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CSNNE's Tom E. Curran live from Merry Old England

Oct 26, 2012|

We check in "across the pond" with Tom E Curran from CSNNE's quick slants to get his take on the Patriots vs the Rams in London, and where this team goes with the defense if they have another abysmal performance against the pass.

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-- -- -- -- And all life like tonight we use the best with the hill. -- -- -- To London flavor. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you look -- so we've got young kid I watched this for over and over water resources from. They're content owners often. He. Kids still -- very -- his deprive you gonna have a almost -- -- -- -- property the the effects don't work anymore and obviously their wives and stuff like that digital. I got rushed to a golf overseas right now. Time for our. Little get together with Tom eat carrots are brought to you by common Wes Welker shared doctor doctor Robert Leonard -- 1800. Getting air. -- -- -- -- -- Have a -- out there that. Let's go to our job being. Like a little. SL works is is that you never been overseas over the date they have like all over the world. The clock is different times different is amazing is -- But yeah I pop out of anger I grew -- that led. The world -- -- exactly so I ask you this did you go to the practice a high wire act today. I could not so you ready for an example. Did you ever. Think you'd see something like this Bill Belichick. Quite secret of I may -- in no way he conducts some of the stuff takes his team to a public park threw -- fifty acres which people walking through the whole place. And only 45 people even stop. You know why I think that there are a lot more quick -- this true. It meets the and I think that Michael you know this in very well and you noticed -- in very well. And you know nine note that this does not think helped football team being built here and I quite honestly think to belt with a very. Double passive aggressive. Screw you. He had -- the opening and we're gonna show up. You'll walk through in the middle part to go back to a hotel we're not -- editing would not call on the medial for the -- -- they look at how much fun we haven't built a park. I really think this is gotta hope -- with the football side of things took -- lead -- NL and played two games -- -- I think -- I think you're right that the -- you know -- -- the -- level -- -- right. With the what the bleep you to the league good accuracy that we know it's. It's an open secret the the mutual respect that Roger Goodell and Bill Belichick an average of I don't let this game dummy you nervous about. The tea. Matchup what the patriots should be vital the that that Aaron Hernandez has not travel. Changes -- But you know with a look at it the more I look at it. Guys I'm more concerned handbook retreat. At the right they call the -- the fact that they have. In the speaking about Iran pride in the Bill Belichick. On after the opening -- transcript that. Feeling Lankan players on the -- at 7 o'clock but I don't want. The be all and you know. I think they've created this is the real incumbents. And now. I think they might not show up the exact right frame mud could be completely wrong and desire. Hire the they'll go up in the right frame of mind but I think that this dynamic here. That beat me to believe that their mind is not right police here. Well that's not good because I think some of the match ups are a little bit tougher year Aaron Hernandez. Out not making the trip and that's one area I think you could probably exploit this defense would you too tight -- passing game because they can move. Finnegan over onto the slot it suddenly put a lot of pressure on Wes Welker but I want to get to the -- I don't. -- place on the RIR you've got eight guys right eight guys right now that are up for Sunday's game that is your Macs. Arm in the secondary looks like would know Chung the secondary got some problems against army out of they -- they get around this thing. Well they have the -- across from them which is an encouraging. Prospect. Now they have the jets' offense against them last week. Got back but I know but aren't you -- me out to get around -- and I didn't screw it I don't think -- they're totally screwed but I think that. They're up against you know they have to hope that you need legal. My favorite player in the NFL was listed as questionable does not play and that he had under experience. They're on the outside for the rams. -- Britney gives them and and Chris. Feel wide receiver Michael. -- -- -- You're there -- They're two guys who can really get down Obama is typical of that Bradford is and it looks -- The patriots secondary I think you have to according where he is obviously. But it's it's just sticking to stick to the patriots I think offensively. In the sense of. It always are asked this question last week us let's get deeper into the conversation or maybe two weeks ago we're talking about the defensive backs and all the misses and we're talking about that before he came on. Ras I Dowling on IR for the second straight year. I know what what is it what will it take. I I know there are already they have -- the wrong approach. Of evaluating defensive backs what will take in your opinion. For them to change their approach for somebody to get to bill. And say we need to do it this. For -- I mean I want to ask that question. Because you're who in your book war room. Have access to the way you seem to bill who have patriot DNA to them. And promised to -- throughout certainly. Has value secondary players. And gone out in and gotten them for. The Atlanta Falcons. -- drafted Eric Berry. We drafted him higher than bill ever would have probably you know draft -- number five. We're looking at somebody's got to grab. Belichick by the shoulders and say look we -- on the outside it would get killed sixty I don't care who spoke on the I don't care if it's. Eric Berry I don't care to -- Jenkins who will start against the patriots this week. Stop try and find guys who oxymoron or down in fights and guys look pretty good. Is that it very clear about one root root. And I -- -- give it up but it just you bring up an interest in pointer -- described as interject on this one. They had it a case I remember being there in 2000 the most in the spring yeah it was a spring of 2003. Looking at there draft board. And they had this safety on the board and they were raving about them here watching film. -- that this guy even if he's not ready to be on the field as a secondary guy and you're one. He's good enough to dominate on special teams in year one. They were talking about -- Alamo. -- show -- on it till date date value Polamalu. Yet they took Time Warner I love Ty Warren as a guy. Love them as as a player but really. You're in a position you can take Troy Polamalu cohort or Ty Warren. What do you do. That's me yeah. And I remember looking at that track and that photograph where they needed a player like Troy Polamalu. And a lot of signing Harrison based on hair and in the Cutler but still have Troy Obama in the draft them. And they just under value. It's somewhat got to grab the open source that look we gotta do it differently because what we're doing doesn't work. And I think that -- will pick me because certainly when your 31 in the NFL. In 2011 passing yards in the DNA of this team to use that greatly and has always been its people -- -- his problems are. And go forward not have been the problem -- -- and next here. Now the 31 again. That to me is the most troubling aspect in public opinion -- What you want -- -- -- covered as well what they used to be great aunt was whatever is working. They get collapse -- exit -- what was the problem becomes track. That hasn't been that way with the passing attack in the drafting a means they'll -- that might end up making. Darius Butler will click beyoncé -- in the end. -- how much of it do you guys do you think it is the how much they value versatility. When they sit down on the draft how much when they're looking in that they do -- -- that's about special. They say this guy's special teams players while so we have the versatility of doing that. If you are a few years ago bill was one of the first -- to start. Using some of these key players on special teams for -- around the NFL you're special teams were only guys that deep down -- roster bill started working up. Up the roster to get a special team players they thinking too much of versatility. I think social change. Realizing diminished importance in 2012 than what it had in 2002. We saw Richard Seymour making people out on -- returns in Cleveland. -- -- -- Every kick us out but that audience will see that this weekend. -- Matt Slater did it mean. To go compliment you really don't mean to have -- what was the selling point of debt according as a as a pick in the. It's big payday they drafted and they talked the bottom of special teams where -- -- area fort gaga. You know -- and that's if it goes on and on and what it but -- they have the information may at the statistics. That show. Special things police are obviously then watched the games announcing -- a hell of a lot of plays on special teams in the kicking game. There are plays at all they're just. Kicked out the back of the end daughter -- actions and I'm wondering you know you have. Is it it was special teams are relevant which you gonna have 78 in. -- -- -- the guy who covers. Their future course Jenkins and the enemies and that -- is bought the dilemma because they'll face in the week but. Go to the cover guys go to the safety who barely cleared of course some might have unknown production there. Put him on the field couldn't get out of mean parts. With. Terrific player. But you know much higher than the patriots were drafting. Not saying the patriots would have been interested and what sepia really puts safety depth there that compliment them according to maybe typically could get some. Coverage behind it. You know what we knew we could look at this secondary and say well they're young and maybe that's part of the problem but that even failed when they've gone out and gotten free agents. And veterans at that spot you know in the offseason Cortland Finnegan was available well maybe that was the -- deal. Because he wanted to play for Jeff Fisher I got the other -- a lot of money and a lot of money. And an -- but. Don't you mean. I'm. Whining don't bigger because everybody I'm supposed to be maturing right now is -- -- it up which brought -- America what is god. You know all the ice would. To be in their -- right now. -- -- -- playing someplace else and pit bulls. See that's why that's why this thing is so puzzling town because if you look at this organization over the last 1012 years. They have done such a great job in so many areas and they've had tremendous success doing it this is like a blind spot. For some reason this keeps on cropping up year after year after year after they have lost the rod needs in the the lawyer Malloy is almost -- ago. This subcontracted out the other consultant come in use -- second round -- you have believed the world they'll put the quarterback. I might happen. I can't get that right after. About about a year or are getting killed on the tax dollars easy for you guys say that now. About the odd trip Alamo the fact is only one pitch -- well -- put them the fact is at the time the patriots. -- in position to take himself like they were drafting that year 27. And they had no chance the Steelers moved up to get them and even though they moved up they were still behind the patriots. Let -- in 92 open as exhumed and they the next sixteen somewhere in there and Warren was thirteen thirteen and -- there. But Kevin Troy Polamalu. At the time they needed. Safety who could really we don't was ranking Arabic writing medical call my outlook again I'm going -- to free up. You know I look at the team all year long history of excuses packages up I don't know of which were all mollid. Well they've got a statement that time at the time they agree with you I'm telling you were raving about the kid. In the offices watching watching him now talking about what it you would go a great guy he is in an impact player and the and into what is here. So yeah they agree with your. -- -- wants to know if you've figured out the field -- think it's all in metric for Sunday's game -- you figured it out. No no but I think that they were working on this is forty stone. Now you may wanna work on that. I've made -- A -- and -- not -- the clock and putting it head I don't even know what I mean is it -- A product of the stadium. And he's got a question -- How have you tried the spotted Dick. John. This is the time when you're supposed to hang up youthful. -- -- Aren't happy aren't thrust upon -- -- the next -- redneck you because. Next.

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