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Tracy Morgan: Nothing's off limits in comedy

Oct 26, 2012|

Comedian Tracy Morgan called into D&C to discuss his upcoming performance at Foxwoods and what it feels like to be imitates by so many other comedians. He chats about what are the difference between him on and off camera, if he would ever compromise his routine for audience members, and who his favorite comedians are.

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As I said Tracy Morgan during a fox theaters up -- would resort and casino tomorrow night at 8 o'clock Tracy joins us on the AT&T hotline at John and Jerry in Boston Tracy how -- yeah. What. We're doing -- we're just talk about all -- you heard what you were on on hold -- -- played -- a little clip from. -- we are observation is you may be the most imitated voice in the world currently by other people. But Burton Group -- simple majority -- -- they can live remote with a bit of probably not -- purple. Who or does the best Tracy Morgan in your opinion Tracy. And we go -- to what -- blog that actually. How much. Are remembered -- that -- The 00 do you think of your friends is this gym more do the best one because with -- we had Norm MacDonald. I don't ignore that we can know -- well people will just simply the battle. I couldn't tell you that but we're all civilians the poor. The difference in Tracy Morgan off stage off camera and the one we see on -- on stage what's the difference. I just immediately the similarities. But. And I could -- about. It's right -- the great character that I didn't show well all of stage you know opening Allstate the mammography what to do. How. Would do it and it remarkable group we. Went down the street. Where -- like we've -- politely. -- -- -- Who do you work Tracy I mean I think I know the answer this I haven't seen -- stand up act. Yeah so what I guess you can go -- -- put all of are they wouldn't nautical blue and all those things are all the because those weeks I didn't -- that -- what George called in the it was a comedy especially what Simon it would that would include general collapse it. He called the said the -- Milwaukee say a mortgage or not to say there are. Curse -- of the world all the obviously get the different languages of the two well -- expert Marcel. It's all what you thought it at night so people quote blow. A bunch of people there and F word Jordan date. Actual pocket you can -- I spoke with Robby who then but nobody can do it but it does the government to tell the values that -- people in the same blue. But I don't I don't believe him Barrymore is indeed consult its rush. A -- if if you -- up on stage and you looked out on the audience and much to your surprise your mommy or grandmother or somebody like that was there it would would would that take you aback a little bit would you. I don't comp laws and I doubt they're gonna -- it although he didn't. But I woke up -- large local shortly Gupta -- understandably grab somebody's son -- will work. What's off limits to you. But nothing. Like you if you thought of some funny. That's a reason why I'm in the crucial to jail from such a reason why would you -- -- won't -- Jill wouldn't have to reason why George -- So he certainly did this several words freedom of speech you know what you're watching what they mean America show and I'm saying -- lets you expand the student. Would you make fun of someone with cerebral palsy because if you brother. Foremost on your question I won't do their in my. I would look -- -- -- and -- as you in my life -- -- ultimate form of anything. Is that the best material just you and your life because it was a pretty colorful life. This that this would compliment him and I won't -- them explosives. Median the market that they implement Marmara experiences of black African American in America. -- let -- in my in my experience there you know -- -- on my experiences. I don't wanna know where -- foreign. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Preclinical. -- be all guys it's over and send anybody to pick between them what is interviewed about used to -- -- on the. -- in the it was so you is it like old. But this got to be some supplements them in in -- forget who was it was somebody who may or. You -- you couldn't call him. You can have warmed up in the world this product to. There was some stand up comedian I can't remember which when we talked about when they do you know and they said it was off -- Lisa -- handicapped children that's it that was that was only rule. While everybody and opened the people who should go -- and control comedy club. I'll put up that it is that the -- would you like comedy should make the block was not what we're going to go to a stand up comedy show. You know the goals and our optimism is comedy show -- Tracy just beyond the predecessors that you mentioned of the current crop will make you left the the most. All the political. -- to the great -- Most of the great ones aren't even here anymore. I'd be on the Carla -- in the prior to those guys you mentioned who currently working with the mr. part of the -- so. Hello everybody and a -- about -- people -- more elite eight Q do you like it so. Just you don't hate him on the agent and people will probably not are -- the people audio. And I'm in an affordable -- What was it like being around Chris Farley. -- look Chris Farley was seeing it in your in your mind and your eyes. Well Chris all the all the good care of their -- all the arms gnarled. And I did get a chance -- really look -- all the you know people -- his charm and a bit less obvious that a lot. And to greet each person wouldn't be where he was so much form. You -- and really -- -- look forward to a senior at foxwoods tomorrow night it's fox theater foxwoods resort and casino one show tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. Thanks for the -- -- seat on the road. Tracy Morgan Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline. X series. We've got to ask him more tools to eskimos daughter is a beautiful thing about his daughter via the justice he does have a daughter. But the funniest line -- that was. He has three sons in the had them when he was young and he's is one of the sons is older than he is -- at the at the which that's a tough -- -- I don't how that how Malone owns all the Craig. Chris in Connecticut hey Craig good morning. Yeah hurt our guys got player that is true about the way. And oh explain you why it was eight year loose all your body your site here. Stopped there it doesn't change. What. That is removed around it there or revealing. What authorities there OK right. So it makes a significant difference in all our all 100 that he can't I wish I was too young to one point okay. Then if you -- made a big difference I mean. What started out you know I was -- Six point pick and choose their words and I want to -- this little. He's made a big big difference are also level washboard half now which they -- -- You know back and I had. You might -- also went from like 67 inches. The 2930. Depend on the as the patent will now. So it makes it really big difference I mean if you start now know whatever. It just started how would you if true this is different -- -- -- I'll talk to Greg Greg help W 6066. Foot six foot 188 east -- -- is 29. I don't believe that or the nine point whatever he says. It's OK -- don't are not -- anything -- on the -- my own story didn't. It's just didn't -- it should motivated to do whatever you got his Gunner you're gonna. Dino did do it he said it doesn't work that way as far you haven't -- ruler you know I've gone in and -- on the ruling would need -- ruler of discuss that he gained like 33%. Or 2%. Any disappointment when the united -- is like -- yes and it's like merely first -- -- And yet Horry got pregnant I -- -- me angina. Nine inch waist with that is for compartment Bobby Valentine in -- that is making them. Well we are trying to change the subject and it keeps going back to pianist and a -- yeah that's true we contrast Tracy Morgan but that would have little disjointed and have been funny he's not -- he's just not a morning thinking it's just such a I'm not a morning per Carolina. But he's and again it's genuine you know. Yes not like an act and I built -- -- say there's a that there's a crazy insane factor there right I'm and I just thought it was -- trip and I should remember we talked -- one comedic in this what's off limits. It was a woman it was a Lendl you're sure to Lenny when he was and -- out -- at least -- now no no but anyway it was -- what's off limits and she said flat out. Handicapped children nothing else. Open else though there was an interesting Nancy I think about it so handicapped adults okay kids who are -- I mean that's in her mind. Is the the bottom -- would tell you it's something -- else beyond him to Tracy Morgan wouldn't tell you what not and and he has an older brother that's -- palsy. And you know he. Went to get a tough joked that obviously tough life. It is you -- -- -- -- question his father was a drug -- came back from Vietnam addicted to heroin it's got a lot of stuff yeah like yeah. But when you say nothing's off limits and says what about -- -- that's obviously off limits Jersey -- is right. If -- went to this tough time of his brother and India to protect them became kind of his you know when these deals were. In a comedy became the outlet and -- from the tough childhood that's fine but -- -- nothing is off limits but I think. I think what he took offense Stewart took offense to what he's trying to point out is his style is to not. Point out people make fun of them this stuff -- all about him. This is what I did this is how screwed up was this happen it's it's more about his life experience as opposed looking out of the audience and making fun of the fact dire the you know the general Paul aren't short there would have the case may -- make fun of people. Comedy this stuff is observational suppose about his alive -- DNC a pack your. -- -- Ordered to cripple our commitment that I had a daughter that.

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