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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, on the Patriots upcoming matchup against the Rams

Oct 26, 2012|

From London, Mike Reiss joins Mut and Kirk to talk about the Patriots matchup versus the Rams. Reiss addresses the Patriots recent injuries, possibility of having an NFL team in Europe, Brady’s comments about mental toughness and how the Pats struggling secondary will fair against Sam Bradford.

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Let me know sleep till London for the patriots this weekend pass and rams. Wembley Stadium Butler and ID three point seven WEEI Kirk met ahead is here as is our -- Mike Greece joining us. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Mike in life and live their today by -- Rio. Mike Carrick greeting from a crowd upon doing well about 630 local time here in. Get ready to go just decided that all these players for the patriots not playing but I made the trip so much I'm your guy today. You are playing and you're playing through any sort of injuries and you're -- live to cover this game on Sunday let's before getting to the injuries. Give us a feel for the excitement level we spent some time today a lot of time like talking about the NFL expanding. The Europe of all things has there been any sort of buzz for this game for locals there. But the media wise has been absolutely no does not mean you open up a newspaper here you can't find an article on it but I think there's certainly you know a group of fans here that that is passionate. About the American game bad. Really I mean this story was today -- walk into the middle of a public park and the patriots hold on a walk through practice I mean you couldn't do that. You know in the states I think that's sort of speaks to the fact that this American football game is still very much he did in foreign concept to many here in London. We -- Peter King on earlier Mike continuous talk about the possibility of future expansion jaguars all that stuff. I just don't see TC viable way that in the felker really have say two teams in your appear sometime in your future. I think it would be tough. Kirk but I you know one thing I also know is that when owners see the possibility to make a lot more money. They they find a way sometimes to make that happen so I wouldn't rule it out I think logistically. Or from a pure football perspective I mean there's going to be sentenced. Major issues you have to overcome with that but I think. As I said he would you know from not really understanding all the issues and I think. These peace and need your major revenue that they can gain if they can get that you know that -- -- contract extending out that had been part of the world. And you know big big game and out in a lot of ways if you -- that some of the business people that sort of I don't -- tapped out in America but I mean where where else you're getting more rest and I mean they've they've exploded. The point where you almost wonder how much more can they squeezed out of it and I think that's why they're looking in this area. Let's talk about the injuries -- you mentioned it now seems all the -- but the -- have already announced their inactives. Among those will start with Aaron Hernandez. A surprise that he does not make the -- -- not play in this game on Sunday. Yeah you know I I am surprised not only because obviously didn't didn't know until the report came out that he had a setback with the ankle you know they have been managing him and in practice. You know that the last couple weeks and he played in the -- schemes -- figured that he did play in the foreign minister critical game for the team. I have the players said when they got here to London this morning so obviously -- you know what surprised they didn't realize about the setback I think what it does now is. -- the player like Daniel felt that this is why they signed and the free agent in the off season there his snaps went down on you know almost cut in half when Hernandez came back. The figure with Hernandez that would 1990 felt the former -- going up against his former team Beatty playing a bigger role in the scheme the second tight end alongside Rob Gronkowski. With -- out again here this week and what she saw maybe watching the game again from according its safety you imagine he'll be back in that same position against on the. Feel fairly certain of our record I mean honestly even -- Chung with back. I almost might leave McCord you there I didn't think -- From my viewpoint was was really playing that well and I think. When Bill Belichick comes out after the game and says that according settled things down on the back and better than we had it before. That's pretty decisive from Belichick's so. I think right now with the team's starting safeties so -- -- Chung. It's almost a given that what he McCord beat back there at safety once again and one thing you look at from the rams they have hit. On some big plays and that's obviously been a weakness for the patriots this season so. To me if you could sort of connect the dots and all pieces together that them according you'll be back at safety again. We talk about the safety -- it just feels like a lack of depth now like we spent some time last couple weeks over the drafts in the mrs. At the defensive back secondary and help refresh my memory what -- LeRon Landry didn't come in here for a an opportunity. Ends up signing with the jets. Did you get a feel for why they didn't go with a guy like Landry and and make it try to sign him and added to this patriots secondary during the off season. In my I'm not sure a 100% on the specifics but clearly a big health questionnaire with him and so way you know sort of similar. You may be Anthony Gonzales -- -- -- you know the receiver and you know he knew there was some injury issues there and if you're gonna sign into a deal. If you're the team you think and I want some protection here because this player has had a string of injuries that makes me question whether he'll be able to say in the field and I think. My sense is between that and may be where the price started to go when other teams got involved it just got to a point where the patriots didn't feel comfortable going there. Does that strike -- as a particularly difficult match up. Might hear the -- Saint Louis Q what they can do defensively what Bradford can do at times this right here's a tough match up your Sunday. -- not so much the -- Durant more this situation you know I mean I look at the banged up patriots team I I think there's sort of -- here to the buy in and you know I think they got a call on sort of that toughness the mental and physical toughness to get through one game but even with all the injuries. I still feed them at the superior team and the -- and they should win the. Well I think the situation OK you're banged up and now you're -- you're you've been this Seattle a couple of weeks ago and I come in the London I mean. They've been through a grinder here a little bit and so. I think that's sort of would be what concerns me more so than the -- defensively certainly. You know there's there's some issues there that the picture it's gonna have to contend with I think they have the personnel to do that. And brands -- young team it's more this environment and just coming out here with your own team and being -- sort overcome that and he will be the biggest challenge for the entry. We're talking to Mike Reese of ESPN boston.com joining us live from London patriots and rams. I don't know how much of an impact a lot this week because of the quarterbacks in Jenkins a -- again. I gotta tell you -- surprised about -- -- game on Sunday eight targets his way only one catch. Was this say just a mental breakdown for him just a blip in terms of what we've seen out of Brandon Lloyd this year. My assessment is that I'm in the minority on this one but I I think it's just a blip I actually think he's he's been okay for you know I think if you wanna look at this one -- snapshots mean. It's sort of trended more toward the Ochocinco side you know then. And some of the more productive outside receivers they've -- at. I don't I don't sense that that this is like the Joey Galloway part two I mean I I think the way he's utilized you know playing almost every snap that. I think he's still giving them more of an outside presence and they -- and a half and so you're right this is a little bit of a tougher matchup with their corners and. Any given Jenkins but I'd still think with a huge part of their plan and I see some of the comments I think it was Rodney Harrison. They called the big disappointment that I was a big disappointment last week but overall I don't think he's been that much of a disappointment. Receipt Tom Brady might talking about the teammates having the need to have need to accept the coaching. And whether -- question whether mentally tougher now for not what do you read into that you think giving you talk maybe specifically or do you believe he really means as a whole he stuck the team. Kirk thome thome on the context of those I actually missed those remarks. What it was that was post game Sunday is that right. The political like let me get this out before we play for your quick absolutely again thank you GO. I hope we improve and I think that's our goal but like I said it's not like you just. He just think just cause we're gonna show appear every day and break a sweat we're gonna get better and I think you have to make conscious efforts to. Listen your coaching. Be mentally tough enough to accept the coaching. So that you can be a better team. And we work a patent we will look at that this week we're gonna work -- next week. Ended December we're going to be working on that and that's part of our job there's really the pressure is never off it's doesn't go away it's just. You know you build you build you build you try to get better and better and better so that when it matters the most -- of your best. Some of some of red maybe more into that Mike saying you know maybe he's trying to call people out specifically or maybe is it just Brady answering you know random question. -- -- and I might be naive on this hunter but I mean I'm gonna lean toward the latter anatomy I think yeah I think there's different ways. You know to be a leader and to me that's him sort of using his platform to say look. You know we're not where we wanna be and even called it this morning he called it a mediocre record. But the idea that if you stop working if you can't improve on that record and I think he believes. That the real season doesn't start -- you know after Thanksgiving and that this is the way we do things and protect guys this is the younger team. You know than they've had in the past is that in 2007. So to me it's more him just sort of not calling anyone out as much as saying look this is the way we do things around here. Logan Mankins is not on that inactive list like that you wrote earlier this week talked about maybe it's time to give Mankins an opportunity to shut this thing down any feeling. As if he'll be able to go awful speed against the rams on Sunday based on what you saw -- -- doctors this week. You know I think he's gonna have a good chance not to be out there you know for this game obviously. Would be a big boost for the patriots and if you look at the -- Kirk mentioned that you -- just sort of any concern with their defense and that line is pretty good. The four man front there so to get Mankins back I thought in the running game last week while the numbers look period. Maybe you know situation needed it they struggle when they needed a yard and -- -- Mankins and it's -- -- -- -- repair itself. At this point you know they've already ruled out seven guys that the maximum numbers though. If they rule out anymore they're gonna be -- with -- you know than than the maximum number they're allowed so. To me that the bat plus what we've seen dramatic and you're being on the trip is an indication he has a good chance to play. A couple of taxes a vast for a clarification -- on date Shiancoe we start returned to practice it. Is she still listed on that IR list Mike he's not eligible play this weekend is that correct. That that's -- that's my understanding of the not -- when you go on that injured reserve designated to return you can start practicing after the sixth week of the season. But my understanding everything that you cannot be activated until after the eight week in this would be. A week eight here this game so. If I'm understanding the rule correctly and as Bill Belichick has pointed out there's a lot of rules here and you know. It's sort how you interpret them but my understanding is that he wouldn't be eligible to play in this game if I'm -- in the rules correctly but any time after this he could come back. We'll get you out on this any early word on what this field is gonna be like we talked to Patrick Chung -- Rob Ninkovich. When they talked about the field conditions and it's it's a little bit slick at times can be. A little bit different any word on this thing before the game on Sunday. Well Brady talked about it this morning and he actually thought it was it was better than they thought 2009 it's interesting that the patriots aren't gonna go over to Wembley. Stadium before the scheme just to check it out so I think they're concerned level may be with higher but in 2009. In this visit and you know a big factor will be what the weather here you know what it. It hasn't been raining that heavily it's been missing if it starts to rain like we saw may be back in 2008 at track gets slippery. But I think right now the patriots feel pretty good about playing on a grass surface which Brady actually said this morning it's something most of the players prefer. I'm Mike -- ESPN boston.com with line -- coverage from London game Wembley on Sunday. Mike appreciate -- forty updates and your recap throughout the week from London. The -- talking next Friday. Thanks for having me on guys have a great weekend. I carry my stuff from Mike -- joining us -- Mike joins us. He's brought to you by -- the official frank and sausage. Of the England patriots. So the inactives there. He he hears the Brady comment maybe more innocuous. Than some people a lot of it -- yesterday. So respect and they're calling up the defense -- point is who thought he -- Brady's never done that yet that Brady is never. Called up the defense even in a passive aggressive way wide radius I had it read as I was. The first time when Joey played those are some herded into sound like a Tom Brady press conference sort of answering Lucia saint things we sank. No we have the -- industry I don't think it didn't sound to me. It was appointed attempt in the shot at somebody specifically. Ages that. Not great stuff from Mike live in London ESP in boston.com take our final break come back to what's on tap the big show. Is at 2 o'clock right here in 93 point seven WB yeah.

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