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Oct 25, 2012|

Kirk Minihane, Rob Bradford and Alex Speier talk about the future of David Ortiz with the Red Sox, interview new Red Sox manager John Farrell, ask a few questions to Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels and take a couple calls.

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The debut of the hot stove show cartman and rob Bradford Alex spear here for an hour. Red Sox manager John Farrell. And -- Rangers general manager Jon Daniels joins us here in this hour. So we're gonna do here the next couple of months guys. Is sort of focus solely on hot stove stuff. No moves on we're at taco Bobby Valentine and be seen abuse and talk actual baseball stuff. For an hour every government notes. Out -- I mean I think as we could spend the entire the entire mr. deconstructing everybody on word in a different show -- -- issues. So it's hot -- operatic. The story that's an answer Jews here for the past couple days is David Ortiz. Gordon needs of believes he has in boston.com. -- a story out today saying a couple of days ghosting Ortiz is really close to a two year. 25 million dollar deal something that. And that we had -- there was a couple report a couple of ports he was on this -- with John and Jerry. And sort of offer that said the same thing thought it was really close to being done my understandings between you guys before the show. Is it may not be as close as court -- report the other. Well no I mean I think that if the likelihood is they will get done. But from the people that both Alex and I -- -- I don't think it at that point it -- is right around the corner there's still some more to be done in. And but you know this this -- the question of are the Red Sox make him the right move if they do off from the two year this say twelve and half thirteen million dollar contract. Well a couple of things first I do think that it's going to get done as a multiyear deal the Red Sox have expressed more openness to that idea. And they did certainly in last year's negotiations right out of the gate I think it. With their financial flexibility that's something they can do well. In another thing is is that is that right in I said this before I said this in September I thought. That there would be at least one maybe multiple teams are more willing. To give a two year deal to him and I believe that to be the case that that's the thing last year to -- -- walk around them reality was the same now you think this year even given the injury. If there's a greater likelihood it's gonna happen that -- -- on that the up and the production this year was outrageous. I just posted something on not on -- on which promotes famously -- count dot WE yeah I'd like John it's. -- It's hard to all who -- the Blogosphere but. David Ortiz with having a better offensive season -- Miguel freaking Cabrera at the time that he was injured he finished the year with a higher. With higher on base percentage higher slugging percentage a higher PSU is on pace to have more extra base hits the Miguel Cabrera. He's the second half guy I think there's a pretty good chance that Miguel Cabrera would know what the Triple Crown but coaches that are there 37 years old. And played nine games this season as a pretty significant injury -- -- -- on the team you know. Is put your reason for pause. Well listen the naysayers rules say 37 years old plays a DH position so obviously you know that position doesn't pay as well as others. And and your coming off the injury. But Alex point nine -- going down this road that when he was hurt he was third thing yet tired major leagues you know PS. And person the -- right person yet the only people batter would -- vita into we into -- so. I think fell off yet and all you have to do is look at okay. What type of value is that and if you we saw what happened when you take take him out of that lineup. So. Forget about the position forget about the injury there's a risk involved shore but still. In terms of what you need and what you already have or potentially have. This is a big piece of the puzzle. And where do you go in order replace him if you don't bring him back for two years if if you. Leave it open for the market and I really do think that this scarcity of bats available in the market guys who can hit for power. And get on base has become so rare I do you think you would get a two year deal. What are the alternatives as it is it Josh Hamilton who require. Much more than two years at twelve and a half or so -- is it Mike Napoli who's coming off of a real down year this past year. It's difficult to replace the met him back kind of begs the question -- -- Red Sox perspective if you truly believe this team. Is a year away from being good again anything to happen Orioles is August 05 did you buy it. But if you believe the Red Sox -- tears away Alex three years away from being good again for being relevant again. Well that may be don't you -- I think -- in the case of Ortiz that to your risk is -- is still fair one because I I think they're pretty confident. They've they've been very careful about not saying that they're going to contend in 2013. And instead saying maybe they can contend in 2013. But even so I think that the track record of David Ortiz even if you look at the last five years which are the worst five years of his Red Sox tenure. Then he still ranks as the guy with the tenth best OPS and all of baseball during that time they say that consistency of track record means that he can be part of the put on quote next great Red Sox team that and sharing to. But -- and you and you can't discount next year and I know that is Alex points out their downplaying it and sent expectations really really low. But if you have the twelve and a half million dollars to spend. What is better to spend it on which is a guy at that position -- not deposition. But in that skill set that is going to be able to do that -- Because he is not like he -- OK you know what we Erica steps side of the next two years and we're gonna punt because we don't think we're going to be good enough to win the World Series. If you find value in something and I still think -- value because of what he does then you do. No matter how you think you're going to be then why didn't they sign him to a multiyear deal last year all it well I think -- the thing is is because. Is this business secession all along the way and then there -- no they're thinking hey you know what. We know that there isn't the offers out there we know that you're gonna come back on this one year if they thought that there was another team out there who can are from two years. Apple legitimate money that he would've jumped -- you think that they who they would be more hasn't got Smart I guess. This is still weren't confused about this conversation last year nobody offered through your deal right so he went out and that's after really -- Lester comes out this year. -- a year older plays ninety games gets hurt. Now all of a sudden -- you an offer to your -- well I I I would offer this and rejection last year's free agent market featured Albert Pujols Prince Fielder Prince Fielder. So the -- available alternatives last year war. Extraordinary. Whereas this year not so much. Yeah -- -- and it all comes down to Australia the lineup the team's. If the line at the teams what they're looking for. You know the Yankees the Rangers. On the teams who. Maybe they view this as the best option and I think that maybe last year to Alex's point. Other teams are willing to go the high price free agent market or nothing at all. It's interesting about this team is obviously after the trade with the doctors -- we're talking -- before -- 201213. Payroll as of right now free arbitration is a vote. 45 million something in the opposite me that he's -- -- by Internet to get all through that but a hundred million bucks. I would guess once you get through when it's well something like that let's just assume for the sake of argument that -- thrown around under a hundred. So what it would you think is a realistic number -- issue right now assuming which I don't think they're gonna do I'm sure you don't need you know after Hamilton -- -- -- Greinke. What's the budget for this team going to be opening day next. What what the payroll will be paired up potential budget could be I think that it's realistic to assume that they -- get up to -- between one point in 140. Next I think it becomes in trusting and we talked about. Not to focus on this -- free agent class you might have a Mike Napoli in the fall of them whenever. But don't focus on this year's free agent class focus on the next. There's those are the guys are gonna be targeted to trade for. If you do trade for one of those guys and that's where the budget potentially goes -- anytime you do the first seven putts though showed you say don't focus on freedoms for this offseason as it's a good start -- I like the kids and single parent -- I would also say though that guy that you don't focus on trading for the guys were going to be free agents next offseason because. They need to have they need to acquire guys we're gonna help from beyond 2013 if they're going to give up prospects. Because the whole point of -- Cautious approaches that you know getting a guy on what your deal for 2013 doesn't necessarily help shore but this is -- in we know and I agree but the thing is is that. This is where teams are will are willing to trade. Guys who might be desirable to them. You know if you -- in other words if they really like a guy and they say in he's going to be a free agent after next year. And they wanna make a move autumn than okay this is the time to do it. Right disagree still disagree I think that you need to find the guys in the GO Gonzales tech world who are available promote short and in a perfect world but is gonna cost you more right. It will cost you more but. Honestly I don't think you give up any of those -- prospects for the Matt -- that Josh Johnson's of the world anyone who would be a free agent after the that's and that's my point. There's is that if you do get those controllable guys those guys were control for 34 years. It is now you're entering the conversation of higher prospect right. Whereas the guys I'm talking about the Josh Johnson's role. You might not have to give up those guys because they're value isn't quite what quality I still think you have to give up only prospect for them because they'd still potentially. It circling back to the thing to be seen as a Gordon says there really close you guys say maybe not so close but inevitable it's David Ortiz is going to be in the Red Sox -- It well it's amazing gets the play -- were you know kind does this or around this evening to get there whether it's -- -- get that done. If I think of I think it if things Turkey taken a policy take a turn for the worse and turn to David Ortiz his -- I think that it does get done before the free agency period but but -- yeah but you know it's but you never now. You can be pretty sure I think that that's when I think this one's. Pretty close to be in the back I mean back to the Red Sox are. Embracing the idea OK it's going to be a multi year deal you know at this at this juncture I think it it and and let's talk about -- about the reason why. Ortiz has to have a multi year deal this camera. It is going to be 37 and he knows he knows that at 37 this is really realistically the last time he's going to be able ask for a multi year. Yet this is going to be -- on I think you know again as you said he doesn't end here he goes around at some girls you think it happens here in the money is that. We in the right neighborhood we're talking about I think that you used that that when you're qualifying offer of a thirteen point three million dollars you probably threats like I need to get a slight discount off of that merited justify going multiple years -- Yeah I think that I think that the premarket pretty clear payment as you did when you declared him to be the best DH in the world. It's there it's a pretty simple framework for the. Hot stove show first episode Alex fear rob Bradford -- and John Farrell Red Sox manager. After this break in and Jon Daniels the general manager. Of -- Texas Rangers at some point during the show I guess we'll take your phone calls we have a couple minutes to do that a given number now because I always get it wrong 617779. 7937617779. 7937 you can text always 85850 after this break jobs for our Red Sox manager joins us. Hot -- show. Inaugural episode out that's the right word right now. Indeed they have to function couple different ones for that. The premiere of the debut this dot com it's related agreement for stuff like that Sebastien -- my -- -- do something in German. The Arista and joining us now in the AT&T hotline. Is the new manager of the Boston Red Sox John -- John it's soccer -- and -- spear rob Bradford or you. -- yes and -- and before the start -- the -- speaking German -- lecture at the top man -- gets hot ticket. No like regular job and got our our goal is to ask you a unique question after you've been asked about 50000 questions over the last three days. Here's -- like question joining you in your office right now. And while many offices and home now or in the envelope them like that you see envelopes from Bobby doubts. I have -- -- and honestly I didn't look at. -- Bobby said that Bobby said the other night. Whipped up Bob Costas that he would welcome a phone call from you just talk about the team are you planning on making a -- Well I'll say this I haven't ruled without all the because I've probably gone through bottom. 200 or 300 calls since. Last Sunday trying to hit. Touch base with former players current players staff. Perspectives. It's been as Alex -- it is. Has been mentioned at the outset we've hit the ground running and and more we've got to a staff -- -- In attracting a lot of people right now. Regarding your roster John you alluded the other day to Daniel Bard and how he wasn't very far removed from being. One of the best out one of the best setup men -- -- I'm curious you know you it sounds like you've already formulated your right yet Daniel Bard is a reliever going forward I'm curious as to where you stand. In thinking about guys like our guys like to meet it's thought he worked with. When he was still a starter coming into the majors guys like Alfredo Savvis in whether or not you would consider again. Experimenting with them as potential bullpen guys or rather rotation guys. You know -- said I think it probably part of a bigger discussion that we've just scratched the surface on internally. You know as it relates specifically to Danielle when you look at the track record in. The success where he's had at the most. It's been in those shorter stints. But even talking with some people the other day you know what can totally understand. The the move war or. The transition to rotation because when you look at the three pitches that he has. When -- great about you say you know what this guy. Probably -- legitimate chance to start in. From a political standpoint maybe from the metal sides shorter stints more frequent and what better. That's all part of me getting a better understanding coming in here of what's taken place last year. Along those lines is -- a -- is nicely Joseph Alex had talked about Alfredo sevenths in. Tremendously talented guy obviously very valuable a lot of different ways potentially. But. Only viewer and their -- we were in the second half of the season and it kind of went south not only in terms of performance. But in terms of some of the news of the run ins with with people with the manager and and other things showing up played and so forth and so on. Do you plan on talking too afraid though and what is what are your plans right now in terms of -- approaching him going forward. You know I definitely plan on speaking with some. You know I would like to get a little more. Understanding of the history of the last two years that's been here I can tell you from across the field. This is a very very good -- If he's got some abilities about him particularly resilient and how often in connection to the extent to which you can -- -- thing you just don't find in having a development background you're always gonna look at the players say OK how can say how can we -- how -- I have a positive impact on. And whether or not whether or not it's holding him accountable whether it's communicating consistently with them. You know those are the types of questions from interested in finding out about because you don't come across a guy like this. Yeah on a look how many can irregularities so. You know before any kind of drastic decisions made on him I think we're gonna hit exhaust every avenue. As it relates to Alfredo. Let's go show here first episode rob Bradford -- man out here Red Sox manager John girls our guest. John there was report today from Basra only that said that the Red Sox the bush just had two options and competition for use of university took. In Andrew Bailey and personal Bailey -- you look at him and I guess maybe a big picture question season starts today ninth inning Europe Ron. Is -- bail your your picture in ninth -- easier closed. There are you guys are transporting your quick look at what's now welcome to the job -- really bright. Well I would say this that. Provided he's healthy. Because when you look back at 2011. That's an absolute yes. This year almost is that is in this case the amount of time is and it's. What he's had to come back from -- I don't think he was his normal self. I do not -- when he was with the local. Thank you get a tremendous amount swing and -- up in the strike zone is that what above average life was fastball up. He's one of those pitches that more effectively does pitch up rather than down in the strike zone. That's my -- initial view of him. I think there's the answer that question is. Is that a 100% and healthy Andrew Bailey and I think -- -- that comes quickly after that. A lot since we've we've exhausted our roster are our specific roster -- questions I'll step back and ask you a broader one. Obviously in 2010 you went from a team with a Red Sox that have been a perennial contender to the blue jays who are trying to get there what was the difference between the the blue jays when you inherited them from that you know 2007. To ten Red Sox in what's the difference between the 2010 blue jays team that you inherited. In the 2002 when her twelve Red Sox team that you're now getting your hands on. Good good question our society you know -- the one thing. That was. Part of the two years there was it was a rebuilding you know moving up. Veteran big contracts bringing in some younger more athletic players and and and some hold over Cutler or players that kind of bridge the gap. Dementieva they were in two years get a 107 different players that's probably a little above normal. To say Middle East. I think there -- a 107 in Boston this year I could be wrong about that. OK well when you're an economic transition. And for those who watch this team every day in Boston ya when that constant changes there it it it takes away from the ability gain in the continuity. For that lineup to settle in and understand what the guy in front of them is doing. Well we got behind him is doing and work in unison. So you know when you look at constant change you know I looked at -- the team in 2011 taking over Toronto there was a core group of position players. I've -- had the ability to score some runs. I look at that team coming in 2013. That provided that everyone comes back healthy whether it's. Middle books obviously what looked up and provided that did the deal with. David gets. Put in place and he returns to its -- to format myself and anyone of these categories but you looked pretty darn good nucleus and an offensive nucleus. That should score runs. And yet on the pitching side of things there's a much people core and -- the bullpen for one and the potential. And the health. Of the guys in the rotation there's a lot on paper here that makes this a very objective look at this isn't a team that's all that far away. John you mentioned David how vital is it dead. You have that type of back on it on August say confirmed or denied the his contract being agreed on by how vital is it just to have that type of battle which is a rarity in baseball these issues. Well I think anytime you look at middle of the order bat whether there's. CE. Multiple type of bat like that and certainly here in our division -- that's always been kind of the trademark of teams that have had a lot of success. And that's not to discount the importance of pitching but. When you look at that middle of the order that's kept balance. Both left and right handed you've got on base percentage which. I know that's in the early talks with then what Mike. With John Henry. There is indeed a definite push. It is. Re acquire or infused. Those types of hitters. That stress on base and give us the ability to put it with men on bases or position. How difficult will be thing Larry I obviously know that you're not the GM and and a lot of that's gonna fall -- -- and -- days and Brian how are those guys by. Is one thing to say they do you want. That type of hitter but how difficult is it big because in two years in Toronto you probably saw you ebbs and flows and in acquiring those players while. Well little doubt that but I think what -- been able to do with him and others. Oh look the trade earlier this year -- create some flexibility that gives animal. Probably multiple options to explore how to acquire those lenders -- free agency trade or. Or some combination of the ball. I think this is a very flexible position that. We all in here with constructing this thing. Joseph Johns because some of the pitchers here Beckett now gone Lester and having Andrew Bailey to my perspective watching these guys -- -- -- -- it can't wait in the past couple seasons pretty physical fitness perspective. Is that something you've noticed in -- do you plan on doing something about. That's all part of what some -- in the early stages of finding out what has been the program what. How how old guys -- held accountable what is. The physical routine consist of has it changed from a couple of years ago. And that's not to say the what was -- two years ago was the end all be all. But if there are areas that. Have shown up to be less than then obviously we need to correct those because. First and foremost and that goes whether the position players pitchers. We've got to prepare ourselves for the best vulnerability first before we can begin to prepare to attack our opponent. You know the old saying you know thyself before you attack the other -- back to clear approach and a simple approach here. And we've got to do the best job of in our capability to do just that. I'm sergeant just a quick follow up those it's something from just from watching this team the past couple is on the you have noticed from these guys that they did he looked physically different you Beckett Lester Bailey those guys you noticed that. No because of the commitment to a three days you know you might see one guy for for an outing. I can't sit here and say that you know guys put on fifteen that point pounced. No we're looking to find ways to as a as an opponent we're looking to find ways to attack them but I I can't say. No there there -- some subtleties in the end delivery is that changed now is that the result of added weight or not being in the best physical condition that's what I hope to find out more on. John you talked a little bit about your player development past. Without with regards to this Red Sox team how deep are you in terms of figuring out. Who's ready to help who's on the horizon and ready to be integrated or close to being ready. To be integrated into into the Major League roster. You know Alex we've got some. Pretty extensive meetings coming up the second half and actually I'm sure. All that will be brought up to speed. But I I look at like this that the the teams -- had the most success here have been populated with a pretty fair number of guys that have been. Drafted developed and brought up. With in the Red Sox organization and I you can probably say that about a number of organizations because I think you have a much greater feel of ownership from -- -- -- -- player. That maybe someone else who's. Support the rock or been injected into the roster. I just think when you when you can point to the core in my heart and soul of a team. A team that built on who -- that a fair number of home -- players plus players that have been in with. With this -- what direct talks for a great or greater number of years. That's where you get that I think that's where you have a better chance to get that personality. In understanding of what it means to truly Wear Red Sox uniform. John we give a gift ever for everyone appearing on the show found these guys don't know -- by the gift there were gonna give viewers the opportunity to announce -- next. Coach remember the coaching staff so while he won a -- went out right now feel free. I don't know why Obama to fix it shifts its head that would give the keys to fix it sure. -- I don't say that. Where we do. We have every intention to bring in the best capable coaches that are that are available to us. You know what will be able to announce one if not two tomorrow. So I think there's some -- still yet to be tied up tonight put. I don't know what we're working through like you said that the things that we had hit the ground running went there and staff is certainly one of them. Job behind the picture picking him against your office miserably -- it. From what I cannot comment. By thanks a -- -- I got a younger. That's Red Sox manager John -- joining us on the AT&T hotline. 6177797937. Digit number on a call and you're the next I take your calls hot stove questions on the talk about Ortiz contract. The Andrew Bailey compensation story anything you want to reject calls the next segment 617779. 7937. Portman and rob Bradford out spear. Hot stove show one actress also show first episode -- and rob Bradford and Alex spear of WEEI dot com. John Ferrell joined -- the last segment -- reality here that. On WEEI dot com when the audio post which will be when -- -- -- a whole show will be posted is that true yeah they -- posting tiger in the polls show that's. Imagine with a in the world now out where where you can post entire -- shall computer on the computer it's the next best thing beside a Tivo. Alex -- -- commodore 64 back in 1980. 6177797937617779790%. From a call in -- the cup moments before Jon Daniels. The raiders general manager. Calls in one of the things that. -- answered it was you know I was surprised he was that forthright about what is basically confirmed. If -- you -- baby's healthy season is going to be the closer. A surprise a year and beat -- on the. I don't know what the alternatives I know there are alternatives. Buy it. Heat as John -- -- said he says you go back to when he was healthy he was a pretty productive pitcher this is a reason they got because he was it would -- closer. But also as John Farrell said he has to be healthy. And Portland and another thing that I thought you don't dress pretty well as question you at -- which was the condition of the pitchers yeah. Were you surprised -- when he got surprised analysts the bus rolled the tweet there's a three or four hours ago said that. You know came down to the US and Bailey from the blue jays in competition for -- chosen without that surprised me. To a degree I can see why that might be might be surprising that when you think about it you know Bailey has Bailey is now getting into -- more expensive years of his contract he has. Two years left on his deal. I -- is Nate you know what 6070 inning a year pitcher. When healthy. In so the potential value of the losses in every -- middle infielder. Probably exceeds that and I mean it's strange to say in there there is a compelling case depending on your team's needs. That -- ask him what my first reaction the first -- reaction is while and deal hockey not taking into -- My legs -- -- reactions operate very differently said he for the show to audit if that happens you're trading Josh rhetoric. In essence average for John parish and miles head who nobody wants to get into it was ridiculous that -- now where is the actual trade was because he did deal Mike reveals it was you Mike and Navarro and and the retired ten global. So yes not that bright I think that -- that that looks up at on the Red Sox have a Pulitzer let's go to the -- right now -- from Maine is going to be the first ever call. Her graduation. Number one item on it to be different -- and bought their own thing. Nothing is better than -- Your gift is also -- -- out some coaches think back. No I think -- it it felt that giant the idea that anybody. You know that was available he's a guy wanted to go out we got them and -- -- -- that -- -- -- air competition. Will be given a microbial. We've picked up economic got lucky -- -- -- -- an -- where you where you are not. I personally. Would rather have seen them use the that puts -- in position I'm where you you know media. Someone who -- that peeled back. But that's the other night but it's not that -- in the world you you could use. I'm DH and I feel that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. -- looking down and -- the triple a little help. Getting along time you usually want to happen in the Major League well. I look at it that way -- -- in getting beat pocket dot. As we thought about a year. I know that I know that teams are going that way some teams anyway but you personally gonna have the players to do it. And in the second question is if you do have those players are they gonna add up to what David Ortiz. This is a whole different conversation to maybe the trades not mean there is some budget issues you have some money to play with now seeking. You know a fourteen chance Ortiz unquestionably they have a ton of financial flexibility that they simply lacked they got rid of their three most expensive contract that immediately shed sixteen million bucks from the payroll. Or the after the 2013. 2014 seasons so yes David Ortiz at twelve million dollars was a luxury item. Where's the Red Sox were bumping against the luxury tax last year. Not as much anymore now they can now they have -- he he doesn't this place any other opportunity right in also allows you to spend a little extra to get the -- you guys to get to the guys that we talked about before of the the Bogart's in those sort of guys say it enough you another name we're gonna bring up a lot of names of the free agency but -- honors another name. He if if he's willing to say hey you know I'll take a two year deal to be -- my buddy David -- that's not a bad guy to have to get. To the price princes of the world of the office according. All right you know I don't think so at that at that age but he did just have a really good season although it was inflated because you know -- batting average on balls in play that sort of thing. But had done a hundred to just post your query put up tremendous numbers that's that's die die yet the Babbitt. Yeah it's the -- -- -- favorite or do. What's up. Eric quick come aboard looping tribute to adequately capture redshirt medical legal all pouring out of first -- -- stopped. Maybe doing it in health field. We have middle Brooks a third it is I mean I don't think that -- Doris couldn't say they -- -- to catch the kept in the bank wobbled in what our goal. I I think they with regards to the catching situation that is probably a little bit better more secure than -- in vineyard giving it credit for although you would like to see. Greater evident comfort with the pitching staff working with -- -- -- in in the barn like you're right though they have a bunch of holes with first base shortstop. -- -- -- -- They've done that -- I mean they do and they do have considerable work to do this -- -- a lot different than a year ago you could say you can understand what people were saying lately she's a short of the its 200 who cares now you don't have right now -- Ortiz and you don't have -- it's -- you know public Jacoby Ellsbury he did a year ago Pedroia was banged up. You know this is shorts and you don't know it's hole. -- -- one -- -- deal we talk about them one of the things they're going to be to build this team to make to make them to fill out is that they're gonna have they're gonna have to make a deal. And I think that we're talking about first base corner outfield. Not maybe not a Sarah shortstop that maybe shortstop but this where one of these deals and we don't know what they're going to be -- -- -- -- is this being thrown out there but that would cost you. I think wait too much for what it's worth. So but yes so I mean I think I think that it's it's of huge mystery. But it I don't know if there's an easy answer on the free agent market right now. Joining us now on the AT&T hotline rethink possible is the general manager of the Texas Rangers Jon Daniels John Berkman and rob Bradford and -- -- our -- -- -- -- Morgan thanks so much for joining we have I think I think that we'd like to jump in with the three questions for you it just -- fast. Three questions here right away -- out given the surplus at shortstop here at the prospects new team. -- Sanders is very possibility here that you may. And you -- and you'd give us the firm confirmation as Anders the kind of player you are comfortable potentially the deal himself. A little not you know who we look at Elvis as a core guys and you know the different you know he is that we. We brought him up at that twenties or to an all star couple times and accomplished. What yet but. Here we look at them together and click here for a long time and there we signed to a three year deal last year. Like I think there -- in the last yield based on a split. -- -- All John that so that leaves you to the the Ian -- conversation and and is -- plants in terms of what you gonna do with them or is -- an economy of fluid situation. -- Google Hindus and this is I have watched. Plan -- and play in pain in the lineup autumn and you know another guy reviewed court player there who we look at that situation obviously got. You know we're gonna have. Fortuitous spot there where the eldest. Ager and Ian. Pro -- coming on the other guys who go on the infield and I think the dangers science look at -- problem that needs to be all. And we're looking at that you're really good spot. They're they're all winning players at different points in her career the other major maybe scenarios that would look at -- there are spiritual and they'll they'll play together. You know which areas amenities that winning pieces on the field together. And obviously this is very. That we wouldn't hurt trading trading from that group. You can't really use the core of our club and -- now in the future but not. I can't completely ruled out you know you gotta be open minded that they -- themselves but -- our that it. With -- obviously he was part of that. Enormous Mark Teixeira trade that you made him really seem to be a dramatic turning point in in that in the direction of your organization or you had the opportunity. To step back from you know from one of your core pieces traded away turn him into a lot of you know all star caliber talent. For the future. I'm just curious from your perspective when you saw the Red Sox kind of quote unquote hitting the reset button when they've made. That trade of Adrian Gonzales Carl Crawford to respect to the Dodgers did you see similarities between the deal that they made there. In the one that you guys made in 2007. With the Braves on Teixeira. I did. That's great question. And did you see some similarities there in not necessarily. In bedecked with that structure of the deal. Obviously talking about. Art I'm more traditional. You know buyer seller situation during the established they leave your Kirk. For prospects. Where and bought some -- -- really -- in each don't see them and like it. But I and I told. I called them and in my perspective gradually and the present say that it is wanted it to share deal. It was really it aside and that a message. Internally organizational sore and very clear direction forward wanted to go. And grew it out it argue that you regional situation I'm not -- in the Red Sox met -- You play -- It gives you a lot of clarity is and identity. It's a little speaker pro boundary out there but from an outside perspective that it's. That's how it appears as if it helps. -- organization -- that are clear -- you're trying to accomplish. You know get a little bit McQueen played obviously they had a -- flexibility. From a deal. And -- open things up you can you can look at doing a lot of different things these desperate though. Well John the sort of interview like I could tell she won that fourth questions only to be wondering. Our rob. Bradford among others reported -- the first thing at the deadline you guys were engaging conversations with the Red Sox for Salisbury. My question is how how serious -- -- that oversee a far. Into the dialogue with the Red Sox. Oh we're -- took it was the first three questions. That. You know and that relate to comment on -- reports that are out there certainly about. -- that your instinct whether it they have an error or don't happen. You know I can say -- are equally blunt he's weak on different things and try to. I'll wait to upgrade our club but. But there no pleasure in them volcanic. We're get things back on track John and and nasty incident at. Christmas and so what the question I have is Josh Hamilton. Is going to be obviously a huge maybe the biggest name out in baseball. And and so. If you aren't able to assign or if you choose not to sign them. How difficult it will be to find that -- the quarterback is not one of the most difficult things to find in baseball these days. He had tickets now. Definitely this Dutch unique. In the game and he goes well in the marketplace. And and we've got to. We got to prepare ball prepare it. For the club the possibility of the club -- with or without them dismantled you know a guy gets frequency. In the chance of -- -- -- club certainly some guys do it help all poker but dissident and it happens but it's relatively rare. You want to test market so I think we're given that reality we've looked at the other thing hoping we can expect to replace judge. You know with one god. And as when he burning and what he's when he brought organization and city -- so -- guys that that do it. You -- -- -- -- get locked out earlier in -- -- free agency to work. He appointed that aren't that many middle order I think bill power being down a little bit in the game right now it is challenging assignment and I think it. If we don't unjust and -- I'm an optimist by nature I'm still hopeful that it works out that we don't church doesn't return here and not I don't think we're gonna approach of trying to do. Replace tempers enriched and try to build -- book club and a. John thanks for joining us for three questions that turned into five questions and awkward moment we should have kept at a I am I got an excellent job was brought to -- by the AT&T hotline 6177797937. Quick break we're back to close out the -- I think that know how to handle things here. And the much I wanna be hit at the -- -- guys they can -- mean. So. We are. Multiple us the good situation that we can be sold. -- -- -- David Ortiz talking that was a film I was a Yankee Stadium -- -- the final series -- Douglas contract situation and as we wrap up the first episode here in the hot stove show. I guess I would ask it to -- be Ortiz is -- is going to happen significant threats out between now we come on here a week from Thursday. It's 7 o'clock what what is -- going to be the Ortiz. Yeah I'm I think that you probably could get past that World Series of windows -- or he's out yeah I'm not so optimistic and Cody Ross right now. I'm not as many opted -- optimistic as I thought he might get signed earlier in the off season. So -- yeah Ortiz and it really -- you guys are John Farrell and almost. The way that he phrased it almost sounded like he was gonna slip up and say something about they were -- Rejoining the team minions. Thinking too much of -- what's the EU. Roadblock with Ross. I think that they feel like there's other options out there Leo and BR ID is debatable I mean I think that there there are options but a lot of them I don't know. You have Ross had a terrific -- -- -- swing but I think that his defensive it was somewhat in question. Over the course of this past year they're looking for the whole player. And to yeah I think it. They will explore a diverse array of alternatives you know -- and just pinning themselves through debt Ross. The message sent to a market I don't think that that's it that's not why he didn't sign when your deal with the Red Sox to -- -- -- market. In a real a real quick another that cook things -- I think it should be noted when they go after the freeagent how they handle Boston. And we can talk about that later on down line -- how they handle bossy I do think they should prioritize them more at any given week like Jesus do it. That's as good thought we really have no other option stuff -- -- -- real tense seconds coaches would be coaches here named the next week. At least a couple clearly from what Darryl said but the pitching coach probably longer. -- do it first episode the hot stove show Alex rob thank you guys had a day producer thank you very much. We give way now to NFL football Thursday night football 937 W.

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