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Does Ray Allen deserve to get booed when he returns to Boston?

Oct 25, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk about Ray Allen and his recent comments about Boston and the Celtics organization.

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It was a businesses and and the team put me in a situation where that we have to move we get to go like we need the Miami with a better source for us based on what the team. Well and also what you know don't boo me bootsy Carnoy and s.'s. But I you know not so much control. We're here Miami -- thing that we're excited about. Ray Allen Miami radio on Friday model united three point seven WEEI. Ray Allen was -- class music gets when he's here in the city of Boston. UConn. He got game she's -- -- worth what he did for the community here locally all that. -- sheets or shut up and move on from the Celtics stop bringing up and conversations may. Focus on playing for your Miami team that a keep -- talking about the break up you had. With the Boston -- months ago. Three thinks the -- -- -- called a radio show called dentist and him by the way let me talk with the Celtics. Yes that's what exactly big duty called up and that's right now want to albums of course not OK will he say it shut up -- Kate do an interview. I grew a casino but that's in the past that talk about it -- he doesn't he just a body -- expected in the Bobby -- -- -- -- -- case and now we're gonna compare. -- -- -- -- There we gonna go at this it's the guys question. Any answered honestly. He said Ortiz quiet. Course -- compare that to Ray Allen went -- and I could -- -- the court now. But you EC you know you're not get wearing thin of Ray Allen can usually run up the Boston Celtics continuously -- on how often. In the last week at least four times as far as like content yesterday -- three papers. There's restore become a race every radio signal -- -- -- to say yesterday asked how many Antonio for a. Agents yesterday he set down anyone in a radio show the other day it's of those things and yes they -- there was some newspapers because they're obviously brought some attention needs to answer questions. If Ray Allen had this much problems you'd go back and bring up -- trade in 2009. With Phoenix. Gain in which it was was a Barbosa and Amare Stoudemire Freeman Rondo. So that bothered him yet to be very beginning and he believes that that was the start of the early -- -- Rondo. Right because when he talked about it he was told that they were trading -- because -- did you want Rondo around anymore. He felt that because -- -- at the were Rachal and that that was the start of their relationship but it kind of way itself the communication. Railways here 2009. Rails here in 2010. Minutes here in 2011. Did you hear repeat of that. Mean there are whispers last year publicly laid out here it became a whisper lack earlier before. -- 1011 doesn't the head issues in this organization being -- dating back to that and then obviously this offseason with the trade. Did you hear of people of it while he played here. Now we hear word Phil Ray Allen did agree I said its class and professional -- Nationalists understand that short. Has been professional continuously bringing up the fact in his mind what a game you should put the Celtics and not him. Because the Celtics forced him out of the organization I don't agree that professional I don't agree with him. You know I don't agree that they'll be forced me to do this because the Boston Celtics offered him more money to come back. So you know it is it a different role on the bench. Is -- starting got to Miami. My mission itself than they don't go it to go two guards do you guys gonna ankle issue he's talking about what you're saying like you know is it. I think he went down there I think there's a Smart move. Because I think the way he works in this offense with the Boston Celtics to get open for three pointers. The ponies and the easy breezy gifts -- off fast breaks because on Rondo pushed the ball. He's run a baseline to baseline coming off of screens. And we comes up he's open he needs the ball rate that in there out of Miami. He's cherry pick he just hang up. Three point line pundits say that I don't say the Celtics forced out of a start the -- already talked about I don't agree with them but I don't think he has heart becomes a tomorrow talks about a topping. He. He would have you believe because the Celtics pushed them out and it someplace you let me talk a Regis and quotes where he says this. Okay. Just come out and say I've went there because a better opportunity for me instead it's about the Celtics I guess I'll start there. I was very loyal to the city Ray Allen set I love the city. When it came time to keep in uniform the Celtics at every nick could do seem like dot dot dot -- not want me to come back. What did they do they had Rondo around and want to change the offense a little bit put the ball Rondo is hands. That's Ray Allen is taking offense to the Doc Rivers called one of their best player. And the race not in the same feeling often that's. Pushing you out. Better under the in Boston they're telling -- they're gonna bring me off the bench. We're play less minutes race at an all I asked was targeting used me because the last -- you years you've used me as he courts Allen said. You're running all these -- me just -- -- at some Morales and you're not putting me any scoring opportunities. And understanding over the corner. Majority games. Direct -- Ray Allen line. He's made the big shots for this team the last couple years. Got forced out of the rotation is Avery Bradley that I was a better option for him. So now it's the Celtics fall. Vs Miami here scored about Miami -- everything they could he says it was like even though there are limited money wise they were talking about how to play. How the game can be played and how we're gonna incorporate mean. Into the offense. So it all comes back to. Aid they pushed me out it's their fault I should did you talk to Doc Rivers before Danny -- right you. Think. That -- and Danny would explain to -- what his role was going to be and he didn't know exactly know he would like his role. Just save that thought they pushed I don't I don't agree. With what he says. But from yesterday last night to today it's while -- released got to shut up Lebanese -- -- he would show up he can't stop talking about Boston. I don't feel he's at that stage where a wake up the next day it's oh my god it's another call from re out all of a Bobby Valentine all my god get another radio show. It hasn't got a point now exit -- letting go in my own opinion. Now he he wanted to radio show audience -- some questions reporters the next day because the radio show that that's usually the way it works. In your opinion that's him talking way too much. It started at that opening to personally say it you're nearly a point latest -- reduce the often it's a talking point that a. Sick and hammering on okay you went to Miami no progression as you and no issue with the idea that they push you out and that -- fans shouldn't Blu-ray Allen. They should -- the Celtics appeared to do they want to understand a bit but the Celtics wanted change his role he didn't like that changed he went to Miami they didn't push him out. So it's it's a story line and he's promoted. It's a story -- he'd have you believe and it looking cares about his opinion -- cares what people think he's got brands of failing in the area. I understand. I understand all that. But in terms of the way he's sort of put it out there and and the way that he has. Set and frame the story I'm sick of that part of it. Incessantly Annika talking about the -- -- over and over again raise the champion here always will be and you know good luck to him down there for half the money going to our arch rival -- got me off at all. Well listen I agree with what you're saying entries I am sick of hearing today it over and over and over again now that he has. Cynical -- sickened -- that story like now and over again oddly the story let that they haven't heard before. So I mean you know this stuff here is that -- bit depressed copper knows about it. I think I think. I think Graham was profession I don't agree with the stuff he says believing. Yeah I do think that there was the play any role that relationship with Rajon Rondo wasn't all John -- -- -- stubborn and he's a typical shooter you know he shot his whole career doesn't believe it snapshots. Hey anybody -- -- that -- pure shooter Italy say I don't get enough shots that's how he feels. This -- from -- and water ski Yahoo! Sports -- breaking news. Lows that we currently only if it's breaking news. David Stern will step down as the NBA commissioner February 1 2014. -- deputy Adam still replace him. Pulled the guide is the second round picks and silver you ask. David Stern all done 2014. He is seven years old and a time for David Stern stepped aside. I know no response other than. The good thing David -- a little bit too much. Little bit too much power. Well they change up top might be good in the NBA. One of the breaking news fork and I try to -- -- breaking news. John -- reported Tim Bogart will not return to the Red Sox in 2013. Yet I'm not -- breaking news is that's Thursday -- reserves the right there at that went a little went the breaking news over under this week. It's now time for the month -- Paul question presented by pop a genus here's today's questions beacon Ray Allen. Do you think Ray Allen deserves to get booed. You can text your answer yes or -- 85850. Right now. Also place your vote online. By visiting W week yet dot com slash -- and Maloney. The model -- present about pop -- nose -- -- is just introduced three new pizzas spaghetti and meatball is not yet and chicken farm. Friday's new -- you will not believe how good they are. Present your rewards card earned three. You can call or order on line a puppet you know dot com it's pop time. I gorgeous it is directly to Celtics fans. Do you think Ray Allen deserves to get booed you can text your answer right now to 85850. Yes or no. Please don't text in that does that does not count Bobby Valentine -- may be easier it's yes -- now. Quick break we'll talk to rich and nick and Kevin all your phone calls and the big show 2 o'clock right here 937. WE yeah.

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