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Did ESPN's Stephen A. Smith use the 'N-word' on live television?

Oct 25, 2012|

We discuss a mini-controversy du jour... Stephen A Smith apparently utters the phrase 'N-please' on First Take this Morning, then denies it, but doesn't give an explanation to what he actually did say. But when the show re-aired later in the day, the word in question was removed/bleeped. So if he didn't say it, why did they bleep it? We discuss it, and the racial implications of making such a statement on live tv.

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It's got like seven definition Chris Rock I sit there and say -- okay. But this was on first day to day. On ESP yeah well. With skip Bayless went -- Watch your language I'm not a role Michelle want. And Stephen may just still was talking about level achieved here this is this is Stephen A today. That night Kobe Bryant and the business because my blood is. Pretty. Please OK enough about that. I'm gonna let it was that was not a child please okay what jobs -- child please. He sees that mr. -- opulent Iran has it gotten here that -- -- orbit language we have gone too far right. But apparently he's done it before our national team at its. While -- we looked at our cameraman he's done a great -- supremely talented he may be your best talent in the world you know what you've just got to get out and so walking around like ten answer -- is what you can't. And -- I'd show up. People reacted and this is this is he would say it repeats. -- -- -- -- saying it on national TV on -- on a sports show this is not HBO this is not you know bill going until March at this is different. So it's all a lot of people got to hear. What happens and give me a favor computer you can best explain conjure. You're watching this what is reaction wounds are when he -- showed it wasn't like all bleep I can't believe exactly. Exactly because you know sometimes you know England from being in broadcasting for. Many years many many years actually. Sometimes. During live broadcasts and things happen -- happens or you get you yet. Get really animated or it's not even animation thing it's just it's very simple. Slip of the tongue I am a professional broadcaster well sometimes your professional broadcaster pat makes the list. It's Stephen -- a professional brought -- and you look at what happens. Is they. You know -- screwed up. If they adjusted last year. Know enough about it I said a word earlier that was inappropriate happens all the time -- union's fifteen then -- of Danny or perform OK third. You -- a guy Mike a little early to show when that Cheney was making the -- I said it appropriate inappropriate words won't want to apologize and hope like -- Report. Still waiting for it. 240 you can afford and want. To wriggle out of it quicker -- this -- art style it's these announcements I don't think you're -- him. -- -- -- it don't happen then you think okay. What I do here. But receiver and I'll watch this -- he said. He says the word in there and how to grab the repels. Of his suit jacket in just a little pull down like what. I don't set. -- -- it and I can track it. I can believe it I can't believe in anything so. Ed this always comes up in people's budget yet and I've had discussions about this with friends of mine who of of all races is all they should they should be and the word now. -- words should be banned. I think. People should be responsible for the -- respect. So. If you are if if you are white in use. Real concern and I can't say you can say. But then you have to be prepared to deal with the consequences. Just like I said he term. That's offensive to some Jewish people. You know -- would beat me up if I said -- term that is you that is offensive to some Italian people. You know -- Yeah I should I should accept the consequences. For what I'm sane and so now Stephen A Smith news. Am sure is gonna apologized asked you and yet except about the consequences. Of what he said a couple of cognitive. It shouldn't where's the filters there. Our second he says it cannot again. He probably forgets where users sometimes people do that and part of Stephen A Smith act that people like. Is that when he gets a one of those rolls. It sounds like he's back in the barber -- okay and he didn't he's giving you. A complete rundown on how we really feels to get on the -- up and down and a can't. That's who we love Obama. But how does the filter at -- point value -- and I can't believe I just said that I need to just step up 12 sorry. If I offended you are probably offended some people I didn't mean it exactly to what you thought of -- an -- to everybody right right. Right now we're like yeah for. About it after it. It. Joseph Iliescu is so why does he do does yup it's almost like he grabs the -- of them I -- Damn right I -- and that's what he is that's. To -- was a little bit strange because if you if you screw up I think that's what if you got to feel that you recognize what you just did. People do slip up you're right they make mistakes things come out sometimes that you don't necessarily want the public but once they do don't you. The filter its hold on I didn't mean it the way you think I meant that I got caught up in it I started to do the type of talk I would. What if I wouldn't -- we're hoping it would friends that's what I was going I didn't realize -- plan to Iran which opened my. Instead grabbed the -- like. So I'd say it. Those -- -- so we'll see we'll see what happens. I -- Stephen -- Smith skit on Saturday Night Live -- up off the -- object broke. Well. I don't know if you can incorporate them to India through the routine at that moment to pass the sensors you know on on NBC it was. It was just. Just to restrict you because she's just it's ESP. You turn on HBO this shows you're watching and you expect to hear your -- don't want -- here. Everywhere right back so you you know what you get when you go there would go to ESP and you did not expect. Here is me -- gonna take different sides on. On this thing you know we're a bunch of people already are doing it you know right now. Com. I wanna be able to. Filter some of these -- -- actually reads some of these on the error for that very strong Glen and your yeah thank you very much. Now sometimes I do think in my you know -- my feet but. -- you're gonna get a lot of different reaction because everybody's gonna view it I think. Differently. You know. Depending on the the the sensitivity. Level they're gonna they gonna view it differently. It depends on a lot of things day in the Pentagon. I'd ESPN ST chairman Stephen A Smith. This comes from the Caspian right now will not be reprimanded for saying the inward. On first take this morning. It appears the powers. That be held for a couple of hours this morning. Stephen A Smith convince them that he didn't say. What we all -- we heard him say even though 99%. Of people. Who have seen or heard the audio. Note note that he said I -- nobody you know it's it's not written -- -- but it does that he has a right it is non apology denial. Is laughable. On The New Yorker. I speak very very fast release its. First the most obvious question if you didn't say it. Why it was the words -- from subsequent hearings of the show because the other 99%. Obviously hard. This strange this is the same network that does suspended exports -- -- pursuing chink in his armor. We're talking about Jeremy -- earlier this year. That anchor Max freedoms suspended for a month. Probably heat these suspensions I think it's the wall along way. Of dealing with the stuff we get to that later it was almost universally agreed ESP -- terrible decision in that instance. I'm guessing here but I think the opposite will be true in regards Stephen placement situation. Wouldn't surprise me if they changed their mind and put Stephen on the bench for -- posters for the public sees -- from a desperate that wears ischemic. Attributes elsewhere where attribute in this the big lead a completely under our. So but rocket went. Rock and Steve and denied that he said. I don't care how fast you speak. -- -- -- -- This is I think what I think will. We know what's happening now we're fact checking but I -- that's got to study about that -- saw the ballot card school of not an -- well I'm not gonna know you can you can't. You can of people. And what was the word you were turns. 'cause if it were close eight maybe we don't forget about it. It's a fast wouldn't real or just maybe -- jobs multiple houses don't new language. It's kinda sputtered bitten some game out Stephen A box right is that we're we're so into words something. You can't you can't take that support why not take the approach. That people would understand I said it. I apologize I know I have -- that a lot of people that this is talked did we would have been in a conversation like that I got caught up. This isn't me this is an easy way is an and an easy one out. It's an easy way out but he should look at this -- to. Everybody that is the country you live and folks so let's just be real with -- everybody is not a cent. Everybody's not offended. By that worked. So. He would if he came out and he. That I. I shouldn't sit on TV -- be some people who say who would say. Pakistan. I feel the same -- so he would have some support. If he'd acknowledge that the actions that. But he is not going to. I don't think this is the right way. For him to deal after the fact I really don't I think this this is gonna make it worse this is going to give the shelf life this is going open up. The entire conversation what you should do and I've talked about this before. And our athletes that say it out of court. When you have a problem. If you tell the truth I probably prior attacks there if you life becomes part of it that much bigger of you know one genius of -- -- it's it's a great one. Rick Pitino made a mistake. -- one of those motivation books trying to get people excited we should've done. You should've done just the opposite he should have written a book about how we live now we get his way through all the state and eventually it catches up. And it may -- -- -- could do the same thing right the same type of its secret. But is great but -- -- -- my extended family which is all my players securities recruits who believe in the families who believe -- here's the keys that I've started at indiscretions six years ago. Look at it that's the -- lets you guys out but it happened yesterday -- happened last -- happened. Six years ago on Apollo I apologize report but let's keep in my. It was six years -- I knew what you're doing particularly critical. Is that still relevant to what you're doing today. Out idiot. To a lot of stuff during the course of the day it's it's actually -- -- and he stumbled into the patriots. Or in London this is one of those games I can already tell. It's it's a game if you're patriots and you should be very concerned. Because you you've seen a team right now that offers. Some a glimpse of some of the stuff that you've already seen from that NFC west division with a completion defense and commit quarterback. But this that's the problem is the problem is the rams don't be reputations. Of people looking and it's the season began. This is one of those that you went over quickly into. A 46. Right now you look at it. Totally different game will get into if they were playing at Saint Louis. Olympic program and again report but the New England Patriots go to England -- -- That's just wrong you can not -- the new injury. And is already convinced me -- -- to a later that people in England won't be caring about this game because he's already looked at the the other -- what ball soccer and football schedule. Apparently there's some big games with people in England. Are not gonna care about our. Football with -- almost. A 92 break we get right telephone calls here and show. I'm not sure there's your heart -- it might. That's not accept. That's not accept can't deal. Well -- but I don't think you can you if you say it's not acceptable shouldn't be. Unacceptable from the standpoint that a black person considered a white person can't that's a totally different I -- -- I'm not I'm not arguing that we should say. It's just not a word that we should be using. On ESP. Now. Simple as that I don't like. While there are some people -- their problems is if Dave Chappelle or comedian did anybody manager would have director would have trouble. If it's if that's what you're shooting down to watch and you know that that's what you're going to watch a comedy. In which Chris rock and Dave -- some like that is going to use that you accepted going into two to the the entertainment -- -- -- right. Are you don't expect that on ESP it's not acceptable language on ESP. Even know black guys are. Rick there get to aggregate and the people that the double standard people -- -- -- and our our Mary. What do what -- marry you you you understand that there are lots of double standards that there's certain things that can be said you know that you can't say back to come off. Find a lot of Collie -- -- real world it's all of double doubles and of course still thankful for my mother and that's right -- -- said. Hi I can't back I can't argue that. I can't argue that point but it puts even -- it wasn't in what we're missing something. He's taken a cheap way out this the cheap way this is not the way to deal now may be he's concerned. Because he's done this before. And maybe he's on double secret probation and we don't know that he's going oh bleep I got to a stipulation. That contractor in my final right now. Why did this before any SPS tell me I do it again and a motto here so maybe that's what he's doing maybe he's trying to protect his own -- right now I don't know -- 'cause it's strange that you would sit there and what's basically guidance. Let's registers so many people -- the same thing from different backgrounds. If no doubled -- double stairs are there people from different backgrounds. Different races. Different genders different parts of the country. You know. Most people are. -- saw it but I guess. Maybe -- You know the Bobby Valentine school -- work and I mean Bobby Valentine school of public relations is very effective -- denying until. That person thinks they're crazy. That it will actually wasn't -- but it would skip Bayless reaction is great as. Usually the situation. -- over idol on here it's -- Laid out. Now recently given him he should have given and they the sizzle to hold while I watch -- language -- I don't dwell on the -- -- and that's pretty sure this -- know what I'll watch your language ball man let's gets an idea to default pro Syrian via an epic show and gives up first. -- at a truck -- so Monty Monty got a bunch of up there I'm trying to our guys I've tried to that was that nothing is working in the studio. Yeah putts that I -- -- -- themselves to him operate out of work. Always talking among Monty is up on board while the honorary. -- -- And I'm. Single. I don't even know what I'm sure. Yeah. Yeah in. The coming. Up slightly -- and yet. -- didn't let it be it's got to happen to them. That. Every that he did it. What was I don't know what you don't know that when I don't like I don't think. I don't know how you don't know much don't know if it might not written. I would not I don't. It caught. It I am a member of the cat named yeah I Q how well. I. -- that put me. Watching this what it is our goal here with you Monty I will bet you. That if if Steven hay and Kobe Bryant added off the year. You. Know auto I don't if they set it off the air. Maybe you're right maybe wouldn't bother but if if Kobe Bryant here's it was about my national TV I think you would find it odd. -- -- -- -- -- All right I listen I was explaining earlier earlier Monty has her for five definitions it's complicated. It's it's. They're all sorts of feelings. About the historical use of it and abuse say it in our -- are you are selling out our ancestors or. According to a local let it really hit it is it is one is one of those things that I've talked about and debated people out here. -- -- You couldn't read -- -- I caught all. Content you army on. An eight -- I'm. The community and it I want the hot button brand you. Larry Larry Larry. Larry day did you know. It Larry David used -- Larry -- used it now we know Michael Richards used it in a setting. And that was bizarre if you ever heard that that made absolutely no sense -- -- what people as -- Michael Richards Larry Davis used. In conversations will play on his shoes that. In the current period Rosey hasn't seen yes. And -- Know and how he -- They -- to Monty Monty to me it is a huge difference just gets it about Monty that you do you write the history of the word in it. And -- these conversations have been going on for. 3035. Years. Between people who are who are not smarter than both of us -- however ever hearing a Cornell west and Michael Eric Dyson. The -- At the pros and cons of use 11 guy said yes let's use it never got to know we shouldn't use it anymore back and -- But that it is is not the history of the word it is. You really need to be used that on ES. Exactly that question -- What do you think. Probably Monte what do you think let's say now. About -- youth service. On ES -- design that they don't even though you are correct item you're correct he was saying that the dot Jones. Okay you tell me. Appropriate place yes yeah. I am. And it. And -- and talk about you what let me. Levin should I -- Glad. He was able. Eight ATP and it because he's got into an -- -- -- -- a big problem with them yet. And and well. OK but simply cannot get odds it could very watching this -- an end thanks to you you're explains this is where reduce its work its content totally this is a problem. You cannot assume. That every black person. Thinks like you even lack. Added something that. We have been fight against that is something that annoys us that you are because of the color your skin and you are sir you are. Put into. Aids specific category what you're black therefore you must like this you must think that words okay. You must like hip hop you must. You must do this you must do that you must dress this way you must act this way you must talk this way you. You can't do that Monty just because. Stephen -- that was saying it about another African American their experiences are different so Kobe Bryant -- agree with the a Kobe Bryant I think the word is ridiculous and it shouldn't be used and he may have been fighting against against this -- -- -- -- -- -- point how -- you know. How do you know on the other person's gonna feel about it but there is a different -- -- black if you're black you're you're you're OK with it right now. -- -- -- act I was trying to get marketed Tellme is it acceptable. On ESPN in that context I I can't words used by understand. -- -- what I don't understand is how it's acceptable. Of somebody using at eight on ESP mainstream TV -- -- -- Stephen A has responded to all of this and he's denying. That he did. Will let you hear from Stephen -- coming up next here an addiction. Obviously there have been numerous reports opted. The word option not -- I'm gonna repeat it one more time I did not in stuff. I have a new Yorker the very great that he has the confidence on my word that -- -- the market that. It outlawed it states that work because without work this network because this network that don't that. I would instantly issue an apology because obviously would be mistake -- thought it -- Others such work. But I did not policy bath and I understand I -- is -- -- that those that listen. That is that word in the second top out -- -- that. I had an out of the network in my career at birthday I hope it's not something that I happen we've been in the future maybe I need to slow down. Make -- -- -- let myself clearly reflect -- babies who were not out of my mouth. Well please understand. I did not say that they that they are reporting that -- and hopefully. I will not happen ever address this again. While I'm a big fan of Stephen -- without him on the show numerous times. -- he's funny -- yankees pitcher -- -- the -- provocative you don't always agree with them but in this case he couldn't be handling this. Well workers are very well. Is -- -- Michael well artisans wart was he saying and -- full. Disclosure report this before. Norm for a long time. Back and the beat gays in the NBA he was -- and covering the 76ers of the Philadelphia Inquirer is covered the Celtics for the globe. I've known him for many years so what we're talking about somebody I know. And somebody I I enjoyed talking with with that said I wonder. What he did today. I'm actually just asked what he did say that or what. What did he say that sounds like that that houses all thinking that he said. You know we could have done he could have -- one of those things where as Pete Carroll does he really wants the say the word but it always comes out freak and and you know what the word is but it's -- and it's not the other sport in -- changes couple letters around. He could have him -- said. That's what I meant when I was using another word didn't even know that he's basically down -- she's in new Yorker he talks real fast. And the -- and this is even more. These plants resistant to -- maybe I'd have to slow down. -- NAFTA and you don't. The fact that your you're able to get -- 33 octaves -- that we laugh at. -- your -- it works for you that's not the issue here. The issue as tickle me just be getting used as what if you go to apologize and say. I screwed up I apologize a thousand times. If I offended somebody why don't you. You offended some people Texas and Eddie Murphy raw 45 years ago today. When me. -- actually ten to -- let me. May be rough and you made it work. Again this is -- -- -- now. So lame it's not an apology. This is total -- That's -- -- I've got to believe there's another issue here he's done this apparently in the past. My guess is here. That he's probably a double secret probation when it comes to drop in the inward on on TV. And -- probably have some type about these kind of bad because he he he he talked about ESP. Talked about the network. We're out here. Just. Think that one word out and put another word what could possibly. -- -- -- The -- easy to -- the RO OK plus. What it followed. Please -- classic. Collapse got off to help me out of pop that we know help me out right now our so you saying a word. Begins with a man apparently yeah it's followed by les and I and when you listen to tape we cannot be where we're not gonna play the tape with an unedited yeah like we're bleeping. Me. Let me. I mean we do follow up with please. What else what else can I don't know I don't he's an economist. I here's alignment in Greenfield mass alive and I'm Greenfield at a comedy. Our guys -- up like great pride in doing so April I'm longtime good to have -- I was Stephen -- talking about Ray Allen. He was not talking -- no. -- it won't want our morale here okay start Barbara we said it can be ninja. Had him did you look at that stroke and no I I was -- in the Stephen basement he didn't say that you know. Anywhere -- what do you wanna -- Barry Allan. Well it's been bugging me also belong. And that. You know Ray Allen I think there was some -- and done -- LeBron James. I think he'd contacted. Ray Allen before I game sevens. Tampering or whatever player not tampering with a player players players can do that no rules against it's a rule. It's a problem of Danny Ainge. Goes up to a freeagent go for another team before his contract is up and says you know that's what we can do for you this team is. Now -- what you deserve this is a contract we will give you. But if it LeBron James and Dwyane Wade try to woo Ray Allen. Before game seven during game seven there's nothing against -- So. So you're you're you're probably right -- on a short while generally -- are sure to set a Ray Allen before he'd be perfect here what do you do with these slugs. C'mon I'm I'm sure all of those conversations. So it is gonna pop. Then they edited and edited by their job pleased. That the Major League. Ray Allen goes out and this is all of this spot but he missed in the second half. On purpose. Oh well. And a minute all -- -- and wow I'm in diamond and I -- saying and it right here on W -- your employees got a lot of men. I did at all now on the -- On the -- side in this is I like conspiracy theories this was a little too much from the taught. Not to much among Metallica. I don't know ray Allen's. You know his his brand has taken him here and just think I'm. People here -- just. I never thought that radio when we come back here and get booed but now he's gonna get -- you ultimately he'll get booed by some I don't get it but most people out like a 5050s. To some people will. Well understand and remember what he what he meant but he's not -- is not going to be unanimous now it's going to be everybody. Baby got an ovation when he came as -- Baby. Leon Powe Leon Powe got a big ovation Kendrick Perkins yes. But it's not gonna help James Posey it's if she's dead. It's not about how Eddie House everything well the guys that are ready to donate now for a day when a championship. -- -- you might have you're right he might. Well did that one big game yet Greg had a great game in the finals donkey in a tough -- fills in a Providence here at a big show on WE. I got things -- take my call was thrilled I'm the guy had PG and always have been always will be but. I'm very concerned about the game coming out. I mean who would have thought we would locked in Seattle Seahawks. Well we did. Well you know what I thought I would wouldn't make me Russell Wilson look like John Elway but we get -- and see that would put an -- -- -- -- to me -- market. It's a -- George brought pat might even help for the jets that you know hope they would a lot of the jets weren't sub point favorite. You can play it but you know okay not I'll I'll go with you on the on the lost the Seahawks and how Russell Wilson liked that you can't say well if they had done that's okay well if Baltimore. Had missed that field goal then they beat Baltimore and we have if -- even if koskie makes it's still go to beat Arizona syndicate you can't take away wins. -- -- -- my -- what are you to be one of those guys that think you know you have to run the ball and stop tomorrow but. Odd that the biggest. We know now from option and Jerry. Ed right now what this secondary. It's actually. Depicted these factors work this year even though we got -- jolt that they cartel were playing -- this year that we actually and I turned it. I really I really think when an Olympic Games I really built -- if you look at it deflected -- there at patriot right now. 99 point prompted one bodied people will be lucky to make the play ops would dark. -- Well but that you -- you're right hold all the he felt all the you're right it's the playoffs were starting next right now I would agree with you that this team is not ready. To go up there and compete -- level -- mind on what am I tried a lot. -- don't tell I'd still there we don't -- Did you face. -- You gotta understand you can't determine what team is like in weeks and I agree with virtually everything you said I'm concerned about this game this week. I can't I I clearly skins see. Sam Bradford can be gotten having a game like wash it -- -- You know all about that area. It would drive me crazy like it's. The giants last year did anybody think after weeks of the the giants were removed the Super Bowl team right here. Nobody thought they get a chance when the player you should put an effect ultimately went to the same argument -- O line O line to give everybody about. This is October. And you don't learn anything until Thanksgiving the Thanksgiving yet know where a month away from things you get there. You'll learn. -- -- this team I -- you -- now of course today story that we have a lot of Jonas I hope so we have launched an audio and mrs. We got to get the audio for this. Lawrence Taylor. Is my all time favorite interviews nobody that's more interest on the march to it was done it again in no I don't caller. At least -- to use -- And saints and stuff that's just off this craziness I've gotten the calls. Prostitution. No that's thrown them what I gave you down from the civil trial that's going on today all that's the civil trial also we don't have any audio and audio all that's. Some secrets will get towards -- Here at a picture a little later on as well did you face. I read back there with a big jump. Org -- -- Talk a little bit about Stephen A apparently. Slipped on the air certainly sounded that way too must drop the the N word and yet he's denying it now and it never happened. Few. People are dissecting. The audio clippers one got -- -- dissected the clip. Stephen A says listen please is fast New York tongue may have skewed it too. Lisa please. Lisa please that doesn't sound anything like when I heard on -- tape on what you listen please please simply. Words. Ninkovich please. -- I'm applying it not buying it. Away. Yeah. I was easy for Stephen A today I think to just say I screwed up and I'm wondering. The fact that he had such a strong denial today even to the point where he was kind of ridiculing. The way he talks and maybe he's got to slow down his speech for everybody -- to understand him are. May be. He's got to cost as they said this contract because he's apparently done this before maybe his. Obviously believes in -- If you tell the truth. -- problem becomes part of a -- Everybody should learn from Britain to equality and I got all the eight and already answered -- question. You know maybe it wasn't by design may be richt didn't plan it that way. But he's one of the all time great teachers of life isn't it -- -- Katrina is exactly what you. I here's Monte differ much out of Monte Carlo in Monte. Hey big hope they don't you are Caucasian. Larry -- very good. Element at the concrete yet killed anywhere aren't as that market to market a bad name -- -- -- defend my honor. And I just what I don't get about it is Steve case that -- so adamant about in not saying. What he didn't say what -- set right. Glad that's that's the question that I don't know what he said maybe you just explained that -- talk Braswell actually said was. We what we all went back here at ESP and we all went back and look at the video. And I can understand why you think -- -- that but what actually said was. -- I mean it's anybody in the first thing if anybody -- you know you said that well now like. And -- in this is what I said I mean that would solve everything in the strength to smile and say hey look. This is what I actually edit so pull back and listen to that -- -- -- makes himself look much -- or recruit you guys about that. Well what can also talk about the Celtics really quick. -- so I got it -- it would do it -- section of the schedule and it got 12 they had they don't like or against the Chicago. I'm in Miami I pick -- -- -- and those matchups. There aren't 54 early on the right in Chicago who won all spread out yeah okay I I I think this can be good team. I think they're deep. And I think it's gonna allow docked because he's got different players -- different skill sets to Canada. Play around a little bit where they were losing in in the second head back to back to a young. Athletic team let's say in Philadelphia a year ago they're gonna win those games or good portion of those games are gonna want some. Another thing you look at at times last year you look at the bench and you said. What what are they getting from the bench. Port number of reasons whether Jeff Green not being there -- political -- -- prewar thing or later in the year Wilcox who said they're really her. But -- UK it you can argue as a matter that much an argument it's. Pretty premature clear cut. They do have the best bench in the league if you look at -- that Jason Terry on the bench. You've got Jeff Green. You've got Wilcox. You've got sellinger. Barbosa. You've got some guys who are who are legitimate NBA players. Coming off the bench and that I would dimension when Avery Bradley comes back is that the the funny thing is now. Even with the departure of Ray Allen. Guards are the strength of the. -- Yeah what's the other thing too is state they they have people now. Certainly Terry who can back up but the point and that's always been an issue Rondo gets himself from the foul trouble then what happens whose portable -- deal without. Com they have a lineup that can play lightning quick -- -- line up to complain to -- court situation. They can do a lot of stuff I the only question I have I think it'll take a while. For them to get the timing it for them to work is like anything else. If you using that many people in the course of the -- lot of it will go where it it takes awhile for everybody to figure out their roles I would not surprised at all. If today you were so so in the first -- over the season and then finally find you know that that wave and start playing well the only question is playoffs. Because once you get into the playoffs that's where Miami gets the advantage you don't play a lot of people there and plans you have for short rotation. And that means that KG has to go from the diminished minutes that he had during the course of the season. To once again being out they're virtually in every single player on the same way Paul Pierce the same way -- you the question. They -- healthy and they well rested to be able to suddenly ramp up the minutes. When you get into the post season because a lot bench players most of the guys that have less certain specific role. You don't use them as much and policies. Yet sixty -- -- brought up to it the I think that shortened season almost back to back to back nights you'll really killed and -- Think that that future games it's spread out you know complete a little longer and I think -- dock is one that does not eat that that really. And those minutes and checked in make ensure that these guys stay fresh. Hopefully the site I agree that it would have a -- -- -- we're gonna take out three of four from Chicago like it -- in two out of five from Miami that's. -- -- don't know roses a different team taking two out of five to Miami's is another way of saying you losing -- -- is pretty hot -- Miami. I hope that's not something that I have to revisit in the future maybe I need to slow down. Make sure articulate myself clearly reflect and everything award -- are out of my mouth. Well please understand if I did not say that they -- they are reporting that outfit. And hopefully. I will not happen ever addressed this a game. I expected -- all those regular and eventually your candidate Hartford it can't. And 228 opt out orders yet why the hell Ike especially chill. It should pay. Edgar -- and utterly grow. -- -- -- Although it shares. A little bit but it. -- act and what -- And they could. They could -- -- prediction I don't I don't. I don't know who what kind of deals are gonna make I don't know -- David Ortiz is coming back of Cody Ross is Karabakh I don't know if they're gonna make any trade with anybody I think it's safe to spotlight those I was like two -- point -- Glen when -- said this couple days ago. Was that they -- 69 games in a year. In which there. Excuse me had some bad performances they made a huge trade. And they had some injury problems are there 69 win team is that what their roster says they are I don't think so they're probably like a 78 when teamed with what we know they have. That's one and a number two Q and is that we've seen turnarounds in baseball we've seen it happen often we -- this year what. -- -- -- -- -- extra claims three teams are set in a dissent on a desert view. Baltimore. Juicy Baltimore when he 93 games here on. 69. 6969. To direct. It's not it's not all. There. Really they did okay dramatic. And dramatically and and often they adjust and Jim Johnson and they dramatically improve their roster really depiction. Yeah they run -- pigeon doesn't look good. Colorado trade -- they're regulated differently regular pitching British and Jen was very good this year with no it was very good Jim was very they have a very good starter until they didn't they had a lot of -- Artist date they would get up they would throw you -- until it. He wanted to do it -- very good -- -- -- a lot of outdoor right now. The point is. -- it's okay for you to -- -- me and meet this group did you. But when you're out when I got you gotta gotta give props on this I don't know what I can't. -- -- -- Well he's right about Baltimore now Baltimore argue -- disagree. I think Baltimore did an awful lot in India offseason. -- they had they had they had you know obviously some health issues a year ago which they did not have this year. But what it and I think it's difficult. To improve twenty games and what Baltimore did last year is not. Real easy to deal -- -- -- Michael has already predicted their demise for next year. Okay because he thinks it's a -- yeah I got us and I heard a caller called up earlier today -- sick -- watching San Francisco last night and I would admit. Big big game that that Santa -- that was un believable. Toward those home runs against maybe the best pitcher in baseball -- last that's what it did but. Calling up and I one guy in in particular who said. Vets hope for the Red Sox is what are the giants. They want the World Series two years ago different and I went -- -- -- that -- you -- route up though before our route up this one. I'll let you go yen. And it's gonna put this information on the table and then you can run with -- I promise I'll give it back to you. Before we get route up I'll just say about the Baltimore Orioles. They had one starter that's one. Once starter who pitched more than 134. Inning right that starter was share. His record was twelve and eleven his ERA it was 402. He gave you 192. Innings now you wanna tell me that's very good. I guess I'm looking at a different brand of baseball that you are your turn. Okay it might turn out -- apple want. Your rotation at the -- currently -- Included bring a black actor and at the end. -- -- -- To a corporate bounced back. Up at bat or you're. -- -- -- at this way out west. Second yeah. Shore against shore. I -- quite well I'm sure OK I think lack got a we're working -- Because I think you have to worry about Lackey first year coming back. From Tommy John -- how many how many starts does he give you that's a -- July. -- -- I think your browser only fifty games I would bank and that -- know -- okay. -- -- -- And I don't wanna go over every started let's get to play your credit breaks down your whole argument that you X amount of starters have to -- X amount -- -- to get to the playoffs. When I just told you your beloved Orioles who won 93 games. They had -- they have one starter they only have 1 starter -- morning 134 innings. Had one starter. One double digit gains -- an argument breaks down I don't care if if Jon Lester went 1719. Year if if John Lackey went fifteen they had chin went twelve bad -- went seven and Hamels went eight. They had a -- when three Gonzales when nine. There're a number of ways to get to 93 victories in the Orioles did -- in an unconventional way and we have no idea in October how the Red Sox will get. To where they wanna go the only point eight. And it would agree with you on the on the Orioles is that that this could be a one year anomaly with them. When people start talking about the the giants. And and giants by the way have been made it fairly high payroll team. Over a hundred million dollars. And two years away from winning the World Series and if -- -- 190 plus games here the last few days I think they when he 88 last year -- Slight setback. When you talk about the Red Sox make up twenty games is a very difficult perhaps it is -- now. It's more likely to me that Baltimore falls back on the back. That it is the Red Sox make that up and get up to ninety plus wins and you might have to deal. Where I would agree with you Tampa Bay because they have pitching they have tremendous starting pitching and pitching depth. There are more likely to stay where they are than Baltimore's. I would agree yeah I think I think Tampa Bay. Likely to stay where they are. Falling back. Baltimore definitely. May be in Toronto falls back -- and have a great job for -- God and I Georgia if you've got to watch out for the for the western note division right now. In the American League because Houston's coming in here and that's that's -- angels and everybody else to beat up on and win a lot of games. Here's Matt Boston Matt. They didn't go under -- -- going on that -- too much like I. When I talked yesterday still love your right and always well thank you. You -- -- -- it as quickly touch on. There are a little bit you know a little bit concerned because. I've I've -- I'm not a huge -- and I don't want to regulate but. You know he's gonna go about it you can sit and talk with -- and communities some. You know watching him you know during. And you can go about it some who say you know it is great. Commissioner and I just wanted to. -- -- Chara Marco -- he. -- -- Good I -- because I think he's an awful an appropriate then the result. -- they had a spat on ESPN earlier and I -- looking up the good the last 25 years. There's an eight campaign that's pathetic is -- mention me you know I understand that you know that we're. -- -- here and you want your team to win more often than not put him as a from a leak and equip them commissioner's standpoint. You want -- -- -- -- what do you think it was like before the game became commissioner. You see how many Boston won in the in the fifth. But it but it does not help but it's sad but it's Matt meant that it's a simple. You don't need many players great players to win championships every single year so if you're dealing. With the superstars and you've got the bill Russell's and you've got the you know the KC Jones -- the time you get the great players or the -- and and the point. And they stayed together. -- why does the court one. So -- -- when you're not gonna have a lot of champions. Not gonna happen. But they're they're not that many guys -- look at look at it look at it it corporate ample anecdotal Oprah won't play my partner at the end. And then yeah if I had at camp and W using a lot more players now a little girl and not go look at the time out on the ice. First star player in the in the NHL for an NHL team vs the time to discard the NBA is out on the on the court day and night and -- somebody without penalty and and that that because. -- It wasn't pleasant there are a lot of things you could call up with today and blame -- apparently if this is not one of them that is not his fault. It's the nature of the game in the fact that you only need five players and three great players out here to win. And I stepped wrong I think his ninth but -- but your point and I understand your point whatever but that's why you have those runs. And you why did you have the runs as you know the ones because you had great players that affect Houston. Probably doesn't win those championships those two championships if Michael is -- -- and -- -- got to punish ball. Because that's how the sport is that's how it's made up. And the Celtics obviously enjoyed in the fifties and he's only there were a lot of people complaining that you know it turns eight champions at -- amazing to think about it. I don't argued when you food that you wouldn't watch and I think I'm the reason why it makes yes. Dynasties here because you had the the end of he had the end of the lakers dynasty dynasty. Then you had the pistons who -- back to back champions and you know Michael gets this fixed and he takes those that those years off and the rockets jumper in there. And then you think of Tim Duncan in the spurs and lakers with Colombian and Jack. Miami a couple of times seems to me the Celtics to me just share the mavericks. It's easy to reason why it really is a quick break right back to the phone calls -- -- --

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