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Pat Chung, Patriots safety, on playing the Rams in London

Oct 25, 2012|

Pat Chung joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Patriots trip to London, the struggling secondary, and his injury.

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Our Jill Butler and ID three point seven WEEI your phone calls. Throughout the shows 61777979378. Patriots Friday or Thursday get confused enough. Between patriots Monday patriots Friday so I screwed up at some point -- -- patriots Friday on a Thursday which -- Patrick Chung. Patriots taped you'll join us here just a couple of minutes interesting that this team going over London. He pointed this out to -- before the show the Mike Reese story posted ESPN boston.com Agassi landed today. I'm Mike restated over in London and as a passport stamped early Thursday reading from Mike's story. But from the represented of a customs look at the arrival card that read sports reporter. Under the occupation category he said hiking gas wire here. He was referenced in the patriots game against the rams on Sunday at Wembley Stadium. I asked him if it was viewed is a big deal the passport checker replied Null will be more just in Chelsea-Manchester. Sunday for courts. I love the NFL expanding I get all that but did you care -- -- in London as a football fan base here in America. You know there -- doing your extra buzz and an American guy on it like I don't care but there's a lot of people out there that that -- detained in the trying to get the game over there. That's all it has to do you -- -- they wanna expand the game NFL Europe for a long time was a big issue. And they'll all the hell out of this thing right -- London beat this Simms and Nantz and everything else and you know it's nice but I as a as a football fan can care less of their games over -- I care about football being played here and this country. We got to make that trip this afternoon red eye flight to London Patrick Chung patriots safety joining us on the AT&T hotline. Patrick you made this -- in 2009 what do you remember from that trip as a rookie. My litigator -- -- -- it would it would nightly news -- typical. Whatever that little four remind citizens in their outlook you know so close to reduce. Different spheres of -- Held a little mini bar -- -- much cooler was walking there was it was plus. Anything this dating different this time around feel. You a little older you treated differently aren't. I'm here at the sailors aboard the straight games you know there are tremendous. Go to different different place de Kirchner and you're not gonna go out there and he suffered playing the game. You know Patrick Tom -- yes there's talk about the team and being mentally tough do you feel like this team is mentally tough. There are so -- you know it is. There are limits on the planet so far are we -- our soldiers. Us of the triple B the same for you guys how frustrating is that you we talked to you when you practice last week not able play. Haven't watch your team their on the sideline being injured right now. Our -- disorder where -- people -- -- -- interpret that goes there earlier though it was you making the trip. -- Russia are brought it up front Cutler. You can't miss the London trip come out you get on that I didn't go to London. -- literature. We're I think that's -- that tells you right to go. And her days they may download or only collect. So let their practice this chapter. It last week you guys some still the talk about the big plays in the secondary notes when he plus plays I think it's up to 39 now in seven games as. When he she plays like that with your team going over film is it more to do with communication issues or is it as a group rather or is -- individual mistakes. Brought to learn from practice or play a little bit and we're a great covers just. Let's let him -- to -- -- -- epidemic included discriminate more nerve. You talk about those big plays you saw your teammate DeVon according go back their place and safeties deep play ball you know he's playing back every place plates and quarterback. Assess his camp holly played not last line where you guys usually playing safety. Really didn't that is out there I mean that's well cultures. Accident. -- IOS Oakland immediately President -- is just going there. Who knows how to sort -- -- their integrity -- the track of where did you declared that are volatile and our goal is playing into it. You must be frustrating for you and last year re the season. He missed some time in this she'd missed a couple of games but I'm wondering I've been illegal while if you did do -- self scouting report -- yourself would how would you scout Patrick chose to say about yourself. I would never got to -- -- -- -- their strengths and weaknesses. No candidate here are considered thing and you are not. The good and everything about it now that's aggregates got a report you take that your man rating Patrick Chung is joining us here when a guy like Rodney Harrison. Talks about your game and says he progressed but says you know I think Patrick Chung still has a level up that he can be a better player. You read -- -- guys who played the game before assessing your game Patrick. Yes or -- that to a variety -- Gardner is the least we talked about it with our cultures and that is. No the first and a lot technically you're -- crazy so I mean that's. You know I. They are well known keep working you start I would be. How to -- -- are complete are pretty regularly and numbers sort of you know make it right. In your -- very aggressive football player and when you look at this defense as a -- we watch and we don't exactly see very aggressive defense. As a whole. And you don't see many blitzes and sold it to sit back there and we'll try have you guys do a job and hold receivers down for five or six seconds that's got to make a lot more difficult -- -- secondary especially OPEC and we you'll. It's where he switched to slow the Clinton saying all the liberal arts and a little you know archeology as. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the -- be aggressive and play ball in the -- considered using government should be sent them caught only a matter of. It is a party militants as they built just sent me a few more times I -- happens quarterback. How about being here is whether it's fire when you are what you want is that I -- some currency note that -- situation. You know doesn't call region that whatever call he -- that's pretty very excuse -- to perfection that it -- that corporate. -- we talked to west during the offseason and he admitted you know it's preparation part of -- the contract issue is coming into his mind a little bit he's gonna play through it. You're in the last year your contract Patrick do you think about you know we're gonna play in the contract situation at all during the year. Now I can't think about madness or six. That is -- -- -- about and that's -- actually not amber hurt her play a little bit she actually expect especially sun does. Are playable in order haven't got loose and not gotten planners not just a key player. He's watched a lot of film and imagine this point at Saint Louis when you talk about the quarterback in deductible maybe some of the young wide receivers. You know what you see on film from Sam preference some of these new guys we have back there with them and to allow. I think we're good you're good -- good quarterback is nurses strong armed accurate -- You know receiver record you know kind of -- in the adjustable yes -- a lot of learning lesson. They -- very good quarterback like you say the running back to two different guys that used here that the rookie Washington is more change of pace he'd gotten theirs. Stephen Jackson Richardson Richardson excuse me. -- ice I -- step up all the time the war and it's even older -- -- guy up from -- up near Oregon. -- for running backs speed guy and I got -- can run guys over what kind of issue does that present as someone out -- on offense at safety. Definitely -- the -- but this -- -- -- on the game and the -- get treatment -- pretty -- to embark on a regular -- -- so they have the that would legitimize a certain -- armed they're a bit different -- it's definitely a change of pace of the game when certain players during the got you where. I'm watching and aware Chris givens -- -- -- Gibson's lead this team reception the givens is the deep threat. And yet I said you know we system issues there in Seattle with the deep ball in and has been for the year how much attention to get that cut. Yeah I mean he's -- threat you bad from the east and yet the -- that if you're in the also mean this chart of artists and they shall we don't even get those -- and -- order curricula -- you stretch the play record is very limited in what must file. I expect to play on Sunday. Ottawa -- -- there are we seeing the -- Atlantic has even even Brady was that you get guys you see a business trip is distributed -- tell me. You're gonna go a lot of the second time in four years you're not gonna do some. Sort of sightseeing Big -- one of these play -- not. I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thought the big bank we've been you know bank. As. You know got there. Great reference there from Patrick -- pat. Pat we got to jam played here we got John the ATP hotline is always brought to you by quick lane tire Patrick having safe trip we'll talk to you next week. Ever. Patrick Chung joining us on the AT&T hotline. Digital big bank like their identity not the reference to his old teammate Brandon Meriweather on its good. Well throwback peace but this idea. That you're all -- play. It's a business trip you had coached laid out the notes. But that it. Let's assume all the work but we also you know you look around in -- -- not a lot of sightseeing and Indianapolis but you know I mean there's other stuff involved. -- -- -- and fast just admit you have a check it out not over -- a lot we within the to cover the game and have a couple of -- just as hard. It beverages that -- pat we may play as much in the -- -- can -- -- that have no idea he'd get a player guy's gonna try to practice. Heard him say that good stuff -- -- today like the big -- there at the end. Ought not be second break we'll continue with your fault call 61777979371. -- little piece of Bobby V sound want to hear from -- -- -- not -- --

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