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ESPN's Chris Mortensen: This London trip is NOT going away

Oct 26, 2012|

We speak with ESPN's head NFL reporter Chris Mortensen for his take on the Patriots and the NFL's annual trip to Merry Olde England.

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I bet you're at a big shelf Portnoy and -- six point 777979. 37. Patriots this weekend. In London. And if you miss it already. They practiced today in Hyde Park which is a wide open public park 350 acres. Bill Belichick would never ever. Take his practice in the someplace that wasn't the very secretive. He didn't -- public park. And the only had about 45 people that actually walked by him and stop they were actually able to run a practice. -- going to another country private practice which nobody invaded the territory. That breasted dark wit the Moore Chris -- From ESP our conversation -- more brought you by the Sharon credit union and by the dragon speech. Recognition. More Bill Belichick found himself yep private practice overseas. But he did a public park right that's so that's very funny. It's actually very funny and you can you know even even though he probably figured nobody goes up and watch. The only problem is that probably got everything -- there -- negative and that's the game I think -- I think it is pretty but it depressed -- news news break bill. Yet he he knew. That he could go and do so like that he would fulfill the obligation of okay. We're doing with the league wants us to do where we're take the patriots pulled here and they -- that they wouldn't even invade the -- it's everything the media knew what. And I -- army I mean it's really -- funny. This is working this whole London they -- because it doesn't sound to me. And the people with talked over and over there the last couple days like the people in London really care about this is that -- Well Vienna and listen -- felt spin as yet has gotten better year they're reception been remarkable diving reception from London. And -- -- political leaders that are you wanna call them. As opposed to. You know the media actual citizens but you know they have a game time you know they get a good crowd. They get people who are fans of both teams generally. You know players it's I don't hear a lot of positive reviews employers but guess what. It's not going away and -- so. It's it's part of a long term strategy planned to place team in London eventually increasing about a gains over there. And you and I don't we can complain all we want. Let the talent it's just part of the vision and the fact that it's rubber craft is one of the leaders of that vision. Jury is do you think do you think that's gonna happen that there will be a team in London and who's asking for at the fans of London or the powers that be in the NFL. That powers to be in the NFL. And yes I do believe it's going to happen now I don't think I'll be covered in the league when it does happen. But you know within ten years. I would say and then you know this is just jumped and I mean that they did that little Ito that they've put into the feasibility studies are fascinating. You know I didn't even. There are I registered joke even even though conversion of pounds to dollars based on contracts and I was like that go to work you know I mean that. You know those -- you're going around the clear leader -- of paved the way for this to happen. You know but I citizen before from a dinosaur not a visionary. So. -- that I do believe there will be -- there one day. We're trying to figure this out the other day the NFC. West and how tough they have suddenly become what it's been the worst division over the last few years in the NFL brought up to build the other day -- Belichick. -- says they're playing to different brand of football out there they're finding outside. Pass rushers aged guys moving him on the inside. And it's a copycat league and cut it copying what Frisco still only what the giants are doing it. Do you ship that way because they almost seem all four teams and we'll see in the third one this week against the New England Patriots they all of us demolished. Well what Davis you know I look at it Bill Belichick of course would understand that the technical part of -- the external part of it but what I've seen is. All these teams have established an identity of being very physical. Very big for the most part -- the rams are big. But very athletic as well all the elements that physically tough. And they ought to acted differently in the cargoes of over a trick it up more than some others. The 49ers in the Seahawks are pretty basic. Even though the CR system has some good things with their defense Cordero got Bradley and and the rams are -- -- officials already established a very physical team and when he brought in Cortland -- we also have we're going to be a team that plays on the -- we're gonna be -- we're gonna have those things -- Have they did leave a good front seven but you have behind in Holland in terms of the -- -- line and and James Laurinaitis of linebackers playing extremely well so. It did it to division it's deep there's the defense and offense in the 49ers certainly helped that. Than the other thing is is that just you know -- issues now come in and so our idea I mean they've got -- you'd they've got it and I identity that is. We thought was fading -- I thought about dinosaurs we thought it was -- -- be now that's gone that's extinct -- not extinct. Now what they have to do is get your quarterbacks Plano -- -- is Sam Bradford some help. They're going to be a beast in all of the 49ers can upgrade their quarterback position -- they're going to be beat some I don't have to say with the cardinals have to do their quarterback position. I have to get 100 anyone. Anyone as good don't ask you about. I Cam Newton here in a sector Berlin before we get to cam lets the federal Marty hernia what happened there why was he. Fired six games into the season there's got to be a back story what is. Well you -- northern Jerry Richardson who you know basically was criticized for not spending any money for a stretch. Which -- it was near the latter part John -- years and then at Julius -- ago and and he took a lot of heat criticism for that and it showed up the box office so -- get the number one pick you draft Cam Newton get people excited. And then the next part of the strategy was let's make sure we keep all world players even if that means over pain Charles Johnson. Or DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart and in others about the season Jon Beason is now back on injured reserve. And so now I got an owner who's saying. I spent way too much money on these guys people are not showing up. And you know -- the bottom finally Anita edit -- Cody at the game and give some you know get -- -- somebody said it was Marty said. And you know the coach will be next if this thing doesn't turn around and and so what they're trying to do just get. You know they're ready Camden -- -- go to guys to to perform at a higher level to. -- what do what do you think about about him by his play on the field and some of the things he is has set off the -- what's your take on. -- at all things cam. Well just get the news this in the perception on campus just listen that's that's one thing and and I know I've always I've said. He get a -- podium I think the players are at the podium he's only 23 years old. You know they'll sort of got to make a State of the Union Address so from a strategic standpoint I get a -- podium even as the reporters and Mike -- you know getting -- go -- your questions -- -- locker room. You know then the other thing is that we all felt even people like him do a lot today how does he gonna handle failure. And right now that's the struggle no no little quarterback like loose but look what Warren Moon system under corporate -- No winner or loser and he beat Tom Brady or Peyton Manning has had warned that also said. And and then as far as on the -- I think Iran. Rivera acknowledged that they maybe try to expand this offense. Too quickly. When maybe -- -- respect who they were doing that was successful last year. And I know I'm not -- I'm not over react to cam on the field I wanna see more policy more than the next couple of years that last year. What we were with what we're reaching an and they held at six when it was so Goodyear for the Panthers last year. We -- seeing it and Lovie Smith -- -- -- -- this week the bears coach said this guys get ready to take over the leak that's way to be careful and make an overstatement. If you know what's happening to try to compare him now. We've got a couple of young effect this has been a very good your freedom quarterbacks coming in league and RG three's at a great success. And -- -- a -- there's a tremendous success. So but but maybe they're doing that babies you know it's the second year. They've had an opportunity now to spend a lot of time going over film figuring out exactly what -- does as you said. You try to expand your offense a little bit like anything am everybody's gonna have a little bit of difficulty once you do that. Yes that is what you know just in attendance is just in the erupted since -- the offensive coordinator and now taken advantage of you know there are so -- -- One of the two or three elite centers in football on and in colonial and so you know it's really just into the office two coordinators do on how camp responding. And and stuff like that but you know we have you know success of rubber -- in the third and and Andrew Luck Andrew Luck probably more like -- camp in terms of big strong athletic. You know that type of guy although Indy is much more advanced and some some areas and either one problem. The united I really need Cam Newton model in terms of -- we really compared to coming out of college was Ben Roethlisberger. And so you know he's you know he's a big strong guy he's got to learn how to throw with anticipation a little bit better that. You know he didn't just learn how to forget how to play football -- so they've got to -- got to get -- -- around them to. Tell you what if you're one of those teams that doesn't have a quarterback you've -- -- -- of the next couple years. There's there's there's some good ones here at a pop up -- -- yeah. You know like I think Robert Griffin the third is the goods and I think he's so grounded he's such a professional I mean. But whatever it was Kyle Shanahan the government coordinator and Chicago -- head coaching job you know that. Those -- things I wanna see on into the probably just down the line. I'm mark it's double talk in actually our guys -- more is more to his son of yes I'm ready -- the -- show.

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