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Three (Five) Questions with Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels

Oct 25, 2012|

Kirk, Rob and Alex ask Jon Daniels about how the Texas Rangers are approaching free agency, what the team might do if Josh Hamilton doesn't return and they try to find out more about the rumors that the Rangers and Red Sox were in talks for a Jacoby Ellsbury trade.

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Joining us now in the AT&T hotline rethink possible is the general manager of the Texas Rangers Jon Daniels John Berkman and rob Bradford and Alex fear our -- It good. -- Morgan thanks so much for joining we have I think I think that we'd like to jump in with with three questions for you it just -- fast. Three questions right away an out given the surplus at shortstop here at the prospects -- team. -- Sanders is very possibility here that you may. And -- and you'd give us the firm confirmation as Anders the kind of player you are comfortable perpetually looking at -- himself. I would hope not you know and who we look at Elvis as a core guys and you know the different you are years since week. We brought him up but that 20s30s. And all star couple times and accomplished. -- yet but. Here we look at him as a guy that click here for a long time and you know assigned to a three year deal last year. I'd like think -- in the last deal placed on us but what it. All -- that so that leaves you to the the Ian Kinsler conversation and and is very plans in terms of what you gonna do -- them or is that an economy of fluid situation. -- able to do and this is I have watched. Plan on and play in pain in the lineup -- -- you know another -- -- -- player there -- we look at that situation obviously -- got. You'll learn from. Fortuitous spot there with what eldest. Ager and Ian. Colts are coming on the other guys who got on the infield and I think that dangerous thing you look at -- problem that needs to be solved. And we're looking -- that you're really good spot. They're there all winning players at different points in their career the other -- do it maybe scenarios that we look at as there are spirit and look at where they'll play together. You know maturity has amenities that winning -- on the field together. And another assistant -- But there will win the trade you know trading from that group will. It has really -- or -- club and -- now in the future but not. I can't completely ruled out you know you gotta be open minded and think at present themselves well but our that it. With -- obviously he was part of that. Enormous Mark Teixeira trade that you made that really seemed to be a dramatic turning point in in that in the direction of your organization where you had the opportunity. To step back from you know from one of your core pieces traded away turn him into a lot of you know all star caliber talent. For the future. I'm just curious from your perspective when you saw the Red Sox kind of quote unquote hitting the reset button when they made. That trade of Adrian Gonzales Carl Crawford to respect to the Dodgers did you see similarities between the deal that they made there in the one that you guys made in 2007. With the Braves on Teixeira. I did it. It's great question and did you see some similarities there in not necessarily. In and bedecked with the structure of the deal. Obviously talking about. Art I'm more traditional. You know buyer seller situation during the established they -- -- year -- For prospects. Where -- -- some deals. Really unique in each don't see them and like it. I and I told. I called them and then. My perspective gradually and the agreed let's say that it is when we needed to share a deal. It was really it aside and on that a message. Internally organization not sore and very clear direction hopeful long ago. And -- it out it argue that you regional situation -- much in the Red Sox and that's only. You away but. It gives you a lot acquired him in it and an identity. It's a little speaker prevent -- out there but when outsiders suspect that that's that's how it appears as if it helps. Give an organization -- that are clear to trying to accomplish. You know get to a bit of a clean -- obviously they had a ton of flexibility. From that deal. And you know open and got -- can you do look at doing a lot of different things as though. What -- the starting W I I could help you won that fourth questions on the did you wondering. Are rob. Bradford among others reported -- at first I think at the deadline you guys were engaging conversations with the Red Sox for Salisbury. My question is how how serious -- -- that -- a far. Into the dialogue -- the Red Sox. Oh we're gonna took it was the first three questions. That. You know I never like to comment on on reports that are out there are certainly about. It trades and whether it at corner or don't have them you know I can say it likely a lot of he's weak or are different things and try to. Finally a -- club. It's not fair to us no pleasure in the volcanic. We're get things back on track John in and ask me if there's -- so what the question I have is Josh Hamilton. Is going to be obviously a huge maybe the biggest name out in baseball. And and so. If you aren't able to -- or if you choose not to sign them. How difficult it will be to find that -- the order guys -- one of the most difficult things to find in baseball these days. Get tickets now. Definitely is Josh unique guy. In the game so unique as well in the marketplace. And I think we've got to. We got to prepare ball prepare it for the club the possibility of the club -- with or without them. On -- little bit of a guy gets free agency in the chances. Come back to his club certainly some guys do to help all -- the decision. And it happens and it's relatively rare. You want to test market so I think the league given that reality we've looked at a lot of different things hopefully we can expect to replace Josh. You know -- one guy. And does what he brings and what he's when he brought their organization and city needs so few guys that that do it. You see him and more guys get locked up earlier and before free agency to work. He appointed that aren't that many middle daughter I think bill power being down a little bit in the game right now it is challenge in the Fonda and I think it. If we don't unjust and I am still. I'm optimist by nature I'm still hopeful that it worked out that we don't judge doesn't return here. I don't think we're gonna approach -- of trying to replace him at the worst and try to build that club camp. John thanks for joining us for three questions that turned into five questions in awkward moment into -- at. I'm aren't done an excellent job was brought just by the AT&T hotline.

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