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John Farrell still has a lot of assessing he has to do with the team

Oct 25, 2012|

Kirk Minihane, Rob Bradford and Alex Speier interview new Red Sox manager John Farrell on the first Hot Stove Baseball Show. They ask John whether he will reach out to Bobby Valentine in the offseason, what the plan for Alfredo Aceves might be and whether anything will be done to change the players conditioning and fitness routines.

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Hot stove show. Inaugural episode out that's the right word right out. Indeed -- it until a couple different ones that the premiere of the debut this dot com it's related agreement for stuff like that. Sebastien could my resources to do something in German. The rest today. Joining us now in the AT&T hotline. Is the new manager of the Boston Red Sox John Farrell -- it's soccer -- and Alex -- rob Bradford or you. I'm -- -- tonight and before it started to not speak -- -- if that's the -- man -- gets hot ticket. No like regular job and got our our goal is to ask you a unique question after you've been asked about 50000 questions over the last threes. There's players that question join you in your office right now. -- bomb in the opposite home now or in the envelope them like that you see envelopes from Bobby doubts. I have -- -- and honestly I didn't look at. Bobby said that Bobby said the other night. Without Bob Costas that he would welcome a phone call from you just talk about the team are you planning on making a phone -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 200 or 300 calls since. Last Sunday trying to hit. It touched -- with former players current players staff. Prospective staff. It's been that as Alex there's good news. Has been mentioned at the outset we've hit the ground running in and -- we've got to a staff that allowed and we're tracking a lot of people right now. Regarding your roster John you alluded the other day to Daniel Bard and how he wasn't very far removed from being. One of the best out one of the best set -- men in the game I'm curious you know you it sounds like you've already formulated -- -- Daniel Bard is a reliever going forward I'm curious as to where you stand. In thinking about guys like -- guys like to meet -- -- he worked with when he was still a starter coming into the majors. Guys like Alfredo service in whether or not you would consider again. Experimenting with them as potential bullpen guys or rather rotation guys. You know -- said I think that's probably part of a bigger discussion that but we've just scratched the surface on internally. You know as it relates specifically that Daniel when you look at the track record then. The success where you had that the most. It's been in those shorter stints. But even talking with some people the other day you know what can totally understand. The the move or or. The transition to rotation because when you look at the three pitches that he passed. When you grade them out and say you know what this guy. Probably has a legitimate chance to start in. From a physical standpoint maybe from the -- side shorter -- more frequent -- what better. That's all part of me getting a better understanding coming in here of what's taken place last year. Along those lines to segue nicely Joseph Alex had talked about Alfredo sevens in. Tremendously talented guy obviously very valuable a lot of different ways potentially. But. Only viewer and their -- we were in the second half of the season it kind of went south not only in terms of performance. But in terms of some of the news of the run ins with with people with the manager and and other things showing up played so forth and so on. Do you plan on talking to a Prado and what is what are your plans right now in terms of -- approaching him going forward. You know I don't know I definitely plan on speaking with them. You know I would like to get a little more. Understanding of the history of the last two years that's been here I can tell you from across the field. This is a very very good pitcher. If he's got some abilities about him particularly resilient and how often in pitch and to the extent to which you can pick. Know that the things you just don't find in having a development background you're always gonna look at the players say OK how can say how can we -- and I have a positive impact on them. And whether or not whether or not it's holding him accountable whether it's communicating consistently with them. You know those are the types of questions from in -- and finding out about because you don't come across a guy like this. It on a lot and any kind of regularity so. You know before any kind of drastic decisions made on him I think we're gonna hit exhaust every avenue. As it relates to Alfredo. Hot stove show here first episode rob Bradford Kirk man out here Red Sox manager John Farrell's our guest. John there -- report today from buster only that said that the Red Sox the Blue -- had two options in competition for use abuse they took. In Andrew Bailey I'm curious about Bailey I you look at him and I guess may be a big picture question season starts today ninth inning Europe Ron. Is Andrew Bailey your your pitcher in ninth inning easier close. There are you got defense supporting your quickness. Now welcome to the job done early right. Well I would say this that. Provided he's healthy. Wilkens when you look back at 2011. That's an absolute yes. -- this year almost is that is in this case. The amount of time is that. What he's had to come back from it I don't think he was his normal self. Yeah I do not -- when he was with the local. If you get a tremendous amount of swing and miss up in the strike zone is that what above average -- was fastball up. He's one of those pitchers that more effective when he does pitch up rather than down in the strike zone. That money initial view of him. I think there's the answer that question has. Is that a 100% and healthy Andrew Bailey and I think you have to let -- quickly after that. A lot since we've we've exhausted our roster our our specific roster rules questions I'll step back and ask you a broader one. Obviously in 2010 you went from a team with the Red Sox that have been a perennial contender to the Blue Jays who are trying to get there what was the difference between the the Blue Jays when you inherited them from that you know 2007. To -- Red Sox in what's the difference between the 2010 Blue Jays team that you inherited. In the 2002 when -- twelve Red Sox team that you're now getting your hands on. Hmmm good question our society you know what the one thing. That was. Part of the two years there was it was a rebuilding you know moving of veteran big contracts bringing him as a younger more athletic players and and and some hold all the tackler or players that kind of bridge the gap. Dementieva they were in two years we -- a 107 different players that's probably a little above normal. To say at least. I think there 407 in Boston this year I could be wrong about that OK well when you're an economic transition. And for those who watch the team every day in Boston -- -- that constant changes there hit it it takes away from the ability to gain any continuity. For that lineup to settle in and understand what the guy in front of them is doing. Well we got behind him is doing and work in unison. So you know when you look at constant change you know I look at is the team in 2011 taking over Toronto there was a core group of position players. I that I had the ability to score some runs. I look at the team coming into 2013. That provided that. Everyone comes back healthy whether it's middle books obviously with what got them provided that did the deal with David gets. Put in place and he returns to us not getting too far ahead of myself and anyone of these categories but you look at pretty darn good nucleus and an offensive nucleus. I that should score runs and yet on the pitching side of things there's so much people core and talented bullpen for one. And the potential. And the health. But the guys in the rotation there's a lot on paper here that makes this a very objective look that this isn't a team that's all that far away. John you mentioned David how vital is it that. You have that type of back on it on August say confirm or deny the his contract being agreed on by how vital is it just to have that type of battle which is a rarity in baseball these -- Well I think anytime you look in the middle of the order bat whether there's. Beat you multiple type of bat like that and certainly in our division and that's always been kind of the trade market teams that I've had a lot of success. And that's not to discount the importance of pitching but when you look at that middle of the order that kept balance. Both left and right handed you've got on base percentage which. I know that's in the early talks with -- what Mike. With John Henry. There is indeed a definite push. I'd do it. Re acquire or infused. Those types of hitters. That -- on base and give us your ability -- to hit with men on base is one position. How difficult will be thing -- I obviously know the year not the GM and and a lot of basketball abandoned my -- and bridal -- and those guys by. Is one thing to say that what you want that type of hitter but how difficult is it big because in two years in Toronto you probably saw you ebbs and flows and in acquiring those. -- -- Well little doubt that but I think he has what -- been able to do with him and others -- -- with the trade earlier this year -- create some flexibility that gives -- -- Probably multiple options to explore how to acquire those when -- the free agency trade or. Or caught some combination of the ball. I think this -- a very flexible position that. We all in here with constructing this thing. Joseph -- speak to some of the pitchers here Beckett now gone Lester and adding Andrew Bailey -- my perspective watching these guys that -- it can't wait in the past couple seasons and physical fitness perspective. Is that something you've noticed in b.s -- -- you plan on doing something about. That's all part of what some -- in the early stages of finding out what has been the program what. How how old guys and held accountable what is. The physical routine consists of had to change from a couple of years ago. And that's not to say that what was -- two years ago at the end all be all. But if there are areas that. Have shown up to be less than that obviously we need to correct those because. First and foremost and that -- -- the position players pitchers. We've got to prepare ourselves in the best of our ability first. Before we can begin to prepare to attack our opponent. You know the old saying to myself before you attack the other -- back to clear approaching the simple approach here. And we've got to do the best job of in our capability to do just that. I'm sergeant just a quick follow up those it's something from just from watching this team in the past couple is on the you have noticed from these guys that they did -- look physically different you Beckett Lester Bailey those guys you notice that. Known because -- commitment to a three days you know you might see one guy for for an outing. I can't sit here. And say that you know guys put on fifteen point pounced. -- we're looking to find ways to as a as an opponent we're looking to find ways to attack them but I I can't say no there there are some subtleties in in deliveries that changed now. Is that the result of added weight or not being in the best physical condition that's what I hope to find out more on. John you talked a little bit about your player development past. Without with regards to this Red Sox team how deep are you in terms of figuring out who's ready to help who's on the horizon and ready to be integrated or close to being ready. To be integrated into into the Major League roster. You know Alex we've got some. Pretty extensive meetings coming up the the second half and actually I'm sure. All that will be brought up to speed. But I I look at it like this that the the teams that have had the most success here had been populated with a pretty fair number of guys that have been. Drafted developed and brought up. Within the Red Sox organization and I you could probably say that about a number of organizations because I think you have a much greater feel of ownership from a can -- -- player. That may be someone else who's. Support the roster or been injected into the roster. I just think when you when you can point to the core in my heart and soul of a team. A team that's built on. Who later cut the number of home grown players plus players that have been in the with with this club with the Red Sox for a great or greater number of years. That's where you get that I think that's where you have a better chance to get that personality. In understanding of what it means to truly Wear Red Sox uniform. So we give a gift ever for everyone appearing on the show around these guys don't know it by the gift there were gonna give viewers the opportunity to announce -- next. Coach remember the coaching staff so while you are flow went out right now feel for it. I don't know what wanna hit a good shifts a little bit to give the keys to fix it sure. I don't say that. Where we do we have every intention of bringing in the best capable coaches that are that are available to us. You know what will be able to announce one if not two tomorrow. So I think there's some loose and still yet to be tied up tonight but. I know we're working through like you said that the things that we had hit the ground running -- there and staff we certainly want them. Job behind the pitcher picking him against your office has relentless tonight. We didn't get -- problems and I definitely -- on it but I think it's like -- but I don't think it's done here. That's Red Sox manager John -- joining us on the AT&T hotline.

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