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Thursday, October 25th Whiner Line

Oct 25, 2012|

Thursday, October 25th Whiner Line

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My -- these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox had. This is discretionary box. -- And now -- -- your time. Who's going into Manhattan with a major. Derek -- better than Jose -- Okay you're entitled do you believe they'll do not come visit me and now all around you won't convince attention bring in better earlier in the national and then let me ask the question you went just starting careers OK like how it asks. Asked you to make a point don't call me a statement is not -- yeah. The WEEI. Who -- near lie yeah. Not. You anything then have you. Make this statement. -- go go go go Soledad you make this statement dial 6177793535. It means you acting out. -- -- yeah yeah. Oh. Yeah. And whiner line by the way suvs currently. I don't I don't that I got to know that you raise this -- -- -- one point 20. Yeah. But when I just collect -- put it down to who you wouldn't. Don't point it can go ahead now on it. That's just. -- for a WB nine million whiner line. And we really -- the -- even named. That that. Mainly. A couple of like I you boys don't bargain. Having it. He's an -- finalize its part by EA UT WEEI -- available on. Of course it is brought to you AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds -- ten times when. Faster than Egypt are you gonna do even like it's. Straight curve balls and do. It's seeing everything possible line and it. Told you that Michael woods to. Run its its really get popcorn its dormant. And -- is coming to get this. That was floating around cells and -- -- was stolen or sale of appointments. I've seen old terms I'm eating stolen popcorn there early twelve in sales -- that last amber for it's it's good stuff there is here in Chicago do you remember the -- I -- -- eight weeks those. I don't call an -- Erik Cole -- when Atlanta just got a bunch of plays but that one they've got right here in Michigan avenue you go there. In any given time diesel line down that's true. -- accomplished some believe you can. -- you can smell you know you can smell something sure like when we go out here on the -- -- is always so we can smell -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- select -- would you -- with the climate. She says. And think of it please. Poppy growing and all my my -- -- Hall -- -- More fuel and the -- -- and only till seven now that's only the seventh and are being an humor stops. Straight facts out that model -- your humor him. Piece of equipment addict -- what he -- -- I'll predict it's called movies. -- I was probably dead but it would have been I don't know we ought met. -- -- probability that we that we couldn't duplicate that -- because -- -- right now. But -- been particularly -- out. I'm -- I've got everything out well. I have to opt for a bit apathetic. Mark my blood sugar level -- all -- easy pick it up man I'm happy that blog I know. We are wrong all along that we've given these oil pumped back don't feel -- I probably Abu. That he woke up to adapt would end of that I hadn't got that problem. That's certainly all of us. So so. They want to thank you look at what -- -- dressed up like a chill. And yeah. I was talking a body says we talk about Salmons a lot of graduates are and that's a compliment to -- compared to the greatly on your comedic genius that month. JB's -- the terribly. It is yes some. It's them along the east moves moves. -- might be it's their you've had more nice did anybody at that age. And I wouldn't want to -- and peg last night off. And god what am neither did not -- all the bullets. Getting the real war. And yeah any t.s they'll. -- nine dollars and it was and is it shows that it was a little long it was a major sausage and I've. Always adamant that you went with Patrick. I'm just pointing out effectively. And we -- -- out there I thought. You before the concert and is seen little -- on -- have you changed your opinion after seeing this constant. No absolutely. I enjoyed myself those getting -- sausage face. As -- -- Receiving coded with the music. Reading some news. Just just an average our capacity raw -- millions -- -- A second level. You know that and I. Second -- -- Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd cool old so Florida ministers -- blisters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you to David and David Stern and retirement February. What. What was the possible places. The man. -- -- -- helpfully put in Iraq. People are the key witnesses we've had PA has probably going to be the -- -- look -- -- about it. And that I guess I did. That was -- it's going to be senator. And -- mark your calendars. That Eric Burke pointed toward paying. Candidate -- crooked. Democrat I read -- would have thought the right after well conduit that. Market an account on my. And after that mark this and you calendars six months lady you'll be accusing Adam silver of doing the exact -- I don't think so I think Adam silver can win a lot of fans. I just revamping cleaning and my grand -- yes how they scale of it all in all you know like on the owners are gonna go right -- sure -- -- -- -- right that's Alaska to -- fourteen started working on the exact suddenly -- the cheers when he -- -- to second round of the NBA draft. Next year you'll be -- the first round let's see how that works on form. I cannot go. -- -- eleven game hitting streak to football. Basically then why can't we can't let him -- bad. And -- that. Yes now how about that housing guess in a fall here unbelievable he's like a folk hero forever -- and -- with good -- -- Talking today about how loudly in both god and and some of the other -- I would -- it's bad about it -- it would offer a code. Pretty well. And -- you've got to say is that that the little guy and would give him his only realise that's at least it's legal analyst guy this time with a little humor has. Both drivers. For. You played Andy -- remember when -- was doing the and eventually you just. I would throw it out there although again and again now there was another guy that was funny that those low hum I'm going to purchase the new alternating leagues -- I. -- One thing that Bobby Valentine. -- as shown me is that basically based -- need to have some kind of psychological. Evaluation. And it just before their -- I hope this undated. -- the guys who needed it bad and it has pleaded and then they got to have all -- -- As time goes on it's obvious that this guy it was it has been a while outweigh -- the -- the world over it. And message I love that this. -- among sports cliches sports phrases I love that went leader Ahmed leader who are you know and Mike Adams the leader of men. What. Time was spent this. Below average three to back up back to collapse. But it could put all the yeah oh it is to put it back I -- talk it. And that message. Policies systems here struggling to and generally it's just so we moment formats. I do know that Caroline -- and bang and -- I'm out of his mind -- -- give god the forward in my why they don't want. We had a during the week days. Did you know that. What kind of fighting battles about it of 100 Taiwan and anyway -- -- in my but you've got. And that -- still -- little -- of -- and god. Why -- laws. We added during the week days. Did you know the bottom of fighting the battle about 100 I want it anyway. Job. I noticed that it shows me you can't -- -- on a stripper either god are you use of code expires at 7 PM. Yeah. The patriots. It's doable. What shall pay what. Doable couple. The in the. And message. All -- lost a little. Post retirement all the time war president. I go hey Bobby. Didn't say. -- I don't have a what -- Don't. -- -- ago. -- And -- really gonna criticize the guy. When he says something stupid and then -- -- the criticism by golly that's not what I said you're gonna criticize really. And it's it's it's generous. Generosity. I don't know. You -- use -- I thought I heard him I thought I. But now but it would quickly and says it's. Just -- -- -- -- -- -- like -- -- -- -- That means for us. And -- of new information. Has to act. It's more not hurt it's -- Scotland -- what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A candidate. No lie about things that maybe. Like reported. You know. That big. -- about things that -- then it's bad. Oh wait that's right they think about that but what about. -- an -- Nixon administration when they're going what's that accept this city -- escorted his own book Charles. Tell the truth your problem becomes part of its test if you light becomes part of the future they want. The -- down as senator -- -- -- now a ball out lied. Everything now he's he's never operated that way but he told you everything that access is -- choice. -- -- -- -- -- -- If you could say that what can. And the message. -- -- -- -- There. They didn't that on. Your AM. Say no we were flat out war and that. It's. That. A black man that on the big -- It. I think Bradford. Can drop perhaps. Economic. -- And again that people are protected class in connection woke up some. Assistance. It was a book about oil why. I happen to believe that echoing. It is that. -- is the -- become profitable -- Politically. I believe it. Look this. OK. Okay. Okay. There is just some. Okay. And the message it. Saying you know. This race. Let's go. You know. Kiss okay. -- -- Did you face an engine. I dig out -- sure why don't like to let powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LT ESP two times in three -- Robbery and possible.

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