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Mustard and Johnson: Now that the Red Sox Got Their Man in John Farrell, What are the Next Moves They Need to Make?

Oct 27, 2012|

Craig and Larry continue talking about the Red Sox and John Farrell, and how they can attempt to elevate this team from the ashes. The guys talk about if they should re-sign Ortiz and if they do, how many years would be suitable. Also, what should the Sox do with Ellsbury?

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I left him three ambles through quickly you know you want John -- yeah doubles yet preamble of standard and it in the orchestra and want is contained in these mystery novels. We -- first went quickly just says it's you know things go wrong at the beginning just blame everything on me. You know and then the second one you know things are still gone bad. In July attitude toward the end of season -- symbol opened when you open Elena says -- blame them on the system that we don't have enough for players and and we get more players available and in the third -- says and but a year and a half of these -- speaking the way I did open assemble up and there it says Stein who make up three envelopes. A couple of the so it's the only advice I can -- business banquet material are no problems really and does that take analyst. Right Bobby. Let me just read -- you -- Quote from a movie I've taught four. Many many years over well -- high school. Steve Soderberg won an Academy Award for directing a movie called traffic 2000 Michael Douglas ever seen fantastic film. And here is a quote where rob the Michael Douglas character Robert Wakefield is taking over as the drug czar any goes in to talk to his predecessor. I played by -- brawl one. And this is what James -- -- character says to Michael Douglas you know when they force Khrushchev Saudi sat down. Any wrote two letters to his successor he said when you yourself into a situation you can't get out of opened the first letter and you'll be safe. When you get yourself into another situation you can't get out of open the second letter will soon enough the guy found itself in a tight place they opened the first letter which said blame everything on me. So we blames the old man -- work like a charm. -- -- to a second situation he couldn't get out of the open the second letter it said sit down and write to letters. And Michael Douglas did the same thing that -- of that Bob Costas that -- light laughter. It's like I'm constantly you've got to be kidding me the same joke was told in a movie except exempt three envelopes there -- two. Campbell. But government Kostis on a racist did you really podium. Just. Not only is it. Not real. Problem will be in the streets from joke becoming. And I know it's it. So I quit and lifted -- -- activity in -- morning with east with don't know. It might like that -- -- of Michael Green Tupperware and our rights read that when it was so used to out an answer my question about Ortiz one year to year. You know what were you. Ask me that every week we look at you don't give an answer outlets or how to give an answer I give him when he airing give a little -- I would not if if you're trying to develop like Ben said a new discipline. I just don't think you keep signing people to multiple multiple contract years. If if they getting older and they are on the verge of breaking down for good I just don't understand that so I give my bomb. One year at a time well with -- without OK this is the way you want Walter Alston. I have I have Bakken and three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I don't think the David Ortiz is gonna go for that. Here's what doctor without charge has yet here's the problem. A one year deal for anybody of his stature is is is unheard of outside of an arbitration. Situation -- he's 37 right. OK on liver and is now developing a pattern of getting. Banged up Turco for ever to recover from that from the injury he's still not fully recovered from it. Why would you -- two years into a guy and you don't -- -- health is gonna hold up to give my one year with a bump. It from a DH he's getting -- almost stop almost 40% more than the average DH is getting -- is the valuable to the team absolutely. Should get paid well absolutely. -- another DH. That has. What up not only the kind of production we've seen over the course of his career river Red Sox dating back to 2003. When they. Victim mop basically for a song as a platoon designated hitter. When Jeremy Giambi. I think about think about and then think about what he did last year at this this is. I'll call you can't -- he's put up better numbers than any -- DH -- by -- that's not that that's not the what is the point if he goes to another team what do you think it now what's the going rate about eight million and always goes back to argue valuable for the team that you're headed to -- -- free agency or you more valuable team -- -- -- well I think if they're talking about they need for. First the ball. Do you think this team is gonna how competitive do you think this team is going to be Ningxia again unless they make that that make a monster deal. Doctor restock their shelves it's gonna take a year it's probably take two years for them -- really become -- about your own right so now is so you've invested in the guy about it time that team as good again he's got to be too old anyway right so it really comes down to what is the immediate future of your Boston Red Sox with John Ferrell. It's totally transforming the entire atmosphere over there -- park and transform however. The player on the field are they close to being. A competitive team again in 2003 night in other animals fast and things. Fascinating point tiger on the web ordering Ali a -- -- about a -- in the paper now and mossy. The other day would you trade Ellsbury for Lincecum. Apps -- now why not. What if he does -- from Lincecum. If you see the other day you struck about five of seven batters I mean he needs only 27 I wanted to ask that our game heeded he he only wants an out in the US and -- that -- used him in the super short answer you're talking about the World Series -- -- tournament all the power but again you have the gore oh. Of pitching coaches so to speak when we believe. It I don't know I don't know what to Romero a parent or Ronald by. -- Barry's gotta be done anyway the acting into that question this way it all depends how good does Bradley do when you can. Jackie Bradley Julia if you can -- if you if if he shows that not potentially new company payments -- a field. What event then can you imagine if you could bring into combat in and you had a rotation went to come. Left her. By talking about a guy who is on her five daughters are -- it was north of five and suddenly he's gonna come in the American League east. From the National League west. We tried that before a transitional player he's 27. -- so I mean it's not yet an injury is something maybe just again if it all depends how much you trust -- mechanic. So if you like you why you went -- daddy he's not forget you know well is control now but when you buy used that was the first thing you do you take it to a mechanic and have -- little Tony good mechanics could possibly do that. Eight if not seriously by the way that's the second -- too if you ask me a question of giving it worked out this -- -- -- and I know he's he's an honest we can. Now they've all that oxy moron effect. Deport them making is that you. I would I would certainly -- the -- is would you at least through that. With Lincecum what -- -- about what comes on what do this past year now I understand on the other side Ellsbury if you really think about it I'm not the first person deposit this. But you think about it -- the last three years Ellsbury is done absolutely nothing he's been injury -- note gaining its -- ankle injury laid. Some would look at maybe the glass apple says well. They were freak injuries equipment and his it's not like you're running around the bases the thumping happened. Running into Beltre is certainly in the government of field and then that and that Plano ending line you're in at second base. UNC is shelled a collapsing bills that lets you would say it yet let's put this way running around the bases. Now let's put it this way more thorough debate right now I have a David Ortiz is going to be 37 season begins next year coming off Achilles heel. Whether or not you before we could be that that would choose to believe him so if you don't believe them that you be a little bit more. Do you think you've -- -- -- if but if you believe that one time he was ready to come back. So if you Bobby ballots that they think that David Ortiz. Is healthy enough and certainly young enough to spend another couple years -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well according to Bobby Valentine he didn't wanna play form which you certainly acknowledge they wanna play apartment that too according to Bobby what the U. -- market -- anyway they just made a big trade and -- and away the nucleus of Ohio talent here what's the sense of coming back -- risking another injury and ownership obviously unloading almost players the Los Angeles and knowing that Bobby -- was going to be the solution perhaps thanks suggests -- Ought to Ortiz may appease its slow it down -- -- recuperation process. Longer than you were regionally anticipate who knows but you know what you want David Ortiz -- and -- except for a minimum of two years you're not gonna give them for one year I would tell him listen go out shoppers to come up and get back.

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