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Can the Sox make the playoffs in 2013?

Oct 25, 2012|

Mut and Merloni discuss the possibility of the Red Sox making the post season in 2013.

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It's more about how we play the aggressiveness the relentless missed the competitiveness that we're gonna take the field with every night. And that's built and that's fostered from how we worked inside the clubhouse. I know one thing I've got to go back in there and earn the trust and develop those relationships all over again with every player. We have to outline what we expect as a coaching staff what I what's important to meet with how we play. That was John -- with us just a couple of days ago -- -- on a three point seven WEEI. 6177797937. Is the phone number. -- ratings will be dismal around -- -- diehard baseball fans will get involved assurance that interest in World Series terms of a relentless. Giants team maybe eighteen John Ferrell wants to be like vs they -- powerhouse in Detroit. But back in last night my biggest takeaway it was not Santa volley at three home runs or or Verlander. Get rocked -- how great that crowd -- the Sanford Cisco. But it demolish is the idea that is the Boston Red Sox as you look at the 2013. If you're a fan of somebody in the media. The idea they can't contend is a joke. The idea that next year John -- can have some sort of past and is going to be a rebuilding year and it's impossible consider that it's a contending. Next baseball season is laughable. And the giants -- a tremendous. Example. Of a bunch of good examples in the 2012 playoffs as to why. The 2012. -- go giants the team home run leader it 24 home runs on the season that was their leader David 25. They're pitching staff -- -- sixteen game winners. Nobody at the twenty game when mark and by the way there ace Tim Lincecum is not pitching out of the bullpen had a 5180 are ranked. And they wonder what the hell's going on what this guy down the stretch. They don't have star power right they don't have huge names at every position they have Marco -- and scooter row. As their go to guy in that order right now guided they can't get out whether you are Saint Louis or Detroit you can't get -- -- -- right now. Here to tell -- a team like a giant gets himself to a World Series. And the Red Sox gonna spent upwards of 14050. Million dollars next year. Are not to be expected to contend. Why don't agree with that -- the giants are great example as why from year to year you can't contend Majorly be a matter what you did. The year before. Here's the problem I mean I understand what you're saying. With with guys like Lincecum right -- race with a 518. He also at 33 starts. Matt Cain. -- stud Red Sox don't have Matt -- It 32 starts Metzenbaum garner -- 32 starts all the -- 31 starts Zito 32 starts. Hewitt Ford five Vieira and you know so there. Pitching was much much better. Although even though Tim Lincecum broke all fight starting pitchers the worst the IRA and finally won eight do you suppose either race five -- yep that's actually not that veterinarian -- threats. 51 it's not far off off of what basically every single guy gave you. That's the -- and so I'm looking edit and 262. Games. Somebody named Eric hacker. Okay. Started a game for them -- yeah. And use Miro the heat. OK so they had those two guys started a game -- the San Cisco -- everybody else came from the rotation opening day. -- they were healthy. In the -- they're better. When their rotation is better in the Red Sox right now there's no I mean it's it's that's -- debate it. -- that is Tim Lincecum was Matt Cain was good. You know -- -- was good -- the song was good in Zito. It if if you look at Barry Zito did you what would you put him at deepened with John -- 415 BR it would -- 415 from John now -- would ask yourself the article and oh yeah. -- he's got to -- -- those 279 guy buckles Lester do I think one of -- -- Lester was a Q a 79 got back in the not given up on -- years ago that's an. I mean you you pointing out this year specifically the giants got very good picture of federally. Yeah maybe it was a little bit over rated as the year went on as those guys stayed healthy big according start after quality starter quality start. But he do you project the Red Sox next year John Ferrell coming in and again not a magic wand but he gets Lester. And buckles. And do brought. If he gets him a couple cases back to guys levels. And you brought takes a step four I wanna include John Lackey right now on the obvious if that spot got to talk about. Mean it's conceivable those guys don't have a Simms go giants here but have a much better year -- -- let us start from the air why can't contend for playoff -- Some the National League and its the National League west which is. Great division the -- memento Colorado is what it is Arizona's. OK but you look at San Fran you look at LA and you look at San Diego. And I understand it's an easier -- they are what they are. Are you you gotta tell me that -- one year improvement we're gonna see a guy with a sub three and two guys with a 3233 area in his rotation he saw. Three out of those four guys gonna have the Ariza 35 or below. I don't think it's -- you can't compare ER arrays the American League nationally and it's unfair do you think will be better by you talking about the America I mean I bumped it up. And say not I don't expect to seven nines of three -- on -- 35. Three guys in his rotation are gonna make that big of a leap. -- Lester buckle to easily could be in that one nation that won easily one of the with their talent one of them -- but the city and it three of those guys give the rotation that they have. They don't hit home runs there every power nationally games that big huge ball park. But they have much better starting pitching and more importantly their rotation gave them a 160. Day opening day rotation give my 160 starts. And a 162 huge. So I listen a lot of it is luck a lot of it is -- injury and whatnot but still. 16862. -- -- SF. The -- every -- in every fifth NATO allies armies in the giants is an extreme example because there in the World Series well I tell you this. Four teams that qualified for the playoffs this year under fire at a record a year ago. And the -- 41 of them giants had 885 record a year ago they looked up and down in the regular season they get to World Series. The Orioles the gays the -- and the reds at the end of 2011 all finished with sub 500 records. All found themselves in the post season with very success right now items in here not all for those teams. At the championship league a championship game and they're here in their league. We have fourteen. There were some 500. Make it's the playoffs next year into varying degrees a hobby did it help the Orioles finished with a 69 and 93 a record a year ago. And through Buck Showalter and one run games and extra inning games and -- a a bullpen. And an appeal lights out extra opened Johnson and starting rotation may be better the expected to be. They got themselves in the playoff logic that Baltimore team. That's that's the better comparison. Jimmy is Baltimore and I agree -- -- point when you look at the playoffs. Any show these teams the turnaround year Euro and people say another its auction other -- to -- in three years to kind of rebound. -- what does it look at the American League east right now and who you who to who's the lock. -- the two -- the team that you think is gonna run away with the Yale next year Baltimore to better example because when you look at them. The numbers aren't there. They're like ERA as the ninth in the American League this year's team in fourteen teams that the Red Sox physical they were at eleventh and in an awful. But you know their offense wasn't great. They have it was all the Red Sox got away from grind on a path you know on base percentage its key. The Orioles. Mean at 311 on base percentage as a team. This year eleven and -- two point seven as a team. Hits a home runs. -- -- But I mean the pitching was responded I mean you sit there and civil next year's rotation but did not -- not the rates rightly say the starting rotation going no where. They'll be there you gotta worry about the Tampa Bay Rays. I mean his chin really scare you -- in -- next year or four wrote through Tommy Hunter Pamela at a Goodyear. -- Miguel Gonzales. Mr. Obama pretty sharp at the end of the year they got started to die in that you would never expected gets are the giants are different as the giants. Most those guys were named an -- starts all year the Orioles got contributions from guys that. Mean Miguel Gonzales or Red Sox farm and makes an impact for them. You expected it. I mean that's the type of team match and it and it does a better example likely all these teams of why can't the Sox contender in 2013 and their rotation was a mass. Mean unlike San priorities towards -- there's opening day rotation you be a 160 of -- 162. These guys had. Fifteen different starters throughout the year. I know what the -- their rotation was to begin the year. That they were a mess. As far as you know rotation in moving guys in and out and just. But eggs together it was played the game ranked. The -- game fundamentally correct they played hard -- -- no matter how many innings amazing. You know one run games to run record oh extra inning record. That team played again in the right -- because statistically when you looked at that team that they should not have gotten there that is a better example of how things pan terra court. The other theme here is that some GMs made some moves that. It'll look great and champion huge impact moves mean beat the giants go require Marco scooter it's 362 for them during the regular season once there. He ends up when it to the offense and this right now is the hardest got to get out not lineup the a's acquired a bunch a guys we got -- I don't want to give us -- Bailey for Josh Redick. That's dumb thanks a lot eighties a Redick goes up a 27 a month the pitching out of its -- and -- ridiculous from the Orioles. The -- -- with the Rockies are fond of the the baseball made. Dan Duquette for that deal could go more for Guthrie what are you doing and worked out that -- awesome for them boost Matt Lindstrom in pretty good -- dependent. Should held on to Guthrie could go more for worked out nicely for. But it all comes back to bench Harrington and the pressure and he should not go into this year. With Red Sox fans giving the past effort yet it just they need a year to get themselves on not -- it to that. You know barring some sort of major shake -- major injury. This team should contend and it's going to be about a cherry and fills up this roster asking me the next step -- -- -- which can be a lot of fun as a Red Sox and because the hot stove. Season's gonna be good. Because you have a tunnel holes on this Red Sox roster and if cherry pick and filled in correctly. I look at the giants the -- the eighth and at the Cincinnati and -- in the Red Sox fan why the hell shouldn't they contend. Why should they contend next year 2013 -- first year they absolutely should. In that division with the talent not pitching staff and getting it back to where it's been under Ferrell the past. They should be -- conversation. And now it's gonna start here next couple weeks of what kite type -- players. They -- this roster with. 6177797937. Your phone number Scott is a Kansas City kicks to soften -- Lou -- Scott. It got -- gonna do me good Iger took a question a little problem. I -- to go without and I need to that there -- Bennett clubhouse but before this year. I had the impression you know I understand that there's a chain of command -- how people communicate little coaches and the but like that but you know I actually in my -- -- walk around the dugout. How to go -- you know I feel all right -- now volatile market -- She'll kill it up and I this year. I guess they get the impression that you know you got out and an opposite. Not talking to anybody waiting for a coached -- explain everything. And -- home. I don't understand you know or is that normal. You know what goes on the clubhouse or urgent action is like you know to -- -- Let them know that's what happens. When you have a team that's more familiar with the coaches then the manager. You know like for me -- if our money team that I've played for Terry Francona for six years we hire a brand new you know hitting coach. You know I've probably talked to her for a caller about a few things more with the English first yeah I'm not comfortable I don't know him. So that's the problem with what happened last year the coaching staff. You know -- an infielder I'm talking it's embolden more a commentator on talk that they've maggot and about certain things that probably. Not even hitting related or infield related it's that -- relationship with those guys more than I -- my manager. That that's the problem. Having a little -- -- initiative to walk out there and and talked to go to. Yeah absolutely but if you say that and you know. In the union and Alina in a Napoleon in the players and apparently. You know he's the leader always demanded federal daughters saying they say I agree with Taylor he's the leader this team he's the manager this team. They recognize -- things and move on from that but as a player I'm critical of the guy most comfortable with. I understand that broke -- -- or I mean seriously. You know lit into -- Valentine's let a couple of days. Literally art and sound like my -- -- or -- you know court testimony I mean he's not you know everything ultimately. There ain't no accountability just keep that it if you break it down unit had really think that struggle and not -- -- Got trending in that direction where. You would not be surprised to hear a story that he's going it checked out that's how the I don't see I know you're laughing at that you know it Isaiah -- laughing his ass over here believe -- -- it got a little either you'd be surprised if there's a story. He penned by nick -- -- in the next week or so that says Bobby v.'s gonna doctor securities okay. All right this. Oh -- -- and that just one less thing to pump -- -- -- -- -- that's been -- Opel which sort of report. Absolutely. Great Eric ratio got to don't or else attitude now appreciate critical Keisel got from -- Scott Kansas City Joey consign it to Etsy Betsy you really get. The autographs from. It's get by you laugh but bodies go on there and not seeing light jacket not same padded walls but. The stuff he said you hear at some point when -- it's a dilemma -- yesterday he's out of his mind. He's out of his ever loving mind -- the seat Bobby Valentine Tim McCarver. In the same room just talking baseball sometimes. It tick them off the World Series. My name is Bobby Valentine in my nickname his body. We really. When MacArthur coming off the hazards. Never why it why they have the worst guy in the world that I think makes things up sometimes doing the World Series and all eyes are on. -- grandfathered and -- him a carver -- -- great called Joseph Carter nineteen years ago Joseph Carter home -- Cars alleged man -- like recovers breakdown of these games we just comes up these lines at a nowhere no well. Thank you TO me Joseph does like those lines who would you suggest you and carries while carver. About frank and it is plenty of guys that are great. And at the oral gerchas is better they get into radio he's on ESPN double -- he's got a jump ship and go to I don't care find somebody else then. It's painful fabulous. 61777979837. As the phone number you watched the giants last night EU. Is it crazy to consider the Red Sox contend next year I'll begin is that the level they should be working on. Where a playoff team next year contending for a spot there's no year off there's no bridge year look at the giants get Ortiz made the playoffs. That's a standard I'm gonna hold into next year fighting for a playoff spot you said he wanted. Bobby do you Tim McCarver called a World Series game you know I thought gonna say. You want Bobby V and Tim Bogart in the same room together steel cage match -- -- Tim Bogart had to say next.

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