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Kevin Garnett on his decision to stay in Boston and the upcoming 2012-2013 NBA Season

Oct 26, 2012|

Sean Grande sat down with Kevin Garnett for NBA TV on Celtics media day. KG touched on what the fans at the Garden did during Game 6 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals that played a part in his return to the Celtics, his love of Boston and how he views his new-and-improved roster of teammates.

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Mean it is all about familiar -- -- very few more familiar in this -- and joining us here. Nobody training camp -- news Christmas mornings ever ever get over. We you don't know but someone else so I don't know. It's obviously insane things. But schools. This decision this year didn't seem like you sweat -- -- -- came pretty quick that are seen as easy decision to succeed you know. No not at all beyond which means -- Improve things. Nobody was there. But. -- like it was quick but -- it actually took. Wasn't and we -- It's too soft and you know it's. Eighteen minutes. Personal. But some -- Enough relatives to just. Care about them. Happy to go all of consideration. This what. Care. On Davidson gave to contribute and still no intention of doing school. It can be used to. Help team and should original two young guys missiles. At this point mark -- Pretty much without the charge of them trying to known beautiful mumbled some younger guys. It was only very few -- -- can do this beaten without being persistent. So. Gholston is -- assortment decisions. You know kind of company holds its existing -- -- younger players because -- started. Working with Hitler's. Younger players are -- seeing what's it going to be like green looking forward to -- him and if anybody asked you. Yeah you don't have. You know I've never heard anybody asked you which you pick -- joins us in the training camp environment. Being what. Seeing pitches back you know analyze this third -- which -- -- to you unless you enjoy being. You know that it's true for the for the guys who himself you know like all like what they are likely going to push myself and and a lot and I'm going to. You must serve as intimidating but when it's time focused on what we have far we've come far but every place. Everything has a person topple everything you know we work very serious about Marc -- When everybody around the time to stand with the severely. You know didn't this work you become went to work ethic every day. And most people who have become a different. Vote -- until the -- Some people enough time to almost. Not a suits and I think -- replace ourselves. That's changed in 1518 years younger guys coming in the mentality. I think so I think a lot has given horses are being. I think young guys with better. Not like they're saving the world. Of the new solution to a problem. For us in the room like no you're headed to the equation. Perspective is everything you know about. Most -- to discuss -- release. When we saw this coming to -- mosque that they don't know. In that. Being what you -- this a good thing I always said that it was everything because to teach. And we have a lot of veterans -- or a lot of -- in this league that have -- relation experience. Those. Yes there are veterans and trust -- -- us before. -- the players everything you should be starting on the first day existence. Steve is -- -- sense that this is you know what it is tough because there's. 0070 it was pretty deep thought. To be honest up all the and eleven -- -- -- revenue was a very very deep team. Understand from near perfect Shaq and make use of Bronx -- a bunch of personalities and influences. A lot to prove from the rocks and logs from if you are young -- a lot to so called but. I think. This is leave I disabled who is known only to see some guys who. We'll be in their hands on it. Has been the first. Like to think that the young guys need. Where is done this for you he's sitting in the chair. What amounts to save doctors not documents the government. I came back or players. Paul Monroe. Myself. C of Boston. You know change going -- the last that we lost and Francis. Got stuck with me. -- -- -- they're stuck with me like -- can you put that into words you know those -- special place for me enough. From the right just before me. So you know that's a good sort of to account so I enjoy playing. When playing in front of these people for these fans know they didn't hear. Don't get me here you -- They're gonna take that deep six a second chance but that's where it's not everybody -- great test case scenario for people who don't remember. Has this been with the fans in the environment man. Everything certainly thought it would be it's five years ago and suck it up but everything you think. It's been fun. My analysis has -- funds has been determined. And on -- tools hopefully we don't know through years of happiness. And those who is chairman and and let one get medicine. -- -- -- -- You can stand them up. He's been hanging around in his new career sounds good that I think -- announced sale talks -- -- miles an -- America really good yeah I'm very got a couple things terrible to fast. Access is Jones aboard the lord judge Boras talk all day halt all of them so they have done Burnett had them see me. A moment -- my mom -- Not a betting man my -- so we get the sunny DVR when you have -- minutes after the hour and a host of through this golf. -- well. Lynch lives and moved to the mountains somewhere.

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