few fundamental peeps wanna might beaches. People idea that Super Bowl ring in defiance ballplayer being a great player. Who would you rather have Trent Dilfer Dan Marino Dan Marino OK so let me ask you. In the NBA NBA who were the greatest player whoever played a view we're gonna pick one. In the NBA -- all they'll -- why. Well because he's sustained at six and the dominant for so many years. He and clearly anyone champion championship seemed to follow him. Spoke it's also quite second warning is the whole idea that a few could have -- player for one game yeah I'll block block block. The other at the successor and got up well not always one game it's about to. Lauren is always been a sellout crowd got you know they have one game at the end of the year it helps if you win that one. I you know isolate. That and how we had that went about government when I put up that perfect season -- everybody loses its you know and greatest. About time that part of my point oh million U haul and point -- ball game where players that are their careers. -- championship. -- division champion ZAM all -- for you know one way street. -- -- All means -- Matt Matt that let me ask you one final question before you go out I'm talking about Matt I don't know about everybody else is item I'm talking about right now. Who would you take right now 08 factoring in and everything. I would still take Brady because line and it went through that -- and everybody thought that nobody saw anything -- -- -- and one. A couple of clutch game. -- Remember what they rocky -- the other -- a couple of lucky punch and yeah half and I. Like it or race. It is laughable that -- Matt. -- And I and I wanna get your comment I think you're right about one thing you're definitely looking at from a a homer patriot -- great car will come down is -- diamond in May -- about the here's the problem I remember and I. Bring this up all the time because it was at the show I remember was the that of that last game of the 07 season they were playing the giants it was a Saturday night game. On the NFL network and we did we were doing a pregame show on Saturday -- -- Everybody's all excited -- -- about the break Manning's record for most touchdown catches and and number moss is gonna break the record for most receptions and everybody's all excited perfect season. All of those numbers meant diddly squat because they lost the game you know Brady -- erudite and everybody understands it doesn't matter numbers have no bearing at all except Super Bowl. Now when his Yemen because of your meaning you watch him sometimes in the pocket any chance. Cal to. Any chance band that never changes expressions again. Brady is my all time favorite but I am trying to be fair about it right now if I had to pick a guy who's gonna make clutch plays when I Needham. Eli has done it and the owners -- this subject up again it's obviously a well worn subject is he did it again last week. Brady did the same thing Brady always does. Give them a couple of a couple of extra seconds on the clock they'll find a way to go down -- -- -- to -- two or three year old girl in -- well late after word got out.

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