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Scott Lauber, Boston Herald, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Discuss the Red Sox Hiring John Farrell:"Farrell's Best Quality is that he Isn't Bobby V"

Oct 27, 2012|

The always informative Scott Lauber is getting to become a regular on the Mustard and Johnson show. He calls the guys to discuss his thoughts on the Farrell hire and if he is a good fit in Boston. Of course, they also touch on the pariah Bobby Valentine and his interview with Bob Costas that aired earlier in the week and what moves the Sox will look to make now.

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Right and now and whatever I was saying earlier was. You know that the pageantry. Professional sports in Europe. And the way that athletes -- tree is always an intriguing to me. And so to go over there and play Indian and and playing that historic stadium is just it's you know it's it's. A wonderful experience. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey good morning guys it's gone on. I look I'm not a big numbers with year you'd like jealousy here. I mean it's -- that the put up with this being -- and living in New England all the time and -- right now Eli Manning is only. Al matched by Aaron Rodgers the quarterback position this year nobody else is in their class this year and include your pressure from -- and I -- -- -- about -- I mean what's more lucky a -- -- making it. Precision throw to Manningham down the sidelines of the greatest. Accidentally starting the legacy -- -- Tom Brady and Eli had never ever in his career in the biggest game. Have to rely on its kicker that Baylor now that it looked like a -- quarterback who does caddie. Well -- hold on a whole lot of second hold on a second I will and I agree with much of what you said might. You'll have to admit that after missing a couple of easy chip shots in Lambeau Field in January of 2008. Tynes did kick the game winner in OT against the Packers to get -- -- that first Super Bowl. Listen I -- a couple of big kicks and he did it again looking kicking in the title game last year but that's -- pretty good at what quarterback. Because of what happened in Super Bowl and -- driving 35 yards. They're hoping Vinatieri bilk you out time after time in the Super Bowl -- think much. Vinatieri Clinton Vinatieri all the -- kicker Tom Brady was that the cog in the machine. Right here is that it. -- it is -- problem with the New York fans are not known yet demanding yet probably hit the ground -- there probably -- New York fans and used out of making a lot of sense in the new draft of being obnoxious. With a minute and 21 seconds left in the game against the high powered rams out of great it's -- team on on turf. In Brady went in even the great John Maddon said -- need don't even try to do weight. He drives the team down on the field with excellent precision and stuff you got to give them credit for that does not -- -- and Tom Brady at the very good quarterback eagle policy and our -- to order borderline I think quarterback I'm not ignorant to believe otherwise but for people that sit there and in. Bashed Eli Manning and say that he's lucky yeah I mean the guy. There's ever been a single player in the history of the NFL. That it come into the league with more pressure than Eli Manning his dad is Archie he got. It in his brother's greatest quarterback more time he played in new York and got nothing but succeed and be a winner and done with class. -- -- -- -- -- everybody out there or even under don't seem Tiki Barber that more on Jeremy Shockey. Actually getting through those two guys who might have been the best thing that ever happened. Good guard Manning in the worst thing that ever happened in the New England Patriots are we're gonna switch gears for Vick back to your phone calls. Just a few minutes -- 6177797937. It's becoming. A weekly feature here on the mustard in Johnson's show when we wanted to -- things browse Boston Red Sox we go to the herald's old. Scott Wahlberg good morning Scott. -- idea last hour we talked Scott you said that the John. Barrel hiring was sooner than later in your words and boy are we right about that few hours later John -- as the official manager of the Boston Red -- Yeah I mean that was the sort of way it would trending a week ago when we talked in and you know running -- -- got it done in even earlier than I thought figured it would be before the World Series started but you know they were able to -- -- that the only Saturday night itself. I and then -- dimpled or Wednesday so that was sort of the ideal for them it was. A couple of days before the whenever you venture into becoming GM last year is well ahead of when our body count on a year ago so. They are. For better or worse they are at the scene here and -- able and help focus more on a good coaching staff and either -- I get the impression that that the media was relieved. That they were back to normalcy. And because now when they introduced for arrow it's for -- to admire and applause from the media hear people yelling out welcome back -- off without you oh what a. No I don't know. Little wondering -- what it could outlaw it and how they got. How exactly got an -- Scott how was the guy with the pedals of roses he was dropping along the of the path on the way to the press conference you after admit -- -- -- tallied just ago what what was the biggest. Difference in pressure that you can get from Bobby to Farrell just an -- in a brief time that you spent but the guy. Well he's not pop. Pop pop up. Actually the sort of the polar opposite in the sense that. You know auto erotic. We're coincidental that eighties the better word that so partly be due the keeping -- -- the same night that -- -- -- -- because the contract. Could not have been all clear that it cannot say the young -- gonna be successful here. I had no idea if he's gonna be successful or not. If you be strictly up to her in Toronto. He probably won't be by the fact of the matter is that. He gonna put. Incorporated different -- here and Bobby did and you look at what Bobby east at to pop up there are. In -- he's in with him and watching that interview. You know there's sort of like there's there's what happened. And then -- like the -- -- your bird you know what happened and I think that's kind of what poppy heat present at the other night. A number of those but those things he talked about were either not a -- all happening or not happened and you know John Ferrell will be. I think you know look the first thing is that they're entities here it was present. What about the relief mission statement. As to what he was hoping to view here he's hoping to. Bring a more up tempo style and the offense that something was very clear on. He was he's hoping to. You know it was Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz and figure exactly why. They had down years because they are needing more than any other players the key to turn around. Talk but in the part. -- It was only a little over a year ago that we looked into bars in -- -- had a guy and we've got to figure out why he's no longer that and light on so far so he laid out. Quite -- -- clear. And and and and very very very specific. Bowl that he has in mind or mission that he has in mind you here in the early going and he talked about his coaches and what we with a -- from. Communication lines in this coaching staff. You know poppy indicated it was pretty much true. They are from day one some of which is all. -- which way is probably. A combination of factors but again I think John -- was clear on point. And -- it was all over the -- -- and they want. Yeah and that is an an -- year it was encapsulated. As you said at the outset. You know you have. Barrel coming into Boston. And seemingly great presence and command of that press conference we understand that doesn't make a great manager but certainly was a good start. To the stark contrast of Ballantine dom we're Kostis. Continuing to undermine whatever shred of dignity had left after this horrible season. Yeah exactly and you know there were a lot of things for me that that's sort of struck out in the in the cup interview and people bump them. Was when he when he talked about the world little trucks. In -- and says you know I don't think that really happened. And will let -- think that really happened and that's fine except that. Are these people want the poll that already on your air. Back in July is about -- -- -- -- about it liberal what are they adapt to doubted. If he hadn't brought it up himself and then later the -- that the media. We have some more about it and he got to be greater detail. About it so the story that she put out there that he people. And the only thing it never happens so you know it's just. It's just really really just I get the year that that we can say at least you know direct our hope was a year like no other. -- Haven't got the only impression I had that went left the the the Costas interview and listening to ward where in the big -- with him week after week after week. I just don't understand what resurrect commencement was thinking is that -- I don't know how many hours -- days they spent interviewing the guy and then hiring him. That was an impression I had. Absolutely and and you know where we talked last week about. White -- you know -- surprised that he hasn't come out yet and done something like that -- -- -- you know. Jokes are pretty sure that date they've. They've taken great effort to make sure that he's not an amount -- blockbuster interview that'll pick what happened the other night -- to. But by Bob I'll interview there was a whole lot new in the air. But you know you also can't help themselves. And there are going to be more at -- I think that pop -- -- cut the senator Pete I think that pop up I don't think any of them were gonna come from. Or are going to be done with yeah -- -- our local media I'd be surprised that they are. And I am I surprised that the impact if any greater than in the top sitter you which we talked about for a this year so. And then sort faded away because I don't think there'll all that sympathetic ears hear her in the pocket he. Exactly but now that they've gotten back to a degree of normalcy. In if money is really not they're not gonna spend money like crazy but. Not that they can spend money and they feel like they have a manager in place. What moves. Can they make him but -- do you think they will try to make I mean that that went to come Ellsbury came off the Ortiz subject came up. What do you think they're gonna do or if you Wear them up Richard try to do. Well I think stepped Warren is -- David Ortiz and I. See it happening meet people for that exclusivity window. Where they would have to make qualifying offer and you -- accept or reject in the need to into the open market I think he could happen before all of that which. No I think it's a fight it window now the new -- new green and I think as a hazard -- it window after the World Series. So I think they'll be inside that window it just takes too much sense for the event for the Red Sox -- not make some sort of an agreement. Whether or two year deal whatever the year with a vesting option that would easily adapts. I think the -- him. More than a one year deal more than what -- security and I think that that'll be. A move that'll make sense for both sides is that important to them as ever in the middle of that lineup especially now -- Adrian Gonzales gone and you know like a week in it and number of ways and so I think that that's step one. They're gonna look to really great pitching you can't vote pretty clear about that that. Pretty much it's they want to get to the bottom electorate -- this year and what went wrong they also need to add another arm and it needs to be I think. Still I think it needs to be its significant arms so -- not up for the fifth guy wore what -- two or three guys more of -- -- top guy. That'll probably happen come through trade because that'll be kind of create and market. -- -- -- that description. What what what what what do they have to work or to trade down. Well -- -- is that is that the ship that everyone talked about the most because. After nick fury that created the tip of them signing him long term that's what are slim with Scott -- that -- -- so. It's their it's not fair and that is why the giant thing makes some sense that the quiet opened the Rangers make sense. It it it's not there that thinks it's on the verge of winning and the giants they went to cheer inside. All the on the it would become at all -- dropped. But. -- let's say they came up short. Their team out there that's close to winning -- like the wind go to win if you're too long ago -- -- very can help them. Then maybe -- -- picture. 4 AM and and that's something the Red Sox may pursue. But then the next question is how far along is is Bradley Bradley junior. How would you describe him as a player if you eat in would you be able to step up the. Well from from what I talked to they're not you know wouldn't expect this year but maybe a year from now we could be talking about them. As good as the guys so. Again if we are we agreed that the physical one here rebuilt for the Red Sox but it's gonna take more than a year. You know then pinned it to cope yelled they're really your plans long term if you don't you're not quite sure you can -- and so I'm not saying they should do it I'm just saying that the ship. I'm saying that the chip that can play and maybe something they ought to consider. Something I think it will consider. It's -- even if it brings back all the pitcher. In return and you can get through one -- it went. You know a stopgap perhaps or -- you know a a low cut there are freak him out there who -- lower lower -- cheap or dirty they'll be one of them probably -- gonna cost you quite as much as let's say a Michael -- certainly -- content much Pillsbury will a year from now. So maybe somebody like amber on the two year deal worth even three year low you know low. Lower average annual value deal would be got -- -- -- -- it quite well so. There are options out there to replace the old barriers that are guilty that he can fill another need by -- -- that may be one way to go out. Scott Torre look below coming in from Toronto he's going to be his bench coach once again as he was the last couple years opened up -- What's his next priority pitching coach at this point. Yeah I think so I'm not sure that at a quarter to a wonderful staff but. But I think pitching coach is probably the most important position that they're and so on netstat because. And he talked about last week it now or particular and three years. And so. More than any other position on the stepping defiant and stability there. That many voices into electors ethnically Buchholz who had not been good for either of them sitting in somebody's the incumbent. That's sort of take ownership of that position for a few years and it worked with these guys get them back on track. And because of the along with John Ferrell -- people leading voice for all these pictures and so you know. I was told earlier in the week that it was less than 5050 that Rick Peterson would be that god although we've learned in the last day or so that. They're gonna interview Rick Peterson's so they'd be -- got a little bit better. Can't help but know him quite well and we know Rick Peterson has a reputation as being pretty good pitching coach Bruce Walton who John -- can put Toronto I think is gonna -- -- -- -- I'm sure the -- and internal candidate that was electric so horrible pitching coach a couple of years. And then I'm sure that there are -- -- that was that I. We haven't heard yet so. I think that's higher priority position I don't know who will be the next warnings still but I think its order book report. If they don't get like the best to me you talk about priorities this would I would I would spend. Our way in about what normally is spent for coaches in this position in -- But for -- probably bringing in his pitching coach from Toronto I mean you know that does -- too short -- -- hero like he never got any better. Object I think the key to this Red Sox future is to. You know who could look under the hood and really fix this situation because as you know our bureau manager he's gonna have other responsibilities. Yeah exactly and that -- -- -- -- the press conference the other day it was how does that dynamic work in Toronto because there are returning pocketing one a a pair in Canada that you talked about -- only the Red Sox think John Peralta hit a six. Last year. And Clay Buchholz a much less actually say well I had to work or get Ricky remains. Ricky Romero had a worse year than Jon Lester has this year. -- -- -- decent market at least until until at a better August and September so his numbers look better but really up until middle of August. To a network pretty much neck and neck and as far as regression was concerned Ricky -- it never got it better so. You know that the ballot question in job -- admitted that look you know the EPA responsibility diplomatic -- that. It be out there watching guys -- protection every time -- can't be he can't be -- guys you're all time. Because because of the the other thing yet -- and we talked about you -- that -- -- the trucks. Who he believes is competent and and who you believe can really sort of all the role he's still. For four years. And and not mean that the -- on all and struck -- Panetta during. He'd get through these guys like here. I like a bill -- Jack. Like like Bill Belichick taking both the defensive coordinator job in the head coaching job you can only spread yourself. So fans and well and advocate -- ends gone and I mean you really neat I think these next two highs that are hitting coach rot in you got it Iglesias you you'd like to have somebody come and who possibly. Could make this guy a decent life goes back and got. 21 of the reasons why there been so few successful. Pitching coaches who have become. Managers -- sort -- was successful certainly Bud Black a modicum of success but they're few and far between for a reason. Yeah I mean that there are some reasons for it maybe that's exactly what it is maybe that. Eighty you know former pitchers. As former pitching coach who has become managers need to have a little bit of difficulty. Dealing with each other elements of the -- that they're not quite familiar with so maybe that's the reason. But John -- admitted some some regret. About that the last two years and a lot of water which. If you like the play that aggressive up tempo style and he likes to run like these things on the bases. And the retreat at a very young team this past year Brett -- would you like 2123 year old. Would one of these players to be a lot of mistakes on the bases because maybe John Ferrell eat these guys who sued but didn't pull back the -- enough. That would what are the regrets he expressed. And though maybe that's something that. A guard pitching coach manager. Will -- recognized earlier who knows when there obviously is the reason why. -- traditionally pitching coaches. It's not been successful -- maybe ultimately with the Red Sox he can up that Trent. You know again the defenders of I'm John Farrell at that point say that. Terry Francona what the winning director either when a Red Sox hired an -- music -- turn -- -- the -- so. He can -- -- -- they'll want to wait and see another Joseph Torre did it or into the Yankee itself. Those are the defenders that John Farrell and copy and the people who have been out skeptics say. He'll go do it -- the children yet and like he's at the track record for pitching coaches managers of all active. Not a whole lot of skepticism however this week in Red Sox Nation in the -- very much still on the rose got longer from. The Boston -- we appreciate your time has always. All right thanks I got.

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