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Steve Phillips, former Mets GM, on Bobby Valentine’s departure from the Red Sox

Oct 26, 2012|

Steve Phillips, Bobby Valentine’s former boss, joins Mut and Kirk to talk about Bobby Valentine’s departure from the Red Sox. Given the former GM’s experience with Valentine, Steve gives reasons why Valentine struggled so much with the Boston media, and what Bobby needs in order to succeed as a manager with any ball club. He also gives his take on the Melky Cabrera scenario and how Farrell will fit in well as the Red Sox manager.

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Our too much -- not to three point seven WE yeah I -- off for the baker met a hand is here your phone calls. Throughout the program World Series now two zip. In favor of the San Francisco Giants they'll make their way back to Detroit for game three weather permitting. On Saturday joining us on the eighteenth the -- AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible former GM of the -- here and now on mad dog radio series -- -- -- in the morning Steve Phillips sixty Mike can not -- men in power you. To a greater ability -- you were taken a few minutes here curious as to what your prediction was on this World Series going in at. Two giants and tigers and it -- zip how surprised do you giants get these first. Yeah I had tigers and six you know I think the tiger got a right whether a lot of right now I think get to develop. Had a quick thought that would earlier would have won game one. -- maybe it was just you just put the series and it was just a -- but that being said. I do -- that the tiger and other series so many people discounting the right now. Let -- go back to Detroit fan -- but it doesn't really behind their team that played very well there. Internet alike you know there's a major drop off in the started -- general Sanchez. 33 does a terrific job for its great pick up trade deadline for the Marlins. -- -- -- to back -- -- fractures certainly showed very good stops I think that that they can bounce back in the series of children are going to be easy at giants team that. That is playing yet inspired based policy -- you know Kelly sit. You know elimination games there's nothing -- but they'll somebody that you go right for the giants so Bart police think that go along for the tigers. It typically those things can turn around its series that it -- sit still get to this point that leave tiger find a way to bounce back. Is it all about the nine days eight days seven days off -- the that the tiger sat around played simulated games and have come out this thing. Rusty from what you see in the first of. Well you know I've reversed some precedent to this said that it's like every time one -- -- That what goes seven games political seven games come out and it'd be -- the team that swept the that that's your world. Is the challenge and Canada Italy a lot of -- compromise preparation for the ebitda to mr. earlier and I remember backing. There are 2000 -- of the Walters that the Yankees. That that you know we are grateful he's -- we are all prepared. It did your college we just artistic idea I mean I know immediately evident but. Oh did secure the surround that nothing you can do to replicate the pressure to -- the playoff baseball World Series baseball so. I like the soap -- that. But I do also believe that saying that -- collection Majoli British next day's starting pitcher. He had no vegetable -- And that extra -- tiger camp bounced back in the that they get a key hit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- CB get a walk retrieve something I heard yesterday on mad dog radio Christopher so. Explain to me your thought process here on why the giants should be -- games this season for Cabrera. Yeah absolutely -- took baby mid day all policy or drug testing in the test positive. That that you have fact that service at the gate suspension but they're not saying that's taken into account the fact. That the team that you're playing aren't. It's a dramatic benefit in your performance for the fact that you were cheating. But Stevens is public but my question would be OK fine I don't disagree with that how many games. The Cabrera win for the giants this year and I -- and the article. You're it's very difficult qualified. Very developed qualifier and we've got -- we've got some cases the look at this year you've got to -- Cabrera who was the best hitter. On the senate as a coach that's a lot of people when the united doctors at that time. Had you to bet you're a team that couldn't score runs and they're all about they're pitching and they've -- reported three you know treated to all the time and he was the best hitter. You would lead in the league in getting. He was at 86 runs scored on page 420 runs scored this year he -- the centerpiece to drop. You know and so from our perspective -- just say that that it was docked at the game but not anywhere acknowledge the fact that that they're just -- -- sensitive mr. orbit. I don't know what that -- -- numbers I personally believe that could be anywhere from eight to ten games that they have some other guy there or what the Melky Cabrera. Who was -- Yankee employee related to 65 hitter might hit eight home runs of the season it still. Does not -- 48 and didn't score -- if that they got you know what you know -- that they would be eight to ten games left to what they want it was their offense. We have the problem though -- -- the problem as you say that OK let's just say it's -- -- for argument -- Cabrera is lead the NL in hitting and runs you suspended -- -- games what happens when the you know eleventh guy in -- and pitching staff gets busted for the same thing fifty games you're gonna do it to game two -- is not a significant or -- -- of 78 games at a time. But look at it this -- let's put it back to -- local -- I don't know what number -- you would said he was a joke and they write this you're he testified that you want Kennedy's. -- tendency Oakland days I would actually say it but it sort of illustrative of that your pitcher. Who at one point -- its thirtieth consecutive strikes and -- some part of him. That way to coach to say I want you to pitched with that sort of approach mentality that he believes it and it was more than that -- that he wants. Aren't I I would say that that I don't know the exact formula. I personally believe there -- benefits one. We in vacated for every ten games achieve his plate -- live with that worked for starting pitcher to go everywhere and that he's gotten for the -- Are -- are just say that that. We got they have some integrity to the stand. It it and there's nothing that take into account the fact. But the center Francisco Bryant dramatically benefited from the enhanced performance of Nokia Cabrera this year and the -- its -- that's well understood other key. Indians are benefited from the support for a local. It in the not that a child without. If you're -- eight to ten -- spot for the giants. In the end you know -- got a straight day. But who knows what happens you know of that argument say you know what. BP beat giants went 33 at 90. Cabrera and Michael -- it doesn't matter that matters about how he -- their performance on the field during the course of the season and it was dramatic in itself in its way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They got engaged in a role player picked up by. I don't know exactly qualified but I do know that that -- NASCAR if you're cheating they thought two point deductions secondly they they take into it. In college football thought about what we dictate natural chips it's legal. That's up until probably about poverty national -- as -- do you think certain number that's what is -- different number I understand it's different. There's something radical about it but we clearly are not recognizing the impact performance and as a drug. In its impact on the -- -- whenever we suspended individual play. Interesting argument Steve Phil formats GM is joining us here the time you're in New York John Ferrell is running the player development overseeing everything in Cleveland. Steve wondering if he crossed paths during that time on what you thought about John and his hiring here's the next manager of the Boston Red Sox. Like I crossed out global profile as perspective and also -- -- threats -- -- -- you know I know him. You know as it has broadcasters know coaches and managers and the end I know very well respected that you're very mature baseball guy. Got that -- they'll also need to trial with a good quality were estimated by injuries so you know the one thing else they had little -- not such yet. The economy minister committed at least knows how to handle some of that situation could be dealt with that himself. This past year -- I think that that I just Carlsberg a baseball -- like some of the best people people I respect the most in the game. He's a great baseball guy and it -- so I accept all that I think what we're real evident fact is that he's not Bobby Reynolds -- I mean it can't say that would respect Bobby. By by you know he's more -- -- Francona he will be much more readily acceptable at the start from scratch earning the respect to the players' opinions it's everybody else. He's been known quantity. And I think that that will Serbia an intact much more quickly than Bobby certainly was able to this past year. I imagine you saw the interview Valentine in caucuses the other night how do you think do you think personally that's just the start of it. And were you surprised that the way Valentine pan -- an interview. Well I'm not surprised me do well look -- haven't been fired you get the sense. It had no body was fired in New York. Yet cultivated relationships -- members of the media who were able to do his bidding group what your organization. How does that happen it did kind of the scorched -- because torture brought to the -- -- -- -- to the assistant corporate memory -- later. Yet yet yet people get that -- Keep it up with time or at work but you know really the relationships you develop that sort of collateral with the media in New York. Earned a spot since we need to put some of that volatile. And I think that it's it's natural to -- that the senate yourself when you feel like you've been on the people clearly understandable story. So you know I I -- me. You know what I would general manager about -- ago you know well -- Bobby's father in law. Are you and your Coca yet generated -- he kind of put me you know to do so visible only sale which. He's -- -- in and I -- -- beer later that day and they played equipment to get any response that it should my response did. But I think below these highly underrated -- our satellite loaded -- I expect that the problem about it the criticism. You know what what some -- what happened. Is best -- would you get fired you lose sight of the fact that your exit interviews. But you know those things that you -- -- local -- routine there's -- answer -- -- for the next job. Bet that you know we start lifting the people fired -- of the people that you work with. Potential. Employers. They look at them they say well you know like aquarium here nobody can assert my name and those comments were kind of what these people they -- for lap around. You know I think that that nobody may look at a -- we're gonna get a chance -- or a wanna clear the record to make it clear this is one -- accountable for I'm not accountable to that stopped well. I guess that you might my fault is it let's just say Steve Phillips has given the job as a general manager again tomorrow. Is there any situation where in 2012 right now you would hire Bobby Valentine the demand. Yeah I think what are -- I think that that I think but I would consider Bobby. To manage again probably not this year I think that you know I think that dusty to -- -- -- -- that we get some perspective. People elect though. You know even myself -- your people crush you but first gut player -- had -- -- I'm -- I wish we had to back you know we wish we miss those days. Well David Becker told -- under that we gain some perspective on that they're considered impossible Bobby. But I think that as time goes by. We start the better you know understand. Who's responsible for audit public stuff we attacked the somebody that might not vendors it Daniel stopped because we'll have a clear. So I think it's somewhere down the line I would consider -- we have a dedicated in baseball may have I think it has the right situation I executed better for Bobby. If you worked for the organization had not miniature world first. Where he developed some of those relationships so that when he does take over as manager that it not starting from scratch and it earned respect in it and trying to overcome. This perception that's out there may not necessarily be the reality that they said he never was able to -- it is days. I think what what stun me the most in in the aftermath is not that he's talking Steve it's that he is. It piercing making things up -- -- -- sound of him telling the stationing story about will Brooks he tells Bob Costas I don't think that ever happened when -- When you round Bobby in the aftermath that things just seem to be. You know made up where that was history re written by him as he was exiting there -- New York. Yeah you know -- -- it's it's well one that that Tibet is probably yes. And I actually were called Pacific I don't but I but what happens -- You know we we make up all the reality you know what we understand took place. May not necessarily be what actually did take place you know in the united nobody came on the -- -- -- -- -- radio. Chile sickened -- -- -- we we we talk which you know right by my -- a step aside. It Bobby -- you know effectively made a mental we talked about how our interactions. In what was going -- America out of I think we made up about. The other guy we made up above the media we've made up about the perception impacted. Our relationship. And you can't understand there's your reality and the other person's reality may not be the same thing that you're you're you're leader in the same place. He experienced but the he's -- like that psychology picture. You know technology while alarming about that picture you look at some people to the related the other kept the -- -- -- of the -- -- A look at the same picture which has seen two different things I think there's some part of that that happens. -- in I think that you know Bobby had a -- does experience and definitely. Certainly that the me that he doesn't than most other people at a shot of what you're hearing right now is exactly his reality which is different than other. Getting the expectation going to the year Steve having heard you talk about this I thought OK Steve Phillips is gonna say Bobby Valentine is going to do. The awful in Boston was the opposite you -- hope for Bobby here. He that you got a fair shake in the coaching staff has now come under fire they fired back because he fired at them. Was this say a fair treatment a Bobby this year. Well -- what's fair I mean I think that the the political situation. Blew up on Bobby -- dignity that it is difficult after that regard -- to overcome -- and -- it that you know yet he. He went after Kevin Youkilis. Without any sort of adapt to the relationship. He had an award to the relation to other players on the -- of allegiance and loyalty -- course. It and it'll look allegiance and loyalty to church recording of the quote unquote straight course -- that's actually ability. The body Keenan. No they want -- to DH changer you otherwise they wanted to be a a -- was -- do you -- you cultivate change. -- play that it was not a lot of people away. So I think the course saying you know kind of -- -- put popular top spot. But the fact that players can get ownership. It as they had a meeting in August -- you know except that they've done that the past. I gotta tell you what I I personally thought it wasn't what I was in the York. If things changed at the end we're ownership change voters were the directly at players players to go directly to voters I spoke to -- that extra couple I don't like it. I believe the need to restructure these organizational chart. People didn't know where Kabul to. It would players or trainers or clones cheaper archers have the right people bought the supervisor said to that supervisor. Watched. It it or rubble that applicant organizations. They at that point Bobby was chopped off with these could visibility have any impact. -- the players whether whether it was a catch or not whether it was what -- the common practice what the pastor not I don't know how do you overcome that. -- players can go. Studio that I hotel in New York I I was followed by the fact that Bob he had the ability to -- above my head. Ownership as well how to hold the palatable when he faces also ordered me. How it Bobby all the players accountable and the players -- access to the older the gentlemen manager at it and if you go out and so I think there's a part of that. That that -- -- any sort of ability advantages he. Now and now the aftermath we're seeing in front of -- he's still Steve Phillips -- mad dog radio accent and series every single morning Steve great insight -- World Series and what's going on here in Boston appreciate every weekend. Thanks to us Steve Phillips joining us on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LT -- with speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible.

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