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Friday, October 26th Whiner Line

Oct 26, 2012|

Our whiners get all kinds of misogynistic, plus some thoughts on the Pats in the UK.

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Music music music expressed and expressed the -- -- stars like eighteen he received his car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you guys. I'm getting sick of hearing you guys yeah. Hot hot hot rod. You've got to get we have -- running it up after the and then get back doing the job and then -- they've done crap are. I think yeah I get a guy yet had I had -- it -- about hockey and I can't go back. But WEEI. One lane near lives. All of a guy doesn't like. My -- but I want the world in important clay beat us Matt what's the big deal about the hot weather and that army worried. Dial 7793535. And. Big hang up but once they got all -- -- -- what and a -- of the women got another big that we don't get out back and what sort of gone. Okay. -- -- -- Well I'm not a -- Beckett got me about it. They've got on that it was a good crap I'm getting an old guy and now I don't think it's crap -- -- back. Not. That WEEI. Whining. Why would England want the -- that the population or something she think she's been able to get another good question reached at home. She sounds pretty good to us now this evening this is really -- Sure that is well I guarantee -- submitted a dating service reservations you -- pretty damn good after the elect trawler. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You people out there you people. To decide the AT&T wanted to -- right now -- -- -- me you know by the best you'll want to the past week you know decide which is the one of the week -- and all you have to do was texting your vote 285850. -- series nominee. Yeah you know what -- do about it. -- -- -- -- and neck and then Auburn hair. And cabinet and the fact that we don't I don't know again. About -- apple can't pick up. But it's no home. He's -- them out Juan Padilla oh hey you know whatever it got me. But we've been anybody else can't -- and one count and you're down -- -- want to probable. Although -- -- -- light up my air off how big I'm bad at the Bob and good Ukraine. That he's done mode one to many so -- how much. Saying he's going to be better than Bobby Bowden and athletic he would go by not. I may have been all right. I gotta go. Broke up that I have home life and they've got good balance on a big big. Not apple would. And check out of -- Not that way out and he's. Good strong Faneca the foliage. -- I know is nominated me. Why aren't. I'm having patriots had to have -- over everything in Vienna. They pay attention right this can't be bad. Not our point school at all by the amount of running back from the hip hop. But by there wouldn't step back and that's that's. You know that's another home match. I have maybe a detriment pregnant but I say that I've been good on -- of the -- I. Championship brought him through it. Yeah that's done -- Paul. And I. -- well. I took them for the party starter -- text all other 8285850. To vote for time was sticks politically. 285850. AM until the end of the won all your vote 285850. Choose -- -- want to get to 100 dollar. American Express gift also eligible for the one over the grand prize -- -- One year AT&T service include. One of the -- is -- powered by AT&T forgy LT ESP ten. Times faster than three GAT and T and everything possible aren't any of them. And -- big -- But having that it -- what happens that there is about a guy. And -- met him. Peter this is a trial -- about it and yes it does he took a book yeah. What was -- in the world. What it is not -- on morning radio political force. And CNET and that's that -- with -- on it but these are innocent and all this like two days ago. You can't I mean come -- -- flash. This. All -- -- Paula global flush flash per person via via the shape -- no you don't you saved. Did he say flash way forward for a guy he -- flash or forewoman -- North Carolina yesterday laughter freshman anymore you have to column folks yours do you don't really pushed -- -- for a loan for. Bob -- we. Bow our. And message. This guy really knows is that accurate quote I did hear that -- murders as I did Harrison we just we had boots and it is just a water -- Talked about a -- that I can talk about hoops and a. I couldn't quietly it was it didn't go back in this morning. When that had been talking about her ability -- and they talk about him aside and went back out. Our wow. I have -- at a bar and I know what they'll do. And now I have a small team they were talking about that -- small penis and -- talk about peeing in the shower but we're working. I didn't hear I was -- -- -- she missed it really I don't I didn't hear I'll. She -- and shock troops there. I would guess that OK we -- -- -- Didn't think LA and rebellion. -- it's mind. I've got an eight year old girl. And -- We got a quote working with -- upper demo isn't quote strike up encore by hearsay now it'll take traditional -- you know not the. You have got to be expected of me OK I've got but -- But I happen lip but it might -- I didn't pay. If you want and I'm gonna drive -- -- -- you know I didn't -- And that. What you call -- tidbits about those -- -- bets yet TID. I was president the benefit in the -- -- boy I would achieve. And the Bob Hope that I would bet. Weeks. And that. Legislation that side of opponent featured. -- which I'm going to -- insecure. Okay go over big girl off. Good morning good -- And that. Others -- I wish her -- I detect misogyny. She is not a distraction I don't think now I don't think this -- -- I'm and -- added an amendment. That this spirited and there you have nothing about the boy. That's different than command. Setup men and I don't I don't think that was a woman making them I don't know the woman's voice I got as well I don't I think I'd look at you know you can you can text. One -- -- and -- things many which lets try it usually Bill Clinton's voices you'll. Bring physically healthy didn't want a big push providing parents have a ridiculous thing I've got that problem what to get this straight talk about contract at double the money. We had no trade clause and they don't wanna. What do you think this didn't particularly if you read what -- I don't wake up and realize that. And hurt. Courtesy we already realized hurt -- wanna -- that she was talking about BJ Upton to there. -- not help that techsters said that it just verbatim. Please read -- I don't know but you -- it drags them I don't want PGA and offseason Lawrence I want them to go get -- note note. -- -- I don't want offseason I don't BJ Upton in the offseason that's a guy that might be out here in the offseason. How many times have we talked about BJ at the analysts -- we you know I love it's what seven race. I think he's the most -- underperforming. -- and it performs weaponry left if you get -- out of march about Edward. Could talk about it we're being you know going to be either you weekend. -- Once again. It's a crazy old guy who really Jason Maloney were not exactly sure why he keeps -- -- to ripple I don't know anywhere I. -- I got a great idea. That it used to simply -- about -- glad we've made to act as bat but had no problem that I don't ask. I thought I don't know but I think what is it evidence that a a neighbor personal and neighboring Framingham. Is that guy who could have thought he could tell they are facing got to get beat out by -- at some level is something yeah I forget which one we went to. It was a north herself in north yourself south cells back at it differently in north that is SP -- price -- -- -- it could be some anytime anytime there's an athlete that you known as a professional athlete you know you you can guarantee your -- guys whose whose name on it. Can't play that good. Probably I wanted to -- better he loves. -- -- -- Hey no problem I don't know a bird dog got back predict. Wonder what might not quick -- the outcome that suspect. He's. You know against his neighbors and to have a achievements not woo. Well well have a dynamic Harlow. Of Bryant's problem. A bit ago that pretty good yeah Britain -- Pick out a little bit more electric bills were not enough by. And -- -- -- and it was a great impression with his nuts and of hazardous Yemeni smoked since adding that the -- -- got better and -- got better. The other night. It is. Yeah Clinton about this bend but don't quite important that. I think the and -- is openly. It is kicking the ball quite a few hours Barack about it but it couldn't let the market take its secondary end point. Throw out right now league -- the trash. Rat right now. In the trash and -- He's now to talk about. Advocate. Vote Obama out. And apparently. And about. Pretty good article. And that message -- Humans on the Bradford should go -- I don't know what I was at a function what do probably had John Ferrell is fine they just terrorists connections those in -- -- Well well well well well. Thank god help out. And back and the government -- talk about that that did bring up. The Bartlett says Whitman won big bomb like that dealing effectively with -- Suspect went. I -- a -- I want them I would have to deal effectively with the and -- -- And that's -- I'm not I don't have a I don't yeah. -- -- -- I thought I had. And I hope I -- John Ferrell did check the drawers over there on the desk didn't try -- don't know death on mouse program. Oh what a shock we -- that it would -- was just think the chances were -- a novel a waste of all experience Bobby yet. My golly. The corner of chemistry. -- A couple of practice practice went you guys report crap why -- we -- -- not I was are all day today that it is assembled patriots. And that meant when he got there are part of Hyde Park. And I assure American spy and that practice. You know somebody from the rams may be twenty people who may be one of the guys despise -- -- OK guys -- the way. -- -- -- -- to the point that wet but now out of step up and quit and go along the OK -- argue why you might. And message. The -- some of Butler over there. -- I. And Oregon. It was people. I bet but. Jim Bob. I don't doubt that. -- A couple of you know they couldn't get it but look at the -- -- don't -- -- it's. I -- equipment that bad. -- -- -- -- Look up a bit -- -- could have expected. That there -- great picture of pop up and I don't want that's okay. Haven't figured it was -- And that meant. -- -- Sleazy awful that you and I know hate the city of Hobart and everything else after it goes through. I had. Taught. Me how often. -- -- -- -- -- Oral. If you -- -- -- dot -- -- not quite correct yeah. -- -- -- Basically -- conscious control. And depending on who you are maybe a whole bunch. I have to -- directly or. But you know bucking -- Having fun kind of -- Bill Belichick. -- -- -- -- -- -- I did yours are one of the week -- -- Biggest landslide ever. Am very high vote total to 84% for more the hall -- -- -- and Brandon was pretty strong. A winner receives a 100 dollar American Express gift card for AT&T eligible for the wonder of the year grand prize to cling to prized. The email to one of the week at W I ducked out there as you want a -- brought to you but AT&T forgy LTE speeds up ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible.

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