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Michael Lombardi: Welker is impressive being able to keep playing after taking so many hard hits

Oct 26, 2012|

The NFL Network's Michael Lombardi joined Dennis & Callahan to chat about what the NFL's goals are for returning to play games in London and if the deal between the NFL and London continues to be a success. Mike touches on what goes into Belichick's decision making on what personnel makes the trip to London, will the Rams continue to air it out against the Patriots secondary, what similarities do the Patriots and Rams share, and what he expects from the Welker-Finnegan matchup. He also compares the different directions the QB situations are going in Washington and Carolina, if there will be any big trades before the deadline, and which games he's most looking forward to watching this weekend.

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Walk over but after that it didn't go let's move our conversation -- Mike Lombardi is sponsored by town fair tire down by HSA. Insurance Mike joins us but it -- up -- joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Michael Loria. I am doing great -- -- what's the that was the goal of the NFL with this London deal and is park avenue happy with -- this London experiment is going. Well I think they must because they keep going back -- and you know and and obviously this big it is to grow the game and I think clearly the game can be grown as it is made ever catch. Of European football over there but I think it's certainly hasn't appealed especially in England. You know look let's face it we can't put player we can't put teams over there without. Franchise players signature players Tom Brady's -- Drew Brees or people are players like that it's tough to put you know December Jacksonville Jaguars over there and expect people want to get excited about what people ducks have been excited about. What do you figure at the little envelope in in Roger Goodell secret Schorr says for his vision for this league in terms of locations looks late. The -- 2040 as an example. All well I think he's he's probably get a direct link to Boeing because the fact that they can make airplanes the quicker travel becomes more. Easy then then all of a sudden -- Tom Friedman wrote his book the world become flat and then all of a sudden these markets become wide open and I think really that's what it's -- to it the travel logistics can work. An airplane to go faster whether -- and making another plane that can go that fast across the pond. I think you're gonna -- it because I think there's an appetite for I think we're educating people on the game they feel like it. It's a great way to grow on me look good -- them what we want to. He's. You know what when the basketball has grown in China I mean they're. Basketball players go on the sneaker companies to make your fortunes over in China because of the of the game of basketball being spread I think there's a market for football system be spread. But a lot of it has to do logistics and travel being able to pick your team there in a timely fashion without really hurting your season. And Mike do you think years from now we're talking about just several teams over in Europe or or hours or some visions and grand vision that then at some point may be 32 there in 32 year. We'll you know I like to live in the world we had 6014 to that would mean you know with a lot of jobs available like this might be dead by the non problem. I think it would be you know I think that little far -- I mean look Germany will we had the old -- worldly whatever that was -- which I was never really bought into. All the teams -- to end -- in Germany those fans really seemed like it which is actually we haven't played a real game in Germany. Which to me seems like the police who would have gone back to first. Because that was where the teams were and that's where the the -- the World League relief was striving but London's such a great market -- culture you know it's. It's you know I mean look sometimes go in the Seattle with the wind -- women in the wintertime a lot of further North London. MI out last time they went there Belichick and the pages did everything right we thank Tampa did everything wrong and it showed on the field do you expect the same thing when Belichick and the patriots. And Brady in the whole organization takes the show on the road they know what -- do and and do you think Jeff Fisher and and the rams. Know what they're doing. What they kept us clearly but I I think the reality appearances you know for the patriots and and you know bill I go back to Cleveland and it's this was look this is part of the program -- You know that doesn't have taken players on the road trips that are gonna play in the game on the we're that we're not in the entertainment business community is -- Vegas casino or a copy room -- -- you play the casinos you know. But the business trip that you got to that take people on those trips. That really really are gonna play in the game and really going to be part of the team it's better off -- to have an injured player leave them behind and rehab this injury. And not get handled -- the B 35000 feet up where the potential for more falling and all that. And I and I think that's the Smart play it yet to make -- curious in your veteran leadership has to take over I'd heard the conversation before came on about. How the season ended up -- and I think you know look nothing bond between these trips to go away. That the patriots -- that the -- setup which got that trip to go away our bonding trips upon the teams with Tom Brady did at the end of this decade coming from behind. Kick the field goal -- -- -- -- -- -- the kind of plays the bond teams. And this whole going to wait stop I'd have never bought into it. -- whether the best of this before but you're the -- you are the experts -- -- again if -- Fisher if -- Sam Bradford. Why did not line up and throw deep all day long -- even -- given the ball to Stephen -- -- I think you're going to I think look the rams have the unique team they are doing it with -- -- are saying. When they play -- we think you're gonna mess it up. So we're going to be conservatives we can possibly be. We're not gonna blow that it will try to get this game of the fourth quarter we're gonna take our shots and I think you'll see him take shots up the field I think they will throw it down the unity if they can make if you place. Ed because that's part of what they wanna do anyway. I mean they know they're not good enough they know their offensive line is really work in progress that's being polite and they know the more they expose that line. It's gonna cause some problems so they have to control the ball. They thought certain sorts you know keep ten play drive and really the rams don't mind if you keep the ball for ten minutes either they -- you go the -- the let's have a field goal to keep. -- -- today have the receivers what if -- dole doesn't play and is an effective do they have receivers to exploit the patriots secondary. Well look I think any time you watch the patriots secondary you never really noticed the talent of the receivers that the plan against you noticed the inability of the patriot defense to back to make a play. So I think every team has players that can make plays by that last week you know look. -- caught those 37 -- against them on the jets. As for the most part really would you watch the game tape of the paper they gave last week when they were in man to man coverage with accordion the secondary back there. They were a little fighter I think Eric has struggled early especially on that out well. But other than that I mean they they won the game because they got it's just the whole football split second longer that it when the game because they were rushing great. They won the game because -- and have a pro right away and I think they have to build on that. At a conservative philosophy you talked about overall on the rams game doesn't Bill Belichick sure that at least defensively. Mike because for number of reasons not the least of which he doesn't like the blitz he says you have to drive the ball for long periods of time and you'll eventually screw this up we hope. Right exactly at what happened to the patriots team this year is. Is in the fourth quarter -- the team has given up. 61 points in the 58 points in the in the fourth quarter alone makes. They've only given up 61 points in the first half full. So what's happened is that because the teams have -- the offense hasn't extended the lead. Whether it's Seattle you're up 2313. Or the jets came up 2313. You got a chance. Put the game away making a 3013 game they didn't do what they've made it a culture gave same thing and Seattle same thing in Baltimore. And I think that becomes the problem for it when -- offense doesn't put the game away. Then all of a sudden things start to fall apart and that's really what happened. Are you intrigued to watch the out Wes Welker Cortland Finnegan match up on Sunday. Yeah I have I mean I think you know web has really etiquette the marvel -- his ability to play with all these injuries in the contact -- the physically out he's adored. And I think he'll play well over there I just really concerned as I sit here. About the field over -- never been it's been really have it's been an icy pond. And you've really got to worry about what the conditions going to be like and how that match up will be based on those conditions. It's Cortland Finnegan a dirty player in your mind. The other current quite the critic of the physical player I don't the Cortland Finnegan did you know dirty says stepped across a lot of Nikita physical players for the challenge to the whistle. I don't hope he's still the same -- was three years ago. I think sometimes guys carry the moniker around longer after it's been gone so I think he's just the physical player tried to mix it up. I think their secondary wants to keep the ball probably won't you know -- their. -- -- thirtieth in the league allowing twenty yard passes all season so they're not gonna give you a lot of big plays this is going to be a game where Tom Brady controlled the ball. They wanna win the game with their defensive line they wanna win the game with Robert would run up the field Chris Paul went up the field. They want to win the game with a defense of -- that would put pressure they wanna hold on. And -- the patriots have to be disciplined and they have to make sure that they execute on every single -- -- negative plays. It is gonna do that -- -- to dig to keep Mcguirk but circulating the ball. I know you're not expecting the patriots to make any big deals before the deadline buddy you're expecting anyone are we gonna. All be surprised if somebody get in delta air. Well I don't know that the deadline -- move back you would think you would think Carolina but they'll have a general manager would come to the realization that you know what. We're not run the -- here maybe we should have paid all three running back this kind of money maybe we should trade DeAngelo Williams now. And will take them for unity you know whatever we can get at this point and I think there could be situations around the league like that. You know Saint Louis has talked about you know make an offer on some players will look there will be willing -- trying to. Rummage thirteen British travel with -- what they can improve but keep up with the Jackson would make the same thing Cleveland I would think would make the same the that you are going to the playoffs. If you have the guys potentially create and you're not assign him one not liquidate now. You -- Carolina is upset or worried about cam Newton's demeanor and antics off the field Mike. I think they're more worried about their head coach and his ability to really to carry the program I think that the reason. That there -- some concerned on the Carolina adult tickets stopped with just the general manager I think it's it's it's still continues -- with the program and Carolina in terms of where they think the leadership of Ron Rivera gonna go I don't think for Ron Rivera you're sitting in that your office. This morning and you've -- Marty -- get fired after Marty party was the guy who basically hired it. That was your protector and see him go out the door I think you have to be real concerned about the future if you don't start winning a lot of games in terms of being able to present yourself mr. rich. On on ESP and they asked Bill Polian and -- thing we have that answer quickly you know whatever two minute flat and what's called but. He's better record better quarterback who's going to be a better quarterback. RG three or Cam -- he said RG three -- long shot. Like he doesn't sound like he has a lot of confidence that the Cam Newton as a great future. -- you know and I think Cam Newton has to find a way to play within the system that suited for him you know the Redskins and you have to give culture and -- a -- credit. For for really taking the -- offensive putting his offense and combining it. What people don't realize is Mike Shanahan spent so much time with the defense Mike Shanahan to get a little while Davidson. He'd like the met with defense he tinkered with defense now if we ever did a statistical analysis of Mike Shanahan defense going back three years in Denver in his three years in Washington. I think you'd be shocked at the inability of the defense to perform. But that -- I think Kyle Shanahan has done a great job of really modifying the opted for a few trees make it plays in utilizing his skill set. And how much North Carolina and I think -- doesn't get a -- coach of the Carolinas. Got into that situation where the try to do too much and not doing enough I think it's a dysfunction only built team. I think they clearly follow the ball checked principles -- look we're not adding players were building a team like Carolina was that a player. Jets Miami tells how that's gonna play out of that are the jets even -- there have lost to the patriots. On the other way back to mediocrity. Well I think the jets were given a heck of -- shuttle. On Sunday I think the jets gave it their best punch really -- -- -- what they were a big big gut sense has to play at a level that he usually doesn't play -- but he still credible over people kind of forget. So I think this'll be a really good game Miami had a week off Miami understand that Ryan -- -- In the yet what this will make -- -- lot better I think understanding of the look -- at the jets made some changes in the in the patriot game that they had to make. They got tomorrow Davis on the field they needed that Bart Scott whether his big toe hurting or not they got him off the field that was an injury that helped. The that the jets get faster linebacker and really did and I think ultimately. They have to be able to get that they've got to try to find a way to improve the defense and in Miami is one of those teams that I think the second time you possibly be part of the first. And at a girl -- want to what -- -- my ball would be. Well obviously -- -- to -- the Eagles Philadelphia here because lament over Dunkin' Donuts Mohammed -- he's huge eagle fan and you know he cute like a Michael -- gonna stop turned the ball over like you tell them look. My man it you know this isn't just a pattern of one day of bad days I mean Michael vick's return this ball for three years I don't know but maybe you're getting. Maybe -- get -- intoxicated with the big play but I think Michael vick's career in Philadelphia is on the game to game basis -- is gonna wanna watch Philadelphia. I want to see how that goes and I think of -- Pittsburgh Washington will be a fascinating game too because. You know RG three to put on the credit and he deserves -- he's a great player. But the threat because defense is horrendous and so with Pittsburgh because even though they help the great Andy Dalton 400 yards passing. So that's going to be a game on the legal content. I knew I was gonna bet you to -- Denver and New Orleans -- Manning and Brees. Well look I I think this is going to be perhaps went up the field. You know offensive explosion will be fascinated to see if Denver can get off to a fast start. But you know that is going to be -- -- gonna come down to which defense can turn the ball over which one -- an extra possession certainly would elect goes but. Sometimes these other games you know these these games -- that the games have -- like San Diego Cleveland as a fascinating game for me because. San Diego even though they blew that lead against them but they still won in Kansas City they still want an open -- -- -- the west. If they could find a way to can add some more wins and I think it's Cleveland seems the perfect team for them to play against because. They can attack them down the field and they can run the football there's balance and when north Turkey get balances off it's applicable. Good stuff as always Mike enjoy your weekend we'll talk -- actually my friend Mike Lombardi with Allison Keller army AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT -- conversation with Mike. Is sponsored by town fair tire and -- HSA insurance.

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