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Peter King, SI, on the NFL in Europe

Oct 26, 2012|

Peter King joins Mut and Kirk to talk about the chances that American Football will become relevant in Europe at the professional level. In lieu of the Patriots upcoming game at Wembley stadium on Sunday, King explains what incentives would attract NFL players to play across the pond. He also talks about Cam Newton and his future with the Carolina Panthers given their disappointing start to the season as well as what Andy Reid should do with Michael Vick.

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Lunchtime hour -- elude not a three point seven WEEI Kirk -- hand here. On this Friday again is set for patriots and rams in London joining us on the eighteenth the outline as he does every single Friday at this time. The prep for Sports Illustrated NBC sports Peter King a conversation appear spots -- by town fair tire. Mica voted tractor corporation and by -- hill Ford Peter it's -- and Kirk here this afternoon how are you. We are preparing for a us some football in London and Mike Greece of ESPN Boston new. Had a note that when he got there his passport stamper. Said that Chelsea-Manchester. Is a bigger game in London and is this football game. If I asked the NFL why this game exists. What what's the purpose of playing a game in London every year Peter. Were very simple reason because owners like Bob Kraft owner like shot content which were public record itself. Believe. That at some point in the future you're gonna have to go beyond the American border. With its game in order or grow it -- its peak. And you know Chaka -- made this point from the a couple of weeks ago he says that. Last year 23 of the top 25 television programs in the United States. Were NFL games. It -- operated programs. So it's poignant. It the English premier Li -- Beyond its -- and all day on Saturday in the United States senate fox sports channel. On cable it's all over the United States during the week. And I probably got the channels are out of a word is that you know soccer's all over the -- US. And -- and it's getting okay agreed that we have to try to do the same thing the football obviously the comments and -- that it will wait a second. Eagle millions of American kids play soccer in the United States I doubt. Hundreds. Of old British kids playing American football in the pre trial so. I creates a different story but one thing you that's why it's being played because the owners in the NFL the majority of them. Believe that the index up front -- outside the borders of the United States to grow the game. Are you say to grow the game is that would that mean having eight team or teams oral. Play their home games in a different country. There are owners who think that that's -- ridiculous prospect that we should even consider that. What they are also owners -- shut on the course and out on form Pakistan so. He obviously has a different world view that everybody else -- most other people but. He believed. In his lifetime there will be free and try to needing multiple franchises which honestly I think that's really the way you look at the work they have to -- right over there. But I mean look here's where I -- draw -- line. I get. I think that. Trying to draw free agents trying to compete for free agents. The guy who lives in Southern California to talk to -- about you know living. You know eight months a year on it whatever it is and you know and then maybe have -- older -- say in Munich or some other place in Europe but the -- the logistics of that would be exceedingly. Part and I'd be surprised if it if it ever does come -- perhaps but they're -- -- -- -- luckily it happened. Let's think Peter -- say twenty sexual freeagent living in Phoenix -- young family. You know -- a team in Munich or wander wherever comes in makes a pitch for you you're never gonna go there. Yet the only way you'll go to areas of the funniest so much better you know out of pocket a one league executive. -- -- -- -- -- But this whole thing. And he'd say you know probably would have to happen ever seen that it is that the NFL would have to say. Who you know the London a lot of you know organ music -- OK you guys have. You know you're gonna have 20% more money to -- or you're going to have some sort of freeagent allowance. So that. You'll be able to go over your cap you know for two or three players. And and look they're the Arctic competitive -- competitive issues about that but -- only I mean. I have found over the years. That players will make its decision for money. Even if it's tremendously personally inconvenient to them so I think it could happen. And I think it could work but I think the only way it could work he -- it. You're paying more money and significantly more money to play -- It's interesting our text line is is exploding with people responding to this and his team but there's a mixed bag in terms of growing written and not growing -- if they are the Munich mastodons -- -- given you credit. And Goodell should give you credit to its name as you heard it here first I enter the patriots playing over there I think. This week is now it's a win in the standings around here it's been boy the patriots let Mark Sanchez threw for 300 yards against that secondary. Did you see any improvement with that group back there in terms of what they allowed to the jets quarterback. I really didn't. I mean I think it's it's something that way and I a look at the patriots straight out to mean. I guess he's seen that is really gonna have to out score people. Underwear for the way. And you know. I think what I look at this skiing this week it's it is not an evening game. Because. You know what the what the raiders have the -- have three good -- You know they -- sitting in make it in -- chink in the right Eric technical guy Bradley Fletcher whose plane while. And they have a good apps -- Think they're gonna hit Brady to retreat times and -- Jerry keywords Akron -- -- number matter what. They're going to be -- a little bit and so for me. I I think this is a little bit of a dangerous shellac sleeping giant. Year for the patriots for the partners secondary goes. I think the thing that that that bothers me up out looking at new England and sort of trying to. -- -- What they're gonna give -- the rest of the year it's so part because. Even -- You know they've improved on the back in the little bit. Each other so I mean I look the other -- still allowing our quarterback rating of 99 or something like that. Against the opposition and -- mine. You know the opposition we're talking about you know Mark Sanchez Russell -- You know Ryan Fitzpatrick. You know Kevin -- Jake Locker at the end and they also played meaning in the place where they meaning him and fought -- let in the -- Would -- the cream of the crop right now and and again. I I I don't necessarily. Going to be some -- do their season but I do think as long as. Definitely keep that they're as long as that's secondary is growing I do think they're essential for them absolute. Long -- were concrete -- have to put up 37 the went. One of the coaches who was here when things are good for the defense obviously is Romeo canal was having a real rough time right now in Kansas City. You'd think if it loses job this season. I think he could I mean you're actually at that Clark Hunt. At this -- about it's my column today. At that site that -- I wrote about how. So very very hard decision for our part because I think that. He's absolutely 100%. Not -- -- got EO he doesn't want fighters Scott Pioli. And he doesn't think that -- a year after four years where you you had to coach you really didn't get along with three. And you have a rapid order that it is your long term guy. And you may probably serious mistake on the quarterback you brought -- which. You have to be on on -- we watch. But I think. He didn't always -- that this state long haul sign. He likes -- a lot and I don't think. There almost regardless what happened earlier in the year that he would fire pioli units -- over with a new general manager coach but. How bad they've been seven weeks so is really kind of startling means. They're the only team in the NFL right now that has not been and in any of the fourth quarter of any game this year. -- amazing when you think about it -- forty year what I would in the air and I stop back field. Eat you know where is the mystery inside or outside you know Peyton Hillis Jamaal Charles. You have Dexter McCluster in the slot in the -- Darren Sproles. Then you know on the outside you've got old you got -- involved you've got a good crew looked tight end. No great ones but a good you know crew of three -- them I say -- -- -- gonna be explosive. And they been awful so. You know I always say this about trying to project who get fired who's not. It's one of the reasons why you really have to play it out because. Is it parked on the -- right now on October 26. I'm I'm definitely not fire and anybody well. You could actually has -- their season tickets. In Kansas City -- last home game of the year. This year you could have them you know have a public demonstrations about -- so. You know IE just can't tell but I think they're both I think they're both in jeopardy. And it continues to go out there at the rate that it has been. I think they're both in serious trouble but I think really think it worked it's not implying -- make it change with either guy as of now. What you love about this sport is that does test players and I think the player that faces the toughest test this week in his Cam Newton Peter -- and that the GM three GGM. Out. Have the bears. -- these press conference post game have become a joke he has got a real bad stuff -- doesn't this have -- feel love it can go one way where -- puts the team on its back and Google another way. Where he might be. A big time build their Caroline. But certainly I think that this is this is the most important game. Of the weekend even though the most of the game I can't wait to see lenient -- I think they're going to be so tremendously. Or later they'll shoot out you know -- Monica. You don't joke -- that he felt like I think I'd -- please. Big game pitcher talked about because. You're in the Carolina Panthers really in free fall seven and fifteen and Cam Newton came on board. Making progress that the in the last year didn't get it up now. Am acting petulant after game I would -- the suggestion box in the air and you -- figure out what it is you know just. Acting trial that in a lot of ways. -- -- -- Win games like this where your significant underdog your goal it will place there's been great on defense. And you take this scene. And I and I think it's a cliche that you hate to even put on your back. But what. You know if he's these are either very good runner when he chooses the. He's got a great receiver. Right now in the cement you've got one of the best tight end in the league right now have a very good year great also. You know -- you know even though he hasn't been as good throw the ball if your last. It was capable of winning acting like it's I think with the team in free all of this is the ID name. There and I hope that your franchise quarterback comes in and says we're not gonna lose this game. To get an -- big winner or not but I'll be looking at how in new. -- acts in the lead Sunday at Soldier Field. Every year reached the point where if it's Atlanta fourteen. Phillies zero and external pickers has another fumble. We reached -- point or Andy Reid will make that move do you think in that spot on Sunday. I think he'll make the move if it turns it over two more times. And that's an area that you say. Four down fourteen up the middle second quarter picks turned it over a couple times. At least one carelessly. I think he I think he will bring in Nicole and not just we're digging for awhile. There's no question whatsoever to any Andy Reid is tired of the thirteen turnovers in six games. And he's not going to sit by while these seasons and probably you don't it would LP career goes up and smoke. And it it can't take your ball he's gonna sit. Anybody who watches this little melodrama in Philadelphia. As are we can't play rookie. What you shouldn't play a rookie but Michael Vick is forcing -- ready to play a rookie. Like being careless as any quarterback I think its recent history and the ball. Peter last one for me RG three is gonna go up against -- of spurred this week and the Big Ben and Todd Haley is the relationship good is it strained is it bad I felt good getting mixed messages from. Old guys about whether or not -- likes the offense they've installed in Pittsburgh this year. The deal and you know then. Is get it I I left my rear end off. This week when I stop that they aren't like that they can -- you know the patriots dispute that the only key thing is moving the chains I like that. Well I mean -- Ben Roethlisberger wants to throw the ball down field deep. To Mike Wallace and Antonio brown and occasionally Jericho Cotchery. -- and if he continues. To beat throwing shorter. You're gonna hear from because he's not gonna like it he just won't like it. Now I was curious this week actually went back and looked it up you know he was seven point nine per attempt last year and he seven point five per cent this year so it's not. We're in a revolutionary. Way that Todd Haley it's changed. Probably early in the ball and I will also say that. If Mike -- had been mr. rocks so far this year boat yards per attempt would be almost saint. And keep one other thing. You know and and again I sort of laugh when you see Roethlisberger criticizing. Either because no matter what he says yeah he's criticizing our daily pretty offense -- there's no there's no question about it. Well -- to keep this in mind. That rapist murderer right now today. Is on pace for more yards in for Portland here so what should be a little careful what you wish for and sometimes -- why we -- certain players open air route I roll my eyes and take it is not a great salt shaker. Peter tremendous stuff is always enjoy the week at the -- talk the next week. I won a best Peter King SI NBC sports joining us on the eighteenth -- on AT&T forgy LT. With speeds up to ten times faster and three GAT and T rethink possibly cut off their. I was gonna ask him actually tweeted he didn't agree Jim Leland I mean -- them at this I ought to go based -- -- -- with Peter there was of the games yeah. Quick break we'll come back gets -- patriots as policy the way Peter describes the NFL expansion. Stuff may mix my head -- -- that it would put most things in Europe we'll talk about some football pages that --

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