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Michael Fabiano, NFL Network, on Week 8 in fantasy football

Oct 26, 2012|

Michael Fabiano joins Mut and Kirk to give his advice for week 8 in fantasy football. He goes around the league, providing insight as to who to sit and start, players of interest include Bowe, Ridley, and Johnson.

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Butler not a three point seven WEEI -- off for the day back on Monday Kirk many hand WEEI dot com WEEI Comcast -- a million other things joining us here. In studio joining us on the line as a guy Michael's -- -- -- NFL fantasy live weekdays it too. And at midnight visit nfl.com slash fantasy -- follow on Twitter at Michael underscore for -- on oh yankees out of an -- you. -- -- -- yankees are out of it doesn't gonna have won a lot of Reading talk about the Red Sox have been out of it for very long time just remember that. But I'm happy the judge are doing well because they forget -- Is that pitching coach there and back in 86 -- remembered during a little July 4 no hitter against a certain team and I -- That's a good thing jump on the bandwagon to Pakistan umpire tell her that well I I thought our guys happy for a black jacket -- big fan that was 93. Actually I'm -- job by you. On your starters in this week and brings up an interesting question Michael Vick is my starting quarterback and very few options behind him is it time for me. To go try to make a deal before Sunday or -- say starting Michael Vick. Out of the year safe starting Michael Vick I mean this is tough match -- the streak against Atlanta they're allowing an average of fewer than fourteen -- -- -- quarterbacks and Dick has been sort of a turn over machine. Early depends it would -- you have of course hindsight is twenty torn in yeah Josh Freeman last night lawyers at Freddie. With Michael Vick on your bench but at this point it really depends what -- alternatives are. I have Aaron and -- might tight end he's not playing this weekend yeah trip to London give me one -- two guys like grab your on the wave toward force on. The type of position is real tough this week are not a lot of players have good matchups I think. You could possibly pick up a guy like Greg Olsen for example he's playing his fourteen Martellus Bennett is also playing his former team and Bennett has. Had success against the cowboys earlier in the week at forty early in the season it forty yards and a touchdown. Those are a couple of guys I mean if you go really deep you're talking about -- cleaner to weed out from Indianapolis because they have good matched against a tight ends. But at this point it's real tough to find someone who's going to be a -- to put up any fantasy points at that position off the waiver wire the -- Out of New York is Ahmad Bradshaw did not practice again today how are you treating Brad shop and -- -- brown as they as a hand -- feel safe as of you know right now 1 o'clock in a Friday Michael starting Ahmad Bradshaw. Although if -- -- last week it was the same scenario and then Russia ended up playing so I think you're very Smart to have Andre Brown is as a handcuff. But it's basically gonna come down to a game time decision. Firfer for Bradshaw and this is a guy who is no stranger to being banged up when he's out on the field typically he's been pretty good professors who have very good number two. But these injuries in these game time decisions are something that it looks like we're gonna have to deal with for at least the next couple weeks because I don't know -- just gonna have time to heal. If he doesn't take a week or two off so I at this point game time decision. Get brown a piece on the waiver wire and and handcuffed scratch out. Let's get some your phone calls Michael Fabiano 61777979837. Nick is in North Hampton today nick what do you have. There are guys. I -- questioned sharply Russell Wilson or Cam Newton. And you know what man by the way. I I can't. I think kids did cam Newton's matchup this week. I just I I can't star Russell Wilson had a -- I can't listen if you're a little bit more of a risk taker. And you wanted to make that move I wouldn't blame yeah. And I hate the -- -- I know a Kim had a great game against the bears last year. But I can't venture for -- both -- I can't do it I don't like the matchup but it can't do it that are quarterback out there may be able picked up between pro and that's bought. You know as somebody like a brain in Sweden I feel more comfortable if you're telling me bring weeds out there on the waiver wire. When he gets the chargers we scored at least 1550 points in three straight weeks. So somebody like that makes a little bit more sense I'm a little I feel little safer with him. But Russell Wilson. On the road I just I can't do it I can't do it. Mark is in Cumberland the wide receiver question -- edmark. Well I guess in our league I got three receivers need to pick one I guess giant -- and the Marriott marquis next. You know. This all depends on what's going on with Nixon Nixon looks like he's getting closer to health he's been a little bit banged up this season. Tough matchup against the cowboys I'd still go with them. Nine times out of ten I'm -- go with the guy with a resonate over the guy who's hot and Gordon's been great and I think a lot of people are gonna start in the -- ominous start -- at least this week. But nix has the -- he's getting healthier just to me this is just my philosophy. I don't get too cute I try to get too cute that they -- big name guys and I'm playing came. -- interest and we have a Lou in the car texting in saying Eli Manning's his starter. They -- about picking up Sam Bradford is available would you start. You know Bradford got a good matchup the patriots are very -- because the past they've given up a lot of fancy plays a quarterbacks but again it's the same -- situation. -- is. One of the more underrated quarterbacks and faster football typically yes success against the cowboys although he didn't earlier in new embassies in week one. Again I still I just have more faith in you either they -- -- Bradford. The general question from all of Boston fans to land is Calvin Johnson going to wake up at some point. Good question and he actually didn't practice today so that's something you have to watch out for on Sunday I think you'll still probably play. But this is more of a situation where number one people over drafted -- because of what he did last year. Number two Stafford is really struggling yes five touchdown passes five hit 41 last year and three. Guys. Can we believe the Madden curse -- now I mean I don't he's not hurt. But he has been atrocious statistically. Appeared ready to -- is one touchdown this year. Hit what sixteen in 2011 -- lot of it is the Madden curse are referred Matt Stafford sucking. Overall it doesn't -- the mad -- it doesn't matter if you're on that cover you are either at risk to get hurt. Or to have your numbers drop. Or -- and right now. Never -- a little bit banged up by the she's got this -- but I mean his numbers of jobs so drastically guys right now. And I can't Williams I would've I would rather have Percy Harvey and that Calvin Johnson I'd have. AJ green. Think Calvin Johnson there's a lot of water she regrets I have right now the net return because the Michigan ugly in Detroit and Stafford doesn't look at saint quarterback show. Ellis it if it's mayor John has acted you have to play him. Unfortunately. You're not getting what you drafted him to do. And that's put up big numbers faced censure of Larry FitzGerald to -- -- -- look at the situation he's struggling he's got quarterback situation that place ever Cisco this week. You know you have to play him but -- it's it's a tough spot you're absolutely right it's the same thing router Johnson to if you look at the numbers his numbers are down this year. I interviewed Kurt Warner for NFL fans who like today. And he said listen this is not out FitzGerald the offensive -- up creating quarterbacks quarterbacks are not getting the job done in part. Because they're Kevin got to -- got the number two because the offensive lines that give -- time to go to football. And you know that the NFL is the ultimate team sport right so if the offensive -- not work in the the quarterbacks -- can have a chance to throw the football make its progression to make a good accurate throw. Which is a domino effect it hurts a wide receivers so right now Fitzgerald's on pace for just over a thousand yards. And right around six or seven touchdowns and that's not what you drafted him for the same thing goes for Andre Johnson we're seeing some big name wide receivers not produce the type of numbers that we're used to this season. Let's go to the cape talked to Melissa with a couple of questions for you Michael glad Melissa. I'm I'm I'm lying I'd Pat Riley or any time to think in a row over but -- -- don't know who. We're wrapping DeMarco Murray and Trent Richardson are making me crazy and I have stopped there and Ridley now. I want to drop. I don't know I hit rock band and pick up a couple a why are you that they're they're really liked it an entirely outweighing but I am saying yeah our album. Now I don't know I dropped them like it -- so I mean I know it's week to week but. No -- no way. Interpretations. These fantastic try to make a trade order and you've got to have somebody else and confront. Commissioner and I run a girl oblique and girls don't trade I don't Albany. They kept saying that somebody checking I'm -- and they're like not really they think. Ear you know you know something more than that it really -- -- treatment you know I. At the same thing in every league that I try to make sure it will officially Democrat that's not a you know it but it. You've got to have. A backup tight end a second kicker second defense something that you could drop other than these guys I listen I. IIQ can -- -- Richardson I mean they're too good especially Trent Richardson. There's gotta be something she can drop into -- available you pick him up there's no doubt about that. I can't stand the fact that they're going away from Matt Cassel and going to Brady -- hopefully this isn't gonna last very long because not good proposed value to look at the industry to raiders. So there's any saving grace and doing those fantasy value for at least this week is that the matchup is really good. But no there's no way drop Richardson to DeMarco Murray ball -- in fairness to Michael it's only two team league and I'll -- Well in that case and maybe you could drop McMurray. At the -- in New Haven with a running back questioned go ahead Anthony. Period I got -- -- all and Rashard yelling. -- -- -- I don't think men and -- playing this week to be quite honest it's a short man it's Rashad Jennings -- no doubt about it. It looks like to wire in its first gonna get another start. Redmond is still up in the air Mendenhall yet that one big game remember guys and growers like he's back at -- -- are gonna get after ACL surgery. Now he's got an Achilles injury and Rashad Jennings if you picked him up and -- this caller made a very bold move there and a very clever move picked him up. Worst George jury's out for at least this week -- potentially several more weeks to Jennings I think could be a pretty nice pick up off the way or -- plain against the Packers vicious gonna be light. For steamer in the owner Michael Gerson are there claimant -- that. You know what listen I've got him into weeks and it's so frustrating because. After what 45 weeks he was in the top five -- -- ports -- running backs. And then -- pulls his -- tricks and now we've got. She entering an -- anyway didn't inherit you know I I don't know what they're gonna pull out of the border may -- Corey -- and it once they're going to be playing at some point -- backfield committee Barbara is the best player. See almost have to play and especially in the buys even if it just is a flex or low into but -- man it's. It's it's a real headache and to be quite honest with -- -- the next big game that really hasn't -- I -- because I can't deal with them I can't do Belichick does in that backfield that listen. Bill Belichick doesn't care about -- institute. My last at a dealer the patriots as it I don't know I -- I and look at how do you. You told that the -- and -- coaches it's what's affected conceivable the running back spot they all do this Mike Shanahan started this crap in Denver yeah I am coming out coaches do this now. Yet -- that has actually not done it this year and we all think Mike Shanahan for that fantasy football but the thing is. -- is such a good back and yet so much success early on with the guys of every probably that game and since then. And this is sort of been the issue over the last couple years are running backs you've got your big name guy -- featured backs but those are sort of -- -- reelected dinosaurs of the NFL. And then you've got this committee situations but the thing that's frustrating about the patriots is that -- was so good. And now it seems like he's relegated to well he. You'll see most of the touches but he still gonna lose carriers to marine -- -- better you know -- whoever the case may be -- frustrating. -- let's talk to a Kevin who's in the great city New Hampshire today go ahead Kevin. They I don't. Get my question is a good James Jones. And now Wes Welker that's very question but I also have the wide receiver to hear from Green Bay. Hi -- -- forgery Nelson spent Randall -- but I think Jordy Nelson is going to be good or bad hamstring but. You know I mean it's your personal story to auditory. -- it to me it's Welker in Cobb. A walkers and no brainer that guy's fantastic. Had a couple of bad obesity in this season now he's he's back on track and especially there and is out. You gotta play Wes Welker there's there's no question there and I top as a better option than James Jones -- -- as I started a -- think top. Especially with this word that Jennings is out for at least three or four reached because of the -- surgery. This guy's gonna become a jam off the waiver wire. He's a playmaker the Packers love what he's doing if you listen -- -- talk about Cobb he just glows about him I think it's Welker anything it's. Rent a -- if you missed any of Michael's information stardom or start or sit on the right there and nfl.com and also. NFL fantasy live weekdays at Q and at midnight check out nfl.com. Slash fantasy -- Michael underscore -- beyond -- On Twitter as always Michael good stuff enjoy the week able puck in X product take your guys thanks Michael Michael Fabiano joining us here on the program and our conversation. When Michael's abbey -- is brought to you by the Outdoor Channel. Quick not a second break come back some news on the patriots in -- the list is out we know who will not play this weekend they annexed.

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